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As they both lay there tangled in her sheets and fast asleep, they make quite the picture. Oliver has most of the sheets piled on him while what little of Felicity is covered is done so by his draped arm and entwined leg between hers. As the sun beams in through her thin curtains a mischievous ray of light slowly travels up her body with the passing of the minutes as it reaches her face. It hits her closed eyes and an explosion of warm white light invades her lids. She turns her head into his forearm as she takes a deep breath which is all Oliver.

She slowly blinks her eyes open and feels this incredible need to stretch out all the kinks from her body, knowing that the soreness she feels won't leave her body for at least a day she settles with simply starting to stretch at her toes as she points her feet and rotates at her ankles. She realizes that stretching will be impossible with Oliver tangled all over her. She needs to get out of the bed. She slowly begins to pry herself free. As he stirs she lowly shushes him and kisses his arm before getting off the bed. As she stands she stretches her entire body arching her back with her hands raised high above her head. A small part of her wishes he was awake so she can see the desire grow in his eyes as she pretty much put on a show.

Once done she grabs some clothes and heads to the bathroom. She changes into a pair of light wash boyfriend jeans that hang a little low on her hips and a long sleeve striped shirt that barely reaches the brim of her pants leaving a slither of exposed skin. She comes out of the bathroom her hair wild, slips her shoes on and grabs her prescription sunglasses keys and money as she walks out of her apartment. Seconds later she returns kind of wide eyed and for the first time takes in her apartment. There are dishes still on the table her fruit bowl on her counter is knocked over and the fruit has rolled everywhere including some oranges on her stove. She surveys back around and a chair in her kitchen is tipped over her table is pushed closer to the wall as her eyes follow the path she assumes Oliver and her followed last night. She sees that some frames on her wall are askew, some books and papers that were on a small table under a mirror are now unceremoniously spread across her hardwood floor and the pièce de résistance is a piece of wood which has chipped from the door frame to her guest bathroom. She closes her eyes to replay last night and realizes that well she thought they had slammed against her wall they had really done so along the door and it must have been pretty hard because now part of the door frame was chipped. She wondered why her back wasn't far sorer, then she remembered that when they slammed against the door it was Oliver's hand that received the first impact.

She contemplates staying and cleaning but decides that Oliver has to see this and she hopes she gets back before he wakes because his face will be priceless. She writes a quick note "BRB! Btw I don't remember asking you to rearrange my living room, you break it you buy it! 3"and pins it on the Teddy that still sits on her couch.

She decides that they need a large hearty lunch and some provisions a little bit of groceries, some house essentials and probably some bedroom essentials because she has a feeling they won't be leaving her apartment anytime soon, or at least not until Monday for work, or Tuesday.

He begins to wake as the sun glistens off his body slowly stirring. Half asleep he curls on his side hugging her pillow as the sun hits his face and he begins to stretch as his heavy sleep filled voice calls her name. He rubs his eyes as he sits up not bothering to get dressed he decides to look for her. He sweetly with a bit of mirth in his voice calls her name as he opens doors in her room. As he walks outside he does a once over before his head quickly snaps back and takes in the scene in her living room, he instantly panics and calls her name louder and with an edge of fear. He looks around then quickly grabs his jeans from his bag without bothering with his boxer briefs as he searches for his phone to call her. Just as he is about to dial, shirtless with panicked eyes he spots the note on the Teddy and quickly grabs it scanning it.

Halfway through his tensed shoulders relax and a hearty boisterous laugh echoes off the walls as he drops onto the couch doubled over in laughter. That is how Felicity finds him when she walks in the door her arms full of bags as she kicks a loaf of bread through the door having dropped it in the elevator and not being able to pick it up. The instant his head snaps up and he sees her standing there watching him amused and confused at the same time he begins to laugh harder

She sighs as she declares sarcastically "No don't get up I am fine. These bags are definitely not too heavy. You stay seated I got this"

She makes her way to the kitchen dropping the bags on the table as she returns to pick up the bread. She had to admit that a laughing, carefree, shirtless Oliver on her couch was the most beautifully delicious thing she had ever witnessed. As she turns around she sees him standing there, a slight pinkness to his skin from the laughing, his jeans only buttoned halfway hanging dangerously low to let her know he was wearing nothing else and with the slightly battered loaf of bread in his hands yet, more importantly the biggest grin on his face.

She can't help but grin as she walks towards him. She makes a show of opening her arms wide and pointing out the obvious mess as she playfully tells him

"Admiring your handy work. I see you find it quite amusing" as she goes to pluck the bread from his hands he smirks and takes advantage by grabbing her wrist and pulling her forward straight into his chest and trapping her there.

