Is there some sort of anonymous group for writers who have too many ideas running through their heads? Because if so, then I need the name or it because I, or better yet, my muse really needs to be signed up. Yep. I've started another one. Fear not, though, my other ones will still be continued. This one will just be my when I have time and need to get rid of some certain frustration and need to let it out update fic. Or maybe I'll just update it every week or so. I'll see how things go with my other stories. All I know is this fic is my muse's way of getting me to work on my smut writing

So, with that being said...if you don't like, then don't read. And, if you do, then read and let me know what you think. Thanks!

Disclaimer: I own nothing associated with Twilight. I only own the plot and my own pervy-ness. lol!


Today was like any other day. Well, like any other day for the past month or so. Ever since that one argument our lives had changed. We weren't just, Jake and Bells, best friends for the past month. Oh, no. We were much more. We were, Jake and Bells, best friends with benefits. Yeah, who would've ever thought that I, Isabella Marie Swan, would be caught up in the kiss of best friends with benefits with Jacob Black? Certainly not me. Especially given the fact that I was still currently dating his mortal enemy. Yeah, that's right. Awful, right? Only me.

So, like I was saying before I got off was like any other day. Which for the past month consisted of me and Jake meeting up in random places to hook up because ever since that one argument we couldn't keep our hands and thoughts off of each other. Except, this day was slightly different. We hadn't exactly made it to some random place. We had only gotten as far as my bedroom, which was probably one of the worst places to secretly meet up in for so many reasons. But, like I said neither Jake or I could seem to keep our hands off of each other lately. Therefore, my bedroom was just gonna have to do today. And, that it did.

At the moment, we were both on my bed, completely naked. Jacob on the bottom. Me on top. Yeah, I know what you're probably thinking. Jacob Black, one day in the future alpha wolf aka dominant by nature, on the bottom? Hard to believe, right? Well, it's not that hard to believe. No, really. You see, we take turns. One time he's on top. The next time I'm on top. Or more so whoever starts it gets to be on top. It's like a seesaw of sexuality. Me. Him. Me. Him. Back and forth. It works for us. Besides, no one likes the same things all the time. It's nice to switch it up every so often. It keeps things fresh.

And, now I'm back to reality. My thoughts interrupted and thrown right out the window when I felt Jacob's hands tightly grip my hips and lift me up. Then, moments later I was being placed at an antagonizing, slow pace onto his fully erect member. God. It felt so good and he wasn't even filling me completely yet. You would think with how many times we'd done this that I'd be use to it by now. But, nope. Not even close. Each and every time it felt new, like it was the first time. But, that was a good thing because that meant it would never get old.

Just as I was seated fully on him, with a sigh of relief at being filled, I heard someone say my name.


But, I quickly realized that it wasn't Jacob saying my name.

Oh, shit!

Jacob and I both froze instantly staring at each other with wide eyes.

"We've been made! Abort! Abort!" I exclaimed quietly, out of nowhere, climbing off of him quickly.

In other situations, my random out burst would've had both Jacob and I on the ground laughing our asses off. But, this was a different situation. A worse situation.

Then the door opened.

Oh, shit!

Well, it was nice knowing you Jacob Black because your minutes left in this world are now numbered.

Oops. Totally my fault. Sort of. Right?

While waiting for his, and possibly my own, impending death, maybe a look back at the events of the last month will be able to clear up who's the one to really blame? Me? Him? Or both of us?

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