Up In Lights Prologue/?

Summary: Vampires are freshly out to the human public, but they keep certain things secret from the human government to protect themselves leaving room for them to sneak around and use random hook ups to feed more freely like in olden days. Kurt, a simple human, ran off to New York in order to escape his tormentors in the shifter community and one night he meets his savior.

Warnings: Rape, Dom/Sub, Blood play, Vampireism, Abuse, Noncon, Dubcon, and basically just everything. This is a very dark fic that will have a happy ending, but the beginning is very dark. If you get triggered by abusive situations, don't read.

AN: Here is the start of my new fic. Yes, I know Who Says is still not updated and I am so sorry about that. Chapter 23 is really just not working for me. So to help ease the pain of the story moving slowly here is Up in Lights :) This is a vampire fic and trust me, HEED THE WARNINGS! Right from the beginning you know that Kurt is abused both physically and emotionally by his boyfriend (an OC) and Blaine, though he seems nice at first, is not all sunshine and rainbows. he is a Vampire. There will be kinks, basically if it pops into my mind, it will probably end up in this story.

This is also being Beta'd by my new beta reader: Al *hugs* That being said the prologue ISN'T edited yet, but chapter 1 is. Al will be the main beta on Up in Lights and helping to get the older chapters of Who Says all edited. Tracy will be working on Who Says (newer stuff) and Wont Tell Anyone sequel (Still yet unnamed, but moving right along)

With all that said, ENJOY the first two chapters :)



"Kurt, it's time for you to sleep love." Blaine wraps his arms around the pale shoulders he loves so much, kissing along the pulse point as a smile spreads his face knowing there will never be a heart beat pushing blood through these veins again.

"Soon darling. I'm almost finished." He briefly turns his head away from the computer screen to connect their lips.

Blaine shifts his eyes to see what his lover has been up too all day. "You're writing?"

"Yes." Kurt goes back to typing.

"What are you writing?"

"Something to help people make a decision."

"Kurt." Blaine tries to be firm as he reads his own name on the screen. "What are you writing."

"You would think after forty years you would trust me." His blue eyes try to stare down the golden ones of his boyfriend, but he fails miserably. "Fine!" He jumps up starting to pace the room in his old nervous habit that no matter how many times he has tried to kick it he never has. "You know how it's become a big debate over the legality of changing humans into vampires and how people say it would ruin your life and destroy the person who was changed?" When Blaine nods his acknowledgment of what Kurt is saying the man continues. "I just wanted to write down our story. The story of how you saved my life by changing me. I want those stupid officials to know that you saved my life and that it wasn't just some flash in the pan decision you made because you couldn't cope with losing me to age or anything. I want people out there that are facing the choice of changing or not to know how we coped and came to the agreement that it was right for us. I know there needs to be rules and laws in place for forced changing, but they need to know a lot of us chose this."

"Love." Blaine stands up and pulls his nervous and fidgety lover into his arms. "That is very selfless of you, but are you sure? Your past has been a very touchy subject, even with me."

"As sure as I was about becoming a vampire." Their eyes meet and he slowly relaxes. "No one should have the right to tell people their choices in life are wrong. It's up to the human or vampire to choose what's right for themselves and the person they choose to spend eternity with. You don't see anyone giving the Were community any trouble, just because their not immortal and only change a human into a Were when its declared they are mates."

"And don't drink human blood."

"Well yeah, but they do a number on the wildlife population once a month where we have blood bags and donors. Very few vampires kill their food anymore."

That brings a deep laugh out of Blaine as he kisses Kurt softly again. "Then write, but at night. You're still not old enough to last very long without your full days sleep."

"Yes daddy." Kurt rolls his eyes, yipping when Blaine smacks his ass playfully.

The two rush off in a playful mood, Blaine chasing his lover before tackling him down on their bed. Lips connected as their bodies meld together and their passions rise and they make love. Kurt passing out asleep soon after with the sun slowly rising in the horizon. The older vampire kisses his lovers pale cheek before slipping out of bed to turn the lights off and make a few phone calls for his day workers on what needs to be done. When he hangs up and moves to turn the computer off his eyes land on the still open document Kurt had been working on and without a second thought he clicks back to the beginning and start to read.


