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"Hmm…."- Black Zetsu, Tailed Beasts
"Hmm…"- Seikatsugakari

Chapter 9:
Fate's Prank

Kushina's mouth was wide open in shock even before Izanami had finished with her sentence, something which said being found to be an extremely amusing sight. After all, just a moment before the redhead had been all aggressive with an air of complete competence. Now, she was just….well, Izanami couldn't really find the best word to describe it, but that didn't mean that she wasn't going to enjoy it. It had been forever since the last time she had left the Shinigami's castle or whatever it was that the god of death preferred to call it. She had only watched from a far, simply observing all of the events that had led up to this present reality.

Now, it was time for her to have her own fun.

Kushina shook her head, trying to clear her thoughts that were jumping around in her head. Narrowing her eyes, Kushina's lips were set in a straight line.

"Do you actually expect for me to believe that you're Izanami? That goddess is simply a myth, created by the early settlers of this damn island!"

Izanami sighed, shaking her head. "And here I expected better of you, Uzumaki Kushina." Looking at her straight in the eyes, amusement clearly danced inside the old woman's eyes. "After all, you of all people should know better that all myths are created from truths. Now, as to how far off those myths stray away from the truths…..well, that's a whole different topic all together. This myth, however, is exactly on the mark, just like the one surrounding your son and lover."

Kushina already knew what the older woman was talking about, mainly the tale of the Rikudo Sennin which had been present all throughout the Shinobi World. Of course, everyone had thought that it was just simply that, a tale or a myth but certainly not reality. Did they get a kick in the balls or what?

"I see your point…." Kushina admitted reluctantly before narrowing her eyes again. "But that still doesn't make me believe that you are who you say you are. You're going to need something better than that."

Izanami hummed in thought before shaking her head, a few chuckles escaping her. "Ah, but that is where you are wrong, my endearing Uzumaki. Whether you believe that I am indeed Izanami or not doesn't really concern me. Believe whatever it is that you want. That's your right. However….."

Kushina merely stood there without saying a word, waiting to hear what exactly this crazy old woman wanted to tell her. As for White Zetsu…..well, both women had forgotten that he was still there so he simply opted to just stand silently to the side and watch the fiasco in front of him. Damn, would he have a story to tell Black Zetsu or what?

Izanami continued, "However, you will listen to what I have to tell you. But just as where you can choose to believe me as to whom I am or you can choose not to, the same applies to this."

"Then why are you even telling me this?" interrupted Kushina with her eyes still narrowed at the being in front of her. "What's the point of telling me something if I don't believe in it?"

Izanami grinned. "Ah, but that's where you are wrong again. It's the fact that you can choose to believe me or not that makes all of this more interesting. You can have all the best cards in your hand but still lose simply because you didn't realize it in time. The same goes for this. I can give you all of the information that you need so that no one else in your precious family dies just like with Mitarashi Anko. And yet, you can choose to discard the information I give you and realize in time that I was telling you the truth, but by then, it would be too late."

Kushina didn't say anything as she heard the old woman's reasoning. It had to be one of the most twisted ones she had ever heard, if she were to be honest with herself. Not Orochimaru twisted but still twisted in its own right. And worst of all, Kushina could clearly see the hidden meaning behind what the old woman in front of her had told her: Don't listen to me, and you die.

Now, Kushina wasn't one to be pushed around. Even when she was just a little girl, there wasn't a single person that she wouldn't stand up against. That was how she gained the nickname the 'Red Hot-Blooded Habanero.' So the fact that this random old woman would insinuate something as her death, it really pissed her off.

But of course, Izanami could tell that what she was saying was really ticking off the redhead in front of her. But it didn't concern her in the slightest.

Continuing, she said, "Now that we got that out of the way, why don't I tell you what I want to tell you."

Pausing a moment to see if Kushina would say anything, Izanami was instead rewarded with silence. Well, that was surprising. She was sure that Kushina would have screamed bloody murder at her by now, not that she hadn't done so already but it wasn't as strong as she had been expecting.

But seeing that she wasn't going to say anything anytime soon, Izanami carried on, "I'm sure that you know the whole story behind me and….Izanagi. How we created the entire world and everything in it."

At this, Kushina snorted. "Yeah, I do. I was there when the idiots who created it began to spread it around this whole country."

"Of course you were," Izanami commented with some mirth. "But not the entry myth is the truth, just a few parts of it. But I'm sure you're thinking that if I am who I say I am, that I somehow planted the ideas into the humans that first settled in what is now known as Japan. "

Kushina's eyes widened for a slit second before she caught herself. Crossing her arms under her chest, the redhead huffed in slight annoyance. "The thought crossed my mind….."

Izanami smiled. "Ah, a very reasonable deduction. If I were you're in position, I would have thought the same thing." The smiled then disappeared. "Unfortunately, even that is not entirely true. I had no part in doing that."

Kushina raised an eyebrow. "Is that so? If you didn't, then who did?" 'And she better not say…..'

Izanami narrowed her eyes slightly. "As you're already thinking, it was Izanagi, my former husband you can say if you were to label it in human terms."

Kushina noticed with how much distaste the old woman in front of her said both Izanagi and husband. But if she recalled what exactly the story of the myth was, the redhead couldn't exactly blame the woman in front of her. Even so, that didn't mean that she was still buying any of this. At least not completely.

"And why would he do something like that?" questioned Kushina, moving on with the conversation.

Izanami snorted, an act which didn't look right with her appearance of an old lady. "For the very same fault that many humans, if not all, have: pride. He's an arrogant son of a bitch, thinking that he's the greatest thing that has ever existed in all the realms. His delusions couldn't be so far from the truth…"

Kushina remained silent, not entirely sure what to say.

But Izanagi carried on, "Even so, you're going to need more information in order to believe what I just said, correct?"

As before, Kushina merely stayed quiet.

Seeing this, Izanami began to walk around the room, both Kushina and White Zetsu keeping their eyes directly on her form and prepared for anything that the old woman would try.

"I'm certain that Naruto has already told you how exactly it was that he obtained the rinnegan all those thousands of years ago, correct?"

Kushina merely nodded, her violet eyes fixed on Izanami.

