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Your Me, and I'm You, Or Are Your You and I'm Me?

Bulma Opened her eyes, she smiled and stretched out in the bed, she closed her eyes, for once she actually got some good sleep. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Vegeta screamed as he bolted past the bedroom door. Bulma sat up, ah her plan was working, she smiled and layed down again, she put her hands together and let a small laugh escape, now Vegeta would learn his lesson. BAM!, Bulma jumped straight out of bed and ran out the bedroom door. BAM! BAM! There it was again, she ran to the stairs, and tripped going down them again as another Thundering shock happened. She got up and ran in the direction it was coming from, as she ran down the hall the Crash's became louder. She came to a stop outside of Vegeta's Gravity Room, she peered into the small window, Vegeta was in there banging his head against the wall, screaming to himself to WAKE UP!. Bulma opened the door and walked in, he turned quickly, she gasped, not that she was shocked, but how an impressive job she had done on his face. He glared at her, "WHO DID THIS TO ME!" He Screamed. She played a Ditz and simply shrugged her shoulders and said that she didn't know, this only caused him to go ballistic. He stopped and it appeared he was thinking, than a small smile spread upon his face, Bulma cringed, she just couldn't place a Vegeta smirk on that face. He turned and smashed threw the wall of the Gravity Room and sped off into the air. Bulma was wondering if this was a bad idea.

Where's Daddy? Goku got up slowly and made his way to the kitchen, he didn't see Chi-Chi, strange she was usually cooking breakfast for Goten and He, she was no where to be seen. He walked into the living room and plopped down on the couch, and flipped on the TV. He was watching a kids show when Goten came bounding into the room and he hopped onto the couch and turned to face his dad but stared in horror. "Vegeta what are you doing here?, and where's my dad?" Goten stood up demanding to the person he presumed as Vegeta on the couch. Goku stood up, what was wrong with Goten and why was his son calling him Vegeta?. "Goten, I am Your Father, now why are you calling me Vegeta?!" Goku asked. Goten looked mad, he walked up to Goku err Vegeta and kicked him in the leg, Goku yelped and started bouncing on one foot around the room while holding his leg in pain. "Your not my daddy, if you've hurt him, I'll beat you up!" Goten said standing defiantly. Goku looked at his son, he had had enough of the way Goten was acting, he walked over to his son "Goten, now listen to me, I don't know why your acting like this, but you better stop this nOWWWWWWW!!" Goku Screamed. Goku was reaching for his son when Goten Clamped down on pain hence the screaming, Goten jumped off the couch and tore out of the house at full speed. Goku ran to the door but Goten had already disappeared, Goku scratched his head and looked puzzled, why was Goten acting so strange and why did he bite me Goku asked himself. He decided to look for Chi-Chi and ask her why Goten was acting so Strange, sure Goten was hyper most of the time, but him biting and kicking his father was no way to act. Goten closed his eyes and couldn't sense her Ki anywhere in the area, he was growing hungry by the moment, he made a face of pain, his stomach rumbled shaking the house and near by area. He took off in search of Chi-Chi, she had to be around here somewhere, he was dying of hunger, and if he didn't get any food soon, he shook his head at the thought and sped off quickly.

Vegeta landed outside of Goku's house, he was so mad, he just knew it was all that blasted Kakarrots fault. He would make him change him back and than he was going to destroy him. Vegeta tore the door off its hinges and walked inside, their was no home, he looked around for any sign of the fool, turned and took off again into the sky. Maybe that Baka was at back at Capsule Corp. Wherever he was, he would find him and make that Baka pay.

Capsule Corp.

Bulma directed the workers to which wall to fix, as they started the repairs she walked into the Kitchen and made some coffee as she waited for them to finish, she sighed and sat down at the table. She was enjoying herself when their was a knock at the door, Vegeta wondered who it could be, she wasn't expecting any company except for Chi-Chi and she was out at the Grocery store shopping for Groceries, she had come over and visited Bulma earlier before heading off and letting Bulma know that everything was set with Goku. Bulma reached the door and opened it, and stared, it was her husband, no wait, it was Goku. Boy did he look weird like that, she decided to play this out more. "Vegeta, I'm so glad your back!" She said dragging him to the Kitchen. "Why don't you have something to eat, I'm sure after all your training today, you'll surely be hungry" She said. Goku was about to say something when with the mentioned of food, it shut him up quick and he hoped into a chair and waited as she fixed something for him.

Uh Oh, He's Back!

Vegeta landed at Capsule Corp. he was in such a foul mood, he wanted to see if that Baka was here, if not, he was tear the planet apart looking for him, but first he was staring, he would get something to eat. He walked into the house and made his way to the kitchen, he heard strange noises coming from it, he quickly entered the Kitchen and stopped dead in his tracks. He was looking at himself, his self was at the table eating like their was no tomorrow, Goku stopped and looked up and nearly choked as he saw himself. Both stared at each other and screamed, "YOU!". Vegeta glared at Goku err His self and screamed "I'll Kill You!". Vegeta Lunged at His Self.

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