So, this story is basically a birthday present for my little sister, FrostedFangirl7413, because her birthday is sometime this month and I know she really wanted me to write this story. Thus I hereby dedicate this story to her ;3

I can pinpoint the exact when and where I came up with this idea. I was riding back home from class on the bus, and something random I'd written got stuck in my head, the lines being "Little black kitten, ca', wanna be where you are." And of course when I have nothing to do, like sitting in a bus for example, my thoughts always stray to Loki. And I remembered all those adorable Lokitty pictures I've seen, and then I've read a few stories where Steve saves a kitten, so... this plot kitty came to be. I was so preoccupied with it I almost missed my stop XD

And of course, I can't just write some little Lokitty one-shot, oh noI have to come up with a whole complicated plot as well O.O So basically, this is an AU of the "Avengers" movie where Loki escapes from Thanos and the Chitauri before they can send him to retrieve the tesseract, and he ends up on Midgard, disguising himself by shape-shifting into a cat, and The Other is sent through the portal to retrieve the tesseract (and Loki) instead. Everything will be changed and mixed up and all crazy-like, though there will be some direct quotes from the movie.

There will be much BAMF!Loki, and Thanos and Odin might just get what they have coming for them ;)

DISCLAIMER: I do not own the characters, or the quotes, or the movie, or MARVEL, or even the idea of Lokitty. In a small box with a brightly colored ribbon: I OWN NOTHING!

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Steve Rogers: Captain America, supersolider, the first and only superhero, a good man.

And Savior of Kittens.

Frankly, nobody was surprised.

Well, maybe Fury was. But surely Coulson wasn't surprised when they recruited Steve to the Avengers team to face the current global threat, and Steve only agreed on the condition that they help the kitten he'd just found in a back alley of New York.

"I couldn't just leave him!" Steve protested, holding the bloody and scrawny black cat in his arms.

It mewed pitifully when Steve adjusted his stance, its green eyes hazy and unfocused.

Fury raised his right eyebrow. "Is this really a priority right now, soldier? It doesn't even look like it'll survive the day."

The leader of Shield had a point. A couple of the cat's limbs were at an awkward angle that suggested that they were broken, and the cat's ribs were visible even beneath its torn up and glistening red coat of fur.

"It is," Steve said, raising his chin defiantly to stare down at the director. He looked down at the small cat, and there was something sad and empathetic in his expression.

He's been bullied, Steve thought, remembering times he'd limped bruised and bloodied from back alleys himself.

Coulson came over and leaned in towards Fury, whispering "Sir, we need the Captain on this. Is it really so much to accommodate the kitten as well?"

Phil cast a glance at the supersoldier still holding the cat, his professionalism fading slightly from his features to reveal a certain awe that widened his eyes, a certain tenderness to the line of his mouth.

Fury sent him an exasperated glance, before finally nodding. "Fine, you can bring the cat. I'm sure the doctor will be willing to take care of him for you."

Coulson took the hint and started dialing his phone.

Steve nodded, relieved.

"Hang in there, little guy," He murmured soothingly to the cat as he stepped into the jet. "You'll be all better soon. Trust me."

Doctor Banner was waiting for them on the landing pad of the Helcarrier when the jet set down.

"When you recruited me into this mess, I didn't think taking care of kittens was going to be part of it," He said to Natasha, who was standing beside him as the doors to the jet lowered and Fury, Coulson, and Steve came striding out.

"Neither did I," Natasha said cooly.

"Banner," Steve nodded, not offering a hand because he didn't want to jostle the injured animal he was carrying.

"Rogers," Bruce acknowledged.

"I've heard you'll help my cat," Steve said hopefully.

"That the only word you've heard?" Bruce asked, glancing at the bundle of ragged and bloody fur in the man's arms.

"And that you can find the cube," Steve gave a small smile, though his mouth was tight with worry. "But kitten first."

Bruce raised his eyebrows slightly at the supersoldier's lack of reaction about Other Guy, ignoring Natasha's 'I told you so' look, before gesturing for Steve to follow him and heading back inside the Helcarrier.