Izanami continued with some mirth, "Well, there's only one thing that I'm going to share with you about that day: the rinnegan is indeed Kami's gift bestowed to the chosen, mainly your son and lover, Uzumaki Naruto, and not this 'Watcher' being that you know of."

Unlike before, Kushina couldn't contain the shock that was brought upon that statement. Her mind began to race, thinking back to the very first encounter with the Watcher at the royal palace in Riyadh. The bastard had spoken to Naruto as if he himself had been the one that created the rinnegan and was now ashamed of how Naruto had used it, or lack of. And both Naruto and herself had bought it! But this woman, 'Izanami,' was telling her different!

"Then why-!"

Izanami stopped her pacing, raising one of her hands and cutting Kushina off from what she was about to say. "It's not in my place to tell you why. Naruto has to find that answer for himself."

Kushina growled slightly, irritation replacing shock. "Then just what can you tell me?"

Izanami closed her eyes, humming for a moment before opening them again. "Kami's reason for having given a human part of his power. But once again, I'm sure that you already have some clue as to what that reason is."

And she did. Naruto had told her about his talk with the Shinigami and his past self, the Rikudo Sennin, about how the Shinobi world had come to be.

"You're talking about leading and uniting humanity in peace and not fighting…"

Izanami nodded. "Correct." 'And that plan is probably still in effect,' she further added in her mind. "Moving on, saying as much, you should already know where I'm going with this."

Kushina shook her head. "Not in the slightest. I do know that you've pretty much told me that Kami is the supposed creator of the human race. Then again, that should be a given. But I don't know how Izanagi exactly fits in all of this."

Izanami sighed. "I guess I should have told you that Kami and Izanagi are brothers….."

Kushina took this in with a calm look, the fact not bothering her as much, if any.

"As I've already told you, Izanagi is an arrogant bastard," stated Izanami with a blank tone. "Even though he's not particularly fond of the idea, the fact is that Kami is stronger than him. Vastly so. Kami's creation, humans and everything contained in this realm, he couldn't believe it. Never in his wildest dreams could he ever accomplish something as big as this. So instead, he decided to take just a bit from it: faith. Of course, this is Kami's domain. If any of the other gods meddle in it without a proper reason, the end result is war. Knowing this, Izanagi merely asked his brother if he could plant the knowledge of what happened to us to the very first humans that came to be in this particular are for whatever reason. The story has been modified quite a few times, but at its core, it's still the same."

Kushina raised an eyebrow, not fully comprehending what she had just heard. "So….'Kami' just let this happen?" Disbelief was clearly present in her voice, not that Izanami could blame her.

Chuckling, Izanami could only shake her head in amusement. 'If only you knew just how Kami is…..' It would be amusing to say the least. Not only that, but from that last statement, Izanami could see that Kushina still wasn't believing her fully. Looking at her, she then nodded. "Yes, he did."

Kushina furrowed her eyebrows. Okay, if the old woman in front of her wanted to lie to her, she had to do a better job than that. Which left only two options: either the old woman in front of her was really senile and didn't realize just how stupid that sounded, or she was telling the truth. But Kushina wasn't leaning on the latter here, at least not fully.

Izanami waved her hands in dismissal. "Now you know how that myth came to be and why there is such conflict about religion in your world now." Saying that, Izanagi knew she made Kami sound like an utter fool, but that was exactly what he seemed like. She wasn't sure why he even allowed for Izanagi the right to do what he did and if he even had a reason at all. It was exactly how the Shinigami felt about what he had done with the messenger.

And that was exactly what Kushina was thinking at the moment. 'Sounds like this supposed 'Kami' isn't entirely right in the head…'

"Now we finally arrive at the climax of our lovely conversation."

Coming out of her thoughts, Kushina's curiosity peaked at that statement. And hey, could anyone blame her? "The climax, you say? So you haven't made your point yet then?"

Izanami chuckled. "No, I have not. I only told you those things so that you would at least listen to what I'm about to tell you. But like I said, whether you decide to believe me or not is entirely up to you. It really makes no difference to me."

Kushina h'mphed. "Yeah, that you've made entirely clear all right. Which makes me more incline to believe you."

'So she knows not to trust anything that seems too good to be true, eh? Good…..'

Putting those thoughts to the back of her mind for now, Izanami took a small breath, knowing that the next words that she said would drive the redhead in front of her over the edge. Looking at Kushina straight in the eyes, Izanami spoke neither with hesitation nor regret.

"I'm afraid that your fairytale with Naruto has come to an end, Uzumaki Kushina."

Naruto cut through the line of guards with ease as if the guards were simply training dummies. And to him, they were just that. The bodies disintegrated before they could touch the ground, turning into small piles of ashes.

Placing the Seikatsugakari on his shoulder, Naruto grinned before he took off running. 'That satisfied you yet?'

"It's a start. But I still want more."

Naruto rolled his eyes slightly. The sentient sword was starting to remind him of Choji. 'Well, it seems that this is the best that we're going to get right now which is good enough. Normally, we shouldn't have encountered any guards.'

"True. Then again, it's your plan, if it all of this can even be called that. So it's no surprise that something went wrong. I'm just glad it wasn't anything major."

Naruto's eyebrows began to twitch in annoyance. 'Thanks for the confidence boost, oh my loyal sword.'

The Seikatsugakari chuckled. "That's why I'm here. For the confidence!"

Naruto wasn't sure, but the sentient sword was getting a bit too snarly than before. Maybe it was just being locked away for the second time that had finally sent it over the edge. At any case, it was better than a Sasuke-like attitude sword. Boy, would he have destroyed it a long time ago if that was the case.

Stopping in front of an elevator, Naruto patiently waited until the doors opened and proceeded to walk in just as calmly. Once inside, he pressed the up button and once again calmly waited as the elevator made its way to the highest floor of the building.

"If I may just pitch in here….why exactly are you taking the elevator? You could just teleport over there….."

'Yes I could, but that would be too obvious.'

"That may be, but you should remember that you're on a tight schedule here. You've got….oh you sneaky bastard."

Naruto chuckled. 'Finally realized it, eh? And here I thought you knew everything that I knew.'

"I don't know okay! I was distracted at the time…..besides, you weren't even thinking about it!"

'Alright, calm down. But yeah, it's basically as you already know. My little bomb won't go off until I want it to with my little toy here.' He finished by indicating to his kunai pouch that contained the remote detonator linked to the bomb.

