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A Stranger with a Violet Rose

It was currently around one in the afternoon in the center region of the country known as Saudi Arabia. It was also during this time that the sun made its presence most known to the people that lived here.

To counter the suppressing heat, the natives wore loose fitting clothing or robes that provided them with both protection and a small touch of freshness to their bodies. Some also wore a headgear known as agal for protection of their head. Some women wore face masks to cover their entire face save for their eyes for...traditional reasons.

This was shown by a large crowd of Arabian people that pushed their way through the very much crowded market in the center of the city. There were shops everywhere, selling a variety of things from food to clothing and much more.

All of this was observed by a pair of extremely light brown eyes with a small tint of gold to them from within a medium sized 2013 black Jeep Wrangler.

The eyes belonged to a young female that appeared to be in her late teens, perhaps eighteen to be precise. She had long purple hair that reached down almost to her bottom and was currently tied in a ponytail because of the climate in the area. Unlike the natives, she wore brown short shorts that stopped a few inches above her knees. She also wore a tight black t-shirt that hugged her upper body tightly as well as outlining her big c-cup breasts with a necklace hanging loosely down her chest, and brown boots. She was sitting on one of the backseats of the jeep, a hand of her chin as she looked out through the dark tinted window. She could see outside, but no one could see inside from the outside.

What she currently wore wasn't exactly what she preferred to wear, but under the circumstances, she had no choice. Basically being stuck in a place that saw no rain for weeks, perhaps even months due to its location where it was in the planet.

Next to her on the other seat was a man that appeared to be in his mid thirties. Despite the climate, he had a brown leather jacket with a simple black sleeveless shirt underneath, blue jeans, and black tennis shoes. He had brown hair and appeared to be in good physical shape despite most men his age.

Unlike the girl next to him, he wasn't looking out the window. Instead, he was staring right ahead with his brown colored eyes and with his arms crossed.

The girl glanced at him as the driver in the front seat of the jeep tried to drive the jeep through the crowded market. The driver was wearing a black colored suit despite the extreme hot climate.

"Really. I don't know how you can stand this heat wearing that. It must be fun being you. Or is it because we're in the car with the AC on?"

The man next to her made no sign that he had heard her. But she was used to that by now.

"I'm not affected by any type of climate. You should know this by now, Violet."

The now named Violet sighed at his calm tone as she turned her eyes back to the window, looking at whatever or whomever caught her sight.

"Yeah, I guess it was silly of me to ask that…."

The man glanced at her momentarily before turning back to look straight ahead.

"Is there something troubling you?" he finally asked.

Violet grinned. "Oh? So now you care? But no, nothing's troubling me. I guess that I just wanted to make small talk. To pass the time. Saudi Arabia isn't exactly my favorite country. Really. Who can stand this heat?"

The man sighed. "You shouldn't really disrespect the places where other people live. This area has given many advancements to the human race, despite it possessing almost unlivable conditions."

Violet raised an eyebrow at hearing this, turning away from the window in order to look at him. "I didn't think that something like that would matter to you. I mean, you aren't-"

"Do you really know so little about me?"

Violet let out another sigh. "Well, you aren't exactly very forthcoming in giving away your personality or what you actually care about, you know. This is the first time that you have spoken the longest at one single time except for when I first met you."

"I see…."

Violet waved one of her hands in a bored manner, the other still resting underneath her chin as she leaned slightly against the door of the jeep.

"So? Since you're being so talkative right now, you mind telling me what I exactly you expect to gain from letting that Anko woman know that you're here right now? I mean, there's no doubt that she's going to tell him."

The man glanced at her for a second time. "Do you really have to ask? I'm sure that you've already seen what's going to happen. I created you that way, after all."

Violet let out a huff. "You make it sound weird, you know. Like I was some sort of robot or something like that. I'm still human." She then smirked. "I just find it interesting is all. But you should know that there are a lot of pathways out there, even for me. To see them all is...tough at times. Hell, I'm not even sure that I've seen them all yet."

Violet then looked down towards the small space between her and the man where a small brown envelope laid. Picking it up, she quickly opened it in order to look at its contents which were four different photographs with each containing a file full of information about the person that the photograph showed. But she was only interested in one of them, really.

Looking at the fist photograph with unmasked excitement present in her eyes, Violet had a small grin on her face.

"Uzumaki Naruto, eh….?"

"That's right. He's done quite well with his life now. Him and the other three."

Violet looked at him with a confused look. "And here I thought that you were most displeased with him. Isn't that why I'm here?"

"I said that he's done quite well. I never said if I was happy with that or not."

Violet chuckled slightly before turning back to the files, this time looking at the photograph of the other three. Of course, she already knew who they had been in the past, including Naruto. What they had done in order to bring down what had once been the shinobi world. And because of that, humanity had lost its ability to use chakra and everything else that came along with it. They had turned back to science just like they had been in the past before the shinobi world came along.

But now, they were all living out normal lives. Even Naruto who had a godly power at his disposal. He wasn't doing anything with it. He wasn't trying to change the world like he had done so in his past life which was just exactly what the man sitting next to her had wanted. Not only that, but he was immortal now. He had all the time to change the world without dying midway, but he wasn't. He was just being normal. And Violet wanted to know the reason behind that. She was curious.

"I am most disappointed in him. After all this time, I was hoping that he would finally complete what he had set out to do. But I have run out of patience. It seems that I have to take matters into my own hands now."

Violet covered her mouth in order to hold in her laughter. "You know, I really can't take you seriously when you're dressed just like an average person. I mean, last time you came here you were dressed all holy and whatnot, even as an old man."

"That was just to fool him. I wanted for him to think that I was something that I'm not."

Violet chuckled. "Yeah, and you managed that all right. Not that I can blame him. I would have probably fallen for that too if you hadn't told me who you were or if I hadn't seen it with my own power…."

The man didn't respond.

Violet looked at the files in her hands one last time before she placed them back in the envelope which she put back where it had been.

"It won't take long for him to get here, then…."

"Which is why we need to finish our business here before that happens. I want to confront him in my own terms."

Violet turned back to looking out the window. "Is that so? Well, only time will tell how things will go, right?"

The man glanced at her once more before deciding that it wasn't worth asking her what had made him curious, if slightly. Like she had said, time would tell.

Violet for her part looked at the people that were busy trying to get whatever it was that they wanted from the many shops in the market, going about their business. They were so oblivious to everything. A great change was going to happen soon, and they wouldn't know of it until it was too late. That was just how they were. Ignorant until things were completely spelled out for them. That made her glad that she wasn't one of them. Glad for the power that she now possessed. Glad that the man next to her had chosen her in order to lead the human race back on the right track.

But before that could happen, there was one person that stood in their way. And that was Uzumaki Naruto. He needed to be taken out of the picture. Well, according to what the man next to her said anyways. But she thought otherwise.

It wasn't like she wasn't anticipating meeting Naruto either. She was looking forward to that day with great excitement. Who knew? Maybe she could even change him, making him stand next to her as she fulfilled her role. She was sure that she could convince the man next to her in letting Naruto go.

Violet closed her eyes at that thought. Now that would be of much pleasure to her. And she was sure that she could do it.

'Uzumaki Naruto….you will be mine.'

The jeep finally made its way out of the market, heading straight towards the biggest structure in the city of Riyadh: the king's royal palace.

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