Chivalrous Delinquent

Chapter 1: Delinquent?

Tadase followed Amu down the hall. He had been following her for the past 10 minutes. Amu had noticed immediately and now it made her uncomfortable.
Amu turned around with a very irritated expression and said "What do you want creep? Seriously following me around the halls, are you some kind of stalker?"
Tadase stammered " uh Uh NO Hinamori-san"

"Then what do you want?" she asked.

Tadase opened his mouth to speak but then closed it again.

"Spit it out already, I don't have all day" Amu practically yelled, she was genuinely irritated by now.


She was happy. On the inside this really flattered her, but she was in public. Her cool and spicy outer character took over.
By now a huge crowd had gathered to watch all the commotion. All eyes were on Amu. Oh the suspense! What would their beloved Amu say now?
"I don't date stalkers, especially not girly brats like you" She spat.
Tadase froze in shock. He was very hurt by this. How? How could she reject him? The prince of Seiyo High school. Amu rolled her eyes and strutted away.

As soon as she turned the corner she sighed and stared at the ground. Mentally slapping herself over and over.
Ikuto passed by Amu, she really looked upset. He just kept walking and judging by the crowd around Tadase she had just made a big scene again. Ikuto had been watching her for a while. She seemed so independent to everyone else but he had a feeling she was lonelier then she let on. But he had his own issues to worry about. As he continued to walk toward the crowd everyone rushed out of the way. Afraid of Ikuto the delinquent.

Tadase looked up at Ikuto and yelled "TSUKIYOMI IKUTO!".

Boy did that get old fast. It was fun to mess with Tadase at first but now it was a little annoying so Ikuto just kept crowd began to mumble and whisper amongst themselves. Gossip, school is a lot of gossip and a little learning he thought to himself.

As he continued his walk down the hall, he heard whisper after whisper as new rumors surfaced.

Amu got home, said hello to her parents, and went upstairs. She flopped down onto her bed and sighed.

How did things end up this way? All she ever wanted was to be girly and have real friends. Amu had a lot of "friends" but they were only close to her because of her popularity, they were all backstabbers and never lasted long. She had fans too, but fans are much different then friends. She tried to be friends with them but they would make her uncomfortable and it never worked out. She only had one real friend but they went to different high schools so they don't talk as much.

Amu snapped out of her thoughts. She needed to get her mind off things. She walked to her front door.

"I'm going for a walk." She told her parents.

"Okay, be back soon" her mom said.

"Stay away from boys!" Her dad said.

Amu rolled her eyes at her Father's response and walked outside.

She walked to a street she had never been to before. She got lost in her thoughts she kept walking farther and farther from her house. By the time she actually payed attention to were she was going she was at a park. She looked around and saw stairs, curiosity got the best of her so she walked up the stairs only to see a fight?

Amu P.O.V

It was a fight between some red haired guy and... Ikuto? They just kept hitting each other over and over.

This wasn't a fight like in the movies, this was a real fight. An unfair fight, anything goes, the orange haired guy was losing, until he pulled out a knife. Ikuto dodged his swings, I gasped. I guess Ikuto heard that because, he looked right at me and smirked. With one final blow he knocked the redhead out like he could have ended it way earlier. Then he just left as if nothing had happened. Show off

That was the most Insane, unrealistic thing I had ever seen. Who would have thought people actually fought like that.

I decided it was time for me to leave so I started walking and then I realized...

SHIT! I'm lost. What do I do! WHAT DO I DO! Okay Amu don't panic don't pan-

"You lost?"I looked over to see a smirking Ikuto.

"No" I said

"Are you sure?" Ikuto asked, he was still smirking.

"Yes I'm sure, why else would I say no" I said. "Why do you think I'm lost anyway?"

"Well princess you're not exactly in the suburbs right now" Ikuto said getting closer

"You should be careful, there could be perverts around" he whispered in my ear.

I blushed.. Wait blushed?

"The only pervert here is you" I said, quickly pushing him away. He laughed.

I regained my composure and started walking away.

"Wait" Ikuto said.

"Stop following me, creep" I said.

"You know you don't have to use that 'cool' act around me" He said.

I stopped. That comment threw me off a little.

"So seriously, are you lost?" He asked.

"... a little" I admit.

"Where do you live?" he asked.

"Why?" I asked.

"So I can walk you home" He said as he started walking in front of me, he had blank expression.

"I don't need your help!" I said in my cool and spicy tone.

"That again?" Ikuto said "yes you do. Now come on" he looked back at me.

"Fine" I said looking away, a slight blush appearing on my cheeks.

I told him my address and he told me to follow him. It was silent for a while. I didn't realize how far I had walked, earlier.

"So are you some kind of human GPS?" I asked.

He chuckled, "No, I just know my way around."

"How did you know I was lost?" I asked.

"Just did" He answered.

"How did you know about my outer character?" I asked.

"Just did" He replied.

"That's not a real answer" I whined.

"It's not that hard to figure out" He said "it wasn't for me anyway"

"So... why are you helping me?" I asked. Isn't he supposed to be a delinquent or something?

He thought about it for a while. "I don't know" he replied.

"Do you always give such detailed answers?" I asked sarcastically.

"Do you always ask this many questions?" He asked smirking.

"Just one more question?" I said, asking for permission.

He laughed and said "Go for it"

"What was that fight about?" I asked, curiosity got to me once again.

Ikuto smirked "Worried about me?"

"As if!" I said blushing again. WHY DO I KEEP BLUSHING? "But seriously why? It looked so crazy. I thought for sure you would get hurt. I got a little worried..." I thought out loud.

CRAP why did I say that!

Ikuto gave me with a surprised look. Then he smiled and said "Just taking care of some business, nothing to worry about." He said.

I stayed quiet, I was still embarrassed.

He looked at me and said "Thank you for worrying".

Before I could say anything he said "This is it, right?" I looked in the direction he pointed and saw my street.

"Thanks" I said

"Anytime" He said as he walked off.

It had already gotten dark. He walked me such a far distance. Knowing he would have to walk back in the dark. This was the guy everyone was afraid of? The crazy delinquent?

I walked up stairs and sat on my bed. Ikuto... he's not such a bad guy.

So this is my first non lemon story! XD Yay! Well I hope I did an okay job. I may have made some mistakes and if you see any please let me know! I know this story is super cliché and there is like a million stories like this but I tried my hardest to make it a little less cliché. Besides I actually love cliché stories, so I'm happy with this story I'm sorry if you don't like it so far. . Well this is my version of this cliché And yeah. Thank you so much for reading! This chapter is so long,or it feels like it's long to me but anyway Thanks again!

Love, Natalie