SUMMARY: Things were never meant to be this a town cut off from the rest of the world, the Tri-State Area is a desolated slum hoarded by the overlord and dictator, Heinz Doofenshmirtz. A town where there is no freedom, no thoughts unchecked, or ideas given to each and every person trapped here. We are his underlings. The rebellion, small and hopeless since the death of their leader, struggles on. We have nothing. There are...rumors, however, about this mysterious number, which some people claim to be an idea, an army, or a God that's been resurrecting the rebellion, and attempting to take control away from Heinz Doofenshmirtz. It's name is Seven, but no one really knows what it is...

AUTHOR'S NOTE: You can probably guess what this chapter will be about. It's a short one, but a marvelous chapter follows shortly after.

After waiting in the stupid, little titanium cell for god knows how long, Ferb was just about to give up hope that anything interesting was going to happen in an hour, when, out of the blue, Ferb felt the entire building shake, the cell doors automatically opened, and Ferb heard wailing sirens go off at every corners of the prison.

Slowly standing up, holding Perry close, Ferb walked out of Cell 784, Doofenshmirtz following shortly after.

"What's going on?" Doofenshmirtz mumbled.

"I think our masked friend just did something risky," Ferb stated. "We should head towards the sewers, just like he said."

"Ugh, why the sewers? Why can't we just take the stairs? The sewers are smelly, disgusting-"

"If you think so strongly, then go ahead and take the stupid stairs! If you can, at least. With an explosion like that, god only knows how long this building is going to stand..." Ferb ranted.

Doofenshmirtz sighed, but quickly perked up as he spotted a Normbot headed towards him, Ferb, and Perry.

"Oh, look, one of those Normbots are coming to help us," he said. Ferb wanted to smack this idiot across the face, but nearly forgot that this idiot shared the same name with the tyrannical dictator of this dimension.

"How about you share your woes with it, then?" Ferb remarked. The green haired British boy clutched his teal-colored platypus, following the disgusting smell of sewer water and the disgusting path of green mud and other materials, only to run into the gate to the sewers...which was blocked by iron bars. Ferb wanted to scream.

The Normbot had picked up Doofenshmirtz and threw him into a cage, leaving him there for only a moment, setting its sights on Ferb, who was staring directly at it in worry.

"Excuse me, but, you have to stay a bit longer than that," it said in its cheerily tone. Ferb quickly turned back around to face the iron bars. He had to think of plan fast. Ferb gently set Perry down, listening to the Normbot, who was getting very close to him by now. He needed to somehow make that Normbot break the iron bars.

As Ferb felt the Normbot beginning to creep on him, and the green haired boy quickly turned around, ducking low, as the Normbot swung its arms about, attempting to grab Ferb with its metal, mechanical clutches. The Normbot looked down, only to find a black converse hitting it in the face, turning the Normbot's head in the other direction.

"Well, this seems to be a problem!" it said.

Ferb quickly got up from the ground, careful to not to be seen by that terrible mechanical man. Ferb grabbed the Normbot's head. Holding onto it with all his might, Ferb smashed the Normbot's head against the brick wall. He did so repeatedly, until the Normbot's metal head caved in. Now the Normbot was losing control, its arms flailing out in any direction. Ferb pushed the Normbot to the ground, opened its metal chest, ripping the large battery from its chest, throwing it aside. Ferb sat on top of the flailing Normbot, attempting to grab its hand, only for the metal clutch to grab hold of Ferb's throat and begin to squeeze the life out of him. Now, it was a battle of strength. It was getting difficult to breathe as Ferb attempted to yank the clutch off his throat. Just as Ferb felt like he was going to pass out from suffocation, he noticed a teal platypus, his platypus, slowly stand up, put a hat on his head, and rush over to Ferb's side. The teal platypus took out a pen, which was actually a laser disguised as one, and cut the Normbot's arm right from its body. Ferb quickly threw the arm off of him, taking in deep gulping breaths.

"Oh, there you are, Perry the Platypus!" Doofenshmirtz said in a cheerily tone.

"...What?" Ferb said, staring at the teal platypus. Perry only shrugged, with an apologetic look on his face.

"You can stand, walk? Can you talk?!" Ferb shouted. Perry nodded twice, but shook his head for the last question.

"Of course he can," Doofenshmirtz said. "He's my arch-nemesis. We were in the middle of our routine when you and your walking polygon barged in."

"...You're enemies with a pharmacist?!" Ferb screeched.

"I'm not a pharmacist! I'm an evil scientist! There's a difference!" Doofenshmirtz corrected.

"...You've got to be shitting me!" Ferb swore. Perry only sighed in defeat, giving Ferb a small pamphlet that said 'So, You've Discovered Your Pet is a Secret Agent'. Ferb sighed.

"If Phineas was here, he would have a fit and a half," Ferb muttered. Perry nodded in agreement. "So, what now, Perry?"

Perry pointed his laser at the iron bars, which quickly broken in half and cluttered to the ground. Ferb stood up, walking over to the broken iron bars, He laughed out loud, looking over to where Perry was.

"This is insane," Ferb said. Perry only agreed.

"Uh...hello...? I'm stuck in a cage here..." Doofenshmirtz mumbled. Ferb turned to see the pitiful scientist in the metal cage.

"Someone's bound to find you eventually," Ferb said without any remorse in his tone whatsoever. Perry, although he did feel some pity for the evil scientist, he thought it best to leave Doofenshmirtz there. At least until this little other dimension business was over.

The green haired boy and the teal platypus walked into the disgusting sewers, not looking at each other, not saying at word for the longest time as the sewers became darker, the walls narrower, the current stronger, the mud thicker, and the water higher. Ferb had no idea where he was heading, or why, but he figured the sewers led to somewhere and that somewhere was where Jonathan (and hopefully Phineas) was.

Ferb didn't know whether to scream, chuckle, or cry at the current situation. Perhaps if he could find a mug, some water, and some leaves, he could make tea. Ferb chuckled a bit. Now was not the time for tea. He needed to concentrate on his surroundings or possibly get lost in these now darkened, rounded tunnels.
After treading in the disgusting mud for the longest time, Ferb thought...for perhaps just a moment...he could hear Phineas's voice.

"Phineas?" Ferb whispered, listening closely for anymore sounds. "Phineas?!"

Ferb reached his hands out, only to find the walls so close it was nearly touching his shoulders. Perry also looked around, the smells more identifiable to him than to Ferb. If he followed his beak, then Perry could, in fact, make out that distinct Phineas smell. Oil, sweat, and a tint of gasoline. Because the boys had built so many inventions throughout the last three summer vacations, they ended up smelling just like them.

After the walls were wider now and there was a bit of light from the torches hanging on the brick walls, Perry stopped Ferb in his tracks, signaling to the green haired boy that he could smell Phineas. Ferb looked up to see Phineas and Jonathan on the sidewalk by the sewer waters, them were other people in ruined green, black, brown-ish outfits, picking up the out-cold boys, walking through the rounded brick wall. Wait, walking through it? Ferb looked carefully noticing that the wall was visibly shaking back and forth. It was holographic. Ferb quickly raced towards the figures holding his out-cold stepbrother, preparing to do anything it takes to make sure that Phineas James Flynn was safe.

"Wait!" Ferb shouted. "Let go of him!" Perry's chatter followed.

As Ferb ran through the sewer water, he felt a hand grab the collar of his shirt, stopping the British boy in his tracks.

"Let go," Ferb muttered, only to be greeted by an aching pain at the back of his head, and unconsciousness following afterward.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Oooh! What do you think happened?