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As soon as the pie left the fork and into my mouth, I was in heaven. Lounging on the couch in front of the TV was looking to be the perfect night. 'Mean Girls' was on the screen and we had a plateful of Key Lime Pie just ready to be eaten. The evening promised a lack of craziness from Maenads, vampires and any other supernatural creature that was just waiting to cross my path. My gut instinct was to go see Eric Northman tonight, the vampire Sheriff of Area Nine who I happened to have fallen for, but I was tied between running straight for that door, or staying put with my Auntie Barbs. As the woman brought in more hot cocoa, my decision was set in stone.

I snuggled deeper under the blanket and took the hot drink with thanks. She joined me, resting her feet over my crossed legs after a long time away from her home.

"Bet it's good to be back?"

She laughed, "You have no idea. There's only so much time you can spend around bitter old crones like Betty and Imelda. "

I giggled at my Auntie. She belonged to a club with several other women her age from various nearby parishes. They travelled from here to there, setting up talks for the locals, but really, I had a sneaky suspicion it was her way of meeting more wiccans.

"You and Sookie getting on well?"

I smiled to myself, "She's brilliant, Barbs. A few weeks ago, I didn't think I would make friends." I gave her an optimistic smile. "I dunno, maybe I'm starting to fit into this town?"

She nodded, nicking a piece of my pie. "Of course you are, sweetpea! You're a firecracker, just like your pops was. You're gonna fit in just fine. Sam being good to you at work?"

I nodded eagerly, swallowing my food before adding, "Yeah, but since the trip, I've barely had time to work." I had told Auntie Barbs all about Maryann and the town going bonkers, knowing she'd believe every word. But I kept my several near-death experiences to myself.

"What about fellas?" Her eyes twinkled playfully. "Seen anyone that's caught your eye?"

I blushed instantly and gave an unconvincing 'no'. When Barbs wouldn't let up, I screamed, "Ok, ok, I've met someone. Things were a bit patchy at first but now…" I kept my grin at bay. "Now, we'll just have to see." Before Auntie Barbs tried to wrestle a name from my lips, I asked, "So how was your witchy get-together?" My question earned a knowing smile from my Aunt. "Learn any new cool stuff?"

Barbs waved me off. "Na, most of them don't believe in all that Wicca stuff."

"My daddy did," I said softly, nudging her leg with mine. Auntie Barbs gave me sad smile. I shrugged, "Mum used to tease me about it but I don't think she ever really believed you."

"And what do you believe?" she asked quietly, smiling down on me.

I considered her question and replied, "You've seen the state of this town. I've seen some pretty weird shit while you were gone, Barbs. Who am I to say that witches don't exist too?"

She nodded, happy with my reply.

"Did you ever teach daddy anything?"

Her eyes drifted away at her memories. "Your father knew a thing or too, yes. Not to say I taught him everything he knew," she answered cryptically.

"What about me?" I asked with a grin. "Will you teach me?"

She cackled and touched my arm warmly.

"Maybe one day, when you're older."

I sighed, my heart sinking. "I wish dad could have taught me."

She regarded me with a melancholic expression. "You are so very special, Melody. Your mama and daddy loved you so much. They're gonna be with you always, you hear? Ain't no magic or creature on God's earth that's gonna take that away from ya." She winked. "Trust me."

I smiled back as she poked at my plate with her own fork. "Now eat your pie."

Auntie Barbs and I crashed on the couch, sleeping off our long nights passed. It did me a whole new world of good to have one single evening that resembled normality. For the first time in a while, I slept peacefully, relieved of dreams and horrors Eric had let loose into my world, as I snuggled next to my guardian. But the hours of tranquillity were short lived when the ringing of the phone jerked the both of us awake.

With a groan, Auntie Barbs gestured to the phone and I grumbled but did as she asked, removing myself from the cocoon of warmth and into the kitchen. I picked it up on the fifth ring.

"Hello?" I half moaned, half hissed. Clearly the subtext was 'If this isn't important, I'm going to kill you'.