"And you told Fuka and that shinigam ten minutes because you wanted them, more specifically her, as far away from here as possible….."

Naruto nodded. 'Exactly. I'll be finished with Violet by then, so I'll simply blow this damn building the very next second. I'm not risking things like I did with Anko…..or like everyone else that day.'

The Seikatsugakari remained silent, knowing that there wasn't anything it could say about that. But that worked just as well for Naruto.

It was now time for a little payback. He had something new up his sleeve, something which he would use to kick Violet's ass. In other words, it wasn't pretty. But he was going to enjoy it oh so very much.

That much he knew.

Ken ran through the now many empty hallways of the building, still not entirely sure what the hell was going on. But something in his gut just told him that the Uzumakis were involved in it somehow. If only he could find out how…..

But that could come later. Right now, he needed to get out of here. The only problem with that was that all of the damn hallways looked the same, so he didn't know which way he was going, not that he even knew how they had brought him in here in the first place. He had been blindfolded at the time. And with no directory in sight, the only thing the former CIA agent could do was run around aimlessly. In other words, he was lost.

'I hate this building so very much. Oh, how I wish someone would just blow it up…..'

An understatement of the year. If he could, Ken would fire a nuke at it, after he was safely out of it of course. That was how pissed off he was.

"It seems like you could use some help."

Coming to a halt, Ken was instantly on guard, trying to find out where the voice was coming from.

"Up here, genius."

Looking up towards the ceiling, Ken came to a sight which he never would have guessed. "Are you black?" That was the most intelligent question he could pose.

Black Zetsu rolled his eye. "Yes, thank you for stating the obvious. And no, I'm not a black person. I'm not even human."

Ken relaxed his tensed muscles at hearing that. "I see…."

Taking a notice of this, Black Zetsu said, "Since you aren't running away like most humans do at the first time seeing me, I'm guessing that Anko told you about me."

Ken looked to the side. "She might have mentioned you once or twice…."

Pulling himself away from the ceiling and landing on the ground next to Ken, Black Zetsu merely stared him.

After a few seconds of this, Ken looked back at him. "What?"

"Nothing. I'm just trying to figure out why Anko would trust someone like you."

Ken looked offended at that. "Hey, I may not have all those freaky chakra powers or whatever you call them at my disposal, but I can handle myself pretty well."

Black Zetsu h'mphed. "Yes, that's why you got captured."

Ken t'ched. "I'm undercover here. What did you want me to do? Blow it? Because I'm pretty sure that would have caused a lot of more problems." 'Not to mention that it's already been blown….' But he wasn't going to tell the thing in front of him that.

Black Zetsu turned away from him. 'He's got spunk alright. More than enough to not coward in front of me. You're not half bad, Ken.' But he wasn't going to tell the former agent that.

"While you may be able to handle yourself in human standards, we're way beyond that point at the moment. So whether you like it or not, you need me right now."

Ken sighed. "Look, I don't even know why we're even arguing about this. We're just wasting time here. And I'm sure there's a time limit here, right?"

Black Zetsu didn't respond. Instead, he took off running the way in which Ken had come from, making the said individual run after him.

"Hey, I just came from there! There's no exit!"

Black Zetsu didn't even look back as he responded. "No. You missed is all. I've already studied the entire layout of the building. This is the right way."

'Well, if you put it that way,' thought Ken as he continued to follow Black Zetsu.

And indeed, a moment later Black Zetsu turned right towards another hallway altogether, one which Ken had disregarded on his way through here.

'As long as he gets me out of here, I'm not about to complain.'

Fuka was having the time of her life. It had been far too long since she had kicked someone's ass. And while the guards were simply fodder, they did the job for the moment which was to get her used to real combat again. In time, she would go after the bigger fishes. But it seemed that time wasn't on her side.

Kicking two guards to the side, Fuka immediately came to the sight of both Roshi and Han landing right in front of the entrance of the building. After the cramped space of the garage had proven to work on the favor of the guards, Fuka and Isshin had decided to move the battle outside to the huge parking lot in front of the tower. They were simply too fast for the security guards to take properly shots at them. But their easy going battle had come to an end it seemed.

Isshin finished cutting down about three guards before he came to a stop, taking in the forms of both Roshi and Han. They were different, that he could tell straight off the bat. But just how different was the question. Were they as strong as the Uzumakis? Or inferior?

Fuka took a moment to take in her surroundings, taking notice of the fact that all of the remaining guards had moved behind Roshi and Han, no doubt using them as shields.

Fuka smirked. 'Well, they aren't completely stupid, it seems.'

Isshin appeared next to her, his sword unsheathed. "Do you mind telling me who these two are?"

Fuka glanced at him before focusing on Roshi and Han, ready to defend herself the moment they attacked.

"They're Roshi and Han, former shinobi of Iwa. They allied themselves with Naruto after he resurrected them."

But she was interrupted. "He can even resurrect people?" questioned a bewildered Isshin.

Fuka nodded, her eyes still on Roshi and Han. "Yeah. There's two ways that he could do it, one more favorable than the other which is the one that he used all of the time. But he lost that power, so now he's only left with the unfavorable one, one which we have all agreed that he would never use." 'Even if it was to bring back Anko…..'

Isshin took this information to heart. "I see….."

"And there's one final thing," continued Fuka. "These two were both jinchuriki in the past. But now that they've been brought back somehow, they still retain that power, something which should not be possible."

Isshin glanced at her. "I take it they have that power too if they can bring the dead back to life just as Naruto can?"

Fuka shook her head. "No, with these eight, it shouldn't be possible. They were supposed to have been gone forever along with their bijuu."

But before Isshin could as her why, it seemed that Roshi and Han had gotten tired of waiting. Roshi was immediately engulfed in lava as he rushed at the pair while Han hanged back for the time being.

Noticing this, both Fuka and Isshin jumped out of the way.

In midair, Fuka ran through familiar handsings as she prepared her counterattack.

"Suiton: Ja no Kuchi!"

Roshi merely looked at the large snake figured body of water before rushing at it head on. Landing, Fuka saw the collision of her attack and Roshi, resulting in a large amount of steam to be released.

