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"I'm Sorry but my name is Isabella Swan but I do know an Elizabeth or I should say I knew an Elizabeth she was my grandmother."

The man's face went even whiter Bella feared he would fall over from the stress of it all but his grandson reached around and held him. "I think you should come inside." The younger Edward stood back and allowed her entrance into the house.

"Thank you." She said quietly walking into the house that looked so roomy for two people.

"Come through here." He motioned as he walked with his grandfather. Leading her to a nice sized living room and gesturing for her to sit on the couch while he situated his grandfather. Bella folded her hands as she waited patiently.

"I'm really sorry to show up." She bit her lip. "but it was my grandmother's last wish to find this house from the picture and to find Edward. She didn't tell me why but I loved my grandmother so I came I had to."

"May I see the picture please?" the elder Edward reached out his hand and clasped the picture delicately in her wind roughened hands. "You say she was your grandmother?'

"Yes I'm the granddaughter of Elizabeth Masan Brandon and Levi Brandon."

The old man smiled sadly and briefly. "I guess she had a good life then." Bella didn't know what to say to that because in truth her grandmother hadn't she had a tough life between Uncle Peter's death and her own mother Renee's leaving Bella herself on her grandmother's doorstep after Charlie Swan had been shot and killed in the line of duty when Bella was only six months old.

"I don't know about her younger life but her adult life was frought with hardship. She married young had my uncle Peter and then my mother. Peter died at twenty from drowning and my mother left me on her doorstep at six months old to barley be heard from again. Her husband my grandfather died when I was but two he was a nice man but not very warm. So now the only relatives I have left are my mother and my cousin Jasper he's my uncle Peter's son but he's twelve years older then I.

"I'm sorry to hear that." Edward senior thrust the picture back into Bella's hand. "I don't know why Elizabeth wanted you to find me but I haven't seen her since she disappeared into the night only days after that picture was taken.

A look came over his face as he thought back on that night.

A/N So next up What happened that night Why did Elizabeth leave while we'll see things from Edward senior's point of view maybe that will give us a few more clues.