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Six months later the Arrow races on his bike through the streets of Starling City. Dodging traffic and not respecting a single red light. His bike comes to a screeching halt outside in the back ambulance bay of Starling Memorial. He hopes off and quickly changes stuffing his green leathers into a compartment on the bike. He puts on jeans and a grey hoodie, all he has with him and takes off at a punishing pace running towards the entrance. He doesn't even bother to check in and goes right past the elevators to the stairs climbing the 11 flights with almost no effort.

When he comes barreling out the door right in front of the waiting room Felicity, Tommy, and Laurel along with two other people in the waiting area jump out of their seats. Felicity lets out a small gasp and runs towards him grabbing his arm and tugging him, effectively spinning him completely around. He looks at her confused until she reaches into his hoodie and pulls his mask off. His eyes go wide and Felicity tries, miserably, to hold in her laughter as a snort escapes her. She inconspicuously tucks the mask into her purse and walks back to Tommy and Laurel shooting apologetic looks at the other two people in the room.

They all try to withhold their laughter as they wait, they all fail. When Diggle comes rushing out the door with a huge grin on his face they cheer and run to hug him. John Andrew Jonas Diggle-Michaels is the most precious baby they have ever seen. Felicity immediately demands to be called Aunty Felicity, Tommy suggest Aunt Smoaks earning a punch in his shoulder from both Laurel and Felicity. They all offer congratulations and swoon over little Johnny. That is until Tommy delights them all with the story of how Uncle Arrow made the best entrance ever to the delivery. When Diggle and Lyla cant stop laughing and refuse to believe it Felicity with a few taps shows them hospital footage on her laptop causing the room to erupt into laughter as Oliver pouts while holding Johnny and conspires with him to teach him how to make his parents lives miserable when he grows up.

Diggle reminds him that someday he and Felicity will have kids and payback will be a bitch. That comment sends the room into complete silence as Oliver lets the image settle and is thoroughly pleased by it. After a few seconds of comfortable silence Oliver simply shrugs and continues to list for little Johnny all the trouble they could get into. Felicity saves the footage to her personal drive and then thoroughly erases it from the hospital's digital system.

The story of how the arrow sped on his bike to make it to Johnny's birth and ended up running into labor and delivery still wearing his mask ended up being Little Johnny's, the arrows number one fan, favorite bedtime story. The day he found out it was true and that his Uncle Oliver was the Arrow and his dad was his partner, became his favorite day ever and more importantly the day he decided to follow the family business, to his parents dismay.

Oliver Queen can count on one hand the times that he has cried. Felicity in a form fitting, lace, cream colored dress with a long veil covering her from head to toe walking slowly towards him, firmly holding his gaze as tears filled her eyes and a small smile tugged her ruby red lips up will always be his favorite and most memorable. Plus it is the only time that there was actual photographic evidence.

As Felicity gets closer and sees the tears welling and free falling from his eyes her smile widens. When she stands next to him in front of a small group of family and friends and looks over his shoulder and smirks behind him he raises his brow as he wipes a rogue tear clinging to his chin and looks back just in time to see Tommy and Diggle let out annoyed sighs as they reach into their pockets and pull out money that they promptly hand over to her. Felicity's smile is a full grin as she folds the bills and puts them in her bouquet, then turns to a still confused Oliver places her hand on his cheek as she leans in

"Okay, I am ready to become yours forever, and for you to be mine and I'll tell you later, promise"

He resigns himself and takes her hand and turns to take the most important step in his life. The ceremony is too long for his liking as he makes evident when he crushes Felicity with a kiss before the judge even has a chance to give him permission, not that he ever needed anyone's but Felicity's. They are greeted with laughter and applause as the kiss lingers a little longer than is necessary and the crowd starts to hoot and holler. When they break apart Felicity is flushed and she is glad to have listened to Thea and worn extra long lasting lipstick.

