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Chapter 1: The Light Shadow

"Do you think I don't understand the the stakes! I lost my would to the darkness, just like you! I know this is our last chance to make a difference, and I know that we're doomed!" Screamed a large robotic life form in his whiny voice. He was about thirty feet tall with his main colors being gray, red, and blue. He had a pair of upside down jet wings on his back and a jet's cockpit on his chest. He let lose a sigh before his face developed a sad expression, "Sorry about that Mr. Whittaker, I'm just stressed, as I'm sure we all are."

"Your right Starscream, I shouldn't have said that, can you forgive me?" Asked Mr. Whittaker, he was a slightly overweight human in his late eighties. His hair was gray and he had a bald spot over most of the top of his head.

The cybertronian smiled at the man, "Of course, we all say things we regret when we are under pressure. Now then, lets get this thing ready."

"Actually," Said a white mouse with a large cranium, "We finished it during your argument."

Starscream nodded his head, "Good to hear Brain. Soundwave, get the others, its time."

The blue cassette deck Transformer silently nodded his head and walked out the lab door.

◄ † ►

A very diverse group of beings was sitting in the lab, from an over twenty foot tall red dog to a robot who's body is made from cube shaped parts. They were the last remnant of the worlds in this universe, Keyblade wielders and those who they could save. They were all covered in scars, scraps, dents, and and scratches. The world they were on now was the last one in the universe, all of the others had been destroyed by the Heartless.

"Friends," Starscream began, "We stand at the end of our time, something none of us thought we would ever see. I won't lie, we are all doomed, but the least we can do is stop this from happening to another universe. And that is exactly what we plan to do, Mr. Whittaker, if you please."

Mr. Whittaker nodded to the cybertronian, "Of course. Now, I'm sure we all know that Heartless come into existence by corrupting a heart with darkness. The Keyblades are the only weapon that can truly destroy a Heartless, but most Keyblade wielders seem to only discover their true potential when its already to late to do anything for their world. However, Starscream theorized that there may be another way to prevent Heartless takeover, an Anti-Heartless. What we intend to do is infuse a Pureblood Heartless with a purified heart and light energy. Normally, this being would be destroyed from having an incomplete heart, but we have found a way around this. We made a way so that, once created, this being will join its incomplete heart with that of another being."

With a hand gesture from the man, Starscream picked up the speech, "Once the connection is made, the being we created, we called it a Heartfull for simplicities sake, will shoot off to their world. This being will feed on the over flow of light from the heart it is connected to, and it will provide protection from the Heartless in return. Now then, Cubix, since your world was the last of our worlds to fall into darkness, would you like to start the process of another universe's salvation?"

The AI robot nodded his head. He walked forward to a canister that had a glowing bright pink heart in it, and brought it other to the large machine in the middle of the lab. He loaded the canister into a pipe on the machine.

"Initializing activation protocols." Soundwave announced as he began typing on the keyboard that was before him. The machine began to come to life, light began to flood the room.

Inside the machine, a new heart was born, but it was incomplete...

◄ † ►

'Who am I?'

'What am I?'

'Why is this circle thing broken?'

"Hello there! I'm new! My mommy and daddy haven't given me a name yet, do you have a name?"

'I don't know. Do you know why I feel bad?'

"Oh no! Your heart has a booboo, do you want me to help heal your booboo?"

'I'd like that... can you give me a name?'

"Aren't your mommy and daddy going to give you one?"

'I don't think I have a mommy or a daddy...'

"Oh, that's sad. I'll give you a name since you don't have a mommy and daddy to do it. How about, Flash. Do you like that?"

'I like that.'

"Yay! Oh, I got to go met my mommy and daddy, see you later Flash!"

'Okay, bye for now!'

◄ † ►

The light from the machine stopped pulsing and began to glow steadily.

"The heart has joined to another, we've done it!" Starscream exclaimed.

Cheers erupted from everyone present in the room.

The cybertronian looked at a boy in a blue power suit, "Megaman, since your world was the first to fall, would you do the honors?"

"Sure thing." The boy said, he walked over to the machine and grabbed a large lever and, before he pulled it back, he whispered, "This is for Roll."

A light shot out of the top of the machine and out to space. The Keyblade wielders summoned their blades and shot a beam out of them to light the way for their last hope. Just then, a man ran into the room.

"Heartless inbound!" He shouted.

Starscream turned his head in the man's direction, "How many?"

The man swallowed nervously, "Billions."

The Seeker sighed and tightened the grip he had on his Keyblade, "This is it everyone, the end has come for us. It has been an unfathomable honor to fight and work alongside each and every one of you, and it will be an even greater honor to die among such brave and noble souls as yourselves. We may all be about to die, but let's see how many we can take with us!"

Mr. Whittaker raised his Keyblade and lead everyone into a glorious battle cry, they all began to ran out of the room to get to the front line. They knew that they would not survive this battle, but that just meant they had nothing to lose.

◄ † ►

Flash had been flying for a few hours now, he had exited the universe. He was following his heart to find his unnamed friend. He felt like he had to, it was his destiny. He shifted his view behind him, he saw the universe begin to collapse into darkness. Then, with a brilliant flash, the universe compressed together. All the separated worlds joined back into one, the cycle had started once more.

He didn't want something like that to happen to his friend. So, Flash followed his heart as fast as he could go. He knew it would take him a long time to get where ever his friend was, but he had to keep them safe, he had to...