Chivalrous Delinquent

Chapter 2: I'm accept

Amu walked into class half asleep. She hardly got any sleep last night, she just couldn't stop thinking. She had taken that walk to help her get her mind off of things. But that plan backfired because, she kept thinking about Ikuto all night .

Amu P.O.V

So tired.. I tried to sleep but I just kept dreaming about him. Why? I don't even know this guy. Ikuto...

And WHY did I tell him I was worried? I'M SO STUPID!

When class started, I tried to stay awake. My eyes betrayed me and began close. Sleep started to take me away.

Maybe just a few minutes wouldn't hurt...

NO! Focus Amu,. Stay awake, stay awake.

I tried to focus on the lesson but, that didn't help. Damn it! Why did school have to be so boring. I tired to distract myself from sleep by looking out the window.

Does anyone ever clean this window, it's filthy. Cleaning sounds like Sleeping. What no it doesn't. What am I thinking. Thinking of sleep. Sleep sounds nice.

I couldn't stay awake any longer. My body wouldn't allow it. So try as I might to stay up, my eyes kept closing on their own. Eventually,I fell Asleep.

Why am I at the park? I started walking through the park.

I heard his voice. "You know you don't have to use that 'cool' act around me."Ikuto? I followed the voice and suddenly he was right in front of me, fighting again. But this time he was getting hurt, I wanted to yell but no sound came out of my mouth. I don't know why but I started to cry. Then he disappeared.

"Don't worry about me."

I turned in the direction of the voice and he was there again, standing right next to me.

"Thanks for worrying about me." He whispered in my ear then, he kissed my cheek.

My eyes shot open, I blushing like mad. I fell forward and accidentally slammed my hands on the table. I realized that I was still in class and all eyes were on me. Everyone was staring at me, waiting for an explanation. I regained my composure as quickly as possible.

I hope my face isn't still red. I have to get out of here.

"This class is stupid. I'm 'outta here" I said as I got up and walked out of class. They didn't even wait for the door to shut before, they all started gossiping.

Great just great! And what was that dream? Why can't I get him out of my head? He knows about my outer character too. And he makes me blush. This is bad, really bad... I think?

I didn't want to go home; I decided I would continue take a nap on the roof.

I opened the door to the roof and noticed something on the floor. It was a person.

OF COURSE! The one person I don't want to see right now is here. Wait is he asleep?

I got closer. That was definitely Ikuto.

Wow he looks so calm. He's actually really cute when he's asleep. I knelt down to get a closer look. Sooo cute! I couldn't resist, I couldn't look away. He was adorable like this. He moved a little.

Crap! Don't wake up! Please don't wake up.

While I was busy freaking out, he reached out and pulled me down with him. He wrapped his arm around me and I was trapped. Thank god he didn't wake up.

AHHH how do I get out of this? What if he wakes up? How am I going to explain something like this.

I panicked. My dream kept replaying in my head. My face felt hot. If my face was red earlier it was beyond red now. I have to stay still. I can't move or he will definitely wake up. But I have to get out of here! Or maybe we could stay like this... NO I have to get out. I tried to slowly move his hand away. I looked at his face to see if he woke up. He didn't, I set his arm down and got on my feet.

"SUCCESS!" I yelled in triumph. STUPID AMU

He definitely woke up this time. So I ran behind the wall to hide. Damn it all! SO CLOSE me and my big mouth.

Ikuto P.O.V

What is she doing? Staring at me, huh. This could be fun.

I suppressed a smirk. I wanted to smirk so bad, but that would give me away. I waited for her to get closer and when she was close enough, I reached out and pulled her down with me.

Let's see what she does now.

It took her a while to do anything.

Did she give up already? How boring.

I was ready to open my eyes. To my surprise she grabbed me arm and moved it. Any normal person would have left right away. I mean come on, I'm a 'delinquent'. But instead she yelled "SUCCESS" at the top of her lungs.

What a funny girl. Why did she hide. Well time to 'wake up'.

I sat up and looked in the opposite direction. I guess, she thought this was her chance to sneak away.


When she was half way to the door I decided to speak.

" I know you're there." I said

She froze. I turned around to look at her.
"Oh!" She said, "I didn't know anyone was up here. Well I need to um get to class anyway"

She was trying to play it off like she had just walked in. Clever, but that won't work on me. I'm not done with you just yet Amu.

Amu P.O.V

I think he bought it.

As I turned to walk out the door he said "Wait."

"What?" I asked.

"Let's have a little fun" He said. He looked dead serious.


I panicked . I tried to back away as fast as I could but being the klutz that I am I tripped. I braced for impact. He ran over to me, grabbed my hand, and pulled me to him just before I hit the ground. It was a close call. This guy was fast.

He saved me. Again.

"L-Let go of me pervert" I said trying not to blush.

He smirked "Pervert? Me? I think we both know who the real pervert here is. Watching me sleep with this big smile on your face. I feel violated" He said as his smirk grew.

"I wasn't smiling!" I shouted in defense.