As they have their first dance she whispers in his ear a secret between only them. When his laughter comes thundering out and he turns amused eyes at his two best men, they immediately feel relief that he is not angry. Usually he would be angry that they bet with Felicity about who would cry first him or her. Yet, swaying in the middle of a dance floor under a sheer tent covered in twinkling lights with drapes of colorful flowers along the sides he really can't be bothered to care, he is too happy for anything to ruin this moment, so he laughs, long and hard and kisses his wife thoroughly, simply because he can, he can call her his wife and that is the best part, well the second best part.

At the end of the night as they watch the guest slowly trickle out with congratulations and well wishes they both sigh in relief. It had been a battle to get the wedding they really wanted. Yet, they both were extremely happy they had fought for it. Especially as the end of the night neared and the 40+ guest, well, 43 to be precise, began to leave Felicity couldn't begin to be grateful that she didn't have to say good bye and thanks and hug 500+ guest as was expected of a Queen wedding.

Little by little only their close group of friends were left as they all sat in one table, heels long forgotten under the table, ties strung haphazardly along with jackets on chairs and plenty of empty glasses and bottles littered on the table. Oliver sat and simply observed the easy conversation and cheesy jokes, mainly from Tommy, but more importantly the free falling laughter. He wished he could capture this moment of easiness, this moment of pure unadulterated happiness that they could all share, together, over one simple fact, his marriage. That brought an enormous grin to his face in a moment when the conversation had lulled.

"What's with the goofy grin" asked his wife, God he loved the sound of that, so much so that he felt compelled to introduce her to random people just so he could say it as many times as possible. He simply turned and kissed her letting his lips softly linger over hers as he inhaled deeply producing an equally goofy grin on her face.

"I could easily say the same to you Mrs. Queen?"

"It's simple Mr. Queen, am smiling at my goofy looking husband, because I realized I like stoic husband, and I like intense husband, and happy husband, and really every version that goes followed by the word husband but I genuinely LOVE goofy husband, goofy husband is definitely my favorite"

"I shall keep that in mind. For the record I love all version of my wife, even loud voice intense wife."

"I will remind you of that statement, mister"


"Nope, nope no taking it back, no complaining." at that he laughed as he leaned closer to her making sure only she could hear him.

"It's not that. It's just…" he hesitated for a minute which was all it took to spike her curiosity as she slightly straightened out in her seat and payed closer attention to him.

"From now until the foreseeable future you are not allowed to call me anything but 'husband', 'my husband', 'love of my life' or any variation of that. That's your wedding gift for me"

"I thought the little outfit I picked out at Agent Provocateur was my little very tiny gift for you, husband of mine"

"Oh no I expect that to become common fare, wife of mine" at that she slightly popped up and made her "I just had a thought face", so he waited, extremely amused.

"What about Mr. Queen? I mean we work together and I can hardly go around calling you husband or my love? So we have to make some…" he didn't let her finish that statement before he was kissing her deeply and slowly, taking his time to explore her mouth like it was the first time, like he was just discovering how much she liked it when he did that swooping motion with his tongue against hers, as if he had no idea how much it turned her on when he held her head tightly and guided her movements as they kissed, turning, pushing and pulling as he wanted to get the most of the kiss. As he finally pulled away, she was breathless, flustered and her vision took a bit to re-adjust. He trailed kisses from her jaw to her ear as he whispered

"You can definitely call me Mr. Queen, preferably when wearing little to no clothes. As for the office just be grateful we get any work done when you prance around in those skirts and dresses, telling me what to do all day long, your husband has a limited amount of self control, so let's just be grateful."

At that, her laughter, sprinkled with a nervousness she had not felt in a long time over Oliver's stare, echoed through what she just now realized was an almost empty tent. Her laugh stopped almost immediately as she cast curious eyes around the room only to find Dig near the exit ushering their friends out. As he felt her stare, he turned soft and loving eyes toward her and simply smiled that signature Dig smile that usually went accompanied by some witty remark about them being crazy as his eyes screamed 'man, i love you guys'. Then he straightened out, raised his chin and did a big overly exaggerated swoop gesturing to the entire, now empty tent, as to emphasize that they were now alone and then he brought his hand from his head down to the floor as he bowed like a Victorian gentleman then he stood, winked at her and turned and walked to catch up with the rest of the group. The last thing Felicity heard was Diggle yelling at Tommy "Hurry it up Merlyn, I am not carrying your drunk ass!"