Fuka could only t'ched. 'I should have known that wouldn't be strong enough to penetrate his lava armor. I'm going to need a more powerful water jutsu….'

Her eyes then widened as she sensed Han appearing behind her, but it was a moment too late. She could only watch as the larger shinobi's fist came towards her face before it was immediately blocked by Isshin who appeared in between the two. Isshin grunted slightly at the force behind the punch as he stopped it with his own hand.

Seeing this, Fuka sprung into action herself as she ran towards Han, immediately grabbing a hold of his shoulder. But before she could follow through with an attack, more steam erupted from every part of his body, effectively blinding her and Isshin in the process.

"Yoton: Shakugaryugan no jutsu!"

Isshin looked up to the air to see Roshi firing what looked to be molten balls of lava. But before he himself could counterattack, Fuka beat him to the punch.

"Suiton: Suijinheki!"

Isshin watched as how the makeshift water wall blocked Roshi's attack before he was reminded of the opponent in front of him. Not waiting a second longer, Han grabbed hold of Isshin before throwing him to the side. Or that was what he had been planning on anyways. What he hadn't counted on was for Isshin to spin in midair and slice off one of Han's arms off, specifically the one that had gotten hold of him.

Both Fuka and Isshin jumped back from Han as Roshi landed next to the now one armed individual.

Standing side by side, Isshin sent Fuka a small grin. "You people sure use weird powers."

Fuka h'mphed at that. "You're one to talk…." 'Although I am surprised to see that even they can see Isshin clearly. Is it because of their bijuu chakra? Well, I shouldn't focus on that right now. At least Han is now…..'

The thought died on her throat as the arm which Isshin had sliced off grew back on Han's body. The original arm which had fallen to the ground simply evaporated into thin air.

Fuka's eyes were wide in shock. "W-what is this? How is that possible!"

Isshin sighed as he too saw this. "Like I said, weird powers. And here I thought that they were human too. How can they do that?"

Fuka shook her head. "Like I just said, that shouldn't be possible!"

Isshin sighed for a second time. "Well, seems like we're in jam then. Because if he can grown his arm back, I'm sure that he can do it with any other body part too. That goes for the other guy too."

Fuka wasn't able to respond as Roshi launched more lava balls at them, causing for them to jump out of the way lest they be hit.

Fuka brought both of her arms in front of her in midair as Han appeared in front of her and sent a powerful punch at her, causing for her to be propelled back into the ground.

Landing on her back and with a loud impact, Fuka gritted her teeth in pain as she now laid in a small crater caused from the force of the impact. She even felt blood smearing down her mouth.

'I forgot how powerful Han is…..'

And she wasn't talking about Tsunade strength here. But it still came close and hurt just as bad. Okay, maybe a bit less but still.


Looking upwards, Fuka did a backflip as Han came down on where she had been laying with a powerful kick augmented with his steam. The end result was for debris and a cloud smoke to appear around the area.

Isshin noticed all of this but wasn't able to do much as he dodged Roshi's strikes who was once again in his lava armor.

'Their powers are such a pain,' thought Isshin as he continued to dodge. After a particular loose punch, Isshin saw his opening. Kicking the flung arm to the side, Isshin brought his Zanpakuto forward, cutting through Roshi's armor with ease and slicing said shinobi's torso.

Looking back, Isshin grinned in a laid-back manner. "You shouldn't underestimate a shinigami. We aren't really normal either, man."

But Roshi didn't respond as his lava armor deactivated. And if he was troubled by the huge cut running across his chest, he didn't show it.

Isshin's laid-back attitude left him as he jumped back, narrowing his eyes as red chakra began to surround Roshi's form.

Landing, Isshin frowned. From what he had been told by Naruto, that meant that Roshi was about to use his bijuu powers. But here? Out in the open in the middle of the city where even more people would be able to see it? Granted, they themselves had caused quite a bit of commotion already with the explosion that Naruto had set off when he blew up the power generators. Come to think of it, why wasn't the police here yet? Unless…..

He was forced out of his thoughts as Roshi transformed into his version two form of his bijuu mode.

Isshin smiled faintly at this, watching Roshi's transformed state with the utmost curiosity. 'So, this is the powers of a jinchuriki, eh? And Naruto fought against all of them at the same time…..'

Sensing all of this, Fuka looked towards Isshin's direction to see Roshi transform. Sweat began to roll down her face as she saw this. 'Goddamn…..not this.'

She wasn't able to dwell on it too much longer as she was once again forced to jump out of the way as Han continued with his steam enhanced attacks. Jumping towards the wall of the entrance to the building, Fuka used her chakra to stick to it. Watching Isshin and Roshi through her peripherals, she looked down as Han looked up at her.

'Is he going to come up here or what?' she wondered.

But Han had other plans. Just like with Roshi, red chakra began to engulf his entire body.

Seeing this, Fuka gritted her teeth in frustration. 'Crap….' Even she knew that she wouldn't stand a chance against Han when he used the bijuu's chakra. Why did things always have to be so complicated.

'Has it been ten minutes already or not?' she thought as she quickly glanced to the top of the building. She knew that she could just leave right now since really, as far as she knew, all of this was just to blow up this building. It didn't entail for her to fight the jinchuriki right now. Even so, Fuka knew that all of that was just bullshit to cover up the fact that she wanted to run away from the fight. And her pride wouldn't allow that.

Han, having transformed into his version two form like Roshi, brought brought both of hands down towards the concrete ground as he roared.

Fuka turned her attention back to him as two red covered chakra arms came out of the ground in front of Han and quickly shot towards her. Reacting quickly, she jumped off the wall, the arms right behind her in pursuit.

On the other side of the parking lot, Isshin was having similar problems as he did his best to dodge the arms after him. Really, this fight was just too crazy in his opinion. Of course, it wasn't like he was going to run away either. For better or for worse, he was going to see through with this. With that in mind, he quickly spun around, bringing his Zanpakuto with him and clashing with the extended arms.

Grinning, he muttered one word. "Burn."

Fuka turned her head towards Isshin's location as soon as the sound of an explosion hit her ears as she continued to hop away from the advancing arms. But in doing so, she left herself open for a second, a second which the transformed Han took advantage of.

Fuka's eyes widened as another hand shot from the ground behind her. She could only scream in pain as the hand grabbed hold of her, holding her tightly as the poisonous chakra began to burn her skin.

