I really wanted to scream. I wanted to lunge forward grab her little neck and squeeze as hard as I could. I actually wanted to just get home, to my two kids. The only thing that kept me going, that get my mind, semi-sane was that when I got home, not only would I be able to tell my sons they never had to see their bitch mother again…I could crawl into bed with the most beautiful girl in the world and kiss away my problems. I only had a few more signatures that needed to be signed by her and me, and then I would be disassociated with her for the rest of my life. The only time I would probably have to see her is at the boys weddings whenever they got married. I could probably control myself then and not want to punch her in the snatch. "Kendall…name here." I looked down at the paper in front of me and grabbed the black pen from my lawyers hand. "Within in this pre-nup, neither of you can go into either account under any circumstance. Because you have given up full custody, you will be giving out the desired amount for child support every month to Kendall, and if you fail to do so…"

"She understands." I glanced up at my ex-wife's lawyer who was staring down mine. I looked to my lawyer eyebrows raised and he shook his head forcing the paper I just finished signing over to my whore ex. She gently put it right under her nose and grabbed the pen form her lawyer singing her name fast. "Last page Ashley." When she finished her name, she slid it to her lawyer and looked up to me.

"I wish I could say I'm sorry for everything but…" She shrugged and pushed back form the table getting up and walking away to the door. I laughed and also stood up following after her quick letting the lawyers talk to each other. She pushed the door open hard and stormed out pulling out her keys from her purse.

"How could you do that to our kids?!" I slammed the door shut hard behind me making her turn to me quick. "Why are you so willing to just give them up? I can only imagine it has something to do with Justin…they are still you're God damn kids regardless of what's happening between you and I!"

"You and I? The last time anything happened between you and I…was your birthday and I gave you a blow job and you fell asleep! You let our love just fizzle out so don't try to blame this on me!" I laughed loudly and walked to her throwing my hands up.

"Oh excuse the fuck out of me for wanting our marriage to be something other than fucking!" I got right in her face and breathed out hard clenching my fists harder. "I really hope it was all worth it for you. And I hope you and Justin have pure bliss. Honestly I do." I turned away from her fast and hurried to the elevators hoping she didn't know how close I was to crying.

I held back my tears and my screams all the way home. It was almost 7 at night and hopefully the kids were bathed and fed. Of course, I had a great babysitter to watch the boys for me and could only imagine how happy they were to see her. My boys…although they are still pretty young, they know when a hot girl is in the room. Their jaws dropped when she got out of her car and I had to pull them aside telling them manners and respect. I kept the fact that I was banging her to myself and managed to squeeze her ass without them seeing. It would be hard to explain to them why I was touching and flirting with her the way I was. They knew her as a cousin, but they weren't blood. James wasn't my brother…not by blood. It's…confusing, and I try not to think about the little details.

I was still pretty upset before I got home so I stopped and got four big ice cream cones all chocolate with sprinkles. I drove as quick as I could home, so they didn't melt in my passenger seat, but wasn't quick enough. I pulled up into the driveway and grabbed the drink carrier they were in and hurried up to the house. I pushed the door open expecting to be bombarded by my kids but the house was silent. I stepped in quietly, thinking everyone was probably asleep, even thought it was barely 7. I shut the door softly and shrugged out of my coat and put my wallet and keys on the table by the door. I cleared my throat and opened my mouth to call for any of them but stopped fast. I heard running water in the kitchen and then the soft hum of a beautiful voice singing. I smiled and sneakily walked further into the house stopping directly in the doorway of the kitchen and there she was. A girl I was slowly starting to fall in love with. A girl who only a month ago I knew as my best friends daughter. The same one I used to let sit on my shoulders while her dad surfed at the beach and she wanted to watch from up high. I can bet I seem like a sick freak dating…yes dating, a 19 year old girl who I watched get born, but I just didn't care anymore. She was slowly starting to become my entire everything.

Janet was standing in front of the sink washing the dishes that had piled up during the day. I wanted to stop her, so she didn't have to clean up after me and my boys but I couldn't force myself to interrupt the beautiful singing and the slight move of her hips. I tilted my head to the left to rest on the wood frame and smiled.