"MY handiwork, I don't recall doing this all by myself, if I remember correctly I had some help." he begins to peck and nuzzle her neck as he continues "a very beautiful, passionate partner in crime, who can be quite loud" he says the last part as he nips her neck and she lets out a yelp. He gives her an 'I told you so' look and she smacks him on his arm.

"The question of who made the mess is irrelevant Mr. Queen. What matters now is who is going to clean it" she says with a raised eyebrow

"Oh I am Mr. Queen now, am I? Well I am not cleaning it"

"Me neither" they both turn quickly towards the voice. Oliver placing a protective arm in front of her as he slightly shifts to block her.

Their eyes land on a highly amused Tommy leaning against the door frame of her front door with his eyes dancing from them to the mini destruction of her apartment and then back to them as he suggestively wiggled his eyebrows. They both relax realizing it is just him. Felicity comes out from behind Oliver and walks right up to him and punches him in the arm immediately afterwards she hugs him and gives him a kiss on the cheek He simply whispers "Sooo?" while her whisper in response comes quick, secure and with a hint of arousal "Oh. My. God!"

He instinctively scrunches up his nose and then laughs. As Felicity loops her arm through his and pulls him inside, Oliver looks at them a bit confused and then ask him "Wait, how did you get in?"

"You two lovebirds were in such a daze from the throws of your passion that you didn't realize you left the door open" he says shrugging his shoulders. As he passes the destruction he lets out a slow appreciative whistle and then pats Oliver in the back as he passes by him.

Oliver purposely clears his throat hoping that Tommy will be intuitive enough to know that he really shouldn't be here right now and that he was clearly interrupting what had already been the best morning of his life and was a segue into the best afternoon of his life. Tommy knowing him all too well begins to excuse his impromptu visit.

"I know, I know I shouldn't be here. I am interrupting. I am such a cockblocker. Although, is it still technically blocking if you already, obviously, had sex? I think it only counts when no sex has been had although the principle still stands." He realizes Oliver is looking at him like he just grew a second head while Felicity is trying but failing to hide her laughter. He drops his head in surrender and completely defeated he ask,

"I just babbled, didn't I?" As Felicity nods a little more enthusiastically than necessary he simply shrugs and says "well, you know what they say if you can't beat them…"

"Welcome to the club, we meet on Tuesdays, you'll get an email with the details". They both laugh and Oliver simply nods his head already anticipating that this friendship, this camaraderie between these two was nothing but trouble, especially for him. As Felicity pulls him into the kitchen she looks over her shoulder to talk to Oliver.

"How about you finish getting dressed and then start to pick up YOUR mess in the living room while Tommy and I set up so we can eat, I brought enough for three" Oliver knows there is no point in arguing as he chuckles and nods. As he turns to walk away she quickly says "Wait!" He stops and turns back with questioning eyes.

She leans back on the counter still standing in the living room as Tommy disappears into her kitchen. She then takes her time and almost lasciviously rakes her eyes all the way down his body and all the way back up as she bites her bottom lip. She finally meets his eyes and then nods towards the bedroom as she says "Okay now you can go" and then she winks at him.

He makes a show of feeling violated as he turns around to walk away. She laughs and turns to lean forward on the counter and point towards her pantry answering Tommy's question. Oliver seeing that she has turned around using his ninja skills walks up right behind her presses his body against her as she gasps and whispers in her ear "Look at me like that again and I won't care if Tommy is here" Then he nibbles on her lobe before moving back. As he walks away he lightly smacks her on her ass and she yelps while turning around and glaring at him. He simply smirks, shrugs and as he crosses the threshold into her room he winks at her.

When she turns around Tommy is looking at her knowingly, she goes to glare at him too but before she can he raises his eyebrow and tells her very off the cuff "he will you know, he won't care if I am here. He never has before whether in an apartment, a room, a car or a booth."

Her eyes go wide and he pointedly says "you don't want to know and it was a long time ago and we were two very different people but, he still won't care There is still a bit of that playboy in him minus the man whore, of course" he laughs fully at her shocked expression as he goes to finish putting away the groceries so that they can eat.

Once they are all settled and everything is semi back in its place they sit down to eat. As they open all the containers Oliver realizes that not only did Felicity bring enough for three she managed to bring Tommy's favorite sushi roll as well. Realization dawns on him as he leans back in his chair and trying to catch them off guard he very nonchalantly ask "So, what time did you call her and tell her you were coming over"

"I didn't call her I texted…." he stops mid-sentence as Felicity smacks his arm and he winces. They both sheepishly look up at him and are surprised to find a highly amused Oliver looking back at them.