Isshin turned to look to Fuka's location, having heard the screaming. He was about to move until his gut told him to dodge.


Looking in front of him, Isshin's eyes widened as molten rock began to spring up all around him, no doubt thanks to Roshi.

'He's still standing after my releasing of Engetsu!' he realized as he brought said sword in front of him, looking at all the lava around him. 'This is just like a makeshift volcano! So this is his power then…..'

Fuka gritted her teeth as she felt her vision beginning to blur, the hand continuing to hold her in a strong grip. 'I cannot pass out here….not now. I can't be this weak!'

But despite her will to not lose consciousness, the exact opposite was happening. Biting her lip strong enough to draw out blood, Fuka tried to get out of the death grip only to find her strength continuing to leave her.

'Please…..I need more power!' she begged. She didn't know to whom. To herself? To some god? Or maybe even to no one?

And then it all went blank.

Isshin rolled to the side as the mini volcano erupted just where he had been standing at. Feeling some burns on his body, Isshin turned his attention to Roshi who stood several feet away from him on all fours.

Standing up, he was about to reengage him until he felt another energy beginning to flood into the area, this one even more dark than that of Roshi's or Han's.

Sweat began to roll down his cheeks as he grinned, closing his eyes as well. 'I wonder what's going to happen now?'

This day was just going so well.

At the same time as all of that was happening in front of the Watch's tower, one Uzumaki Naruto finally reached his destination, mainly the highest floor in the building. Stepping out of the elevator, Naruto calmly walked into the office that stood in front of him.

"My, my. Using the elevator instead of blowing your way in here. Aren't you a gentleman?"

Naruto h'mphed as he stopped in front of the large wooden desk, immediately recognizing the voice. "Don't bother. I only did that because I want to take my time enjoying this."

Spinning around on the chair, Violet sighed as she leaned back in a very relaxed manner. "We've been through this before, darling. And every time the outcome has been the same. You should know that you can't beat me. Even with that intel that the handsome spy you sent has, it won't be enough. I'm still going to come out on top."

Naruto raised an eyebrow, putting aside the fact that Ken had indeed been compromised for now. "Don't you mean we?" A second later, he shook his head. "Nevermind. I don't want to know what's going on inside that twisted head of yours."

A smile formed on Violet's face. "Why, I thank you for the compliment. But are you really any better?"

Naruto shrugged. "Okay, you got me there. But I'm still going to kick your ass though."

Violet sighed again. "Like I said, we've-"

"And I heard you," interrupted Naruto as he brought the Seikatsugakari in front of him, a wild grin forming on his face. "But enough with the pointless chatter. Why don't we go straight to business? We both know that talking won't get us anywhere."

Violet grinned right back at him. "So true. But I don't feel like fighting you this time. Instead, I want to see you fight with my own eyes against someone else."

Naruto didn't respond but his mind began to race a mile a second. 'She can't mean….!'

"Behind you!"

Quickly reacting, Naruto turned around and brought the Seikatsugakari in front of him, effectively blocking a kick. His eyes widened as he immediately saw who had been the one to send the kick.

It was none other than Fu.

Violet leaned back on her seat some more, a satisfied sigh coming out this time. But it seemed that Naruto wasn't going to play her games as she had hoped he would have.

Grabbing hold of Fu's foot, Naruto quickly began to spin around, throwing her straight into one of the walls before turning his attention to the sitted and amused Violet, his arm stretched out.

"Shinra Tensei!"

Violet was quick to jump out of the way, using her own chakra to stick to the ceiling as both the desk and chair were blown to pieces with said pieces smashing right into what was left of the windows.

Pouting down at Naruto, she said, "Now that wasn't nice."

Naruto growled. "I'm not here to play your games, Violet. I'm here to get my answers."

Hearing this, Violet raised an eyebrow. "Oh? Is that so? What about those two girls that we captured? What about them?"

Naruto didn't flinch. "That's Ichigo's problem. That's why he's involved in this. My problem is you. One of the reasons why I'm involved in this."

Sighing, Violet shook her head. "You really are impatient, aren't you? Well, that just makes all of this more interesting!"

Naruto ducked down as chakra covered scales were shot from behind him, no doubt from Fu.

"You're at a disadvantage in this enclosed space, Uzumaki."

Naruto grinned as he immediately understood what the sentient sword was telling him to do.

Violet's eyes widened as she felt Naruto gathering his chakra. Her eyes began to glow as well, knowing what Naruto was trying to do.


"That's as far as you get!"

And indeed, just like before, time itself stopped. Jumping down from the ceiling, Violet smiled as she saw the frozen Naruto.

Beginning to walk towards him, she said, "I told you, darling. You can't win against me. You should just-"

She stopped mid-sentence as red markings began to appear all around Naruto's body. Finally meeting at his forehead, the markings began to take the form of an eye which glowed brightly a moment later.

Narrowing her eyes, Violet was immediately on guard. 'What is that?'

But the next moment was even more surprising for her. And that was Naruto appearing right in front of her in a dark flash, tackling her to the ground with the Seikatsugakari placed right at her throat.

Her eyes were wide in shock as she looked up at the towering and grinning Naruto whose rinnegan was now glowing with unhidden glee.


Naruto continued to grin. "I might have had two strikes before. But I'm not getting a third one."

Violet frowned, reigning in her shock. 'Calm down and analyze. It probably has something to do with that sword and those markings. But still, how could they counterattack my power!?'

Naruto leaned down, their noses almost touching. "I could kill you right now, but before that, there's something that you need to answer for me."

Smirking, Violet glanced at the now motionless Fu. "So, that's what this is all about, eh? You want to know whether or not that girl over there is alive or not. I should have guessed."

Ignoring that, Naruto carried on. "Tell me. Just how are they back? What did you do!?"

Turning back to face him, Violet quickly leaned in completely, kissing him again. Three for there, as it were.

Bringing his other hand forward, Naruto pulled back as he used his freed hand to grab hold of her throat. "I'm not in the mood for games!"

Despite the situation, Violet laughed. "Hahaha and that's where you're wrong! All of this is a game! You just don't know it yet, sweetie. Everything that is happening right now has been set in a motion because of a selfish little feud with the so called 'gods.' You, Ichigo, and I….we're simply pawns! But it doesn't have to be that way. They don't have to be the ones to make the rules."