Sookie Stackhouse's overzealous voice replied, "Mel! Thank God you're up!"

I glanced at the clock on the wall.

"Um, I wasn't really," I grumbled then frowned, hearing her breathlessness over the phone. "Sookie, it's three thirty in the morning, what's going on?"

"Bill's been kidnapped!" she yelled.

I blanched, consuming her words again until I had to ask, "Kidnapped? You're sure?"

"Please, Mel, I need your help! He's not at the restaurant, I'm driving to Bill's to see if he's home. I can't find him anywhere, please–"

"Alright, ok," I soothed my friend. "Sook, I'm sure Bill's fine–"

"You gotta come help me," she demanded tearfully.

"Of course," I answered, rubbing my forehead in frustration. "How long until you're home?"

"Ten minutes."

"I'll meet you at Bill's, alright?" I calmly told her. "Oh, and Sook? I'm sure this is just a misunderstanding…"

"You didn't see the restaurant," she answered cryptically before quickly ending with, "See you there."

We hung up and I put the phone on its hook, rubbing the sleep from my eyes and huffing as I returned to the sitting room. As I expected, Barbs was already asleep so I had no need to explain the call. The cosy couch was tempting me back, and at 3.30 in the morning, I was eager to return. I huffed, grabbing at my old college hoodie before prying on my trainers. I glanced down at my pyjamas, rolling my eyes.

"Will I ever have a normal night in this town?" I muttered to myself. With ten minutes and counting, I snatched my keys and mobile and stuffed them into the hoodie's pouch pocket. Opening the door, I shivered in the morning's cold air and started to jog towards the old Compton place not far from Yuley Farm.

As exhausted as I was, the brisk air woke me up some as I brought one foot in front of the other. The jog was liberating but the scenery was creepy as I passed the graveyard to get to Bill's. In a few short minutes, my end was in sight. No lights were on at the Compton house but before I even made it to the door, two headlights stunned my eyes as Sookie came racing up the drive. She slammed her car door, rushing straight past me without a word.

"Bill?" she called out, opening the front door, hoping to get a response. I followed in after, appearing meager in comparison to Sookie. While I wore light blue pyjamas with a black hoodie, finished off with my red hair tied in a bun, Sookie looked like she was dressed to impress, wearing a stunning lavender dress, her blonde hair pulled back neatly, showing off her worried expression.

Jessica closed the door she came from, her red short dress untied at her cleavage. Her own ginger hair fell in front of her face as she wiped away her bloody tears. Being a vampire and all, it was hard to deny you'd been crying when the blood was streaming from your eyes.

"Hey there," she greeted, trying to come across as cheery.

I halted behind Sookie, a concerned look on my face. "Jess, you alright?"

Before she had a chance to answer, Sookie was already interrogating the poor girl.

"Is Bill home?"

"Nope, it's just me hanging out," Jessica replied, pretending to be cheerful.

"What's happened?" I asked the vampire.

"Nothing," she shrugged it off, adding, "Things are just so fucked up with Hoyt so I've been crying and all, but I'm fine."

Sookie had mentioned Jessica was seeing Hoyt Fortenberry when we came back from the Fellowship of the Sun. I wanted to help Jess, but apparently, there were more pressing matters at hand.

"Bill's been kidnapped," Sookie told his progeny.


"Sookie, we don't know that," I mumbled but she spun on her heel to regard me.

"We were at a restaurant, enjoying the best food I'd ever tasted and when I came back from the toilets, chairs and tables were all over the place with no sign of Bill," Sookie informed me. "That doesn't seem like he went out for a midnight stroll to me."

I raised an eyebrow. "You didn't see or hear anything?"

"No, I was cleaning myself up after Bill proposed, then when I came back in, they'd already taken him…"

"Oh my god, wait Sookie," Jess grinned, "You and Bill are getting married?"

I gawked, butterflies fluttering in my belly over the happy news for my friend.

"I didn't say yes…" she quickly injected.

Our grins faltered and I stepped around Sookie to eye her. Jess's voice pitched slightly, protective of the man she considered family. "You rejected him?"