In that moment she was sure this is what bliss felt like. She only turned her attention back to her husband as she felt him take her hand and bring her to his feet. He set his phone down as a soft tune played and then pulled her in and began to sway, just breathing each other in. Slowly but surely their hands began to wander and then they were kissing. Not feeling rushed or gawked at. they just enjoyed re-exploring each other inch by inch i an almost lethargic manner that allowed for deep and spine tingling emotions to build and fill them until they were almost exploding.

As Oliver lifted her off the ground and sat her on top of the table while thoroughly exploring her neck and leaving what she knew would be mark in the valley of her breast, Felicity did away with the buttons of his shirt and his belt. As they slowly undressed each other revealing a bit at a time then stopping and exploring every new piece of skin, they could both feel the anticipation build at a punishingly slow pace and reveled in the fact that they could still find new and intimate ways to re-discover each other.

When they were both devoid of all their clothes, he picked her up, winding her legs around his hips and sat down in the big comfy chair he had occupied all night, he ran his fingers through her hair and just stared at her as she smiled at him. She caressed his face knowing that they both just needed to take in this moment. His hands found their way down her sides past her hips, to her thighs as he ran them back and forth with no real hurry to do nothing more just then. As his hands approached her hips once again she brought her own down and stopped his ministrations. Securing his hands on her hips she raised up holding onto his shoulders and slowly brought her self back down to finally connect in that way that only they could, in that perfect fit, welcome home kind of way. She gave a quick squeeze to his hands as she brought her hands up and cupped his face and whispered "What does my husband want, what does he need?" she felt his whole body tense and his grip cut into her skin. She saw that look cross his face, a look that only she could provoke when she surprised and amazed him all in the same action. Without missing a beat he pulled her down tighter against him as he leaned forward and simply said "My wife, you, that's all I ever needed"

Once they both laid out on the ground having used some of the table cloths as makeshift sheets and stared up at the twinkling lights as they mixed with the stars. She couldn't help but let out an amused chuckle. As he turned his face slightly to face her a questioning look took over his face. She laughed again before answering.

"Well, that was a waste of a $2,700 a night penthouse suite" without missing a beat he countered.

"But this $7,000 tent was totally worth every penny, I might just leave it on the estate for ever." They both laughed loudly as they went back and forth supplying outrageous reasons as to how they could use the tent and make it functional and justify keeping it in the Queen Manor garden, forever. Their laughter only growing louder and louder as their suggestions became that much more outlandish. Yes, she was certain now, not a single microscopic speck of doubt was left, this, all of this, doing all of this with him, was her bliss.

When the Justice League comes calling by kidnapping Oliver, Diggle, Roy and Tommy, the wives and Thea the fiance are livid to say the least. When Felicity receives a phone call from Oliver and answers screaming and then falls into an eerie silence they all know that what is coming is not good at all. When she walks over to Thea and laurel and says the one name they never thought to hear again, there is no question as to what they must do.

Malcolm Merlyn comes back, with friends and a sinister plan. The league has futilely tried to stop him and all he seems to demand is that his children be brought to him. They all discuss this over a video call at the Justice League Satellite. Oliver refuses to let Thea anywhere near him and Roy immediately threatens everyone with bodily harm if they even enter Starling City followed by Tommy stating with no room for argument that he would go alone. Arguments breakout on both sides of the call with the exception of Felicity and Thea who talk amongst themselves whom Diggle seems to be the only one to notice. That is until Felicity uses her loud voice

"ENOUGH! This isn't upto any of you" when they start to want to argue argue she shoots her husband and brothers in law a death glare they know too well. When Superman steps up and tries to reason with her she puts a stop to him almost instantly

"Don't even start . With all due respect you don't get to kidnap half my family and then think you can come here and tell us what to do. So I suggest you stay out of it, " she added loudly and clearly with intention. Superman's eyes grew wide as he contemplates the petite blonde on the other side of the screen. "You have your powers and I have mine. Now if you don't mind bringing my family back we have business to discuss, privately. Once we have made a decision we will let you know, is that clear."