Naruto was silent for a few moments until he himself broke down in laughter. "HAHAHAHA so those are your intentions! I see. Maybe we do have something in common after all, Violet."

Violet began to grin, thinking that she would finally have him.

"But, I'm not interested in joining you or changing from being someone's pawn to somebody else's. I'll get there, but I'll do so in my own way. Not yours. But right now, I don't care about that. All I want are my answers to be answered!"

Violet frowned, her eyes narrowing as her own anger began to rise. "And what makes you think that I'll be willing to answer!? Just so that you and that girl over there can have some sort of happy ending!?"

Naruto t'ched as Violet's body began to glow. 'What is this? It feels….familiar.'

"This is the power that you also once had, Naruto!"

Naruto's eyes widened as he realized what Violet was talking about. He was about to retaliate until he felt a sudden change behind him but wasn't quick enough to react as a transformed Fu flew straight into him, grabbing a hold of him and off of Violet in the process. Time seemed to return as well.

Feeling his sides beginning to burn from where Fu had gotten hold of him, Naruto scowled as his Susanoo sprung to life, smacking Fu away just as they were beginning to fly out of the office. The Susanoo used one of its hands to grab hold of the floor, anchoring them.

Looking at Violet, Naruto came face to face with a form that he had once used himself. It was Kurama's power except it now belonged to Violet.

"There's no mistaking it now. That golden form….it is only obtainable through the Kyuubi's power."

Naruto didn't offer the sword a response. Glancing behind him, he saw Fu flying back towards him. It was then that Naruto felt a new energy in the air. But it felt different from Fu's or Violet's. It reminded him of his own when he was using the Juubi's power.

Looking down towards the front of the building, his eyes widen as he realized the only person who it could be coming from. 'But it feels wrong…..'

Even Violet herself stopped as she sensed the dark energy. 'That Fuka woman…..it could only be her.'

Turning back, Naruto disappeared in a dark flash just as Fu came ramming in, only hitting the side of the building as a result.

Turning her attention back to the fight, Violet dodged to the side as Naruto reappeared in front of her, swinging his sword at her.

"I already know what that does!"

Naruto was on the defensive as Violet disappeared and reappeared over and over again in orange sparks all around him. Having had enough, a black sphere began to surround him.

"I'm not the same as before, Violet! I have control now!"

Violet's eyes widen as she her side was impaled by spears made out of the dark energy emanating from the bijudama ball. She hadn't known that he could do that. Then again, Naruto hadn't used his Juubi powers that much since obtaining them other than when he killed the Raikage and his Kumo forces.

Blood began to roll down her mouth and her side before she disappeared in another orange spark, reappearing by the elevator on her back.

Naruto looked to the broken windows as Fu began to climb through it, still in her version two form and growling.

He was about to attack her once again until he got another surprised that day. And that was one dark skinned purple haired individual appearing out of random in front of him before disappearing into thin air the next.

'What the-'

That was all he got to think before he saw Fu being flown to the side and to the streets below by an invisible force right before his eyes. The next moment, the same individual, a woman, appeared at his side. Now having time to take a look at the details, the woman had a pair of golden eyes that complemented her skin fairly well as well as her purple hair which was tied in a ponytail. Finally, the outfit she was wearing resembled that to the one which Isshin wore, making Naruto theorize that the woman in front of him was most likely a shinigami.

Throwing him a wave along with a cheeky smile, the woman said, "Heya there. The name's Yoruichi. I've been sent here to help you, Uzumaki Naruto."

Now, Naruto's first instinct was to ask her by whom until he remembered the current situation. More specifically, Violet. Settling for a nod for now, Naruto turned towards Violet who was trying to recover. "While I have many questions as to why you would show up like this or from whom, we can discuss that later."

The now named Yoruichi smirked as she glanced at Violet. "Ah, the girl you mean. Hard to believe she's giving you all this trouble. I heard you were supposed to be powerful. Were they just rumors?"

Naruto made a reference to get the female shinigami back later for that statement, but right now he had something more important to do. Taking a step forward, he looked straight at Violet who was now kneeling.

"Well then, do you feel like talking now? You have lost this one already, Violet."

Violet chuckled as she finally got back on her feet, the blood from before now gone. "You think so, don't you? That you have me trapped in a corner? Things aren't always what they seem, Naruto. You of all people should know that. But still, I think I should reward you for having finally surprised me like that."

Naruto t'ched. "Do you really think you're in any position to bargain!"

Violet grinned. "Oh, but I do. After all, I have the information you desire with said information not having much meaning to me, which is why I'm going to tell you."

Yoruichi looked at the girl with a calculating gaze. 'She's got guts, alright. But then again, what she said is true,' she thought as she glanced at Naruto. 'No matter if he wants to admit or not, he knows that it's true too.'

Sighing, Naruto chuckled as the black sphere around him disappeared. "Heh, fine. You got me, girl. You're right, I can't kill you. Not right now. But that doesn't mean there aren't any other methods to get that information outta you."

Violet shook her head. "I told you. I am going to tell you. After all, a relationship is not all just about taking. Sometimes you have to give too," she said with a grin.

One of Naruto's eyebrows twitched at that.

"Hmm….what is that humans call this? Oh right. 'She's got it hard for you, bro'…..or something along those lines anyways."

Yoruichi glanced at Naruto in obvious amusement. "So you're dating the enemy? Quite bold, don't you think? You just might be worse than Ichigo."

Naruto waved his hand in dismissal. "Whatever. Call…this whatever you want. But don't try to change the topic."

Violet shrugged as she turned away from the two. "Wasn't trying to." She then paused for a moment before continuing, her tone a bit darker than before. "Even with what I'm about to tell you, you can't save them, Naruto. They're all dead. You made sure of that that day. Nothing you can do is going to bring them back."

Naruto didn't respond. Not a shed of emotion was on his face.

Sensing this, Violet continued, "I could go into many details that would no doubt bore you, but like I've said before, this is a feud among the so called gods. We're all but pawns. That includes the jinchuriki. That being said, this is a feud that's been gone on for quite some time, since the moment the Juubi was sealed into that cave all those many years ago. Perhaps even sooner"

'So she knows...'

