Okay, so this idea came to me and I really, REALLY, wanted a cowboy Destiel fic, so I decided to write one myself. Some things you should know:

1. There is such a thing as the National High School Rodeo Association (NHSRA) and many states have a branch. I'm from Pennsylvania and I'm a member of the PHSRA (Pennsylvania High School Rodeo Association). I'm not entirely sure if Kansas's is called the KHSRA, but that's what I'm calling it.

2. Dean and Castiel are our main characters. They're both teenagers.

3. It is a Destiel story.

4. Will have enough lemonishness to let you know when/if Dean and Cas do the thing.

5. Reviews are appreciated (please no flames) but constructive criticism is welcome! :) If you have any questions about the NHSRA feel free to ask!

6. Most of all, ENJOY!



Dean was too tired to sleep, well, actually he was tired. He could feel the prickling behind his eyes that let him know that yes, he was in fact, tired. He was just too excited. Unlike his little brother, Sam, who had his head resting against the window, his mouth hanging open as he lightly snored. The only thing Dean could do was stare out the window as the sun rose, thinking about his next eight-second ride.

Dean had gotten the rodeo fever when he was fifteen, and it continued to burn inside of him like an eternal flame. He breathed, slept, and ate bull riding. He and his brother were members of the KHSRA, the Kansas High School Rodeo association. It was great because they could compete against competitors their own age instead of adults that had decades worth of experience over them. But, Dean was a professional to say the least. The previous year, Dean Winchester was Kansas's KHSRA bull riding champion. He rode more bulls, scored higher, and wanted it more than any other contestant. The results paid off. He won a shiny silver buckle, and a trip to New Mexico. There, he brought home seventh in the nation victory.

People always ask him why he does it. "Dean, why do you ride bulls?" He just looks them dead in the eye and asks them why they ride roller-coasters, dream of sky-diving, or why they even drive too fast. It was because that eight-second rush was better than any drug could ever give him. It was pure adrenaline, jumping on the back of an animal that literally weighed a ton and having absolutely no control over it as it did its best to throw you off, its best to kill you if you didn't get out of the way fast enough.

As they near the rodeo grounds Dean saw the familiar shapes of horse trailers and pickup trucks sitting in the flat field. These trailers weren't just room for horses. They were massive, fancy, five-figure campers in the front, with a place to haul horses in the back.

Dean and Sam weren't so fortunate. Along with their Uncle Bobby Singer, had to sleep in a tent for the rodeos, with Sam's gelding tied to the bumper-pull trailer at night. Bobby didn't have a lot of money, because from the day he took Sam and Dean under his wing he had spent virtually every cent he earned at his mom-and-pop garage, that was starting to look like a run-down hole in the ground, on Dean and Sam. So, Dean didn't complain when Bobby hauled him and his brother across the state and burnt every cent he had on them, over sleeping on the ground for a couple of days.

Bobby had taken his nephews in without a second though after his sister and her husband, John Winchester died in a house fire when Dean was young, and Sam was still a baby. The fire had started in Sam's nursery. By the time John had gotten in there, Mary had already passed out from smoke-inhalation. John had handed off baby Sammy to Dean, telling his oldest son to run outside as fast as he could. Moments later, the doorway collapsed, trapping John inside. The fire and smoke claiming his life as well.

Bobby drove the truck into the grassy field where the trailers were parked, hitting a pothole and causing Sam to wake up after he hit his head off the window. "Wha'?" He asked, sitting up.

"Good morning, sunshine." Dean said, smirking at Sam. "We're here." He peered out the window, looking good place to recommend to Bobby for parking the trailer. "Oh look, there's a spot next to Ellen and Jo."

Bobby expertly backed the small horse trailer into the spot. "Y'all need to get your back numbers put on. Got it?"

"Yes, sir!" Dean shouted.

"Idjit." Bobby muttered.

Dean didn't stay in the truck long enough to hear the rest of what Bobby had to say. "How are you doing, Ellen?" He asked, hugging the smaller woman. "I haven't seen you in a while."

"That's because you always show up late!" Jo said, climbing out of the camper part of their trailer. She put her hat on her blonde head and finished tucking in her pink western shirt.

"What can I say?" Dean asked, grinning at her flirtatiously. "I like to make an entrance. Besides, it's not my fault! It's the loose nut behind the wheel."

