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She held the picture up to the sun, it was old and wrinkled and torn at the corner, it was in black and white but there was no doubt that the house she was standing in front of was the same house in the picture.

Flipping the picture over she read the inscription. A house for me and Edward 1955

But who was Edward? There was no people present in the picture and only that one line to go one. In all her life she'd never even heard of any mention of someone named Edward, let alone someone her grandma might have lived with. The way the inscription was worded it seemed like it was a romantic relationship but maybe she was reading too much into it.

"If you were only here to explain." Isabella Swan sighed and looked back down at the picture. She looked back up at the house shielding her eyes from the prying sun. "It's now or never I guess." She took a step forward and then stopped shaking her head she held her spot. "I'm being stupid there is no way the same people live here why would they this whatever it is I'm looking for took place over fifty years ago." That was the thing whatever she was looking for. Bella had no clue what she was looking for all she knew is she had to find it. Whatever that elusive it was. It was her grandmother's last request with her last breath she'd pressed the picture in her hand and breathed Forks Washington find Edward." She'd never heard of Forks or Edward but here she stood know. She had to do it for the woman who had a tough life. For the woman who lost one son to a drowning accident and who lost a daughter to wonder lust. All she had at the end was Bella and her Older Cousin Jasper her Uncle Peter's only child.

She owed it to the woman who raised her when her own mother refused to do so. Taking one more fortifying breath she stepped forward again and traveled up the steps one at a time to the count of her heartbeats. One two three. She stopped in front of the heavy oak door. Pressing the doorbell she waited impatiently and feeling stupid. The door opened and a man who couldn't be much older than herself opened the door. A man that in some way looked oddly familiar to her.

"May I help you?"

Bella bit her lip and looked down once more at the picture. "I hate to bother you and I know this will sound silly but I'm looking for someone named Edward."

"I'm Edward."

Eyes widened Bella looked down at the picture. "Um no I… that's not possible the Edward I'm looking for would be an old man. He would have lived here when the house was new." She held up the picture.

"How did you get this?" The younger Edward asked taking the picture and studying.

"My Grandmother gave it to me but do you know who I'm looking for." Edward looked at this mysterious girl who had turned up on his doorstep.

"Probably my grandfather one second. Pops come here please." Butterfly's warred heavily in her stomach. She was about to meet the mysterious Edward who her grandmother had clearly held a torch for throughout her who life even through her marriage to Bella's own Grandfather Levi Brandon.

"What is it?" An older man leaning heavily on a cane came to the door.

Elizabeth." He breathed as his eyes locked on Bella. But Bella's own eyes locked on him because here stood a man that even if she hadn't realized before she had seen in old pictures she'd dug out of her Grandmother's trunk as a little girl. Pictures her grandmother had taken and hidden. Oh of course he was older but there was no mistaking it was the same man. Her grandmother had sent her here and he though she was her grandmother so what did this all mean?