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~Decisive battle is on Sunday~

~Dream State~

Hiruma woke up in a dark place where he couldn't see anything but himself. 'Where the fuck am I?' He was a bit nervous but made sure his face didn't show it.

What took him by surprise was the walking figure that appeared from the dark. It was a young man, with dark hair, and had two different eye color with glasses on, Hiruma was surprised but felt calm and at peace.

The young man chuckled. "You must be Sena lover."

Hiruma looked at him strangely. "How do you know Sena?"

The man only kept smiling. "My name is Watanuki Kimihiro, and I have met Sena but only through dreams. It's a miracle that I was able to connect to you through your dreams, but then again there are no such things as miracles, only the inevitable."

Hiruma only stared at him. "What do you want?" Getting straight to the point.

Watanuki smile dimmed a bit. "Do you know about Sena birthmark?"

Hiruma nodded silently.

"Do you know why?" Watanuki asked.

Hiruma shook his head.

"Do you want to know?" Watanuki asked.

Hiruma stood still for a few seconds but then nodded his head slowly.

Watanuki sighed. "Then you must pay a price."

Hiruma looked at him confused.

"To grant this wish, you must pay the price that is qual to the desire of the wish." Watanuki explained.

Hiruma stood silent. "What would the price be for me then?" He asked as he broke the silence.

Watanuki flicked his empty wrist for only a picture to appear. "This is you price."

It was a picture of a happy family of three. A women with a red dress on and black hair, a man with blonde hair and a white suit, and finally a boy around the age of 5 with a yukata on.

Hiruma flinched. 'Damn it! That's the only picture I have of her! But...' He covered his eyes with the shadow of his hair. "Ok."

Watanuki nodded for only the picture to disappear. "The reason why Sena was born with them is that her soul was the only soul that was pure enough to keep its power seal."

Hiruma kept quiet. "What if it was given to a not pure enough soul?" He asked.

Watanuki closed his eyes. "Then they would destroy themselves and die. The wings have so much power that only a pure soul can support and live with it."

"Power... Is this why Sena attracts people?" Hiruma asked.

Watanuki head tilted. "Part of it is. The other part is her own pure self. Tell me, why did Sena attract you?"

Hiruma blushed at the memory. "At first it was because of her legs and speed that could help us win the Christmas Bowl." Hiruma closed his eyes. "But as I spent more time with her, I fell in love with her."

Watanuki smiled. "Then I can be assured that you fell in love with her real Sena. Not just because of her wings." He then looked around in the darkness and sighed. "Looks like our time is almost up."

Hiruma nodded.

Watanuki made a serious face and made Hiruma flitch a bit. "Before you leave, I will tell you this. Since Sena has the wings out of her pure soul, it gives her power of light. In other words she can bring a person who is drowned in darkness back into the light. Only if that person still has a small bit of light left."

~ Dream State Over~

Hiruma opened his eyes to only see the person who was usually sleep with him gone.

The door of the bedroom opened to show Sena with her apron on. "Oh. Your finally awake. I thought it was a bit weird for you not to wake up at your usual time, but guessed it was because of jet-lag. Anyway breakfast ready." And closed the door to go back to the kitchen.

Hiruma slowly got up and went to his desk. He opened the last drawer and took out a folder that had no label.

He opened it.

"Damn." He said quietly.

There was nothing in the folder.

After the assembly, two guys from the basketball team went to go to flirt with Mamori.

Sena nudged Monta. He looked at her. "What?" Sena raised an eyebrow. "Doesn't it bother you?" Monta realized this and put on his thinking face. ( spider: please don't break your brain.)

Doburoku appeared from behind them in surprise. Out of instincts Sena took out her pistols and pointed at him. Doburoku raised his hands but kept smiling. "I got a part-time job at Deimon High!"

Hiruma went to the principal. "Transfer his entire salary to the football team."

"Hey, WHAT?!" Doburoku shouted in shock.