"I hope this doesn't become habit because eventually you might walk in on something you really don't want to see Tommy."

"I've already seen all you have to offer, ehh," he says turning his hand to show he was not impressed he continues "but Felicity well, I've always wondered what laid under that geek exterior on our dear…. OWWW!" he yelped picking up the chopstick that very accurately had hit him in his temple, he turned to look at Oliver who simply pointed at Felicity. She was sitting there with the other stick ready to launch daring him to continue.

"Like I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted from now on I will always call before coming and knock multiple times." As Felicity lowered her weapon she continued to eat.

"Seriously, guys I know this is all new and it is going to be honeymoon stage all over the place, which by the way I think Dig and I will appreciate if we develop some kind of code or something. But, now that this is FINALLY a thing I just want you to know that I am so fucking happy for you guys. I mean never since that summer I broke my leg and watched General Hospital did I suffer so much with an unfulfilled love. I am super excited and soon we will go on double dates like grown up couples."

"Double dates with his ex? His first love? Why is this not appealing to me? Of course that would also mean that we are officially together, like boyfriend and girlfriend and well we haven't talked about any of that, we really haven't talked much at all. Well we did talk a bit before and there were some pretty heavy things declared but them it was less talking more destroying and yelling and..."

"Felicity!" Oliver said quickly before she rambled on and this lunch turned pornographic and she would never be able to face Tommy again. She quickly clamped her hand over her mouth as her face turned beet red.

"Bet those double dates aren't sounding so bad anymore, huh Smokey?"

"Shut up" she says throwing a dumpling at him that he catches in his mouth and then grins at her. They continue their lunch with pleasant small talk and endless teasing from Tommy. He seemed determined to make her blush as much as humanly possible. What they didn't count was on Oliver blushing by the end of their lunch. As Tommy was leaving and they said their goodbyes he once again made a show of reminding them to stay hydrated and call if they needed supplies. He reminded them to answer their texts at least so that the poor unfortunate souls living in the non-love haze of their passion know that they were still alive and well.

Once he has thoroughly embarrassed Felicity and annoyed Oliver he hugs them good bye and as he half hugs Oliver and pats him on the back he tells him

"You have made me proud. Can I ask you one last question?" he doesn't wait for an answer as he continues "you know how you know a woman has been thoroughly and rightly satisfied as she so deserves?" they both look at him warningly, he doesn't care and continues "the first thing she whispers to the first person she talks to about her night is simply OH. MY. GOD!" he says imitating Felicity's tone from earlier.

Felicity's eyes almost bulge out of her head as she audibly gasps and just like that for the first time in maybe both their lives Oliver blushes, he will deny it until the day he dies but it happened and Tommy and Felicity both witnessed it.

As they both settled back into the comfortable silence of the apartment that is after Oliver slammed the door in Tommy's face as he pointed at Oliver and was ready to tease him to death. They cleaned the remaining mess simply exchanging glances and sighs Oliver wondered how exactly they managed to fall from comfortable silence, to playful flirting and then to uncomfortable weariness.

He had convinced himself that he wouldn't bring up last night's conversation or their need to talk until she did. After all he felt he had pretty much said everything and for once, in a very uncharacteristic move, he was the one doing all the declaring and emotional outburst while she, besides telling him she wanted him and dido, hadn't really explained much.

Settling on simply breaking the ice and getting Felicity out of her head before she convinced herself that this was a mistake, he finished up in the kitchen and went to watch her as she picked up the bedroom. Leaning on the door frame he cleared his throat.

"I never did explain why I was so amused" at her confused look as she picked up her discarded clothes on the floor he continued, "When you walked in and I was laughing on the couch. Firstly, I must admit I have never felt such disappointment as I did when I woke up alone in the bed" She tosses a throw a pillow at him which he easily catches and places on the bed as he grabs the other end of the comforter to help her do the bed.

"After calling out for you and getting no answer I went looking for you. I gave a once over to the apartment and then I realized the place was a mess and I started to worry" his smiling face turned somber for just a second before he continued, " A million scenarios started to cross my mind and I rushed to try and get dressed and was about to call you when it hit me, no one had broken in, there was no struggle, well they're kind of was but not the bad kind" he grinned at her as realization began to hit her and she started to laugh.

"Oh my god you thought something had happened before you realized this was all your doing" She said between laughs.

