Nyota removed the bulkhead from under her console, silently glad she chosen a uniform shirt and pants instead of her usual skirt that morning. She knelt and stuck her upper body into the compartment filled with wires and computer chips, and set to work locating the problem with the built in translator. Once she found the burnt and fussed location, she reached out a hand to grope for the tools she had left on the console.

"What're you lookin' for, lass?" came the Scottish brogue above her, as a hand gentle brushed over her own in faked accident.

"The new chip and something to reverse the polarity," she answered, a smile consuming her face at his antics as he knelt beside her and offered the tools in the most gentle manly fashion. As he moved to stand again, she said, "Oh can you look at something for me quick, Mr. Scott?"

"What is it?" he moved to fit as best he could beside her.

"Oh, just this panel here," she chuckled, then leaned in to give him the briefest of kisses. It was frankly more of a tease. She beamed cheekily at his playful pout. "Thank you for your help, sir."

"Whatever you need, lass," he said, tone suddenly going serious and making sure to look her right in the eyes. And all her playfulness melted away at his absolute sincerity, her heart stirring to the bursting with utter, honest love.

They stayed like that for a moment, before he gently kissed the tip of her nose and moved out, reminding her of their current position within the ships systems. Uhura felt her cheeks warm slightly, a pleasant blush, as she set about completing her work. As she saw his boots move away she called, "See you for lunch?"

He leaned over to grin at her, playful mood returned, "Wudna miss it for the world."