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Three and a half years later…

"I can't believe Charlie wants me to sleep at his house for Christmas," I grumbled, as Edward and I headed home to Lewisburg on the turnpike. "I mean, seriously, we've been living together for three years now."

Edward chuckled from the driver's seat. "He's just old-fashioned. Luckily, we had enough sex last night to last us two days," he waggled his eyebrows at me. Thoughts of what Edward had done to my body last night replayed in my mind, causing me to cross my legs and rub them together.

With Edward in medical school and me working odd hours at the newspaper, we didn't have too many nights with each other alone. We'd purposely stayed in Philly last night, now having to drive home on Christmas Eve as a result. We didn't care, though. Last night had been magical. It had been perfect.

"You're not blushing over there, are you, Swan?" Why did he have to be so fucking sexy?

"You just make my body heat up. That's all," I smirked and stared back out the window.

"Back at ya, Swan."

Christmas Eve happened in a flash. Esme and Carlisle, which he now made me call him, had bought enough presents for an entire army. Pops was here, and he was giving me the latest gossip from the assisted living home. He'd just recently had to move back in there. None of us wanted him to have to, but he just needed a little help remembering his medications and getting through some of his daily routines. He seemed happy there, though, and that was all that mattered to us. A newly single Emmett was here as well. He had just graduated from college a couple of weeks ago. It took him four and a half years, but he'd finished. If he wouldn't have taken a semester to study abroad, he probably would have finished on time.

When it was time to head back to Charlie's, my father practically had to drag me out of the Cullen's house. I didn't get very many full nights of sleep with Edward in bed with me, and I really didn't want to have to give it up.

"Can I just say goodnight to him at least?" I begged Charlie.

"Okay, but no funny business." I rolled my eyes at him. Did he seriously just say that? I was a grown woman for God's sake.

Edward took me into his arms and placed a kiss to the top of my head. "I have an idea," he whispered.

"You want me to sneak into your bedroom?" I asked; my question was laced with hope.

He just chuckled at me. "No, but you're close. Do you remember how we used to stare out of our windows at each other in high school?" Biting my lip, I nodded, wondering what he was thinking. It was too cold for me to get naked and flash him. "Well, how about in twenty minutes, we look out our windows and blow each other kisses like we used to?"

Not exactly the solution I was looking for, but I guessed it would have to do. Charlie and I said our goodnights to all of the Cullen clan and headed back over to the house.

I got dressed in my very warm, very unsexy pajamas, and after twenty minutes had passed, I headed over to my window to pull up the blinds. At first, I was saddened to see that Edward was not there in his window like he'd promised, but then I saw what was there in his place. I gasped and grabbed my chest. My head spun, as I read and re-read the words. In huge block letters, on a banner that hung between Edward and Emmett's bedroom windows, it said…


I stumbled backwards and turned to the door, because all I wanted to do was run to Edward, screaming "YES!" I didn't have to go very far. There, in my doorway, Edward was down on one knee, holding a small black box, a look of wonderment in his eyes. I stood there, frozen in place, barely realizing there were tears streaming down my face. My heart pounded, and I could feel all of the blood rushing to my head. This was really happening. When I could finally feel my legs again, I made my way over to him.

"Isabella Marie Swan, you've always been, and always will be, the perfect woman for me. I can't imagine living the rest of my life without you. Will you marry me?"

I nodded my head furiously, because my lips were still unable to form words. He slid what was possibly the most beautiful diamond ring I'd ever seen onto the fourth finger of my left hand. It was a large solitaire and sparkled brilliantly, even in the dim lights of my bedroom. Edward stood, and I looked into his eyes and thought it was possible that they sparkled even more. I threw my arms around him and cried my eyes out. Edward held me and repeated the same thing over and over again, as I sobbed into his neck, "Perfect…so perfect…so perfect..."

You'd said yes and made me the happiest man on the planet. I'd be finished with medical school in just a few weeks and had applied for several residencies in the Lewisburg area. Once we were settled somewhere, I wanted to make this official as quickly as possible.

My last assignment in medical school was a tough one, but we made sure we spent at least one weekend a month alone and in the bedroom. It was the only thing that got me through the long weeks. You'd become quite the adventurous little thing since I'd proposed, and I liked it.

Tonight, nothing was going to get in the way of me making love to you. I didn't care that I was tired. I didn't care that I had final exams to prepare for. Tonight was about you and me.

"Tell me how you want me to fuck you, Bella." Edward's words made my panties wet in less than three seconds. I was at a loss for words, so I just whimpered a little bit. We were in the kitchen. I had been making dinner, until Edward started making innuendos, and I finally couldn't take the teasing anymore, and I'd asked him to fuck me.

"Tell me, Bella, or would you like some suggestions?"

