I am a knight.


...Okay, I'll admit that I don't exactly look like a knight.

A white apron, dish soap in one hand and a sponge in the other are not (ahem-"traditionally speaking") a knight's usual tools-

But you can rest assured that I am indeed a knight and I'm not just any knight. I'm a holy knight belonging to the Church of the God of Light!

...I find your disbelief understandable. After all, what kind of holy knight spends their valuable time washing dishes, right? Shouldn't I be off helping to save the city from undead creatures? Giving to the poor? Healing the sick? Spreading the good word of the God of Light and such noble deeds?

Well, I'll have you know that washing dishes is a very useful skill. When I retire from my very honorable and knightly position, my pension won't be very high and it's good to have a multitude of skills to fall back on. Skills like accounting, shoe shining, knitting, bookkeeping...and dish washing are very useful and-

...Perhaps I should explain myself better.

History is my absolute favorite subject, but most people find it pretty boring so I'll keep this short- Ahem,

Approximately 880 years ago Grisia Sun was and still is the most famous Sun Knight in history (well besides the first). He did many great things and went on many grand adventures so his fame almost rivals that of even the first Sun Knight.

To think that such a person could really exist- It's absolutely amazing! I've always loved stories like that. I loved them so much that through lots of hard work(luck) I was able to become of the Twelve Holy Knights myself! That's right, I'm absolutely amazing.

That's why right now, even though it seems like I'm merely washing dishes, I'm doing so just as skillfully and enthusiastically as if I were leading a whole platoon in a charge with the God of Light speaking directly speaking to my heart!

But unfortunately I'm NOT leading a platoon in a charge.

The God of Light is NOT speaking directly to my heart.

I'm standing here with my soap in one hand and sponge in another ready for another day of battling stacks of dishes higher than my head because unlike Grisia, I am NOT the Sun Knight legend, but the Hell Knight of today.

And today I swear to the God of Light that as soon as I finish up this pain-in-the-ass undercover mission I'm going to assassinate the person who sent me on this pain-in-the-ass undercover mission so he can say "hello" to his famous predecessor personally!

Why do I have to be the one to wash dishes?!

I'm a holy knight, dammit!