"Let's see what we can do for it, then."

"I've done all I can for him," Bruce said, exiting the Doctor's Wing of the Helcarrier to the room where Steve was waiting. "He's sleeping now in a nest of blankets. I'm afraid Shield doesn't have any spare cat beds stuffed in its closets."

"Will he survive?" Steve asked concernedly, as Bruce sat down in a chair next to him.

Bruce's thick eyebrows were pulled together, his lips pursed. "If he had been a normal cat, he'd already be dead."

"What do you mean?"

Bruce sighed. "That was no cat fight he got into. He has broken bones in both legs on the right side, a broken foot, several cracked ribs, as well as being covered by lacerations that look like they were caused by blades and whips. He's lost a lot of blood—too much blood. He's also severely malnourished," he paused, tongue running across his lip.

"That's not all, though," Bruce continued, shuddering slightly. "When I tried to stitch closed some the worst wounds, my needle wouldn't pierce his skin."

Steve blinked his widened blue eyes. "I'm... guessing that's not normal."

"That cat is not normal," Bruce agreed. "He's some kind of mutant; some kind of lab experiment or something."

Steve was silent for a few moments. He swallowed carefully. "So..." he ventured, "He'll survive then?" His expression was hopeful.

"If any creature could survive that kind of beating, it's this cat." Bruce said, before shrugging. "But don't get your hopes up."

Steve looked at the man, eyes flickering over his face. "What else is troubling you?"

"It's just..." Bruce shifted uncomfortably in the chair, which was saying something, since the chairs were smooth black leather and thickly cushioned. "From the results of the test I've run, I don't think I could hurt that cat unless the Other Guy grabbed him by his tail and pounded him into the floor. Whatever happened to him..." Bruce trailed off and shook his head, brown curls bouncing slightly.

"Well, if you boys are done talking about your pet, Fury needs on the bridge for some debriefing."

Both men jerked their heads up, to see Agent Romanov standing in the corner of the room, arms folded, full lips quirking.

They glanced at each other. How long had she been there?

"Yes ma'am," Steve said, standing up and crossing over to the door. He turned and waited for Banner to join him, before the two men headed out towards the bridge.

Natasha took the opportunity to slip into the med bay.

It was empty of patients as of now, except for the small black scrap of fur in the bundle of towels in the corner.

She crossed over, looking down at the bandaged creature, its eyes closed, chest rising and falling with each breath.

Her indifferent mask cracking slightly, Natasha reached out and, gently, hesitantly, stroked a black ear.

It flicked at her touch, and she fought the urge to smile slightly.

She turned and left.

With luck (or rather, with skill,) she could catch up to the boys before they even realized she wasn't there.

Fury stood impatiently, glaring at the three of them with his one eye as they walked up to him. "Took you long enough," he accused.

"The cat was in pretty bad shape," Bruce defended unapologetically, before muttering to himself "Still is."

Fury glared at him for a second longer, before turning to Steve. "How much do you remember from your debriefing in the jet?"

"Somebody stole the tesseract from you," Steve said, crossing his arms. "You should have just left it in the ocean."

"What's done is done, soldier," Fury said.

"So, who are we dealing with, exactly?" Bruce asked, unable to help his curiosity.

"He's called The Other, or so he said," Fury stated, before handing Steve a tablet. "We managed to download the security footage where the base collapsed. Take a look."

The three of them gathered around, staring down at the blank screen.

"Uh..." Steve said uncertainly.

"Give it here," Natasha said lightly, taking the tablet from the supersoldier's hands and pressing the play button.

"The tesseract is a doorway to the other side of space, right? Doors open from both sides."

Suddenly the cube sparked, energy swirling like a hurricane around it before a blast of blue beamed across the room, opening a circular rift in space from which stars and darkness were visible, before the energy exploded, tendrils shooting outwards and buffeting the Shield workers like a gust of wind, before crawling up the sides of the chamber to dance around near the ceiling.

On the platform a cloaked figure knelt, sickly gray-blue-green six-fingered hands clutching a golden staff, which held a gem the same luminous blue as the tesseract, encircled with silver blades.