I almost dropped dead in my tracks when she got out of her car and walked up to us. First of all her hair was pulled back into a loose braid. She had absolutely no make-up on. She was wearing a white crochet tank top that was a little short in the front showing her flat stomach and cute little hip bones. She also had on a pair of black short shorts that covered her ass, but barely. She looked so damn cute I almost took her in the middle of the sidewalk. But I led her in the house gave her a few basic instructions (snuck a quick squeeze of her ass) and left them asking if she would go swimming with them. Only my boys. "Hey Kendall…you're back." I found myself staring at her ass but was brought back to reality hearing her voice. I looked up and had to smile. She wasn't looking at me but knew I was there. I walked over to her slowly, setting the cup holder of the ice cream on the counter next to her and gently traced my fingertips over both her ass cheeks. I moved my hand away quick incase the kids saw and leaned against the counter staring at her. She kept her head down, washing a pot probably used to make their dinner. "How did it go?"

"Oh you know…my ex-wife is a whore who likes to suck other dudes dicks behind my back and she gave me full custody of the kids." She looked up quick and frowned showing me pity. I reached up quick, tucked loose hair behind her ear and let my hand move down to the back of her neck and hold it gently. "I'm over it. And it won't be so painful for the boys now…they never have to see her again, and we won't have to the two separate houses thing." She nodded slowly and looked back to the pot. "Where are the boys?"

"In Kevin's room playing on his X-box. Your sons take after you…in the perverted sense I mean." I smirked and picked up one of the ice cream cones taking a quick lick. "I caught Kevin looking at an old Playboy he must have got form your room."

"What can I say…the kid's got class." She chuckled to herself and nodded. "Ya know…I had to hear from your dad, you're going to go down to Texas a little earlier then you were planning. Can I ask why?" She turned to me, her big brown hazel eyes glistening and opened her mouth. Before she could speak two hurried pairs of footsteps came down the stairs and right into the kitchen. I stood up fast, moving away from her as best as I could to not cause suspicion and smiled big setting my ice cream down. My youngest, Josh who was about to turn 9 crashed into my legs and hugged around my knees tight. Kevin, my 14 year old grinned big and pushed between Janet and I grabbing an ice cream cone. "Please tell me you guys behaved." I turned to Janet who was bending over putting soap in the open dishwasher. I caught Kevin looking at her butt and smacked the back of his head hard before picking up Josh and setting him on the counter. I handed him an ice cream cone and picked mine back up. Janet turned to us and grabbed the last cone looking between my two boys.

"Minus the little…magazine problem…" Kevin smiled big up at her and shrugged she gently shoved him by his shoulder and leaned on the counter on the other side of Josh who had a face covered in chocolate. "They were angles. They helped me cook dinner and started to teach me to play their stupid…Call of Duty Black ops game…or whatever it's called. But I kept dying and gave up." I smirked and reminded myself to watch her play a video game sometime soon.

"Dad she kept throwing grenades two feet away from her and blowing up. Not my fault." I smirked again and in the distance heard a soft ring. She sighed and pushed off the counter walking away. I looedk to Josh who had tired but hungry eyes for his ice cream. "So do we have to see mom again?" I snapped my head quick to Kevin who looked uncomfortable with what he said but I smiled.

"No. You guys are going to live with me full time. You don't have to move, change schools…nothing." I put my hand on the back of Josh's head knowing he was most worried about that. He didn't want to have to make new friends. That's' what he kept telling me. He also came ot me crying oen night, saying he didn't want a new dad. I le thim cry himself to sleep on my chest that night. "You should know…the only time oyu guys have to see your mom is if you want to. Okay?" Kevin nodded fast and went back ot his ice cream while Josh laid his head on my shoulder also eating his ice cream. "Did you do any reading for your summer reading list?" Kevin rolled his eyes and walked to the fridge pulling it open and grabbing a can of soda. "Come on dude…just get it over with fast, like a band aid and you have the rest of summer to mess around." He walked back to me and took a big bite of his ice cream so he didn't have to answer me. "Fine…how about I motivate you." He perked up and I grinned pushing off the counter heading for the living room. "I take away your laptop, your X-Box and TV until you read the book and write the report."

"Dad!" He followed out after me quick but I stopped short, smiling falling off my face. Janet was sitting on the couch with a blank look on her face. The ice cream cone was seconds away from falling out of her hand, so I dove in quick and took it from her, making her gasp out and close her eyes bowing her head down.

"Yeah…he's right here mom…" She shakily put the phone out in front of me, and I cautiously grabbed it setting the cones on the coffee table in front of her. I put the phone to my ear taking a seat next to her, seeing her now crying.