"OUR doing, OURS" he continued to laugh

"I got ready and was out the door before I walked right back in and finally realized the mess we made of my apartment. I almost cleaned it but I wanted you to see it and now I am glad I left it. Wish I could have seen your face" she laughed even louder imagining it.

As she sat on the edge of the bed hands on her stomach trying to calm her laughter he walked towards her and kneeled in front of her " I am glad we made it" he said it so sincerely she knew he was referring to more than just the mess and she couldn't help but lean in and kiss him.

They kissed slow and deep exploring their mouths like they hadn't taken the time to do so this morning. Oliver slowly began to rise and push her back on the bed and she let him. As he climbed over her body and sank into her embrace they continued to kiss his hands painstakingly slow trailed caresses down her body until his hand hooked behind her knee and he slowly raised it higher over his hip adjusting the angle and contact of their bodies. She unwillingly let out a small hiss and he stalled his movements. Not exactly what he was expecting to hear.

She bit down on both her lips as looked at him slightly embarrassed. When he let go of her leg and encouraged her to say something she sheepishly looked away saying with unsteady words "uhhmm… I might be...a little uhhmm … it's not a big deal… but I might be a little" biting her bottom lip and saying it so fast between closed lips she uttered "sore". He gave her a look not quite sure he had heard her right. As she saw his face she knew she had to repeat herself so she took a deep breath and more clearly said, "Sore".

He tilted his head as if trying to understand then a grin slowly spread across his face as he repeated "sore?", "yes" she simply said. Without further elaboration he jumped off the bed and walked into her bathroom. She heard some noise and sat up on her elbows not sure what to do towards his reaction. When he came out he had her lotion in his hands and an even bigger grin on his face as he reached asking for her hand.

Less than 5 minutes later she was laying on her stomach in only her panties with Oliver straddling her, completely dressed which she found to be highly unfair, but she couldn't bring herself to care when he was working wonders with his hands releasing all the kinks in her back as he explored every curve of her body. He continued his massage as she further relaxed into the bed and occasionally let a deep moan escape from the back of her throat as he hit a particularly sensitive spot in her body.

He had meant for this to be an excuse but as he felt her relax he decided she really needed this. The last couple of days had been exhausting for the both of them and with the events of this morning he couldn't help but understand her state of being. He'd be lying if he didn't agree certain parts of his body, he didn't normally work during his regiment, were a bit sore for use but he was used to pushing his body, she wasn't. Yet, as she began to let out mewls and soft, long and deep moans he knew this massage wasn't going to last much longer before it lead to more.

Sure enough he was working out a particular kink in his lower back when he pressed down hard enough that the moan that escaped her mouth was louder and more guttural than any before. His hands froze before they slowly crept back up her body as one snaked under and across her abdomen and the other above her chest as he trapped her body under his and began to kiss his way up her neck to her jaw and then her mouth. He began slowly caressing her skin as he sucked her lip into his mouth and scraped his teeth along it. She could do nothing more than slide her arm along his on her abdomen while her other hand reached around to cling to his shirt as she tried to pull him closer to her.

As she tried to reach further back she shifted her body causing him to groan into her mouth. That was the breaking point she quickly flipped him off of her as she turned over and pulled his shirt off as she straddled him. Leaning down to kiss all over she began to talk between kisses.

"I get the feeling that unless I talk now we are really never going to get around to it. So, while I undress you" at that he chuckled but simply grabbed her hands and placed them on the brim of his pants and then crossed them behind and his head and gave her his full attention. She simply nodded and continued, "let me just say that I know we need to talk, mostly me, we have a few things that still need to be cleared up" first button opened, " we need to figure out exactly what it is we are doing" second button "set some rules and boundaries because regardless of where we go from here there is no coming back from certain events and our lives involve much more than just ourselves" third button, and he can't help but sneak a glance at her hands "lastly, we need to make sure we are on the same page and have a clear understanding of what we are getting ourselves into and we need to stop getting sidetracked long enough to do all that" last button.

He looked at her appreciatively as he let his hands land on her hips and barely pushed down adding the most minimal pressure to their contact. Her eyes closed for a second and she decided to wait for his agreement before she allowed herself to roll her hips at the new contact.

"You are my EA, so check my calendar and we will talk all those points out and reach an agreement." She raised an eyebrow at him as she made to get up while saying "Well, let me call her right now" he quickly grabbed her hips and pulled her back down with more force than he intended and this time she couldn't hold back as she rolled her hips at the contact and let her head drop forward.

