Okay! Since it wasn't just so blatantly obvious what I meant when I posted my last 'Sequel announcement chapter', I wanted to say that I posted a One-Shot sequel to this story, and it's called 'Together'. You have to actually GO TO MY PROFILE TO READ IT! You CANNOT and WILL NOT FIND IT HERE! This is merely a part of it. If you find that this might be a bit bitchy or sarcastic to you, then I'm so sorry (now that's the only sarcasm I've put in here), but I'm really annoyed that people didn't get the last chapter I posted when it was so freakin' obvious! You can add that onto the fact that they cancelled my flight to Manila tonight because the plane was late.

"Lucy/Levy/Wendy/Juvia, I have loved you ever since we first met, and I was so, so happy when you said that you would be my mate. I know that we are already bonded by a force stronger than anything, but...Will you do me the honor of being my wife?"

The girls gasped in shock before shaking their heads slowly. "No..." They all whispered, breaking their mates' hearts.

"W-What?" The guys stuttered, their eyes wide.

The girls shook their heads once more.

"No-" Lucy and Levy started.

"Way!" Wendy and Juvia screamed.