"Kendall?" I frowned hearing her mother's frantic voice.

"Claire? What's going on? What's wrong?"

"James…was in a bad accident." I turned to look at my best friends crying daughter and set a soft hand on her shoulder squeezing hard. "A drunk driver in a semi-truck hit him head on." I closed my own eyes and put my head down wanting to just pull Janet up on my body and hug her tight. "He's in surgery right now…they don't know if he's going to make it. I don't think Janet can drive."

"I'll bring her right over. What hospital?"

The car was eerily quiet. I knew she was still crying, but wasn't making a sound. Josh put up a fight with me when I tried to put him in the back with Kevin who looked worried because Janet was crying. But I finally got him in the car and drove off as fast as I could. I wanted to run through the red lights, and I wanted to speed. If it had just been me in the car, I would have. But I had three very important people in this car and couldn't. I don't know…the hospital seemed further away then it usually is and it was frustrating me. I finally pulled into the parking lot of the hospital and barely parked before the passenger door was open and Janet was running out. I asked Josh to make sure he stayed with his brother and to wait in the waiting room while I ran after her. We were only a few feet apart from each other but as soon as she saw her mom, she became a cheetah and was further form me than ever. I stopped putting my hands on my hips and turned to see Josh and Kevin hurrying in after us. I turned back just in time to see Logan standing up throwing a magazine on the chair he was just in. I breathed out hard and walked over to him seeing Claire holding Janet face and comforting her as best as she could while she also cried. "He's going to be in surgery for a while…they don't know if he's going to be able to walk again." I locked eyes with Logan who shoved his hand sin his pockets. "Claire is a freaking mess. She couldn't even bring Chris." I glanced over his shoulder at mother and daughter, both still standing, crying, holding onto each other. "She said she called Carlos too but…" I glanced around quick and spotted my kids. Kevin was looking around the waiting room at all the people around, while Josh was staring at Claire and Janet. 'We'll just wait and see I guess…" He patted my shoulder softly and pulled me along to the chairs. I gently helped the two girls still crying sit down and for a second Janet and I locked eyes. But she went back into her mother's arms and sobbed quietly. I sat down next to Logan who tossed a magazine to Kevin who caught it gracefully. "How did the meeting with skank face go?" I smiled over at him and shrugged leaning back into my chair.

"I have full custody. And she tried to tell me it was fault because I let out sex life fizzle. It's not my fault I couldn't get hard seeing her." He laughed a little too loud for being in a hospital and I nudged him hard seeing Claire staring at us. "Anyway…we singed the last of the papers, she was reminded several times she has to pay child support and then we left. Nothing too exciting."

"I'm sorry dude. It must suck." I looked at him but then looked to Janet who was slowly calming down, wiping her face and not crying as hard anymore. Yeah it did suck…for my kids. I didn't want them to have the same childhood as me with one parent working their ass for them but maybe I wouldn't be alone.

I had never waited in a hospital for as long as we have. When we got here it was almost 8. Now it was 4 in the morning and everyone around me was fast asleep. Josh and Kevin came up next to me and while Kevin took the seat right next to me, lying his head on my shoulder and passing out quick. Josh crawled on my lap and fell asleep there. I couldn't help myself but watch Janet as she slept in her mothers arms. She looked in pain, but also like nothing was bothering at all. I was actually surprised her and her mother could sleep. I knew I couldn't, especially knowing James might not be okay at all. And I was happy I didn't fall asleep because when the doctor walked out I was awake and able to talk to him. I stood up carefully holding around Josh and walked to him trying not to make noise. "You're here for James Diamond?" I nodded and he motioned for me to follow. We walked a short distance from the sleeping group, as to not wake them. When we stopped I shifted Josh on my hip making him groan but stay sleeping. "He's in great condition right now. Surgery was a breeze for him." I sighed in relief and he looked over a chart. "He's got a broken back, and both his knee caps were almost completely crushed but…" He looked up at me and smiled. "No damage was done to his spine or his head which shocked me because of the impact he was hit. He's going to go through a hell of a recovery and probably have to do physical therapy for the rest of his life, but he's a strong man and already complained of not being able to walk." I smirked knowing if that's the attitude James had, he was going to make this as quick of a recovery as possible. "He's awake even thought he should be resting but like I said he's strong…we'll allow only two people back there at a time because he's ICU." I nodded and glanced over at Claire and Janet and led the doctor over to them. While still holding onto Josh, I bent down and set a soft hand on Claire's shoulder. She shot up fast making Janet do the same and they both looked between the doctor and I.