"Not surprising, I suppose. Her power is time."

"That's when the Watcher made his first move. That's when he outwitted his so called betters. Just because he was a lower god, not having the same power as them. Heh, but I suppose that's the beauty in being underestimated. Wouldn't you agree, sweetie?"

Naruto merely closed his eyes for a moment. Yoruichi for her part was listening intently. It seemed that Urahara convincing her to come had been well awarded for her.

"What your old pal the Shinigami failed to mention to you were the exact details of just how exactly the Juubi was sealed into that cave. Do you really think that he would have gone down quietly? We both know that's unlikely. And as you can guess, there was a battle between the Juubi and the gods due to this matter. But of course, the Juubi is a special case. It had been been created by Kami as a special experiment. A test run you could say. One which helped him create this forsaken world. As a result, the Juubi was one of the few gods that could actually injure Kami because it was actually an extension of Kami himself. That's why they all teamed up. Well that, and they were all sick of Juubi abusing its powers as well. By this time, Kami had already begun his first creation, the first cycle you could say, of this world. The impact that the battle had on this world has even been passed down till this day. I'm sure you know of the story of Noah's Ark and the Great Flood?"

Both Naruto's and Yoruichi's eyes widened.

Even though they couldn't see it, a dark smirk formed on Violet's face. "Ah, that's right. But in order to save the creations which he loved so much even though they had forsaken him, Kami made an agreement, a covenant, with a human named Noah. That was how humanity survived the first cycle even if they simply think that it was just Kami punishing them. Heh, maybe it's their way of saying that they know what they're doing is wrong but don't have the capacity of changing. Even so, it wasn't long before humans forgot about that and once again turned their backs on Kami who still loved them despite that, even to this day. But that's not important to you. What is is what took place in that battle."

Naruto simply let the girl continue.

"Much like with the other bijuu whose power is so great that they actually leave their power behind when they fight for anyone with the means to take it to do so, the same happened with the Juubi. The battle was so intense that a lot of his power, his very chakra, was left behind in space. With Kami and the other gods exhausted as well as with Kami trying to save his precious species, the Watcher managed to grab hold of most of that energy, cultivating it and in time, even producing his own Juubi. It was then that he made his next move, stealing some of Kami's power for his own after one of the other gods had found out what he had done. Now, as to how he did that, I'm going to keep it a secret to myself. I doubt you would even care. But what you do care about is what he did with that power."

Realization began to hit Naruto. "He reformed the Juubi completely before splitting it up again…."

Violet nodded. "Tada! That's exactly right. He did exactly what you did. But of course, that was only because you had the rinnegan, a piece of Kami's power."

Naruto's eyes widened at the information. 'So it's not his power then! All that bullshit about me misusing his gift!….who or what the hell is he then!?'

"Good question. I doubt the girl will tell you though."

Violet carried on, "That is why he needed Kami's power. So that he could have his own pieces on the board for this upcoming confrontation. And that is where I come in." Pausing, the girl shrugged. "This part isn't hard to understand. It all lies in my power and with what you did that day to all of the jinchuriki."

'I took their souls….'

Violet pointed at Naruto's sword. "That weapon right there. When it steals a being's souls, be it human or whatever, and uses it as its own energy, it basically robs the being of his essence. They're no more. That is why they turn into ashes. But of course, their components are still there, mainly their bodies. They may be lacking a soul, but the body itself can be rebuilt if the hand of time is bent backwards."

Now Naruto understood everything. Narrowing his eyes, he said, "Now I get it. With your power, you actually turned all of their remains back into their original bodies. And with a lack of soul, you simply placed in them their respective bijuu, almost using them as their original souls in a sense. So all you would need to do is take control of the bijuus. Once you did, they were then your tools from then out."

Violet nodded, a grin on her face. "Exactly."

"But just how exactly were you able to find their remains in the first place! It's been hundreds of thousands of years since that day!"

Violet smirked. "You shouldn't underestimate me too much, darling. I am, by all accounts, the mistress of time. A goddess you could almost say. I have watched everything that you did in the past. Even to this day, the earth is the same. Landmasses just move is all. All of the continents today were once part of the Elemental Nations before they split. It wasn't hard too hard to locate where Konoha ended up in this new world. Even if you tried to forget all about it, others can have well use of that information just like we did."

Naruto's hands turned into fists. Now, he had gotten his answers. His one small hope that somehow the jinchuriki were indeed alive but simply in control had been dashed down. In return, however, he had gained some valuable information. But it appeared as if Violet didn't care if he knew said information.

Turning her head to look at them, Violet blew Naruto a kiss. "Well then, I have answered your question. But our time has come to an end. That little friend of yours is currently causing too much of a commotion. I hope you can handle her."

Before Naruto could respond, Violet disappeared in a swirl much like with how Obito did in the past.

Yoruichi, still trying to come in terms with what she had just learned, looked at Naruto. "It seems as if we're not done yet."

Naruto didn't offer her response, nor did he care that she had just heard all of that and would tell the other shinigamis. Right now, he was simply pissed.

"Calm down. You can curse later. Right now, I have a feeling that we have something more important to deal with."

He hated when the talking sword was right.

Isshin could only watch the scene in front of him with wide eyes, not quite believing what he was seeing. The scene was Fuka beating the life, if they had any, of both Roshi and Han, tossing both of them around like rag dolls.

Fuka herself had gone a tremendous change. Her hair was spinning wildly around her, looking almost as if it was alive. But that was preposterous! Or so Isshin thought. The other changes were her pure black eyes, no longer the seductive blue eyes that almost every straight male on the planet succumbed to. Finally, there were markings all along her body, similar to those that Naruto possessed when in sync with the Seikatsugakari.

Isshin continued to watch as Fuka laughed as her very chakra continued to push both Roshi and Han around like rag dolls, similar to that of Naruto's control with gravity. Not only that, but her laughter….it just wasn't human.

The former shinigami captain readied his trusty Zanpakuto at his side. He could tell that Fuka wasn't in the right state of mind. That being said, he doubted if she would even recognize him as an ally, so she could turn on him at any second.

Both the transformed Roshi and Han were on all fours as they roared, trying to fight back against Fuka's newfound but uncontrolled power. It seemed like as if they weren't about to be defeated that easily.