To those who have no idea what it's like to be changed and how it really affects both the human and vampire in the relationship, please read the following words so that you can know my story and how forty years ago my life was saved by the choice my boyfriend and I made to be immortal together.

My name is Kurt Hummel and like most gay Americans who grow up in backwards towns, I grew up being beaten and teased for how different I was and the fact my mother had died, or at least that's what dad told me. I know better now, but I'll get into that later. High School was the worse. My dad fell in love with and married a werewolf, bringing me a full pack around the house and a step-brother who smelled of wet dog. No offense to any Weres that read this, my brother has absolutely no hygiene to speak of and smelled. Like a wet dog. Daily. Well this didn't sit well with the bullies at school and when the friends I made in the pack and my new found family had their backs turned, I was chased down and beaten by the humans because I wasn't what they would accept as normal, seeing as I was very obviously not straight, and the pack members because my dad refused to have me turned into a wolf, they really found having a human at pack events offensive, because he wanted me to have my normal life. To bad he had no idea how hard my life was, but I'm thankful he didn't allow them to make me into a shifter. It gave me a great reason to escape that town.

The day I graduated college was the last day I saw my dad for a very long time. Why? Well I had no intention of staying in the pack lands of Lima, Ohio and made my way to NYU to study Theater. I was suppose to live with a friend from school, but she chose the life of a pack members mate, my smelly step-brother, over her career and future education so I moved into the dorms alone. You could say I adjusted just fine to being on my own. What caught me off guard was the amount of gay men who wanted my attention and for the first year I went on so many dates just to say I've dated people, then one day near the end of my first year in school, right before I was moving out of the dorm and into an apartment as a gift from my dad and step-mom, I meet the love of my life or so I had thought.

Andrew was the perfect gentleman, bringing me flowers and gifts, taking me out to surprise dinners and shows on Broadway. Just perfect. So perfect that I asked him to move in with me after two months of dating, we still hadn't been intimate since I valued my virginity very highly and was determined to hold onto it until I found that 'it' guy. To bad for me that our five month anniversary was spent at some party his friends were throwing and I don't even remember what happened. All I remember is waking up with blood between my ass cheeks and Andrew telling me how much he loved me and how sorry he was, but that this was normal and I was lucky to have been so drunk that I didn't feel it. Silly, naive me believed him and our second time I bleed again. It wasn't until we had been together a year that I realized we should be using lube and stretching and such. When I confronted him, he acted as if that was a weak way to do things. He never once denied that he knew he was hurting me. So we started using lube, but he got more violent as he wanted to 'experiment' with things. Bondage. Dom/Sub. Pain. Blood play. It was hell. That was the first time I kicked him out. He cut a little to deep when we did blood play and left me with a scar. It should have been the last time I saw him, but it wasn't. A few weeks later he showed up at my door with a bunch of roses and a face full of tears saying how sorry he was and that it would never happen again. It never did.

Instead he started yelling at me about everything that went wrong or that he thought was wrong. He demeaned me, belittled me, and I just let it happen. I don't even know when it really started, I just remember that it got so bad in our second year together that I dropped out of school. I didn't feel worth anything and at 20 I gave up trying to accomplish anything and instead got a job busting tables at some cheesy diner. It was somewhere around then that he started to get physical. Because I wasn't home making sure dinner was ready since I was at work and other little things. So what did I do? I quit my job. Hard to work with you arms bruised and swollen anyways.

Our third year together, yes I know you think I am a sub human for staying with this man for so long but please wait to judge me, was alright. I did everything he asked, learned not to talk back and hadn't talked to anyone besides him and his friends when he would deemed that I earned a night out with him. It was about then I noticed him starting to sleep around. Well, I doubt it had just started, but I was blind to all his wrong doings. It was when he brought one home instead of me and had left me at the bar with one of his worse grungy friends that took it upon himself that I was available to go home with him instead. After telling the man off and walking home to find my boyfriend pretty much raping some poor younger man I kicked him out again.

That's when the pattern would start. He would show up a month or two later after I got my life back together and tell me he was sorry and we would fall into the same routine. I lasted another two years with him. A total of 5 years of being treated like shit before I finally chose to leave him for good. The reason I chose that was the vampire I'm with now. The beginning of our story was near the end of my miserable existence with that retched human being named Andrew.

This is our story...