He had me sitting on the kitchen island, my skirt pushed up over my hips. I had his belt and pants undone. Edward knew how much I loved when he talked dirty. I always pretended I didn't have any ideas, just so I could hear his suggestions. He was on to my little games, though.

I nodded and begged with my eyes. "Tell me, Edward. How do you want to fuck me?"

"Well, I could fuck you from behind. You remember I always used to like that. Do you know why I liked it, Bella?"

I shook my head no.

"Because I could watch your pussy and your ass, as I pounded into you. I could watch my cock slide in and out." His mouth dived into the crook of my neck, before he whispered into my ear, "Or I could lay you flat on your back and put each of your ankles on either side of my head. I could get so deep from that position. Would you like that?"

"Mmmm hmmm."


"Or I could bend you over in the shower."

Kiss. Nuzzle.

"Or I could pick you up and wrap your legs around my waist and fuck you up against the wall."

"Oh, God," I groaned, and the words came out all breathy.

"Or do you want my fingers?" Oh, his magic fingers. Edward always had a way with those magical fingers, but since he had done his studies in gynecology, it was even better. He knew exactly how to rub my G-spot to make me orgasm almost immediately.

"Or I could fuck that sexy little ass of yours, Bella. It's your choice."

He looked up into my eyes from sucking on the spot on my collarbone that had been the focus of his attention for the past few moments. "Choose or I'll choose for you." His fingers traveled up the inside of my thigh and rubbed on the outside of my panties. I planted my face back into his chest and a grasped onto his shirt.


"Oh…um…uh…fingers…God, please, I want your fingers."

"Good choice. Fingers it is."

My panties were pulled to the side, and he had two fingers inside of me before I could blink. He was relentless as he rubbed, whispering naughty things into my ear about how he wished I would have picked anal. Yes, I had gotten over the whole thing. Anal sex with Edward was one of the most pleasurable things I'd ever done sexually. It was amazing when you knew what you were doing.

"Play your cards right, Dr. Cullen, and maybe your wishes could come true," I groaned against his chest. My orgasm was building already, his words pushing me over the edge.

As my body shook, and my eyes rolled back into my head, Edward whispered into my ear, "They already have, Bella."

Two years later


I held her and watched her in her slumber. I worshipped her with my eyes and my soul. She was my everything, and I was nothing without her. As I held her close to me, I could feel her small breaths. Her eyes fluttered slightly. She was perfection.

The door creaked quietly, and a little bit of light crept over our faces. Then, soft bare footsteps treaded toward me. My favorite voice whispered to me, "Edward, I told you that you can't hold her all of the time. She'll get used to it, and she'll never want us to put her down."

I looked up to find the sweet, soft eyes of my Bella, my wife. She was still perfection. She might have had a little more weight on her hips, and her belly might have still been a little rounded after the pregnancy, but she would always be my beautiful, perfect Bella. Sometimes, I still stared at her in amazement, thinking about how far we'd come since that first morning I'd seen her washing her car.

I lied to her, and to others, when we shared the tale of how we'd met. "Love at first sight," we'd say. I'd come down the stairs without a shirt on, and Bella had gazed up at me, wearing that little sundress. Wham! Love at first sight. But truly, for me, I'd loved her even before that moment. I could still picture her in that little striped bikini top and those short-shorts, sweeping her hair up off of her neck, as she washed her car.

Elizabeth was exactly eight weeks old today. I had trouble putting her down. I was working a lot of hours at Evangelical Hospital with my dad. I felt like she was growing so fast, and I was not there for every little milestone. I wanted to provide for my girls. I wanted to give them everything. I wanted to make them proud of me, my mom included.

I also wanted to be close to my father, and Emmett and Charlie. So, when I started my residency at Evangelical, I'd decided it was time to move Bella back to Lewisburg, back to where it all began. Two years later, Bella and I found out she was going to have a baby. We bought a home in a development on Country Hill Road. It had a heated swimming pool, a "must have" on Bella's list.

Lewisburg. The small town I'd always believed would be temporary. I'd had no idea how much the town and the people here would steal my heart.

Emmett was getting married next summer. After multiple majors, two different colleges and two years of "soul-searching," Emmett became an elementary school teacher. I had harassed him about it at first, only because of all of the harassing he'd done to his teachers in school, but he was fantastic at what he did. That was where he'd met his lovely wife-to-be. She was the mother of one of his students. So, not only were we gaining a sister-in-law, but we were also inheriting a very rambunctious seven-year-old nephew. Needless to say, the school district was not happy with Emmett for his liaison with a parent. Due to the fact that he had not yet become tenured, he'd been asked to step down, but fortunately, he had been offered a job even closer in Lewisburg. They were currently living in our old house across the street from Charlie.