"He's out of surgery and okay. He's awake and two people can go see him. Go." Claire moved into me quick kissing my cheek and walked straight away with the doctor filling her in on everything he already told me. I smiled at Janet who wiped away one tear and laughed following after her mom and the doctor.

I sat and waited for another hour before Logan woke up from his phone ringing. It was Carlos who was upset that he couldn't be there right away but was having a family crisis of his own and offered to bring everyone coffee. When Logan hung up he yawned big offered to take Josh while I went pee. I wanted everything to go by fast now so I could go check in on my best friend and hold the one girl I had been dying to hold all damn day. And lucky for me, when I got back from the bathroom she was walking out a small happy, very happy smile on her face and the last couple of tears running down her cheeks. She wiped them quick seeing me and started to walk to me but I shook my head and looked to Logan who was only watching Janet. She stopped and sighed walking to the seat I was sitting in and sat next to Logan. "How's he doing?" She sat back and watched me as I sat down across form them leaning forward on my knees.

"Fine…you know my dad…stubborn as a mule. He doesn't want them giving him any pain medication because he knows it will make him sleep and he doesn't want to sleep. I left to give them space so my mom could yell at him to get himself better." I laughed and so did Logan, just as Carlos walked in holding two drink carriers with coffee and what looked like chocolate milk for my boys. He walked to us quick and Janet slowly stood up letting him hug her tight. He whispered her dad was going to be okay in her ear and she nodded smiling, thanking him for coming to see them. And then they pulled away and Janet gave em a look that made em think she wanted to talk in private. "Uhm…can you walk me to the cafeteria Kendall? I want to grab my mom some food." I smiled and nodded looking at my other tow best friends and my kids around them.

"We'll watch the little punks. Grab me a bagel or something…I'm starved." I nodded and followed after Janet who had her arms crossed over her chest.

We walked in silence for a while before she stopped abruptly and grabbed my shirt collar. I almost pushed her off me, as gently as I could, but stopped seeing her leading me into the girls bathroom. It was a single one, which I was grateful for and also had a lock. As soon as that lock was licked into place two skinny arms were thrown around my neck and I was pushed back into the wall. I wrapped tight around her, feeling her breathing hard and gently pet through the back of her head. "How are you doing?"

"I'm fine…" I rolled my eyes, knowing when a women says she's fine…she's probably not. "I just…it's a lot to take in. I've never seen my dad like that before. My dad…my dad is superman. He isn't supposed to get hurt like this. Not my dad…" I squeezed her tighter and managed to pull her up on my body. Her feet were barely touching the ground and her face dug deep into my neck. "I'm so glad you're here. I don't think I could have been able to handle this." I shook my head gently and turned it to kiss the side of hers. As if it sparked something in her brain, she pushed away from me fast, only to put her hands on my face and kiss me. I was knocked to my ass, figuratively, and held her tight kissing her back with as much passion and energy as I could for not having any sleep. I let my hands fall down to her ass where I grabbed and pulled up. Her little body worked quick to wrap around mine, her legs keeping her up, around my waist. Both her hands started to work on unbuttoning the flannel shirt I have had on since yesterday morning there was no undershirt underneath it, and I was afraid if she got my shirt off, I'd take hers off and that would only lead to having sex. I wanted to…needed to, but not in the hospital her dad was in with serious injuries. I move done hand up to her face cupped her cheek and pulled away from her mouth pushing my head back. I breathed out hard and saw her do the same as she continued ot unbutton the top buttons. I smiled small and titled her head up to lock eyes with me. She did. "What?"

"I don't want to do this here, under the circumstances." She blushed madly and let go of my shirt wrapping her arms around my neck hugging me tight. I gently set her down on her feet but held around her still. "Your dad is still superman. Superman has his kryptonite, so does your dad. Of course…even the drunk asshole who hit him couldn't kill your dad. That says something and should make you feel better. It's going to take a lot more to hurt your dad seriously." She nodded against me holding me tighter and I softly rubbed up and down her back. "You want to go see him?" She nodded again, crying out in my ear. I kissed her head one last time before setting her down, buttoning myself back up and taking her hand. "You're not alone in this. You never have to be."

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