That was all the cue he needed as he tightened his hold on her hips and made her grind on him again a couple of times before he sat up and began to kiss her as he pulled her lip between his teeth and said "I am concluding this meeting and look forward to our future appointment" at that she threw her head back and they both laughed as they tumbled into a tangle of limbs and moans. They quickly got lost in each other with Felicity once again proving just how loud she could be and Oliver counting how many times he could make her say .God.

As Diggle heard the knock at his front door he narrowed his eyes knowing very damn well that he was not waiting for any one. As he looked through the peephole and saw Tommy he let out a resigned sigh, I guess ignoring his phone calls and texts had not been enough. As he opened the door with every intention of keeping this short and not inviting him in, Tommy pushed through and plopped himself on Digg's couch like this was common practice.

Diggle simply stared at him eyebrow raised and a questioning annoyed looked in place. Unceremoniously he began to speak as if he hadn't just invited himself in

"The eagle has landed my friend" at Digg's look he continued "The Olympic torch has reached its destination, let the games begin" nothing "Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo we have a go, I repeat we have a go" that just caused Digg to further burrow his eyebrows and Tommy decided it was time to get more visual "the merger" he said slowly as he opened his arms wide and slowly brought his hands together and tangled his fingers "has been completed. We are in business and must celebrate the beginning of a new chapter" he said as he rubbed his palms together in a circular motion while wiggling his eyebrows suggestively "it is the beginning of Feloli? uhmm Feliver? Fel damn this is harder than I thought" As Diggle stood there waiting on him to explain himself Tommy let out an exasperated sigh.

What did he expect Diggle was usually great at picking up subtleties or anticipating what people meant but, somehow in all this time he still did not speak Merlyn, he frankly had given up when he realized 75% of the time it was something sexual he eventually decided he would rather not know at all. As Diggle simply shrugged and started to turn around Tommy stood up

"Come on man. They did it, they finally did IT! Oliver and Felicity, the horizontal monster mash, the forbidden dance, the mattress mambo, the beast with two backs, the ol'..."

"I get it Tommy, I get it and as always I didn't need to know, man"

"Dude finally after all our weeks of hard work. It's over, oh they grow up so soon, I am so proud."

"Merlyn" Digg says warningly

"Alright, but you have to admit this changes everything and I am really rooting for a positive change here because I think we need a win, we have earned a win and no one more so than Oliver"

"That I can definitely agree on and toast, beer?"

"Of course"

"So who did you talk with?"

"Both, I went over to Felicity's apartment"

Diggle almost spit out his beer at that as he exclaimed "what?"

"We had lunch"


"I thought you didn't want to hear it" he said with a smirk

"I know that smirk, you're right. I don't" he said as he headed to his kitchen for some napkins.

"I did tell them we needed to set rules for both our sakes, because if Oliver is still the same in this aspect, trust me when I tell you we will need it. For now just remember to knock, always knock" he laughed as Digg grimaced hating the mental images that Tommy's commentary brought forth.

"Okay, enough. We will both have to sit down and talk with Oliver about all of this"

"Oh, Oh, Oh are we doing the whole 'if you hurt her we will kill you' speech? Because I have no sisters and I've always wanted to give that speech. Digg simply grinned at him as he took a swig of his beer.

"Now all I need is to come up with a name for them" Digg looked at him expectantly waiting for him to elaborate "you know like Brangelina. It is called a ship name, when you try to combine two names and"

"Olicity" said Dig. At Tommy's hanging jaw he said "Hmm that wasn't that hard"

"Are you kidding me, I spent the whole drive here trying to come up with something and just like that" he grins wide "you came up with the perfect name. Digg you are my hero I want to be just like you when I grow up, have I ever told you that"

"You've mentioned it"

"Well I mean it! Now I need to get on this quick I have to make shirts, and mouse pads and a banner and change all the screensavers and"

"You know if you touch her computers…"

"Right, scratch the screensavers. Nice save" As Tommy continued to elaborate and plan Digg just sat there with a faint smile. He really did hope Tommy was right. He hoped this was just the positive spin they needed. Felicity definitely made Oliver a better man and made them all a better team. Monday was going to be a good day.

"Felicity! Felicity! Felicity!"

"Yeah!" she answered from the kitchen as he called for her from the restroom as he shaved

"Why does Tommy keep texting me and saying Olicity"


"I thought it was an auto-correct at first but this is the third time he uses it so I am sure he is doing it on purpose."

"Yup he is I just checked my phone I have the same text, but I have no idea what… OH MY GOD!" as felicity starts to laugh so loud that her whole body shakes as she leans into her counter. Oliver comes out of the bathroom towel hung low on his hips, still slightly wet. He still had shaving foam on parts of his face and a razor in his hand as he stood on the other side of the counter looking at her with slight concern.