"It wasn't like that!" she defended herself.

I touched her arm soothingly, "We're not judging you, sweetie."

She shrugged off my hand. "No, I–" Sookie stopped herself and looked to Jess. "If he does come home, for any reason, call me and let me know?" She swallowed, thinking before saying, "Even if he commands you not to?"

Jessica objected uncomfortably, "Sookie, you know I can't do that…"

"I don't care, just do it!" Sookie cried, tears gathering in her eyes. The blonde Merlotte's waitress turned and walked back out of the door.

I sent the vampire an awkward smile and mumbled, "Sorry Jess," following Sookie outside. She made for car as I raced down the porch steps to catch up.

"Wait up!"

I rushed round the other side of her car and got in. Sookie pulled away from the Compton house as soon as I had shut the door. She refused to speak to me until I breathed out the breath I hadn't realised I'd been holding, glancing at the panicking waitress.

"So what now?"

"Do you think I'm crazy?" she started, ignoring my question.

I frowned and looked at her earnestly. "I think you're worried about the man you love. I think you're frightened and angry. I would be too if it were me." I shrugged, watching the outside world flash by as we sped away from Bon Temps. "If Bill has been kidnapped, who would do it? V addicts?" I pondered this for a moment. "No way in hell could they overpower a vampire…Has Bill got, I dunno, enemies or something?"

"Only one that I know of," Sookie muttered to herself angrily.

"Sookie, where are we going?"

"Shreveport," she answered bitingly. "We're speaking to Eric before dawn."

"Eric?" I frowned. "What would he know about it?"

Sookie flashed me a look that spoke volumes. My jaw dropped and I rounded on my friend.

"Oh, you have got to be kidding me," I blanched. "Seriously, Sookie? Eric?"

"Eric's had it in for Bill since the night we met," she suggested, although my anger turned her certainty around.

"Ok, well now I think you're crazy!" I grounded out. I shook my head vigorously. "Sookie, I know Eric can be an asshole and a cold hearted one at that, but the guy is not a kidnapper."

Sookie looked at me for a moment as if I had a screw loose. "Eric Northman has done far worse than kidnapping in his lifetime, I can assure you!" She frowned, eyeing me suspiciously. "Mel, you know what he's like. Why are you defending him?"

I huffed, crossing my arms as I settled back into my seat. "I just don't wanna see you make a fool of yourself, is all," I grumbled childishly. When it was clear I wouldn't speak to Sookie until we arrived in Shreveport, she turned up the radio to calm her nerves. I couldn't blame the girl; she was lashing out because she was frightened for Bill. The vampire had proposed to her one minute, then was snatched away without a clue to where he was the next. I thought about how I would react if the tables were turned, what I would do to find Eric. A few days ago I would have said good riddance to the egotistical, manipulative Viking. But after the care he had shown me last night, the words he spoke to keep me in that office, the desperation and want in his voice… Just one night of passion convinced me I would tear the world apart to find Eric myself, even if it were only to slap the smirk off of his drop-dead gorgeous face.

Sookie pulled into the parking lot of Fangtasia, Shreveport's renowned vampire club. She glanced at me as she turned the engine off.

"If Eric does have Bill…" she started awkwardly.

"He doesn't," I assured my friend with an edge to my voice. Before she could reply, I opened the car door, and with a sigh, Sookie followed. She led the way over to the club, opening the door, releasing the pounding noise of its heavy metal music into the night.

The club was pretty busy compared to last night. Vampires and humans alike drank from their bottles and one or two glanced at the woman in her lavender dress and the woman in her PJs that just entered. I folded my arms around myself, uncomfortable being around so many people dressed as I was. I was missing my bed more than I realised.

"Now I don't remember inviting you gals to a slumber party!" The familiar voice of Pam forced me to turn and glare back at Eric's progeny.

"We're in no mood for lesbian weirdness tonight, Pam," Sookie said, glaring at the vampire. "Where's Bill?"

Pamela laughed and hitched a leather gloved hand onto her leather clad hip. "I have no idea," she answered with a smirk, prompting Sookie to doubt her.

