Up in Lights 15


This was a very special night. Something they had been planning the past 50 or so years, ever since their engagement. Their wedding. Of course that alone would have Blaine and Kurt, along with all their friends and family, happy, but it also signals a very special occasion for any young vampire.

The wedding itself is going to be in the park on the outskirts of the hive on a green hill facing. The moon shining down and casting a beautiful hue on everything. All the guests are abuzz with talk about how unique this ceremony is going to be, no one has ever had it so that at the end of their vows, the sun would rise and Kurt would experience his first sunrise in 100 years when they kiss as husbands. No one has ever done that before. Namely it's because it means anyone under 100 can't be present, the soon to be husbands have a separate ceremony planned next week for the ones who can't be in the sunlight, like their godchildren who lectured them both for months about how unfair it is that they couldn't see them wed.

"Knock, knock!" Sebastian pokes his head into the dressing room, one of two tents set up as dressing areas for the grooms, to see how Kurt is doing and finds the young groom hunched over a trashcan throwing up. "Oh god. Hold on!" He hurries in, grabbing a napkin and wetting it with a water bottle before running it across the back of his friends neck to as his other hand caresses his back. "You alright?"

Kurt shrugs.


Kurt slowly nods his head.

"You do know he's not going to abandon you now. You've been together over a hundred years now."

He laughs a bit before gurgling the water Sebastian passes him and rinses his mouth. "Not what I'm worried about." He turns to look at Sebastian with a smile. "I'm worried about seeing the sun again after so long and ruining the wedding." Kurt turns his eyes away from the older vampire. "I don't want to embarrass Blaine in front of everyone."

"Well I know you're wrong on part of that, you'd never embarrass Blaine." Sebastian kisses his cheek before pulling him in for a hug. "The sun might catch you off guard. Your skin will tingle, your eyes will be very sensitive, and you might need to run inside. But that's why we have the other dressing tent behind the altar and you have sunglasses in your pocket."

"I'm going to burn…"

"You might get a little pink, but the bonus of being a vampire? You will heal faster than you can burn."

"Oh good. That just makes me feel so much better."

"Kurt, if you are really worried I'll tell Blaine and we can move everything inside somewhere."

Sighing as he shakes his head, Kurt turns to make sure his clothes are alright and pop some gum in his mouth. "No. We've been planning this for 50 years and no matter how scared I am of the sun, I know Blaine will be there for me."

"And me. Though I'll be standing behind Blaine."

"I know." Kurt turns towards him with a big smile. "You're the best. Now, how do I look?"

"Good enough that I think we should run away together."

They both stay quiet before their faces crack and they are both doubling over laughing. "That is the best compliment ever."

"Good. Now let me go and trade places with Alain and tell Blaine you turned me down." Sebastian gives a quick update to Alain, who takes Kurt some special mix blood to help his nerves, before going into his friends' tent and just freezing as Blaine is pacing like a caged animal. "From one crisis to another. What's wrong with you?"

"He's nervous, sick… I just want to run to him, but he'd be pissed if I did that." Blaine keeps pacing the small area.

"He was nervous which made him sick, but I calmed him down and then talked him through his worries over the sun."

"He's worried about… but we talked about what could happen before."

"And his wedding jitters and a hundred years of being told the sun is evil has him scared shitless that he'll embarrass you."

"He'd never embarrass me."

"That's what I told him and now Alain is with him making sure he's fully calmed down." Sebastian raises a brow. "And you know that because you two always have your link opened to the max."

"Except the past 24 hours. We've shut it off until we go down the aisle, except the feelings part. I can feel his nerves, but don't know why he's so upset."

"You better be glad I love you, fucking idiot, because you've both been so studio doing that. It's romantic, but turning off a long term connection like that would like me losing the connection with my kids." Sebastian starts fixing his friends bowtie. "Let's get you out there so your torture can end and your eternal slavery to Kurt can begin."

It doesn't take long before Blaine is upfront with all their friends and family sitting and watching, waiting for the music to start and Kurt to exit his tent and make his walk down the aisle. For Blaine it felt like ages before his soon to be husband stepped out and the music started. His eye went straight to Kurt as he reopened their link flooding his love with the strength and encouragement he needs. Neither of them saw anyone else but each other. The entire ceremony was just them as they said their vows when prompted and slid the rings on each other's finger when told to.

The sun started to rise as the rise higher as the rings went on, no one laughed or said anything as Kurt hisses at the rays hitting his eyes or when he finally gives in and takes off running for the tent as Blaine warns the officiate that they need to do the last few minutes of the ceremony in the backup route before running after Kurt to check on him. Alain and Sebastian are putting cooling cloths on his skin while one helps put cooling drops in his eyes. Tears streaming down his husbands cheeks.

"Love, are you alright?"

"Yes. It just hurts. My eyes hurt."