~later in class~

"Hey I saw the football team on TV!"

Monta and Sena stopped eating their lunch to only see a group forming around them.

"I heard the season starts Sunday."

"I'll be watching you guys. Go for it!"

Sena was surprised by this. "Hmm, we're pretty popular." Someone patted on Sena shoulder. "You too, manager. Good luck!" She stiffened when he said that.

Monta smiled. "That's right. Things are different now."

A guy with a magazine came to them. "Say, you guys are in 'Football Monthly'." And gave then the magazine.

Monta opened it with excitement. "Is this the team roster?" Sena looked too with curiosity.

The magazine gave every team a grade and Deimon had a C.

Monta started to twitch as they made their way to the clubhouse. "They don't say anything great about Deimon." Sena sighed. " the only regular game we won was against Koigahama."

Sena opened the door for Suzuna to pop out in a cheerleader outfit.

"YAAAAAAY!" Suzuna cheered.

Sena smiled. "You look cute Suzuna."

Suzuna kept smiling. "Why thank you Sena! What do you think Monta?"

Monta face was completely red and coughed. "For men, it's about the competition! We try not to be swayed by squealing girls..." Monta looked away. "But we appreciate your support."

Suzuna smirked and went back inside to pull out a reluctant Mamori who was in a cheerleader outfit as well. "Suzuna! Wait, I'm the manager! This looks pretty silly on me." Mamori shouted with a blush present on her face.

Hiruma had a camera out. "I'll save this for the threat book." Mamori started to chase him for the camera.

Sena sighed in relief. "Whew! At least that means I don't have to be the Devil Mistress anymore." And then shivered. She turned slowly to Suzuna who was smirking evilly. "Don't think your getting out of this. Your the symbol of the Devil Bats so we need you for events." Sena looked at the floor and wanted to disappear.

Suzuna pointed to herself and said "I've been assigned captain of firing folks up. I may not go to Deimon but since my brother passes the Devil Bats test-"

Kurita interrupted. "Taki passed the enter acne exam! That's great! When did it happen?!"

Suzuna stayed silent for a few seconds until "What?"

Taki kicked the door while posing. "Hey, you're all here!"

Doburoku was seated when he said " We'll decide who'll play in the fall after a full team practice."

Taki pointed to no where and said "Ah ha ha! I get it! Since my success rate is 100% I told Suzuna that I made in advance!" He was suddenly on the ground in pain while being stomped on by Suzuna. "Tell me AFTER you've made it! That way I won't look so stupid if you fail! And if you don't make the team, I'll kill you! Hear me?!" Suzuna shouted in anger.

They just sweat dropped.




That all shouted as they practiced hard in the early day.



Togano and Kuroki battled each other on the practice game. "Think you got stronger on the Death March?" Togano questioned Kuroki. "Let's find out!" Kuroki responded with confidence.

They couldn't push the other until they both collapsed without either moving an inch. Kuroki shouted in frustration. "Huh? I'm not any stronger!"

Doburoku looked at him stupidly. "Of course, you idiot! You're both still at the same level as the other."

Togano and Kuroki looked at each other and started to chase after Monta and Eyeshield. "Lemme try! Knuck me down!" They both shouted.

They stopped chasing them and started to dodge rock salt bullets. "Stop chasing us, you idiots! Continue your practice!" Eyeshield shouted at them.

Hiruma took out the playbook. "Here's the playbook. We're gonna drill it into you by the end of the fall season!" And passes them around to everyone.

Kuroki looked at the cards. "There are so many."

Taki flipped his hair. "I'm sure I'll memorize them in five minutes!"

Doburoku checked Taki file. "Natsuhiko Taki. Dumb but a good team influence. Plus ten points."

Yukimitsu was to start the forty-yard dash first.

Doburoku looked at Mamori noted and noted "Manabu Yukimitsu personal best is 6.1 seconds. This will be tough."