"Yeah right." Bobby scoffed, rolling his brown eyes. "You don't get your ass out of bed."

The previous year, Dean and Jo had kind of been a "thing". They were never anything official, which was the way Dean liked it. They would just meet up after the rodeo behind the bucking chutes and make out before heading off to bed.

"What time is the student meeting?" Dean asked, looking at Jo.

"In fifteen minutes."

Dean turned back toward the truck and put his black cowboy hat on his head. When he turned around he groaned to himself.

Sam was standing there, looking at his girlfriend, Ruby, who wasn't talking to him, but talking at him. He nodded and said something to her, which caused her to shake a small finger at him.

Ruby was the Rodeo Queen/snob. She thought she was better than everyone else—she always had—the previous year she was the All Around Cowgirl, the points leader in every single event, which just caused her ego to skyrocket. Then, winning the title of queen just made everything ten times worse.

Dean though Sam and Ruby's relationship was kind of a weird one. He didn't understand how his brother could date somebody so shrill and demanding. Sam was a nice guy, who was dedicated to his school work. If an orphanage was on fire, he'd rush in to save them, whereas Ruby would roast marshmallows and let it burn.

Dean and Jo started making their way to the wooden grandstands. Despite the grass sticking to the toes of their boots as they walked due to the dew, Dean could tell it was going to be a scorching hot August day. They climbed the wooden bleachers, still damp from the coolness of the night, and sat down. He talked to Jo about her summer and watched as other contestants came filing in and taking a spot on the bleachers.

Ava climbed up the railing of the arena and sat on it, facing the bleachers. A clipboard was balanced on her lap. "Alright, guys. This is the first rodeo of the year, I'm Ava, I'm your student-body president. I'm going to take role, so say you're hear when I call your name." She started listing off names, various calls of "here" echoed one another.


"Present and accounted for!" Ash drawled, a smirk on his face.

The kids chuckled.

"Dean Winchester?"

"Here." Dean called, tipping his chin up at her.

She called off a few more names before pausing at one. She frowned, as if she wasn't sure how to say it. "Cast-eye-el Novak?"

"It's Cast-E-el." Somebody a few rows behind Dean corrected.

Dean, along with many others, turned to see the newcomer.

He was sitting on the last bleacher, his dark brown hat pulled down low over his blue eyes, his brown hair peeking out from under the hatband. His blue paisley shirt was tucked in as he sat with his hands clasped in front of him. His blue eyes didn't look at any of the others staring at him, treating him like he was an alien, they just focused on his hands.

"Sorry about that." She continued to check off the last handful of names before saying, "Okay guys, Dick has something to say to you guys."

"Alright now," Dick Roman said, coming forward to speak his piece.

Dean stifled an eye-roll. He hated that guy.

"We're performing for a crowd today, so we gotta keep things moving. Barrel racers and pole benders, you have thirty seconds from the time we announce your name and the judge motions for you to come forward to be headed down the alley. It's a tight squeeze down there, so watch your knees when you turn that end gate. Got it?"

The students bobbed their heads.

"Alright, we need student directors for the year. Starting with the bronc riding and movin' on down the line."

Various kids volunteered for the first few events.

"Team roping?"

Nobody moved.

Dean grinned over the bleachers at Jo, who had shaken her head fiercely. She had done it the previous year and wanted nothing to do with it this one.

"Mr. Winchester, I see you volunteered!" Dick said, grinning smugly.

"Me?" Sam and Dean asked at the same time.

"Sir," Sam said, "I'm in the team roping."

"Your brother, Sam."

Great, Dean thought. This is what I get for being in only one event.

"Come on Dean, you'll like it. All you have to do is sit there and look pretty. Anybody else? I'll start picking from you."

"I'll do it." Castiel said putting his hand up. "I don't have an event until tie-down roping anyway."

"Very good."

Dean didn't listen as Dick droned on and on. His green eyes drifted to the stock-pens behind the arena. It looked like the stock was going to be good this year. The bulls today were pretty large, but he wasn't scared.

"Attitude check!" Dick exclaimed.

"Praise the lord!" Everyone echoed back, with a few eye rolls.

"Alright, be ready to ride in two hours! The arena will be open for warmup until we kick you out to water it down and drag it. Get out of here!"