Ok so its smut and a one shot so what I don't normally ship these two but the idea was there so I let it happen

Ruby waited outside of the motel room while Sam walked in with three very large posters. A few moments later Sam called out "Alright ruby come on in." As she walked in she was suddenly stopped she looked up to see a devils trap on a poster. "Really Sam? I thought we were past this."

"No I just want to try something. Can you jump right now?" Sam asked. Ruby jumped.

"Yeah why?"

"Just a minuet then." Sam then put up the other two posters on the walls "Okay now jump!"

"I don't see what this will accomplish but whatever." Ruby then jumped getting caught in all three devil traps at once not returning to the ground. "Sam? Why am I floating?"

"Oh this is to perfect." Sam said as he went up to Ruby to give her a kiss. "Like I said I want to try something." The two then continued to make out Ruby still suspended in mid-air now finally at a good height to kiss Sam. Sam slowly started to use his large hands to take off Ruby's shirt which he threw into a corner. Ruby then took of Sam's shirts with her small fragile hands. "So what was it ...mmm… that you wanted to try exactly?" Ruby asked between kisses. Sam responded by pulling off her jeans and said "Now stay here for just a moment." Sam then adjusted the posters so they were a little higher of the ground, bringing ruby with them. She was now a good two feet off the ground. When Sam walked back to Ruby apparently ruby had decided to take her panties and bra off, not that Sam was complaining or anything. "Well how about this?" He said as he started to lick at her nipples, which she gasped at. "Or this?" He said as his hand reached for her pussy. He started making circular motions with her clit. Ruby moaned loudly. "Oh you like that do you?" Sam asked before returning to her mouth for another kiss or five. "Sammmm please Sam I…I"

"You what? What is that ruby?" Sam asked still teasing her clit. "Samm I N…need you."

"Where?" "In me on me I just need you!" Ruby demanded. With that Sam stopped what he was doing earning a small whimper from rub and pulled off his jeans and boxers He then came back to Ruby and began rubbing her nipples "S…Sammm p…please just do it." Without any more hesitation Sam plunged into Ruby all at once. Once in Ruby pleaded Sam to move and he did. He was fast and hard. He went about 20 minuets before ruby was moaning his name at the height of her climax. It didn't take much longer until he reached his and exploded into her. "That…was…a...great…idea." Ruby stammered out. "Yeah now I'll go take the posters down so we can lie down.