Yukimitsu put in his helmet while being focused. 'This practice is the final test.' And began. 'Its my last chance to play this season with the others!' And finished with 5.6 seconds. He collapsed on the ground relieved. "I did it! I improved by 0.5 seconds."

Doburoku noted him. "Yukimitsu speed, plus 20 points."

~late night~

Eyeshield 21 looked at her phone to check time. "What, it's already 9 O'Clock?" She said in shock.

Togano looked at hi hands and noticed something. "I'm not tired at all."

Hiruma slams close his book to get their attention. "All right, it's time to to announce the starting lineup!"

They all walked back to the clubroom. "Announcing the fall season players! Meet up in the clubroom! Shouted Hiruma.

Eyeshield looked behind her. "It'd be great if we all made it. Yukimitsu and Taki, too."

"I'm sure it'll be fine!" Kurita said in a cheerful voice. "As for Taki, he may be new to football but he can already catch and block!"

Suzuna looked at her brother with a gentle look. "He may be stupid, but all he's ever been good at is sprouts." And looked towards the clubroom. "If you make the team today Taki, you'll finally get to play football!" Everyone dressed out and went to the small scale with the mini football figures of them.

"All the guys whose name I call out will be used for both offense and defense." Hiruma said.

Everyone stayed silent.

Hiruma placed his doll figure on the small football scale. "First, the quater-back. That's me! Also playing as kicker." He said.

Sena stayed silent and glared at Monta to stay silent too, as she saw he was about to open his mouth.

Next, Hiruma placed the lineman. "Next! Five lineman. Kurita, Komusubi, Jumonji, Kuroki, and Togano."

Hiruma the placed another two mini football figures. "Two running-backs. Eyeshield 21 and Tetsuo Ishimaru."

And finally called out the last two. "And the tight end."

Suzuna started to bit her nails. "That's the mid season entry position!"

Taki stayed silent.

"Natsushiko Taki." Hiruma called out.

Suzuna started to cheer in excitement with her Pom Pom. "YAAAAY!" Kurita cheered after her. "We can play football together!"

Taki looked at his helmet and uniform, he was given, in his hands. "Ah... Ha ha!" And started to twirl around. "Didn't I tell you my success rate's 100%?!"

"Lastly two receivers!" This got everyone attention again.

Yukimitsu started to sweat. "Taro Raimon! And one other... We'll alternate using one of the basketball players as a substitute." Hiruma threw his book to Doburoku. "That's it! Listen to Doburoku for each of your defensive positions."

Yukimitsu stayed still and silent.

As Hiruma waked away from the clubhouse outside he heard "Wait!"

Mamori was running after him. "Why? Why didn't Manabu make the team?" She forgot their relationship was a secret as her anger took over her.

Hiruma stayed silent.

Mamori started to get angrier. "After he worked so hard! He made it all the way to the end of the Death March." She shouted.

Hiruma turned to her slowly. "Don't bother asking when you know the answer, damn manager. Do you think a guy who's been stuck behind a desk for 17 years could win after just four months of intense training against the basketball team?"

Mamori looked away. "I'm not being sarcastic. As a manager I'm only asking if there isn't something more important than wining."

Hiruma walked away. "Nope, no way. If we lose, it's all over. Same goes for that damn baldy."

Yukimitsu was traing even after practice. "It's not over yet." He whispered and kept running. "I don't know how many days are left until the end of the fall season." He didn't see sena and monta behind him. "I've got until then to improve."

Sena felt bad but knew a way to make him keep going and keep his spirits up. "First games against Amino high school!"

Yukimitsu heard her, but didn't turn.

"Monta, if we beat Amino, then the tournament goes on for us!" Sena continued and eyes Monta. Monta smiled as he understood the message. "Yeah, Sena! As long as we keep. Winning the Fall season won't end!" And both said together "Until the day that all the Devil Bats are together, we're not gonna lose!"