"Ah, but you admit to watching me." He said with that sexy smirk. I mean that stupid smirk...

"Wah? Bu- But that's..." I had no comeback, this delinquent defeated me.

"I think I'll have to punish you." He said as he came closer.

Once our faces were only inches apart, I shut my eyes and braced myself. He's going to kiss me. What do I do. What should I- huh?


"YOU BIT MY EAR" I yelled!

He started laughing "You are so funny! hahah This is the most I've laughed in a long time." he said as he laughed.

I blushed. So embarrassing! I started to walk away.

Ikuto P.O.V

Wow. What an interesting girl. Wait is she leaving? I wish she'd stay for a little longer. I hope I didn't make her mad.
"Wait" I said
"What?" She hissed.
Yep she's mad.
"Are you mad?" I asked. Of course I knew the answer but I want to see what she would say.
"Not at all." She tried to say calmly. Then the bell rang for the next class.
"I have to go now" she said. She didn't look like she wanted to go.
"You don't have to go you know" I said.
"I need to go to class." She said.
"Need? Or should?" I said.
"What does that mean?" She asked
So innocent.

"It means you're not going to die if you miss class." I replied.
She thought about it for a minute, bit her lip, And sat down against the wall. She looked relieved that she didn't have to go to class. I wonder why...

Why is she so far away, I wonder if I really do scare her.
"Hey" I said.
"Hmm?" She looked up at me.
"Why are you so far away?" I asked.
She shrugged and came to sit by me.
I patted my lap, gesturing for her to have a seat on it.
"Yeah, not gonna happen Tsukiyomi." She said, giggling.
I laughed.
"You'll come around. They always do." I said jokingly.
"That's the most cliché thing anyone has ever said to me." She laughed.
We sat in silence for a little while. She was clearly thinking about something, she looked upset like usual. What ever it is must be why she came here in the first place.
"Amu?" I said.
No answer.
"Amu?" I repeated. I've never been one to care about other people's petty issues, but this was different. She was different.
I pulled her into my arms.
"Ahh!" She yelled in slight shock.
"Hey why are you so spaced out all the time?" I asked still holding her. She didn't even try to move, she must be really bothered.
She sighed. "Just thinking"
I motioned for her to continue.
"It's a long story." She said as she sat back up.
"I've got time." I said. I was curious about what she did this time.
"It's embarrassing... Besides why would I tell you? I don't even know you." She said.
"All the more reason to. I won't judge you, I mean what do I care what you do? I don't know you, so it doesn't affect me giving me no reason to judge you." I said bluntly.
She hesitated but she told me. I think she was over reacting; it didn't sound so bad. She just said she fell asleep in class and woke up suddenly.
"That's not so bad" I said.
"We'll it is to me, you don't understand. I do things like this to often it really messes things up" she said.
"How so?" I asked. She's probably talking about her little facade.
"I have a reputation to with hold. What will people think If I don't keep it up?" She said. This reputation thing really stresses her out.
"Who cares." I said.
"Well my friends." She said dryly. The way she said friends made it sound like she didn't like them.
"Then are they really your friends?" I asked rhetorically.
"Well what if your friends thought badly of you, how would you feel?" She asked trying to defend herself.
"Screw them. I don't give a shit what they think. I'm my own person." I said "and so are you."

I felt like some wise teacher or something saying that. She stayed quiet.
"If you don't like your friends why don't you make some new ones?" I asked.

She was really hilarious, don't people usually like that? She was also very cute,caring, and she seemed nice. She was different from the girls I knew, it was refreshing.
The question clearly angered her.

"It's not that simple!" She yelled.
Oh crap. What did I do now?
"I'll have you know I've tried! It's hard! People won't accept me for who I really am. I just know it. And why would they? Who could accept someone as simple as me. I'm to boring." She looked like she was going to cry. She was wrong. Simple? Her? She was the most over the top person I've met, but in a good way.

"I accept you" I said "if I can accept you then so can anyone and everyone else. Stop doing what your so called friends want you to do. If it just makes you miserable." She looked at me with wide eyes. Then she... hugged me? This girl that I hardly new. Was hugging me... I don't hug people ever. If someone else hugged me like this, I would have to beat them senseless. But when she did it, hugging didn't bother me one bit.
This girl was growing on me. And that was dangerous.

She decided to get back to class after lunch had ended. She walked out the door.
I began to think to myself how it felt being around her. What they hell was this? I couldn't be feeling this. I don't feel. I can't feel. I'm a 'delinquent'.
Before I had time to really think,she was back.
She blushed, she did that a lot.
"Can.. Can I talk to you again some time?" She asked. Every rational bone in my body told me to tell her no.
But instead I said "Anytime."
She smiled a brilliant smile and left again. I sighed. Battling with myself in my head.

I need to stay away from this girl. But at this point, I don't know if I can.

As Amu walked away again she smiled, a friend! She had a new friend. But this was different, she felt differently about him than any friend she had before. Being the stubborn girl she was she brushed this off. Was this the beginning of a friendship or something more?

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