All Felicity manages to stutter out is what sounds like "ship" only further confusing him. He can't help but smile as he watches her wild hair bounce around her face as the half way zipped dress flares open and slides off one of her shoulders. She is the sexiest thing he has ever seen.

Without hesitation he walks over to her as he hugs her from behind bringing her flush against his body and pulls the zipper all the way down. Immediately her laughter stops as his hand delves under her dress and across her abdomen, making her whole body shiver and her back arch pressing into him just like he needs.

Feeling the intimate contact and the sound of his towel hitting the kitchen floor her eyes snap open and her hand that had banded around his head and was now buried in his hair grabbed a fist full and roughly tugged his head away from her neck. As a loud feral moan escaped his mouth and she pushed him back with her body she managed to escape his hold and quickly rushed to the other side of the counter.

"Oh. No. You. Don't. Mister! We have no time for this we already called twice, you hear me twice to postpone meetings and say we will be late. I've also washed this body twice this morning and I have no intention of doing it a third time"

"That is fine by me. I told you not to shower again. I love that you smell like me right after." He said as he started to stalk towards her. She slowly walked backwards, she really did feel like prey in this situation and she knew she had to win out this time because Dig had already warned them that if he had to come back a third time and they were not standing outside waiting there would be hell to pay.

"No, Oliver Jonas Queen, do you hear me NO! Now finish getting ready while I finish breakfast. We have 30 minutes before Dig is here. Now GO!" she said sternly with her arm outstretched and pointing towards the bedroom. He took one more tentative step but at her glare and set composure he thought he better give her the win on this battle because he had every intention of winning the war and making full use of his executive restroom in his office.

As they settled back into their morning routine besides a few stolen kisses and playful grabs by Oliver they managed to finish getting ready with 10 minutes to spare.

"So, Olicity?" he asked as she finished gathering her electronics and placed her bag by the door. She couldn't help let out a chuckle at the reminder.

"It's us"


"Our ship name is Olicity" at his confused look she continued "you know Oliver and Felicity and you put them together"

"You get Olicity" he chuckled "like Brangelina"

"Seriously, of all pop culture that you remember" he simply shrugged

"Ship name?" at that she couldn't help but grin as she recalled her weekend with Tommy a couple of months back.


"I hate you, I loath you George R.R. Martin, you bastard. Who has two middle names, seriously who needs two 'R's, overkill just like what he does in his books he over kills, his characters. Just when I was finding some comfort in this ship, like there was life and love in the Khal, you evil bastard."

"Smokey, I am really starting to worry about you. Forget my 'drinking problem' let's talk about your psychosis"

"Jesus, Merlyn you scared the living daylights out of me. What are you doing down here on a" she hit a button on her cell and looked backup "Sunday at 2:27pm?"

"I run this club, the real question is what you are doing here when I know for a fact Oliver is not here nor will he be here all day, he told me so much yesterday."

"You guys talked?"

"He talked I pretended to ignore him, the usual" Felicity released an exasperated sigh before simply shrugging as she answered him

"Just catching up on some work"

As Tommy circled around he saw the paused video on her screen, which made it obvious that she had not been working, at his quirked eyebrow and nod towards her screen she turned and quickly closed the images and said "research".

He looks at her skeptically and then continues "Okay, who pissed you off and do I need to kick anyone's ass? You know I will, just point me in the right direction of the idiot who made my favorite techie so mad"

"I am the only techie you know so that makes your statement, worthless. So don't patronize me, okay"

"Damn Smokey, whoever this asshole is he really pissed you off because you are being ruthless"

"Sorry, Tommy"


"Now, I don't want to tell you, I feel foolish"

"Come on…"

"It'saTvshow" she said in such a rush that Tommy didn't catch any of it.

"Run that by me one more time"

"I was getting mad at a TV show which I already knew what was going to happen seeing as I had read the books and therefore knew all the coming plot points yet, I still got mad. Something about having it visually play out right in front of me after I had fallen in love with the characters all over again just got to me and now I am planning murderous ways that I can eliminate one Mr. George R.R. Murder all my Characters Martin. Don't even get me started on the Stark family because we will be here all week, but just so you know it is all bullshit." At Tommy's highly amused face she realized she had ranted like never before in front of Tommy. Waiting to be mocked as she had become accustomed after years of suffering from her rambling disorder she braced for the jokes.

