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Chapter 8: King and the lionheart

Rory awoke with a gasp, he felt a sharp pain in his side. His hand instinctively reached towered the source of the pain, he felt a couple of stiches and a small trickle of blood. 'God, I wake up like this too often.' he thought to himself. He heard someone bump something metal to the ground, making Rory fear that someone was coming for him. He ran out of the room to see he was still in the prison. He turned and started to run. His mind raced with the goal to find Gumball, Sam, and his family and get the Hell out of Tesla. The hallways seemed never ending and all the same, causing him to think he was lost and forcing him to take many strange and probably costly turns. Soon he could hear panting, at first he believed it to belong to himself, but as he turned a corner he came crashing into Jay the monkey, who had a trail of vomit flowing from his shirt and finishing on his boots.

"Jay! Holy shit don't kill me!" he begged, holding his hands to shield his face. He felt Jay grab his hands and pull him to his feet. "I'm not going to hurt you, we got to find the others." he said before sprinting down the hallway. Rory, though confused and tired, chased after the monkey. The ran and ran until they heard laughter coming from a cell. They ran to the sound to see Gumball doing some funny faces for the entertainment of Sam, Penny, Jamie, Christian, and Carrie who were all still munching on the sloppy joes.

"Gumball!" Jay shouted once he entered the cell in a happy tone, Leaving Rory panting and clenching his wound which was now making a growing blood mark. The ,usually blue, cat turned ghostly white upon seeing jay, Christian, Carrie, and Jamie all stood in attention to the higher ranking officer, Jay simply waved them away and hugged Gumball. Gumball could see flashbacks of the horrible things he did to Jay that one night in the store, he felt a twinge of guilt, but fear hid his guilt from his mind. "It's good to see you." he whispered to the cat who was frozen in fear. He released him from his hug, and his grin turned to a sour frown. He turned to the rest of the group "We need to leave this place, gather your things." he commanded. Christian became stunned, "We can't abandon Tesla and the warden. They took us in, they're good people" he argued. Jay turned to face the young cat face to face. "The Warden is evil. He stabbed Rory for poking around a room he shouldn't. I went to see what the big deal was. They are feeding us people! That's why there is always so much God damn meat on the menu!" he shouted, knocking the sandwich from his hand. Suddenly the contents of everyone's stomachs , with the exceptions of Rory who didn't eat the food, Carrie who couldn't, and Jay who had nothing else to give, came splashing out onto the concrete floor. "Shit are you telling the truth?" Sam asked, looking up from the ground to see a grim nod, causing him to violently vomit a second time. "Ok we'll go." Christian said wiping his mouth with his sleeve. the others nodded in agreement, not daring to speak for fear of vomiting again.

"Wait." Rory said, speaking for the first time. "We need to get my family." he said, thinking of how close he really was to seeing his brother and mother again. "I can get them," Jay assured the hurt ferret, who smiled in appreciation, "I need to get my sister anyway." he assured him. Jay left the room of sick, and doubled over teenagers. 'God help us if the warden catches us.' he thought before leaving to get the others. "Meet me at the back gates in an hour." he commanded after passing Rory and running down the hall

"My son's alive!" Emily squealed excitedly, hugging Jay in a tight hug. "Yes, but listen, were escaping. The warden has beaten Rory, and killed hundreds if not more, to feed this prison." Emily's smile faded instantly and was replaced by a sick look. "No! No time to be sick! Just get Ross and meet us at the back gates." he commanded, Emily gave a weak nod as she retreated to the other room to gather essentials and get Ross. 'He'll be so happy to see his brother.' she thought happily. Jay left the room and went after his sister.

"Jay... I, I don't believe it. I won't!" Dee said in an unsure tone "I can't believe that he would do that. You go take your friends I'll tell the guards to get lost." she said, tears welling up in her eyes. "Be safe." she begged her little brother, He hugged her "Always. We'll see each other again. I promise." he said before breaking the hug and leaving Dee alone with nothing but her tears. She radioed into the back gates "Abandon posts, the Warden wants more security at the front gate." she ordered in a faked authoritative tone. "Yes mam." a man's voice crackled back. She turned of the rodeo and fell back onto the wall, sliding down slowly and crying to herself about her conflicting loyalties. God save us all.' she begged the God she never really believed in. Desperate for any help. only silence responded to her pleas, leaving her alone.

They were all there at what used to be the docking area for trucks to the prison. The large metal doors were operated by a simple control panel across the dock. "Ok people, I'm going to open the door, get out and wait for me to come from the panel. Watch each others backs, no one gets bit, Understood?" Jay asked the motley Crew band of survivors before him. They all nodded, gripping blunt object to fight off anything that they would come across. Jay gave a faint smile at seeing Emily, Ross, and Rory hug in the back of the group and exchange stories. He turned and walked to the control panel and opened on door. The gang was outside, and waiting for Jay. Suddenly he heard the cocking of a gun. He instantly closed the door, leaving the group pounding and shouting for him to join them.

"Well, well Jay." The Warden's voice echoed from down the hall accompanied by several soldiers. Jay took out one of his pistols and pointed it right at the Warden. "Be careful, remember You shoot, we kill you and your friends." he warned the monkey. "I'm going to guess that you found the bodies, right?" he asked the silent monkey. "I'll take that as a yes. Well I had to, we would have starved and died long ago if we didn't do this." he assured the fuming teen. "So we resort to this?! This makes us no worse than the things we're trying to avoid!" he shouted back. "Guys, if your still there run!" he ordered. Jay then pointed the gun away from the menacing tiger and to the control panel. he shot every bullet into it, rendering it useless to the troops. He felt a bullet rip through his chest, then another through his stomach. He fell to the ground, blood foaming at his lips. "Any last words?" Buckcherry asked as he put the barrel of his pistol to the monkeys head "He's the king and I'm the lionheart." The tiger was confused, but smiled "I don't get it." he stated simply. He sent the final bullet into his skull, killing the converted killer instantly. Blood formed in a puddle around his body. "The escapees are too far gone by this point. Take the hero, or, What did he say? Oh yes, take the lionheart to the kitchen. I'm in the mood for tacos." he said before turning to leave his stunned soldiers their with the dead body of a kid that had been friends to many of them. 'This is wrong.' They thought as they dragged their fallen comrade to a fate not deserving of a soldier like himself. The soldiers could have sworn that even in death that he was smiling, happy, at peace with the world.

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