Yukimitsu smiled while crying silently.

~Next Day~

"Hat!" a hat with the number 21 and the word Devil Bats.

"Megaphone!" A red megaphone with the icon of the Devil Bats.

"Cheering sticks!" Two red bats wings with the word Devil Bats written across.

Monta looked at the towels he took out of the box Suzuna brought. "Wow! You had all these made?!"

Suzuna felt proud and posed for these moment. "When I do something, I do it right! I'm trying my best to be captain of firing everybody up!" She took out a magazine and showed it to them. "And check out this magazine."

It had an article firing up gossip which had Suzuna telling them that Eyeshield 21 looked like a movie star.

Eyeshield 21 looked at the magazine and glared at Suzuna. "Now they're too fired up! What'll we do when they find out it's not true?"

Suzuna took a deep breath I'm and started to act like the Commander of Hell. "Fire them p! Intimidate them! The bigger the bluff, the better!" And Suzuna turned back to normal. "That's what I was told."

Monta chuckled. "And I know who said it."

Suzuna blushed.

Eyeshield chuckled. 'So cute.'

Mamori entered the clubroom with a basket of clothing. She looked around and asked Suzuna "Isn't Sena here yet?"

Suzuna stood still and silent. "No she's not here yet." Monta responded for her.

Mamori expression turned worrisome. "I hope she's alright. " she thought to herself for a few seconds. "Maybe..." Eyeshield started to sweat in nervousness. "She's meeting up with her secret boyfriend!" (spider: ... huh? isn't it obvious that she's dating Hiruma?)

The trio fell anime style.

Mamori aura became bright and her background was full of flowers. "As long as it's not that horrible Hiruma, she'll get my approvable!" And skipped away to do laundry. (spider: oh I get it. she's in denial.)

They all waited for Mamori to not be in earshot when Suzuna spoke. "You never explained why Mamori doesn't know that you're Eyeshield?" Eyeshield sighed. "There would be a big fight. You have no idea how bad it gets when Hiruma and Mamori-neechan go at each other."

"She also doesn't know that sena and Hiruma are dating." Monta added.

"She thinks that flirting." Eyeshield added to the explanation.

"Either that or she's in denial." Monta added again.

Suzuna stared at them. "Won't she find out eventually?"

Eyeshield put her hands together on her lap whiling bending her back. "Ever since we were little Mamori-neechan has always looked out for me." Eyeshield started to stare into space. "I didn't want to worry her anymore."

Suzuna looked worried and eyes full of guilt. "So are you gonna hide it from her forever?"

Eyeshield eyes turned serious. "No. I want to tell her myself. When I'm good enough of a player that she doesn't have to worry. When I'm good enough to beat Sei-kun."

~A few days later~

Mamori started to cross out dates on the calendar until only three days were left.

Kurdistan looked at it. "At least... The fall season starts at last! Three days to go!"

Later in class the Hah-Hah brothers slide their deal together and blocked the teacher from them including Sena, who was behind them. They took out a deck of cards and started to study them.

"We did a hook block, right?" Jumonji asked Kuroki. "There's hardly any room!" Kuroki responded. Togano looked at Sena. "Got that, Sena?"

Sena just slammed her head on the desk. (spider: poor Sena, she's trying to focus on studies but they wont let her.)

~next day~

Kurita started to look nervous during practice.

As Sena and Hiruma got back to their hotel, Sena dropped to their king bed. "I'm sorry Yoichi, but I don't have enough energy to make dinner for us."

Hiruma just nodded. "It's fine. I'll just order from the hotel." And called the manager for service.

As he finished the call he turned to Sena, who was almost asleep. He got on top of her and whispered into her ear. "You've been ignoring me these last few days." Sena flipped from laying on her stomach to her back. "I wonder who's fault is that." Sean said in a sarcastic tone. Hiruma lowered himself to kiss her.

rated 15

Hiruma broke into her mouth and captured her tongue to only start sucking on it. At the same time he was grouping her breast making Sean moan in his mouth. His hand moved from her breast to her vagina and started to rub her harshly.

