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Katniss's POV

It's been another long day at work, waiting tables and getting yelled at by my boss for "working too slow." If working too slow is nearly running from table to table, then I don't know what his definition of fast is. I put on my coat and grab my purse from my small locker.

"Going home?" My best friend Johanna asks.

"Yes." I say and smirk.

"Tell Cato I said, 'hi'." She says and winks. Cato and I have dated for nearly a year and a half now. Three months ago he asked me to move in with him and I agreed. It's been really great, I work at the restaurant in town, waiting tables, and he is an accountant at a bank.

"I'll see you tomorrow." I say.

"Don't get too freaky tonight." She teases and I roll my eyes. Ever since I moved in with Cato she has been saying that sooner or later we're going to 'do it'. I'm not ready yet, I'm sure Cato understands.

I walk out of the restaurant into the cold November weather. It's really cold but it hasn't started snowing yet. A rush of cool air hits against me and I clutch my coat for dear life. I look up and see that the clouds are dark grey which means it's going to rain soon. I walk faster and feel sprinkles on my face.

"Just great." I mutter and begin to walk faster. I'm walking so fast that my heels make this annoying clicking sound. Minutes later, I'm wet from head to toe and shaking. My coat doesn't do a damn thing to keep me warm because of the rain. That's another reason to hate Monday's.

I hear a honk beside me and I jump. I look and see that it's a black SUV. The driver rolls down the windows and it reveals a blonde haired boy with pretty blue eyes.

"Do you need a ride?" He asks and I do but what will Cato think of this. The last time one of my guy friends gave me a ride he thought I was cheating on him and he slapped me. He apologized seconds later and I forgave him. That's what couples do, right?

"Um, no thanks." I say and shake my head. I continue to walk as freezing rain hits my head.

"You're going to get sick, you know." The man says and starts to move the car the same pace I'm walking.

"I don't even know you." I say and shake violently.

"I know but I can't just leave you here freezing to death in the rain." He says.

"I'll be fine." I mutter and walk faster than before. The rain gets stronger, and I can feel the temperature begin to drop.

"Come on." He says and accelerates his car by just a bit.

Every time the rain hits my face, I feel it burn really bad. I look down at my coat and see that there's a couple of snow flakes. So it's snowing and raining, joy.

"Your going to get sick, lady." He says, impatiently.

"I'd rather get sick than get in a car with someone I barely know." I say and take off running. My heels begin to click repeatedly against the sidewalk that it makes me want to chuck them off. I look over and see that the man is not following me anymore. I run at a slower pace and slip on some ice. I hit my head on the sidewalk and begin to feel pain.

Real smooth, Katniss.

I hear a car come up towards me and a door opening. The sound of feet makes its way closer to me and stops.

"Do you want that ride now?" He asks and I groan.

"Fine." I mutter. He helps me up and leads me towards the passenger's seat. He grabs the seat belt but I take it from his hands.

"I can do it myself." I snap.

"Sorry." He says and closes the door. I look through the rear view mirror and see that he's jogging towards his side. He gets into the car and begins to drive." Where's your place at?"

"4587 garden road." I mutter and he nods. He begins to drive and I notice a picture of him and a beautiful girl on his dash-board. She has blonde hair and blue eyes.

"She's beautiful." I say, still looking at the picture,

"Thanks, her name's Delly, she's my girlfriend." He says while turning on the heat and I nod." What about you, are you in a relationship?"

"Yeah, his name's Cato." I say and he nods his head.

"How long have you guys been together?" He asks.

"A year in a half." I say." What about you?"

"Delly and I have been together for about two years." He says and my eyes widen in shock.

"Congratulations." I say.

"Thanks." He says and smiles.

"Are you thinking about marrying her?" I ask and he smiles and says," I've been thinking about it."

"Oh." I say and look out the window. It's not raining anymore, it's just snowing.

"What about you?" He asks and I can feel him glancing at me.

