With some difficulty Byakuya Jr. climbed onto the elegant piano bench. He straightened his back and began to play, letting hours of practice guide his fingers across the ivory keys. As a gentle melody filled the empty performance hall his loneliness trickled into the music, a song that he had composed the week before when Naegi Jr. had once again refused to play with him.

From that painful font burst forth notes that arranged themselves on front of his eyes and in turn were sought out by his fingers. The music was alive, a beast writhing and flailing with no particular direction and he had to tame it using his fingertips. He strayed from the pattern in his mind and ventured into untraveled territory, the beasts growing wilder and stronger and the slightest sheen of sweat began to form on his brow. As they finally began to submit a soft voice from directly behind him broke the boy out of his trance.

"Bya-chan." It was his mother. "Time for bed."