The Chief, as I still liked to call him, surprised us all a few months ago, when he started bringing his new girlfriend around. She was the sister of one of his former deputies. It seemed that he had been seeing her off and on for a few years, but he'd finally decided to clue the rest of us in on it. I had my suspicions that dad had known all along.

My father and Esme had built a slightly smaller home in the same development that Bella and I lived in. Esme had been a huge help to Bella throughout her pregnancy and after the birth of our daughter. Bella hadn't had the greatest female role model growing up, but that hadn't stopped her from being a wonderful mother. Bella and Renee had remained close, as they had really bonded again, when Bella had lived with her in Chicago. I was happy for her that she had been able to experience that.

I'd learned over the past few years that Bella moving away and staying with her mother had allowed for her to be the best person she could be. It had allowed her to open up and give love in the most precious of ways. It had also made her a better wife, lover and friend for me. So, in the end, that was all that mattered.

Pops had passed away about a year after Bella and I had married. It had been a shock for all of us. One of the caregivers at the home had found him in his bed when he hadn't shown up for breakfast. He'd had a heart attack sometime during the night and had passed peacefully in his sleep. Shortly after that was when Bella and I decided to start trying to conceive. It just felt like the right time, like a baby could help to mend all of our broken hearts. It took us a little longer than we'd hoped. Bella had two miscarriages, and we weren't sure if it was meant to be, but finally, we got our precious little girl.

Bella talked about going back to work when Elizabeth started school, but for now, she was going to be a stay-at-home mom. I was hoping we'd have at least one more baby before then. No one could have prepared me for the happiness of being a father. Until you held that precious new life in your arms, you had no idea what love really was. I couldn't wait to have more. However, after so recently having suffered through childbirth, Bella wasn't necessarily ready to start trying again just yet.

"Edward, come on," she whispered, "We can take the monitor with us."

I could never refuse my first girl. If she wanted me to go somewhere, I would follow. I laid Elizabeth in her crib and pulled her pink blanket up over her little pink onesie-covered bottom. Her eyelids fluttered once more, and she was off into a peaceful sleep. Bella nodded at the door, indicating we needed to go. Our daughter sleeping soundly surely wouldn't last that long and there was something my Bella wanted to do.

She headed out onto the patio, already dressed in nothing but her robe. I grabbed the monitor from the bedroom and met her out there. When I arrived, the combination of the full moon's light and the landscaping lights cast a soft glow over the pool and my beautiful girl. Bella didn't hesitate. She never did.

"Okay, here's how this is going to work," she put her little hands on her little hips. "You're going to turn around, and I'm going to take my robe off. You can't turn back around until I'm in the water and I say it's okay. Got it?" I nodded my head and smiled. I loved playful Bella. I loved her rules.

"Then, I'm going to turn around in the water," she turned her pointer finger around in a little circle, "and you're going to take your clothes off and get in. Are we good?"

"We're definitely good."

She began to disrobe and then looked up to meet my gaze. "No peeking!" she whisper-yelled at me, and I chuckled and turned around. A few moments later, I heard a splash in the pool.

"You're turn," she whispered, but when I turned around and began to take my clothes off, she was looking at me. Her hair was wet and slicked back. Her smile took my breath away.

"What happened to the 'no peeking' rule?" I asked, as a huge grin spread across my face.

With her arms crossed over her boobs, she replied with much satisfaction, "My idea, my rules."

She made me laugh. "Well, at least put your arms down, so I can see your boobs." I took my t-shirt off and tossed it on a chair.

Bella made a face at me. This was a sensitive topic. Bella was not happy with the state of her boobs right now. I loved them, because they were huge, but I understood her insecurities.

"Fine," I conceded and took the rest of my clothes off, joining my beautiful wife in the warm pool water.

Bella had placed the baby monitor on the edge of the pool near us. We both knew we didn't have much time. Elizabeth would only sleep for so long, before she would be hungry again and start wailing, making Bella's milk let down. I loved it when that happened, but Bella complained that she looked like a walking sink faucet.

I pushed my beautiful wife up against the side of the pool, my hands on either side of her head. "Kissing?" I asked, and she giggled and nodded. "Touching?" Bella nodded again.

We ended up making love right there in the pool, praying our neighbors weren't close enough to be watching. If they were, they'd gotten quite the show. The entire time, though, I couldn't help but be thankful for being blessed with such a wonderful life and family. We hadn't always made the right decisions. We hadn't always made the best choices. We had hurt each other, and we'd forgiven and forgot. We'd made mistakes, and we'd grown from them. In the end, none of those things were important. She was here in my arms, and for me, everything in my life was so completely perfect.

Getting here reminded me of when I had been younger, and I used to stand on third base, just waiting for the opportunity to steal home. I'd seen what I wanted, just out of my reach, but I'd had the desire, patience and the perseverance to go for it, and sprinting toward that goal, I'd slid in for the win, without ever looking back.

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