"I don't think I'm ready for marriage yet." I say and shake my head. He pulls over in front of my house and I turn to him and say," Thank you."

"No problem." He says and gives me a warm smile.

"How much is it going to be?" I ask and reach into my purse. He grabs my wrist and I feel a spark. Did he feel it too?

"No charge." He says and shakes his head." Just come by the Mellark bakery one of these days and we're even."

"I-" I begin. I have owing people.

"Just come by. It's fine." He insists.

"Ok." I say.

I get out the car and step onto the snowy road.

"I never got your name." He says and I turn around.

"Katniss, Katniss Everdeen." I say and he smiles." What's yours?"

"Peeta Mellark." He says. The bakery has the same name as his so he must own it.

"I'll see you around then, Peeta." I say and close the door. I walk around the car and I can feel him watching me. I reach into my bag and grab the keys to the house, and stick them into the door knob once I'm on the front door steps.

The door opens and I turn back to wave a Peeta one more time but I see that he's gone. I feel a bit sad but shrug it off. I step into the house and take out the keys from the door knob. I close the door and turn on the lights. I set my purse on the kitchen table and rub my hands against each other. I walk into the living room and see a bottle of champagne is popped open and Cato's clothes are all over the floor. He probably got caught in the rain too. I walk towards my room to put on some dry clothes and find a naked Cato on top of another woman.

"Katniss, what are you doing here?" He asks and covers himself and the woman.

"What do you mean what am I doing here, what is she doing here?" I ask and see that the woman has a confused facial expression.

"Wait, who are you?" She asks. She has blonde hair and green eyes.

"I'm his girlfriend Katniss." I say and bite my lip to keep me from crying. How could he do this to me!

"You told me you we're single!" She yells and pushes him off of her. She gets up and starts putting on her clothes.

"Congratulations Cato, you're officially single." I say and walk out the room.

"Katniss, baby, wait up." I hear him say. Tears stream down my face and I grab my purse off the kitchen table and leave the house. I slam the house door and see that the snow is falling at a quicker pace. I begin to sob loudly and walk faster. I stop dead in my tracks and think to myself, where am I going to stay the night? I live more than an hour away from my mom's and my friend gale is in Colorado, visiting his parents. There's nowhere for me to stay, but then there's Johanna, she's my best friend and I know she wouldn't mind. I hold my wet coat tighter, trying to soak up as much warmth as I can, and walk towards Johanna's house.

It starts to snow really hard, that it's making it hard to see. I pass about five blocks and I hear yells.

"Katniss, get back here!" yells Cato. I look back and see that he's about two blocks away from me. I begin to run but I don't know where I'm going, damn snow.

"Katniss, baby, come home!" He yells and tears stream down my cheeks. I cross the street and see that It's 22nd street. I turn right and begin to run faster until I reach the house that says 1359. I walk up the door steps and knock on the door frantically.

"Coming." I hear an annoyed voice. The door opens and Johanna's eyes go wide." Katniss, what's wrong?"

I burst into tears and she pulls me into her house. She closes the door and says," Katniss, you're going to get sick, take a warm shower and we'll talk after."

"I-I-I- d-d-don't h-have an-n-y cl-l-othes." I stutter and I wipe my tears.

"You can borrow some of mine." She says and takes me to her bathroom.

"If c-c-Cato co-m-mes h-h-e-re t-t-e-l-l h-h-I-im I-I-m n-n-o-t h-here." I say and tears stream down my cheeks.

(Author's Note: If you have trouble reading that, Katniss is saying,' If Cato comes here, tell him I'm not here.')

"Ok." She says and gives me a sad smile. She shuts the door and I take off all my clothes. I turn on the shower water and make sure it's warm enough. Once I get it to the temperature I want, I climb into the shower and close the shower curtain. I sit down and cry as the warm water hits my body.

Why would Cato do that? He said he loved me and that he would never hurt me. He's a liar! That's why I never bothered to date anyone because they're all liars!