Blaine goes over as the officiate and his parents come in to finish the ceremony, checking those beautiful blue eyes that are now looking a bit glossy and blood shot. "They will heal soon. We can wait to finish the wedding until they stop hurting."

"No, all we have left is the kiss and 'I now pronounce you' and I want that to happen so we can kiss and be full husbands."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes. Though maybe we should have the reception inside somewhere…"

Amunet moves a little closer with a smile. "Already being done sweetie. Are you sure you're alright to continue so soon? I know when Blaine first saw the sun it took him hours to feel up to doing anything."

"Hours? Really darling?"

"Oh hush, unlike you I had never seen the sun in my entire life before. It really hurt when it hit my eyes." He grins. "And gave me the worse sun burn. It took over an hour to heal. You though. It gave you just enough into to make you glow."

"Dear god! Just finish the ceremony so I can kiss my husband!"

Officiate laughs. "I now pronounce you bound for all eternity. You may claim your groom."

Kurt is out of the chair and kissing Blaine with everything he has before he has to pull back with a hiss of pain before he bites into his husbands' neck at the same time Blaine bites him, sealing the vampire end of the marriage.


They danced in their own world. No one else that was at the reception mattered, all that existed was each other. Kurt couldn't be happier. The warm buzz going through his system from their connection and the glow on his husbands skin from the sun shining through the curtains were making this day, issues and all, the best day of his life so far.

"What has your mind so preoccupied that you missed me asking if you're ready to sneak out?"

Kurt giggles softly. "About how happy I am with this perfect day." He nuzzles against the strong chest he's spent over 100 years feeling safe against. "Let's go. I want to hold you at least once and I'm getting sleepy."

Blaine slips his fingers into one of his husbands' hands, leading him to the elevators of the hotel that was their backup location for the reception and where they were going to spend their first night before they go on their honeymoon to Florida. Their choice was down to places that wouldn't be too hard on Kurt if he took a while to get use to the sun, but that they could still have fun. Yes, very old vampires still love Disney was how Blaine defended the choice to his friends and family and besides they needed to pick a place that they can leave and get back in a decent amount of time for their second wedding.

They almost make it to the shiny silver doors, but Sebastian is there waiting for them with a knowing smirk on his face.

"You can slip off that easy you know."

"We just want to be alone 'Bastian." Blaine grumbles.

"I know, but we still have cake and you need to give your farewells to the guests…"

"And I'm falling asleep Sebastian." Kurt whines. "I'm not use to being up this late and U really want to make love to my husband before I'm dead to the world."

"You know I can't say no to that. Go on you two, go get dirty. I'll get people headed home so that I can have some alone time with my husband. Mr. and Mr. Anderson, congratulations." Sebastian saunters off, heading towards his husband to recruit his help in getting the party over with.

Blaine wastes no time, pulling Kurt towards the stairs causing the younger man to laugh happily. He has every intention of catching the elevator from the next floor up so that no one can see them and stop them. Their still laughing as they stumble through the penthouse door and start stripping each other as they stumble towards the bedroom. Hands everywhere and teeth scraping against skin. Everything getting hotter by the second until they hit the mattress. Kurt is out within seconds, snoring away and making Blaine laugh even harder. His poor young husband.

They don't get to make love until the next night when Blaine wakes Kurt up with slow thrusts of his fingers and kisses on his neck.


3 years later…

"Kurt! Love, I'm home!" Blaine rushes through the front door flustered. He almost didn't get out of the office with all the new lines in need of reviewing now instead of tomorrow when he'd be in his office or could take them home to work on them there. Not even when he said he had premade plans for the rest of the evening did Wes budge on the meeting. What it took was Blaine blurting out that he had to get home to his family to celebrate the arrival of their new son, Nicholas Richard Anderson that they let him go.

"In here!"

Blaine follows the sound of his husbands' voice to the newly finished nursery and freezes when he opens the door to find Kurt in the new mommy rocking chair with their son in his arms and a bottle of the special mix of blood that their child prefers.

"Sorry he wouldn't wait for you. Our little guy has some big lungs when he really wants something. Isn't that right Q-tip?" Kurt coos down at their curly haired son.

"That is such a bad nickname."

"Not my fault he ended up with your curly hair, but fine. Nicky. Did you want to wait for your daddy before feeding?" The baby vampire sneezes, startling himself into crying.

"Come here little one." Blaine scoops him up and rubs his back as he walks back and forth on the room.

The choice of who would be first to donate for their first child was easy, Kurt just had to mention a dark haired and light eyed angel of a baby that looked just like his husband and Blaine was sold. Nine months and three days later, here they are. Baby vampire by in their arms making their family complete.


AN: well that would be the end. This has been a fun story to write, though it didn't stay as dark as originally planned. Thank you everyone for reading and reviewing! Now onto finishing Who Says. Until next time!