'Shinobi sure are tough all right…..'

It was then that Isshin sensed two very familiar presences right beside him the next moment. Grinning, he looked at both Naruto and Yoruichi.

"What happened to the ten minutes?" he asked Naruto. "It's been well beyond that. Why is this place still intact?"

"The very same reason why you two didn't follow my instructions," retorted Naruto as he watched the fight in front of him before he calmly walked towards it.

Yoruichi sighed as she crossed her arms under her bosom, looking at Naruto's back. "Not exactly a team player, is he?"

Isshin chuckled before looking at her. "So Urahara did send you after all."

Yoruichi nodded before a troubled look appeared on her face. "He did. And you'll never guess what I just found out….."

"I wonder why Violet hasn't recalled these two back yet."

'Probably trying to see what Fuka can do in this…..state.'


Not offering a response, Naruto merely brought the sentient sword forward, the markings on his body glowing.

Fuka seemed to pause, her facing turning instantly towards Naruto's location. Both Roshi and Han saw this as an opportunity to strike as they rushed at Fuka. Instead of being alarmed, a black sphere, exactly like Naruto's, appeared around her as rays of it shot to intercept the incoming transformed shinobi. Both were pushed back to the ground on their back, the beams of pure energy actually managing to pierce them in their chests. Seeing this, they both roared in what appeared to be anger.


Naruto could tell that the sentient sword was putting something together but decided not to question it at the moment as more dark beams made to go after him next.

Grinning, Naruto simply placed the Seikatsugakari in front of him. "Sorry for you, but this power now belongs to me!"

Instead of piercing the sword like they had done with Roshi and Han, the beams of pure energy were instead absorbed.

"Hmph. Trying to use me as a buffer so you can absorb your own power, are you? I don't know if I should feel insulted or not…."

Once again ignoring the sword, Naruto disappeared in a dark flash only to reappear in front of Fuka, his freed hand glowing.

"Gogyo Fuin!"

Fuka gasped in pain as Naruto placed the seal on her stomach, even going as far as tearing through her tight shirt. A second later, she fell to the ground unconscious before Naruto caught her in his arms. The black sphere disappeared along with the markings a moment later.

"I see. What Orochimaru did to you during your Chunnin exams, eh?"

'Yea. But it's not going to last. I'm sure Kushina will have an even better solution. For the moment, though, this will do.'

The sounds of roaring quickly made Naruto turn his attention to Roshi and Han. He thought that they were going to charge at him. But instead, a swirl appeared behind them both less than a second later.

"Quick! Use the bijudama on them!"

Reacting on instinct, a black sphere sprung into life before the same beams as before managed to pierce the transformed Roshi as before. Han on the other hand disappeared less than a second before the beams could reach him.

Understanding hit Naruto as Roshi struggled to get free. 'The Juubi's power cancels out Violet's. But how? Unless her power is somehow connected to Kami's as well….in which case-'

"In which case we may have a fraud on our hands. No, it's more than likely that we do."

Naruto grinned before he found himself engulfed into a familiar space.

"You….I need your help….."

"This just got more interesting."

"What do you mean by that!?"

Izanami sighed at the outraged look which Kushina now sported on her face.

"It is just as I say, Kushina. Everything has its end."

"Do you really think that you and that brat will last forever? Just like your husband and me, you too will end."

Kushina held her head, those words replaying themselves in her head. 'That senile Onoki….but why am I remembering that now!?'

Narrowing her eyes as she looked at Izanami, Kushina scowled. "You don't actually think that I'm going to buy into any of this, do you? I don't even believe who you say you are!"

Izanami looked at her with amused eyes. "I've said this a lot now, but I don't care whether you believe what I say or not. It's up to you. I'm merely spicing things up a bit in this little tale. Of course, you can say that I'm only helping you because maybe I don't want to see what happened to me be done to you as well."

Kushina's eyes widened in realization. 'The story…..how Izanagi abandons Izanami…..'

"I see you understand," commented Izanami before shaking her head, small chuckles escaping her. "Fate sure has a weird way of playing her cards. Maybe all of this is probably for her own private amusement…..who knows?"

"If you're so knowledgeable," challenged Kushina, "then why don't you just tell me just how exactly things will end up the same with me and Naruto like they did with you and Izanagi."

Izanami shook her head. "Now where would the fun be if I did that? Remember, this is all sort of for my own amusement as well. I'm not going to deny that. I want to see if you will succeed where I failed. Or if you will make the same mistakes as I did and end up just like I did. You can call it a test maybe. Yes, that's right. A test. The only difference is that you don't know the answers and it's multiple choice. I'm sure you can guess what the choices are."

Kushina frowned. 'This woman…..she reminds me a lot of Madara…..'

Sighing, Izanami sighed, "Unfortunately, it is time for me to take my leave. I have told you what I wanted to tell you. It would be too troublesome if someone else were to crash in on our little meeting."

Kushina didn't respond. Instead, she watched how the old woman before her turned her back to her.

Glancing at the female Uzumaki one last time, Izanami said, "Remember what I told you, Kushina. All of it. But of course, do with this information what you will. You can even choose to not tell Naruto if you so desire. It's all about the choices. They will take you down a different path depending on what you choose. And I'll be watching. Of course, I won't be the only one but don't let that stop you."

Turning back around, she threw one final wave. "Until and if we meet again, Uzumaki Kushina. Good luck."

With that, she disappeared into nothingness, the same way in which she had appeared.

White Zetsu chuckled uneasily after a few tensed moments. "Well, that was interesting….." Understatement right there, and even he knew it.

Kushina could only grit her teeth in frustration as she closed her eyes, her fists at her side.

'Are we all still being manipulated?' she wondered. 'Even after everything that we have done, is it all just part of someone else's plans?'

Opening her eyes, she looked up at the ceiling.

'Just what is choice? Does it even exist? Is free will even real for that matter?' Sighing, she closed her eyes one more time.

'Just what is fate?'

And done!

Dang, that took me a while, a lot longer than I had expected honestly. Sorry about that. But school has been a real pain. Still is actually. But that's beside the point. Consider this my early Christmas present to you guys cause I'm pretty sure that I won't update again till after Christmas. But in the event that I do, well it'll be a double gift then.

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