Sean broke the kiss to only moan out. "Ah-Yoichi! I'm-AH-too tired."

Hire a started to travel down her neck. "Don't give a fuck! I'm hungry and you're on the menu." He groped her breast with his left hand and was rubbing her with his right hand as well leaving hickies close to her breast knowing that if he left marks on her neck, she would complain.

Sean was moaning under. 'I-I-I can't thing straight. My mind... is turning to... a blur.' And started to bit her lip to keep herself from moaning.

rated 15 over


They both froze. Hiruma started to growl in annoyance. 'We were just getting to the good part!'

Sena panted. "Yoichi-pant- go get-pant- the food."

Hiruma left with his eyebrow twitching. (Spider: I kinda feel sorry for the person who met the end of his gun. BAM BAM BAM Hey! Don't shoot at me! It's your fault for being slow! BAM)

When he came back with their dinner, Sean had already changed into her pajamas. Hiruma was more annoyed that Sena noticed. She grabbed onto his shirt and pulled him down to her height to give him a peck. "Sorry, but we can't do it tonight." Hiruma sighed. 'She's right. We needs to focus for the game.'

They both started to eat in silence and when finish, Sena went to the bathroom to take a shower. Before closing the door she told Hiruma. "Oh Yoichi." Hiruma turned his head toward her to see her smiling seductively at him. "After the game is a completely different story." And closed the door. (Spider: I'm pretty sure I heard the lock.)

Hiruma was left speechless for a few seconds and smirked. "Ya-ha."

~Next Day~

One day to go and things turned for the worst.

"Is Kurita missing?!"

Mamori was checking her phone for messages to see if she had any news on Kurita. "I haven't heard from him and he's already left his house."

Monta started to panic. "Where could he have gone?"

Sena looked at Hiruma in panic and saw a glint in his eye. 'He knows where he is.'

~in the gym~

Hiruma was walked to the gym storage room to see a vaulting horse trembling.

"Just as I thought you damn fatty. Whenever you're scared to death, you hide in the vaulting horse. " he blew a bubble out of his gum.

"Hiruma..." Kurita said in a whisper. "Do you believe in reincarnation?" Asked Kurita.

"WHAT?!" This shocked Hiruma.

"Could I be a high student just one more year? This isn't anything like last year's fall season. Back then, I thought we'd have another shot. But now this year's" he paused for a few seconds. "Since elementary school it's been my dream. And when you and Musashi joined them joined the team... I was so happy." The vaulting horse started to sweat. "Now it all hangs tomorrow. In the end, even Musashi didn't make it. Can we win for sure in the first round tomorrow?"

Hiruma sighed. "It doesn't work that way. No game is ever 100% guaranteed."

The vaulting horse started to tremble. "You mean if we lose to Amino..."

Hiruma kept a blank face on. "That's it. It's all over."

Waterfalls started to come out of the vaulting horse as Kurita cried. "I hate this! Why should we only get two chances in our whole lives? I'd do it over and over!" I don't want to play tomorrow's game! And against Amino, of all teams! What are we gonna do?"

Hiruma started to prep his sniper rifle. "So, you mean you want everyone to play nice to make you feel better?"


"Stop blubbering you damn Fatty!" Hiruma shouted. A vain showed on his forehead and continued shouting. "You're alone on the field! Nobody's gonna save you!" Kurita stayed quiet and noticed something. "Huh?" He started to move around by jumping to Hiruma. "When you shot at me, I shifted and... Now I can't get out." Hiruma huffed. "You'll have to figure that out for yourself, too."

