So... this is what happens when I get inspiration on about three hours of sleep.

I felt like writing something with Fem!Hiccup in it and this happened in less than an hour... that I could have spent on an ongoing fanfic that I still need to update...

Oh well, I figured I'd share this little thing with you guys. Might as well, right? I'm not sure if I'll continue this or not. You can tell me if I should in the reviews. But, if I do, it'll be when one of my ongoing projects is done or almost done. I don't want to juggle too many stories at once or one will surely be forgotten and will never be updated (which has already happened to one of mine this year...)

I hope you like this!

Jack had never been too keen on his job working in the library. He really only got up and went to work every day because he had to. It was a job that he was, admittedly, grateful to have. It sure helped out his mother when it came to paying the bills and Jack even got to keep some for his own leisure.

But that didn't change the fact that he kind of loathed every day that inched by with this boring occupation. Every day, the boy with white hair sauntered into the building at 3:35, right after school, and would stay in the house of books until 8:45. For the most part, he just manned the desk; taking care of book transactions. When it was quiet (and he actually felt like it) he would do his homework right there at the front desk. Why not, right? His boss couldn't yell at him for being swamped with schoolwork and tackling it when nothing was going on. But more often than not Jack would spend his free time goofing off on the computer set up right in front of him; mocking him while he was forced to exertion he didn't want to succumb to.

Though, there was one thing in particular that Jack liked about this part of his job. He wasn't much of a reader himself, but he picked up a few things after five months of shelving books. He learned every title and what genre it belonged to; sometimes he read the summary or the first few chapters when no one was looking. His personal favorites were (sadly) the comics and children's books. Probably because Jack had a child-like imagination that he wasn't outgrowing anytime soon.

And, from these excursions, yielded an ability that the boy was beginning to grow quite fond of. Just from the books that each customer took out, Jack could see something about them from the title that they chose. He could see battles waging for justice inside the history buffs, the enchanted realms of fantasy within its rather diverse fan base and the illusions swirling in every mystery fan. Jack was never that shallow, but this job started to draw him to a person's eyes first. It just… felt natural to him. Eyes tell more stories than can ever be told; the things they've seen of joy, wonder, heartbreak… if someone would only stop and notice these tales beyond those gates to the real person contained by the limits of a body. This part is what kept dragging Jack to work every day.

And there's one set of eyes that Jackson Overland would never forget. Her eyes were the green of a spring meadow in its prime, the blades of the grass fidgeting slightly as they stared back at him. And, enveloping that meadow was a blazing ember of bright hazel that just barely flickered in contrast to the green. She clutched her book of choice to her chest, gripping tightly with both hands.

For a moment, Jack couldn't speak. He wanted to explore those fields some more, to see what made those hazel ridges shine like they did. But his stare was cast away by the sound of her voice. "Uh… you ok?" It was deeper than Jack originally anticipated, for a girl that is and… careful. Almost like she didn't want to bother the idiot who was staring right at her (great call, Jack) out of some fear.

Jack shook his head "Oh, sorry, um…" he scratched the back of his neck "I zoned out for a minute."

A little smirk crept onto her face "Maybe you should do that off the clock." Sarcasm, great…

"I'll work on that." Jack took the book that she placed on the counter and stared at the cover in a bit of awe. She had How to Train Your Dragon in her hands! This is one of the stories Jack actually took time to skim through! I guess Jack wasn't the only teenager in the world who loved the misadventures of Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the Third after all. He smiled at her "Really?"

The girl reverted her gaze, allowing auburn bangs to obscure Jack's view of the springtime in her eyes. Strange how her hair was almost the same color has her freckles… "Yeah… I know it's stupid but-"

"Not at all." Jack interrupted, regaining full sight of the green "I didn't think anyone else my age read these books."

"You like them too?"

"I've read the whole set, up to date." Jack proclaimed "Or, at least, skimmed them… I know what happened in each book, anyway." He chuckled.

Another smiled was painted on her face. This one was warm, genuine. It only made those embers burn brighter. "Cool."

She handed him her library card. Henrika Haddock it read. His girl was definitely new around here. For one, Jack would remember a name as foreign to him as Henrika. But there was no way he would forget those eyes.

"Henrika?" Jack asked.

"Don't ask." She quickly ordered "It's kind of a long story…"

"Okay then." Jack registered the book's take out and flipped to the back page, holding the book's history. He scribbled down a date on the next available line "Have it back here for return or renewal by this date, ok?" He scratched down something on a sticky note and stuck it to the card. He then closed the book and passed it and her card back to her.

"No problem." She took the book back in her hands and opened to the last page. The meadows grew larger at what she saw with the card. On the note was a roughly scrawled Jack and a phone number.

"Why don't you call me sometime, Henrika?" He gave his trademark smirk; the one that got all the ladies.

Henrika looked from the note to him and closed the book again. "Call me Hiccup." She smiled, revealing acutely crooked teeth held by braces Jack hadn't noticed until then, and strode out the door. Jack watched until her form was out of sight. Something told him that working at the library wouldn't be all that boring anymore.