The blonde human frowned at Pam, grounding out, "Then where's Eric?"

Pam's laughter pitched, eyeing me as she giggled back, "He's, um, indisposed at the moment."

Even I had to frown at her purposefully suspicious response.

"Indisposed doing what?" I murmured, watching her carefully as she promiscuously hitched an eyebrow in response.

"Bill…" Sookie mumbled, coming to her original conclusion. My friend rushed passed Pam while I only continued to stare at her. She turned on her heel and trotted after Sookie.

I dumbly followed suit. Why would Eric take Bill? It made no sense to me. I know the two hated each other with a passion, but their indifferences surely didn't mean Eric would go to extremes? Eric was scheming and clever when it was necessary, but taking Bill Compton away from Sookie in a kidnap scare just wasn't how the man got his laughs.

No. His laughs were found in far more cruel and heart-breaking ways, as I found out a few steps away.

"Stop, Sookie, come back…" Pam drawled as she climbed down the steps to the basement, her calls lacking in conviction. I rushed behind, skipping the steps where Pam had paused to end up beside a stunned Sookie. My mouth dropped and my heart screamed at me for trusting the vampire with it. The moans of the woman Eric was fucking echoed in the basement. I could only watch on as her chained body was pounded by the blonde Viking, her sweating face recognisable even in the dark. The dancer Pam and Eric had hired only last night, Yvetta, was gasping as she dangled uncomfortably from the same device that held Lafayette prisoner weeks ago. Eric stood before her, holding the dancer steady as he fucked her at vampire speed, his stunning naked body blurring slightly in front of our human eyes.

"Oh my god," Sookie spoke in disgust. I was void of words.

Eric paused in his movements and greeted her with his back turned.

"Sookie," Eric purred, like a cat toying with a mouse.

My heartbeat continued, although it almost shattered completely when Eric turned, met my gaze, only to let his eyes drift on to his progeny.

"I take it the girls couldn't be stopped?" he asked lazily.

"What can I say," Pam smirked, "they overpowered me."

Eric sighed, his eyes ever so slightly angered. "Off you go, Pam,"

"Fine," she drawled, taking one last satisfied glance at Yvetta's weary form.

Eric's eyes snapped back from Pam's leaving form, to me. His eyes glowed with unreadable expression and feeling, and all I could do was stare back. When I thought there would be regret, guilt or at least sympathy, Eric's trademark smirk glided over those sensuous lips as he taunted the discovery of his coupling in my face.

"Would you like to join us, Melody?"

Every ounce of me demanded tears, rage and agony in that moment but I was numb to it, watching Eric silently.

His debonair flailed for a moment before he spoke to my friend beside me, who up til then had been watching me carefully, waiting for my reaction.

"Sookie, meet Yvetta, from Estonia," he turned to the lustful dancer. "Yvetta, meet Sookie, from here. " He gestured to me. "You've already met my human, Melody."

"I am not yours," I hissed, regretting the words almost instantly, as once I allowed myself to feel, it knifed me in the stomach repeatedly until tears glazed over my eyes. Eric only smiled, knowing that my words rang false to everyone in the basement. He ordered for Yvetta to stay put, not that she could remove herself from her chains, before he waltzed casually over to the two of us, slow enough to tempt our eyes do drift lower. I felt a raw sense of possessiveness wash over me as two extra pair of eyes were allowed to see what I thought was mine. Just as I remembered from last night, Eric's abs put Greek Gods to shame as his muscles rippled as the athletic built vampire crossed the space. His hair was slicked back and neat, unlike how I had left it before dawn.

When he came to a pause close to Sookie and I, we kept our eyes sorely on his cocky expression.

"So ladies," he drawled, confidence dripping from his words, "what brings you to Fangtasia on this balmy night?"

"Bill's been kidnapped and I think you did it," Sookie insisted quickly, sensing how much I wanted out of this place.

Eric raised his eyebrows. "I didn't. Any other theories?"

