Chapter 13

Victor let go of Ruby. "I'm sure you didn't ruin everything." She shook her head and sniffled.

"Yes I did. Snow hates me and has every right to. Do you remember that I was going to tell her that a random guy got me pregnant?"

"Yes," he replied.

"It was David," she admitted.

He looked at her surprised. " in Prince Charming. That David."

"The one and only," she said moving away from him.

"That's unexpected. I didn't know you two were that close."

"Yeah. I'm not proud but I'm living with it. Victor, you can back out of this. I would totally understand. All you were supposed to be is my doctor."

He moved closer to her. "Ruby, I'm not going anywhere. Is the situation ideal? Not by a long shot. I gave you my word."

She looked him in the eyes. "Why? Why would you want to be tied down to me or a baby that's not yours?"

"Because I have fallen in love with this child and its mother," he responded.

"What?" she asked stunned. "It's true. I never pictured myself a family man until you came along. It wasn't that hard to fall in love with you. I am committed to this, to us. But if you don't feel the same way, I understand."

"Victor, I don't know what to say, " she said. Tears sprang in her eyes as she saw the disappointed look in his eyes.

"It's okay," Victor said trying to ease the pain in his heart.

She took his hand in hers. "Hey, I just need time. I'm sorry." He cupped her cheek with his free hand.

"I can wait. In the meantime, we'll focus on him or her."

Ruby nodded in agreement. "Okay."

Snow got home to see Emma fixing herself lunch. Emma went to greet her but her words fell silent as she looked at her mother.

"What's wrong? Did Regina do something?" Emma asked.

Snow said with a bitter voice, "No. Your father. For once Regina has nothing do to with this."

"What could David have possibly done?" she questioned.

"He cheated. He slept with Ruby."

Emma didn't know if she heard right. "Excuse me?"

Snow averted her eyes allowing the pain to come. "He and Ruby spent the night together. That child is his."

"No. He loves you," Emma said.

"He "loved" Kathyrn too but ended up with me when I was Mary Margaret."

"You were-

"I know that," she snapped. Emma didn't know what to say then it hit her what Snow said about the baby.

"I thought Victor was the father."

"He's going along with that stupid plan," she replied. "Apparently, when I thought he was the father, she wasn't going to correct me. David came clean."

They heard the door open and David walked in. Both of them stared at him with icy glares. "I guess Snow told you," he said to Emma.

"Yes," she said her voice laced with anger.

He sighed. "I'm sorry for hurting you both."

"How could you do that to her?" Emma asked.

"I wasn't thinking clearly. I thought both of you were never coming back. I let my grief cloud my judgment."

"You did more than that," Emma muttered.

"Emma," Snow warned.

Emma snorted. "How many know?"

"Just the four of us," David said.

"And Regina and now Victor," Snow added.

"Regina knows," David said surprised.

"Yes," she replied.

"That's just perfect," Emma said. She turned to David. "See what you did. I can't be here. I need to go for a walk."

She grabbed her jacket and walked out. Snow glared at David. "Don't say anything. I need to be alone. Just leave."

Not wanting an argument, he left. Snow collapsed on the floor and cried.