When we return to Teddy and the copy of Anna Nicole Smith, we find them looking for the sister mask.

Just then they see it and put it on Peggy's face.

Peggy stopped in her tracks and smiled.

"Thanks for saving me, girls, I don't know what happened!" Peggy said excitedly.

"You're welcome, Peggy, by the way, my name is Teddy Duncan!" Teddy told her.

"Hi, Teddy, and this must be a copy of Anna Nicole Smith, it's very nice to meet hot girls like you two!" Peggy said, taking off her clothes.

Soon after, Peggy started rubbing her vagina against Teddy's rear end causing the copy of Anna Nicole Smith to rub her vagina against Teddy's.

After they stopped, Teddy gave Peggy a potion and she become 'masked' permanently.

Meanwhile, we find Ivy coming down the highway when another red mask appears right in front of her.

"What's this?" ivy asked, picking it up.

Ivy picks up the mask and looks at the face and then turns it over to look at the inside.

"I might as well try it on to see if it fits!" Ivy said, bringing it to her face.

When Ivy brought the mask to her face, it turned into a wax/rubber-like substance causing her to yank it off.

"What was that?" Ivy asked, confused.

Just then, the mask started to shimmer causing Ivy to bring it to her face again and it latches on causing Ivy's body to spin around in a mini-tornado filled with fire, smoke and ash.

When the mini-tornado stops, we find a new and improved Ivy!

Ivy's hair is now in a ponytail, over it ia a black stocking cap, she as on a white tank top, a black skirt and red high-heeled shoes.

"Fffffffffffffffoggin'! Oops, I meant to say, sssssssssssssmokin'! Time to wreck some havoc, but first, a song!" Ivy said, excitedly.

She started to sing Kurt Kobain by Proof,

"i put my soul through the ink! Bless a pad with thoughts, add my faults, before! I grow extinct! My back-bone disowned by zone! Why roam? Called home, but now I'm all! alone! Just Prooof, no shine, no friends, just fans! No wonder my hands tight where the Internet! ends! I take back most of the flack! The stress smokes press me close to the crack! Like my pops, the ghost of my past! Thyme and Mudd, Jay Dee and Stuckey! Lately I'm lucky, I don't hote me to touch me! Maybe I'm ugly inside but smilin' to make it! I love y'all, dawg, and that's however you take it! The fame is an illusion, I'm still losin'! In this game, with the rules and I feel clueless! The streets with the hills blueless! Cops lnockin' at the door, got me lookin' real! foolish! But I still do this,like I love it! Even though I thug it, keep flossin' lights in! public! The subject y'all don't know! Stars won't grow, wounded dreams with scars! to show! Minus the MTV videos with Slim! "UP in Smoke," D-12, and many shows with with Em! It's still me, dawg, no change for change! Its strange, when it pours it rains; I take it back! I wish I could take it back! I wish I could take it back, but it' too late! I wish I could take it back! I wish I could take it back, but it's too late! Always talkin' to Snook, hopin' he speak back! Wishin' my first son was here to reach at! Feelin' detached; my brother Earl, and Wayne! That bail money for jail, y'all can keep that! I've been deep before, ask Stilman!My heart's meltin', tell the tryth I need help, man! My heart's big, but my sins bigger! Fuck the world, I don't feel like I can win, niggas! It's like I'm lost and I find only demons! I wanna quit, it's like I'm tired of breathin'!So my stress confess to a famous song! Rm, I love you - don't let this money change us,! dawg! First born, when I'm gone, grab Nasaan! Leave Naeem with the cream and his mom! And dear Momma, I used to hate you! Now I relate to everything you did to make! Proof! I love you! Take it back... I wish I could take it back! I wish I could take it back,but it's too late! I wish I could take it back! I wish I could take it bak, but it's too late! Al y'all see is Free from 106 and Park! Y'all don't know i risk my heart with this apart! From the streets, the groups, the friends, the! foes! The jewels, the dick lickers and the hoes! what about me? Sheltered with no guidance! Look at the finest, royal highness on some hot! shit! Still livin' with the liquor and bud! Sometimes I wish for my demise, so I can kick it! with Bugz! I wish it was real between us all! In the past, you should've seen us, dawg! I'd die for Em and save Hailie! Brave maybe, but just let them tears roll off my! grave, Shady! Kuniva and Sswift, how live does t get?! I meant to teach y'all niggas to survive in this! bitch! If we die to be rich, that makes me happy! And on another note, hit, don't hate me, Pappy! It's just just that we look the same; you let the game! take you! Your son came along and took the game! since I took my own life, y'all feel a killer for sho' Bizarre, on the real, you the realest nigga I know! Strappin' and bustin' ain't real, just tell your mans! the truth! And that's why you've always been friends with! Proof! Anwer to all, I've always lied with truth! And before I pull the trigger, Denaun, I'm proud! of you!" she sang, happily.

Soon after, she sees Charlie and starts running towards her.

Suddenly, another sister mask apears, Charlie picks it up and throws it at Ivy.

Ivy stopped dead in her tracks.

Charlie just stood there confused and dazed.

We'll have to wait and see what she does next.

To be continued...