Hiruma started to walk through the hallways with Kurita following after him. "I wonder if the equipment room will have a saw or something we can borrow." As Kurita was thinking outloud, he noticed a certain room they were passing. "Oh!" He called out for Hiruma. "Look, it's the First-years' room 2... The TV!" Kurita started to daydream in memory. "As a three-man football team, we swore in writing that we'd go to the Christmas Bowl." And started to hop towards it. "Let's go see it. Musashi could change his mind, too!" Hiruma blew another bubble. "He won't!" But looked toward the TV anyway.

They were both shocked with what they saw.

The TV still had the goal with the same names but it had more signatures. The whole team signatures were there.

"Hiruma." Kurita said quietly. "When you said before that we're alone on the field... That's not true. We're not alone... Anymore!" The vaulting horse exploded as Kurita destroyed it with his strength and new found courage from just seeing the signatures of his teammates and friends.

~just getting dropped off from the bus~

Everyone got off the bus and started to follow Hiruma. Mamori was confused. "Why here all of a sudden?" And realized her answer when they got to their location.

"It's Tokyo Stadium!"

"It's- It's huge!"

Sena looked on amazement. 'This is such a cool place to play in the Christmas Bowl!' She felt someone hold her hand saw it was Hiruma. Luckily Mamori was distracted by the view of the stadium and didn't notice it.

Kurita started to make a speech. "It was exactly three years ago that Hiruma, Musashi and I were here. The three of us looked up, just like we are now, and swore that we'd make it here!"

Hiruma tightened his hand with Sena. "But that's not enough. Coming here means beating Ojo, Seibu, Shinruji, and of course, the Amino Cyborgs in tomorrow's game."

Everyone shouted together. "WE'VE GOT TO BEAT THEM ALL!"


"I told you so." Sena said.

Sena was sitting on the side king size bed with a bowl of water and towels on her.

What would surprise everyone in the whole entire universe would be that Hiruma was laying on the bed with both his nose and cheeks deep red. He was sick. (Spider: I'm pretty sure if anyone told someone else, they would think they were lying.)

Sena shock her head and was soaking the towel in cool water. "I told you that you should have taken a warm shower after the rain last night but you just fell asleep wet and cold on the bed. I even had to sleep on the coach because of you." She thought for a few seconds. "But Cerberus was really comfy as a pillow and blanket."

Hiruma got tic off by hearing that. 'Fuck that dog!' (spider: is it me or do I see Cerberus smirking and laughing evilly. 'shrugs' oh well)

Sena shook her head. "Anyway, it's a good thing that today we don't have practice so you can rest the whole." She stood up. "I'll go get you some soup. I'll be right back." And went out of the room.

~10 min later~

Hiruma started to get impatient. 'Ok, it does not take that long to get me fucking soup! Unless she's making it but our refrigerator is empty and she hasn't gone to the grocery market this whole week so what the fuck!' Hiruma grumbled and closed his eyes to rest a bit.

He heard the door open.

Hiruma opened one eye and both his eyes almost popped out.

There in the door way was Sena dressed in a sexy nurse outfit with a plate of soup in her hand.

"What the Fuck!?" Hiruma said in a raspy voice as he felt his body get hot.

Sena looked a bit worried. "Oh no. Don't tell me your throat is started to hurt." She put the soup down on a table and walked up to sit beside him.

Hiruma shook his head. "No it's not that. What the fuck are you wearing?!"

Sena looked at herself. "Oh you mean the dress? Suzuna told it would help you feel better."

Hiruma didn't know to somehow thank her with free food at any restaurant she wanted her kill her for tricking Sena into thinking this would help him. He looked down and saw that her breast were about to burst out of the dress but was holding on with one button that look like it was about to burst.

Sena looked uncomfortable. " I think Suzuka gave me the wrong size. It's too tight."

Just as she said that the button burst.

"HIIIEEE!" Hiruma saw her breast and pink nipples falls out and jiggle and felt his body get hotter. 'This is too fucking much!'

"Yoichi? Yoichi!"

Hiruma had just fainted from his fever rising temperature with his whole face turn red from the fever.