Almost in unison Superman and Batman both said "Crystal, Mrs. Queen". The screen went black and five minutes later they were outside Verdant. With a laugh Superman said "good luck" nobody answered but Dig "thanks, we'll need it"

The minute they walk down Felicity immediately tells them that Thea has decided to go and she will hear no argument because although she said all that stuff about family the decision was really only ever Tommy and Thea's. They set a plan in motion and with the League backing them up they are confident it will work.

Three hours into the mission Thea was regretting ever agreeing to this as she found herself standing in a room with the dad she never wanted holding a gun pointed at his head and with nowhere to go but through him. He kept mocking and taunting her to shot. To prove just how much she really was his daughter. Telling her how Robert Queen never loved or wanted her. As he hands shook she tried to remember all her training, she tried to focus on Roy's voice guiding her through the steps of staying in control and Lyla telling her to remove the safety, grip the gun naturally and keep her eyes open.

She took a couple of stabilizing breaths when she heard Tommy's voice echo through the room as he came crashing in through a side wall. Malcolm took the distraction as his opportunity and took the gun from her and attempted to grab her as a shield. Before she knew it she was slamming her elbow and full weight into him and wiggling free from his grasp. As she ran away he raised the gun and pointed it at her back, turning to grin at Tommy his eyes went wide as he saw Tommy pull the trigger.

The day Tommy killed their father was the single most happy and sad day of her life. She was happy to be alive and that her brother was too. She was sad that although life had given her a second opportunity at having a dad, the dad it gave her was barely a man worthy of the life he lived. As she hugged her brother tightly and let the fear she had been fighting consume her she sobbed along with her brother.

Tommy had lost the father he loved and hated all at once. The man he looked up to and whose approval he sought for most of his life. He had taken the life of his father and that would haunt him forever. He had prevented his sister from having this burden and saved her life, that fact would help ease that pain, in time.

"Hey Wizard, relax what are you doing?"

"I can't Smoaky I just, I feel like I am about to come out of my skin I can't stand still and I think I am going to blow chunks."

"Whoa, whoa mister, please direct all fluid projectile to the nearest waste basket."

"What the hell Smoaky? What kind of Best Woman are you?" a throat clears as the door closes and they both turn to find an amused Oliver enter fixing his bowtie.

"Correction she is co-best woman/man/ I am really starting to get confused by this" he laughed, causing Tommy to let out a huff mixed with a chuckle as he plopped down

"I fucken picked the worst co-best wo-man ever."

"A life plagued with shitty choices, why stop now Wizard" that earned Felicity a pillow to the face which in return earned him to get dog-piled by her as she attacked him repeatedly with the pillow. As Oliver watched his wife and best friend he couldn't help but smile wide at the fact that this camaraderie seemed to come easily to them after everything they had encountered.

"Mercy, mercy I give up Smoaky I give up"

As Felicity climbed off him laughing she straightened her jacket and fixed her bowtie. As Oliver watched his wife in skinny tuxedo pants, with a tightly tailored tuxedo jacket he felt that warmth begin in his stomach. The warmth that he had felt for her since before he acknowledged his feelings for her, had slowly turned into a raging blaze that continuously burned yet, it seemed to only rage louder and stronger since they'd been married. Felicity quickly read the look in his eyes winked at him as she made a show of smoothing out non-existent wrinkles from the back of her pants and her butt as she looked over her shoulder at him. Oliver narrowed his eyes as he let out a groan under his breath, causing her to chuckle.