"I'm still on this one, thank you very much," Sookie grounded out. "Where were you tonight around 11 o'clock?"

"Here," he answered, his eyes twitching as he watched my reaction, "with Yvetta."

"Doing this?" Sookie gawked, "For the last six hours?"

"Back on topic, please, Sook…" I mumbled under my breath. Eric's amused eyes kept moving from Sookie to me, watching the hurt dig away into my expression.

"Right," she replied curtly, asking, "Tell me where I can find Lorena? If you don't have him, she does."

Eric nodded along. "Solid theory, but considering your run in with her the last time you met, I think it'd be wise if I dealt with her instead."

"How do I know you will?"

"Because if Bill was indeed kidnapped, by human or vampire, I am duty bound as sheriff of the area in which he resides to find him."

"Then do it," Sookie ordered with finality. Sookie took my hand in hers and his smirk dropped slightly when she turned to lead me away from the sickening scene. Eric's hand snatched my wrist, keeping me still when Sookie gave a slight tug. Her sympathetic pair met my tearful eyes, and with a small nod, I gave her the go ahead to leave us alone for a minute. Sookie's death glare landed on the Viking.

"She is way too good for you. Remember that," Sookie hissed, earning an amused look from Eric. "I'll be waiting in the car." My friend gave my hand a small squeeze in support before she raced up the stairs. Her exit left the three of us in silence, and when I turned my head from the door back to the pair, I felt sick at the sight of Yvetta's sweating body aching for more. Eric waited for me to say the first word, impassive by his betrayal.

"How could you do this…" I muttered, half to myself.


"HOW COULD YOU DO THIS?!" I screamed at the vampire, hoping his ears would bleed. Tear droplets stained my cheeks as my heart poured out to the man I gave my virginity, heart and soul to.

Eric's amusement turned into frustration and irritation. "Did you think our relationship monogamous, Melody?"

"Yes!" I hissed, my arms flying out, astounded by Eric's ignorance. "Is that such an impossible thing for vampires?"

"For me," Eric corrected, only proving to anger me further. I poked my finger at his naked, hard chest.

"I actually defended you against Sookie…My best friend was out of her mind with worry, and I defended you. I said you weren't capable of taking Bill, but Jesus Christ, I don't know what you're capable of!" I gasped tearfully. "I thought this was it. That we were exclusive. I thought I knew you but now I see you're just like every other fucking vampire," I cried, my tears streaming. "You can't feel. You can't love. The only thing you give a shit about is your dick!"

"I give a shit about you," he growled, his teeth bared. "I proved that to you last night."

"No," I laughed, my voice trembling and weak, void of humour, "no, you didn't. This…" I gestured towards his lack of clothing and the slut in chains. "This is the real Eric Northman." I looked away from him into space, shocked to the soul this is where life had led me.

"You're still mine, Melody," Eric smoothly retorted, his self-control gathered once more. "You gave yourself to me."

"I made a mistake," I snapped impatiently, glaring daggers at the vampire. "I don't have a choice over who I love, but I can damn well choose who I give myself to." I laughed once again to myself, delirious with hurt and shock. "Fucking vampires. I should have seen this coming."

I shook my head slowly, trying to clear my head. My tears were drying and my hurt was wholly replaced with fury at the vampire. I glared up at him, ignoring the probing thought that I mustn't have looked intimidating at all in my pyjamas and college hoodie.

"Help Sookie," I ordered, "but from then on, I want nothing more to do with you." I took a step backwards but Eric grabbed my arms with his strong, large hands.

"Kiss me goodnight," he commanded in his smooth, seductive tone.

I shoved him off, my eyes blazing as brightly as my hair in the sunshine. "Touch me again, and I swear to God, I'll stake you myself!" Not expecting my threat, Eric's hold was weak enough for me to yank away and start for the stairs. I barely paused to remind him, "I'll expect our payment before the week is out."

I left the basement and a stunned Eric, shoving past every vampire and human, even Pam. I ran to Sookie's car as she waited in her parking space, speaking only one word to the girl the entire way home to Bon Temps.