Steam spiraled off the figure as it stood, looking up to reveal a jaw and chin barred with a bronze-colored metal, the top half of the being's face covered by black cloth.

Agents crept cautiously towards the creature.

"Sir," Fury called, "Please put down the spear."

The figure just sneered, gray-blue-green lips pulling back to reveal bloodied, red teeth, before sending out a blast of energy from the scepter that knocked the agents into the walls with sickening crunches and knocked the being back a few feet, causing it to almost topple off the platform.

Growling, the creature dashed forward, blurring, and Agent Barton crashed into Fury and shoving him out of the way.

Clint rolled to his feet and pulled out his gun in a fluid movement, shooting the creature only for the bullet to dent the bronze metal running down its chest and fall to the floor with a metallic thunk.

The figure sped forwards and grabbed the black-clad arm, twisting it back.

"You have heart," it sneered, voice rough, low and resonating.

It touched the scepter blade to Clint's chest.

It sparked; then nothing.

The creature growled something in what must have been another language and tried again, and this time blue crept up the man's neck, drawing the color slowly from his gray eyes till they were pools of black, before filling the irises with blue.

The alien let go, and Clint holstered his gun.

Fury watched, his eye narrowing in disbelief, mouth dropping in horror, before he began pulling the tesseract out of the device and putting it in a metal briefcase, closing it and making to leave as the creature did the same to the remaining surviving agents.

"And where," the creature said, turning towards Fury, "Do you think you're going?"

"How about 'away,'" Fury answered calmly, freezing.

"Give me the tesseract, and maybe I'll let you live," the creature said, showing his red teeth as he blurred to in front of the director, holding out a hand with two thumbs.

"This doesn't have to get any messier," Fury stalled. His gloved fingers tightened near imperceptibly around the handle.

"Of course it does," the alien laughed. It was a tortured sound akin to someone choking on their own blood. "I am The Other, and I've come to reclaim what belongs to us. And to see to it that your world burns."

Fury's only reaction was a raised eyebrow. "You mean to—"

His sentence was cut off however when he was shot in the back, falling forward and letting go of the brief case, which Clint strode over and grabbed.

"Sir, the portal is collapsing in on itself," Selvigg said, his bright blue eyes on a screen. "We've got maybe two minutes before this goes critical."

"So be it," The Other growled, before he and the agents that were now under his control left the chamber.

Fury picked himself up and rushed out a few moments later.

The tendrils of energy swirled around the ceiling like food coloring in hot water, before imploding into a sphere.

It then exploded outwards, and the last the camera recorded was a wave of blue, the screen shattering.

Everything went dark.

"Well that's... creepy," Bruce said finally. "How far have you gotten with locating the cube?"

"We're sweeping every wirelessly accessible camera on the planet. Cell phones, laptops. If it's connected to a satellite, it's eyes and ears for us." Coulson answered, having appeared sometime while they were watching the security footage.

"That's still not gonna find them in time," Natasha remarked, looking at a computer screen that was searching for Agent Barton.

"You have to narrow the field," Bruce said, rolling up his sleeves. "How many spectrometers do you have access to?"
"How many are there?" Fury countered.

"Call every lab you know, tell them to put the spectrometers on the roof and calibrate them for gamma rays. I'll rough out a tracking algorithm based on cluster recognition. At least we could rule out a few places. Do you have somewhere for me to work?" Bruce glanced around. "I'm assuming I'm not going to be working in the med bay the entire time."

"Agent Romanoff, would you show Dr. Banner to his laboratory, please." Fury commanded.

Natasha nodded and began walking off. "You're gonna love it, Doc. We got all the toys."

"I'm going to need to move the cat in there so I can keep an eye on him," Bruce said, hurrying to catch up, Steve following him. "I'm afraid I don't trust your doctors."

"Understandable," Natasha said indifferently. "We'll stop to pick up your kitten on the way."

"He's actually not a kitten," Bruce corrected. "He's a fully grown cat, albeit just barely."

"So still a kitten, basically," Steve said.

Bruce laughed. "Yeah, I guess so."


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