" I just got Cato to leave, are you going to tell me what's going on?" I hear Johanna ask.

I cry and say," He cheated on me Johanna."

"What!" She yells and rips open the shower curtain. I may be naked but I honestly don't care." What do you mean he cheated on you?"

"Well I got home and saw that his clothes we're all over the floor and a bottle of champagne was popped open as well. But I didn't think anything of it. I walked to my room and saw him on top of another woman. He told me what I was doing here, and I told him what is she doing here. The woman asked my who I was and I told her his girlfriend and she yelled at Cato. He told her he was single." I say and cry. Johanna pats my shoulder and I continue telling the story." I then said Congratulations Cato you're officially single, and that's when I left."

"I'm so sorry." She says and I see anger in her eyes." I feel like beating the shit out of that idiot!"

"So do I," I murmur as she gets up.

"Finish taking your shower, I'll be right back." She says." When you're done go to my room and wear anything you want."

"Where are you going?" I ask and she says," I'll be right back."

She closes the bathroom door and I continue to sit there. I wish I never met Cato. I thought he was different from other guys in high school , but I guess I was wrong. I'm never falling for another guy again.

I stand up and shampoo and condition my hair. I shave my legs and scrub my body with some body wash. When I'm done I turn off the shower and grab a towel. I wrap it around my body and I head over to Johanna's bedroom.

I grab a pair of underwear, a bra, some short blue sweats, and a green spaghetti strap. I grab her brush and brush my hair with it and I put it into a pony tail. I put the brush back into its spot and I walk to Johanna's living room.

"Johanna?" I call and silence replies. She's not home.

I sigh and walk into the kitchen and grab an unopened cup n' noodles. I take off the plastic wrap and open the paper lid half way. I fill the cup up with water until the noodles are underwater. I put the cup in the microwave for three minutes and press the start button.

Johanna comes into the house and she has the biggest smile I've ever seen. I see that she's holding a camera as well.

"What'd you do?" I ask.

"You may want to watch." She says and motions me over to the T.V. She connects some wires to the camera and plugs some into the T.V." I hope this makes you feel better."

She presses play and it shows Johanna ringing the door bell. Cato opens the door and Johanna says," I have a delivery for you."

"Well where's the package?" Cato asks in an angry. tone I can hear music playing in the back round.

Johanna punches him in the face causing him to fall on the floor.. She kicks his stomach about two times and she takes off running. I hear a woman's yell and I know that It was from Cato's house. The video stops playing and I smile slightly.

"He had another woman over." I say and feel hurt.

"Yeah, but I still beat the shit out of him." Johanna says and I smile." You know what you should do."

"What?" I ask and raise my brows. I look over at her and see that she's smiling in her evil way.

"You should go over there, ring the door bell, squat, and when he opens the door you punch him in the balls and he'll say,' Why?" and you'll say,' you know why.' "She says and I can't help but think that's a great idea but I'm not ready to face Cato yet. I need time.

"I'll do it, but I need some time to get over what happened." I say and she nods.

The microwave dings, letting me know that my soup is ready. I get up and take my soup out and grab a fork. I begin to eat it and Johanna says," Don't you want to put anything in it?"

"No." I say and start attacking some noodles with my fork.

"Ok, do you want to watch a movie or something to take your mind off of things?" She asks and I nod. I go over to the couch and sit next to her. She puts on the movie and it's really funny except I can't seem to find humor in anything. When the movie's over Johanna says," We should go to sleep, we have work tomorrow."

"Can I borrow your dryer?" I ask and she nods. I grab my wet clothes from the bathroom and throw them into the dryer and start the thing. I head upstairs to Johanna's bedroom and she says," We're sharing my bed."

I nod and climb into the left side. She turns off the light and we just lay there in silence. An hour later Johanna falls asleep and I can't help but think about how I hate Monday's. Hours later I fall asleep and have a dreamless sleep.

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