To her surprise they never came, instead he walked straight to her placed his hand on her shoulder and leaned in close. "Count me in. I will gladly sponsor your crusade, but first I need to watch this show and make sure that all your accusations are founded and then we dish out some revenge."

A long weekend and 2 seasons of Game of Thrones filled with her theories, her favorite ships, arguments when she would almost let a spoiler slip, yelling at the TV and an array of emotional turmoil had them both closer than ever. It was Sunday afternoon and after the finale Tommy just sat there stunned and Felicity waited anxiously for his response. He had been too quiet during the season finale and she worried her bottom lip about what he might think. When he finally moved he got up reached for his back pocket pulled out his wallet and handed her his black card and simply said "through whatever means necessary".

She looked down at the card and up at his serious no nonsense face and was attacked with a fit of laughter. She laid on her couch unable to stop as Tommy gloomed over her with irritation and anger in his face. As her laughter seized and she beamed up at him she reached over and grabbed his arm and tugged him onto the couch "Tommy you are officially my favorite person in the whole wide world" at that he smiled and then they both began to rant about the injustices in the land of Westeros.

"I just don't know why he had to die they were perfect together. Why didn't he kill that little shit Joffrey I swear that boy needs to be tortured and killed over and over until he begs and then they repeat it all over again."

"Tell me how you really feel Tommy" she mused

"I swear Smokey I even dreamt about that little shit the other night and I woke up pissed that I didn't take the chance and kill him" he chuckled at his own illogical behavior but he had to admit she was right some shows just made you feel invested and emotional.

"Oh my god, I remember my first GoT dream, one of the best… never mind" she blushed bright pink."

"Wait what?" he turned to see her blush and immediately knew that she almost said something she shouldn't have and a smirk took over his face "Felicity Smoak you naughty little Westeros girl"

"Shut up Wizard!"

"You shouldn't be embarrassed Cersei and I have gotten well acquainted"

"WHAT? Are you serious that bitch? I am about to kick you out of my house" she said mock serious.

"What can I say, I like the controlling bitchy type"

"I noticed" she said before she could stop herself and immediately clamped a hand over her mouth and gave him an apologetic smile. Tommy simply threw his head back and let out a hearty laugh

"This right here is why, I love you Smokey" he said as he ruffled her hair.

After that fateful weekend Tommy made a of point asking her for more show recommendations and pointing out his favorite ships, some, Felicity mused, as endearing, farfetched and sometimes disturbing as Tommy himself and that right there was why she, loved him"


As Diggle picked them up Felicity apologized over and over and promised to make it up to him he simply directed a glare at Oliver and then smiled at her. She realized just then that this was Diggle playing the big brother and she found she really liked it. She clearly heard, as they entered the car after she gave him a hug and a kiss and he stopped Oliver by the arm before he got in, him tell Oliver "Behave Queen, hurting you is counterproductive to my job"

As they arrived at QC Diggle made quick haste of exiting the car as he stomped away and Felicity went after him shouting her apologies across the parking structure and failing to catch up to him. She knew she would have to do something big to make it up to him.

"Don't worry he will get over it. He's really exaggerating I mean…"

"Oliver Queen, don't just don't, you hear me. You are going to march straight into QC find Diggle and you will apologize, give him a raise, and a paid vacation. You will beg and plea with him until he forgives you and I don't want to see you today until it is done, do you understand?"

As he is about to open his mouth and protest she can see the defiance in his eyes she simply invades his space squares off with him chin up and without hesitation she shuts him down. "Think very carefully about the next words that come out of your mouth. Think Queen"

Oliver simply turns around and practically marches into QC too afraid that if his stride seemed lackluster she might get mad at him, again. He wondered how such an amazing morning had turned on him so quickly. As he entered the executive elevator and headed to the top floor he admitted to himself that he had it coming.

When Digg offered the warning the old playboy in him saw it as a challenge and decided to play the game. At the first eye contact through the rearview mirror with Diggle, Oliver waited half a beat as Felicity ticked off his to do list and then grabbed her from her chin and slammed his mouth over hers. Kissing her hard and deep until she couldn't help let a moan escape and at the sound of movement he knew Diggle had heard. Then he released her cleaned off her smeared lipstick and nodded at her tablet for her to continue.

She simply glared at him, unable to string together two words. Once she caught her breath she finished off the list and then decided she was safer just sitting in comfortable silence and with a good amount of distance from Oliver. She waited until she could make eye contact with Diggle and mouthed out an apology and couldn't ignore the way he nodded then glared at Oliver.