After calming Tommy, for real, and assuring him that everything would be perfect they finally got told that they were ready for them to take their places. As they made their way out behind Tommy Oliver grabbed Felicity by her hips and roughly tugged her back straight into his chest, when she arched her back pushing her ass back he let out a pretty loud grunt. As he gripped her hips tighter and leaned down rasping his teeth along her ear he whispered,

"I am going to rip that damn tuxedo off your body when we get home" the shiver that ran down her body gave him a deep primal satisfaction that only lasted him until she turned her head around and licked a long line along his jawline as she swiveled her hips back into him. The distraction allowed her to pull away leaving him reeling from all the sensations she provoked in him. When he opened his eyes full of heat and locked into her gaze she smirked at him, blew him a kiss and winked as she turned the corner. He might have plans for once they got home and that tuxedo of hers but she seemed to have plans until then and he knew he was in for a hard night.

The ceremony was the tear jerker everyone expected. Laurel looked amazing and had a glow that Felicity couldn't quite put her finger on. Tommy although a nervous wreck before, now, as he looked at Laurel on Quentin's arm walking towards him he looked almost serene. Tommy seemed to be holding together until Quentin went to hug him and before pulling away told him "Take care of her, son". As Tommy's eyes went wide and looked at him Quentin simply smiled and nodded confirming that after everything he truly considered him a son. As Tommy turned to face the love of his life the tears were already falling and as predicted they never stopped. As they kissed and the flashes went off Felicity and Oliver made their way down the aisle only stopping so that Dig and Roy could hand her some money as she let out a triumphant "Thank you boys, always a pleasure doing business with you". As Oliver turned incredulous eyes on her she simply smiled innocently and tucked the money into her pocket.

As the wedding progressed they all danced, celebrated and drank. Except Laurel, Felicity noted with curiosity. Slowly, but surely the realization hit her as they all laughed and chatted together and before her mind could catch up with her brain Felicity pointed her finger accusingly at Laurel and without a pause whisper shouted "OH MY GOD YOU'RE PREGNANT!" as the words left her mouth her hand came up and clamped over her traitorous mouth and her eyes went big, already apologizing with her eyes as she looked between Laurel and Tommy. The laughter and chatter immediately seized as Roy and Oliver both choked on their drinks. When Tommy's eyes dropped and a smile staring tugging at his lips as Laurel simply turned red and stuttered, it was Thea's turn to react without filter "Oh my god she's right you are pregnant" This time Laurel did react shushing everybody as an inevitable smile spread across her face.

"Yes, we are but nobody knows. We weren't planning on telling anybody until after the first trimester and more importantly after this whole wedding ordeal. We just found out about a month ago so it is also news to us."

"Very much new to us, but we are crazy happy" Tommy almost shouted, as he kissed her on the cheek with a loud pop.

There was a hush over all of them before they all screamed at the same time celebrating and hugging them. As the guest at the reception turned to look at them in confusion they simply attributed it to their normal antics and smiled at the festivity amongst what they assumed were 'life-long' friends. As they all celebrated Sarah rushed over asking what the hell was happening, having missed the news when she went to get more drinks, as they all tried to hide their smirks, Tommy, simply ran his hand over Laurel's stomach to which Sarah for the first time in years shrieked and ran to hug her sister as they both jumped and twirled laughing, together.

As Tommy and Laurel settled into their comfy couch, Laurel a little slower given her rounded belly, to look at their newly arrived wedding pictures they began slowly reminiscing. That is until a gasp came from Laurel catching Tommy's attention. She turned watery eyes to him to see a beautiful collage of pictures of the whole gang. In the center, two pictures, one of all of them posing all smiles and the other one of all them cheering and shouting as they found out of the future little wizard, as Felicity called the baby. One day later that picture was framed and placed on their mantle. Where it remained, as more pictures were slowly added over the years. But that one picture their first official mantle picture was always the constant, much like their friendships.

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