Oliver hadn't missed it either and the playboy in him took it personally that she had to apologize for kissing him. He figured if she was going to apologize he will make that apology worthwhile. He waited until the tension left Diggle's shoulders and he let his hand creep over to lay on Felicity's thigh. At her hitched breath he let his fingers begin to stray upwards. She tried to move her leg but he simply gripped her leg tighter. She must have thought that if she ignored him he would lose interest and stop. He smirked, she obviously didn't know this side of him because if she did she would know that ignoring him only made him try harder to get her attention and he had just spent an entire weekend discovering all the parts of her body that made her stand up and pay attention.

His hand stilled for a bit making her slightly relax thinking that was as far as he was going to go and just when he felt some of the tension leave her thigh he found that spot in her right inner thigh that made her gasp and just as expected she audibly gasped which he fully took advantage by sliding his other hand wrapping it around the back of her neck and in one movement he pulled her over and into his lap as he kissed her pulling everything from her as his caresses on her thigh didn't seize. Waiting for just the right moment which was when Diggle pulled into the parking lot Oliver pressed hard into her thigh as he sucked her tongue into his mouth and the deep lust filled groan that left Felicity's mouth was exactly what he had anticipated what he didn't anticipate was that in her reaction she would bite his lip and dig her nails into his upper thigh extremely close to his groin making him moan loud and unreserved causing Diggle to break abruptly making them both jerk roughly and slam back into the seats.

In a matter of seconds he parked the car called him an asshole and was out of the car. Now, an hour had passed and he was still trying to find Diggle. He had given up 5 minutes ago but as he entered the top floor Felicity shot him a questioning look causing him to immediately turn around and get right back into the elevator. Without a doubt his wonderful weekend was officially over and the woman he loved seemed to be more loyal to his best friend/driver/bodyguard than him. He sighed heavily and let the playboy slip out in that one breath realizing that he would have to beg and it served him rightly.

He couldn't help but slightly smirk as he remembered the sound that came out of Felicity, he marked that for later because he would definitely get her to make that sound again, preferably in his executive bathroom before the end of the day. With new found determination and enthusiasm he strode straight into the security room. He would find Diggle, get him to understand, apologize sign over his shares if need be and get back on Felicity's good graces. He realized this was their official first 'fight' and nothing beat make up sex.

As soon as Oliver entered the elevator after Felicity's death glare a manly chuckle filled the room

"So how long are you going to make him look before you let him know that I have been here the whole time?"

"Until it no longer entertains me" she shrugged

"You are ruthless. I'm kind of proud" he said with a smile.

"I am avenging you so you should be proud" she quipped

"I was going to have the talk with him and threaten with bodily harm but, at this point I think it is a moot point"

"I always told you guys I could take care of myself" she said with a smirk.

"Devious Felicity, simply devious"

"You boys just never learn."

"I just want to point out that my rose colored glasses fell off long ago and I have no misconceptions of your capabilities." Called Tommy as he walked into the office and sat down next to Diggle.

"Merlyn, here for the show I see" smiled Diggle

"Are you kidding me I wouldn't miss it for anything, what's the countdown and are we taking bets on whether he will figure it out and if so when? Because say he will within the hour and I have$100 on it."

"I'll take that bet but I say with in the half hour" answered Dig

Without looking away from her computers Felicity very calmly said "We won't figure it out"

They both looked at her questioningly and as she lifted her head and smirked at them they braced themselves.

"You guys figure he will ask someone, check the security cameras and see him, or track his phone, right?" She doesn't wait for their answer and continues "Right. Well I'd like to remind you, computer genius. I changed the footage in security. I added some to throw him off and I rerouted Digg's Cell phone and tracker and in about 10 minutes I will change the GPS location of the car making it seem like Digg left because yes, I anticipate that he will be checking the car as well. Any questions?"

Diggle simply nodded and raised his hands in surrender. Tommy got up pulled out a $100 bill and placed it on her desk as he said

"I retract my previous statement, I will continuously be surprised by your capabilities, Bravo Smokey"

He never did figure it out. His un-postponable meeting time approached and she put him out of his misery telling him to come back and they could look for him after the meeting. By the time he made it to the top floor the investors were waiting for him in the conference room. As he stepped into his office and saw Diggle standing there where he always was, Tommy in his chair and Felicity holding the conference room door open for him and calling him over thus preventing him from being able to say absolutely anything and forced to simply walk into the meeting, he knew he had been had. As he walked past her into the conference room he stopped leaned into her ear and growled, "I will make you pay for this, Miss Smoak", "I look forward to it Mr. Queen" was all she said as she took her seat.