Chapter One: Journey

Once upon a time..."Boom!"

Bloom was startles out of her daydream by the sudden call of her friend Stella, opening her eyes she glanced over at the double doors that were attached to the main lounge room and waited until the girl herself appeared. She came storming out of the single luxurious suite with her golden hair swinging around her shoulders and an Icy blue dress swaying around her form as she walked, Stella wore a determined yet fierce expression. Bloom knew this expression from many past experiences, just like she knew Stella was packing for the holidays and that she would spend almost three hours deciding what to take. Stella reached the couch Bloom was currently sitting on and held up two pairs of shoes "Okay, honest opinion, which of these goes better with my baby pink strapless sweetheart neckline dress, the one with the black sash around the waist?"

Bloom stared at her for a long moment before saying "I have no idea which dress you're talking about but..." Bloom gave the two pairs of shoes a quick once over "I'd go with the black ones" Bloom looked back at the book in front of her.

"The black ones?!" Stella yelled at her loudly, Bloom jumped slightly and looked back up at her friend "What's wrong with the black ones?"

Stella looked almost outraged "What's wrong with-Oh Bloom! Do you know nothing? The black ones are part boot part stilettos! I can't wear them with the thigh length dress!"

"Them wear the other ones" Bloom pleaded with her, really just wanting to get back to her book. Stella continued to stand over her looking conflicted, her tone became softer "But I'm wearing those ones to my step mothers garden party" The door to the apartment opened and in strode Musa and Flora, both carrying heavy looking boxes.

"Oh leave Bloom alone Stella, you already know you're going to buy new shoes when you get back to Saloria so why torture her and yourself over it?" Flora asked as she gently set down the box beside the couch and flopped down beside Bloom. Stella nodded with a serious look and walked back into her room, Bloom smiled at Flora "You look tired, you okay?" It's true, Flora did look exhausted, she was almost asleep where she sat, she nodded lightly.

"I'm fine; I just didn't get much sleep last night. In fact I fell asleep in potions class this morning and when I woke up Ms Griselda was standing over me" Flora chuckled quietly "I thought she was going to bite my head off"

Bloom smiled again "I can imagine"

"But I am glad we're all heading home for the summer break, I can get some rest then. And I get to see my parents; I've missed them so much!"

It was the last day of school before the break and all the girls were getting ready to leave their beloved school of Alfea and go back home to their families. Stella was doing her usual alternating between her divorced mother and father, with the added weight of her new step mother and step sister. The girls had gotten countless earfuls of how much she disliked her new family additions. Layla and Techna had already left for the break that morning, although Techna had to be practically dragged away from the school because she didn't want to miss class. Musa and Flora were also going home but that just left Bloom with a few days to herself since her Earth parents were currently visiting Europe and wouldn't be home for another three days, so she had to stay at school until then.

So in order to pass the time she had Mike and Vanessa send her some old childhood belongings, boxes filled to the brim with little trinkets and books, mostly fairy stuff. Bloom smiled down at the mass of fairy things she had collected over the years, now that she knew the truth she had to laugh at how she was never really that far off the mark back then. Leaning down and leafing through her stuff the other two girls chatted animatedly.

Musa was in the middle of running between her room she shared with Techna and the lounge room, countless CD's and clothes in her arms as she stuffed them all untidily into a duffle bag "Yeah seeing my dad again will be epic! We've got all these bands and musicals planned out, kind of like a two week music fest, it's gonna be awesome!"

"You're not going to spend any time with Riven?" Flora asked, waking up enough to show interest.

Musa paused mid stride "Yeah I wish! He's going out with his dad to this family cabin in the woods, they do that every year. Father-son bonding time, they've been doing it ever since his mom died"

"That's kind of sweet" Bloom mumbled as she flipped open an old fairy book without looking up "especially coming from Riven"

Musa chuckled "I know right but it's still sad for me. I mean I really wanted some quality time with him this summer"

"Why don't you just dump him!" Stella suggested loudly as she entered the room again, this time her eight suitcases followed her silently, pushed by magic.

"Stella!" Flora and Bloom scolded at the same time. Musa rolled her eyes and went back to packing "You've said it before and I haven't listened Stella, leave my relationship alone"

"But I can help!" Stella said smiling as she bounced on the spot looking eager "Relationships are my ultimate super power, look at me and Brandon. Happy as pumpkin pie!"

Musa sighed "I'll take my chances" She went back to trying to zip up her over stuffed bag closed.

On the couch Flora looked around "Do you think we should clean up the room a little, so when we get back we won't have to do it?"

"Yeah probably" Bloom answered looking around also, the room had gotten pretty dusty what with Flora having all her plants shipped back home and the girls trekking dirt everywhere, the whole floor was covered with a thin layer of dirt and soil. Stella looked down at the carpet with disgust "Well you can count me out; cleaning is so not for me. A princess should always leave that to her humble servants and reward them in payment"

"Is that your mother or you step mother talking?" Musa mumbled as she slipped on her jacket, Stella heard and sent her a sour look. She then turned on her heel and marched quickly back into her room saying excitedly "Oh Bloom, guess what? I found this lovely coat in the back of my wardrobe and I just knew it was for you"

"I already have enough of your clothes Stella" Bloom replied, thinking of all the second hand clothes Stella had given her, a lot of them were too tight and some too long for her. Stella appeared at the threshold of her bedroom but this time she held a long crimson coat in her hand "Oh but darling it'll look so fabulous on you"

Bloom looked at the coat grudgingly. It's really really red! Bloom sighed heavily and held out her hand "Well if it'll make me look fabulous!"

"Yay!" Stella clapped her hands and handed the coat over to Bloom "Now what time does the ship arrive to take us into town?"

"Twenty glorious minutes for Flora to take a nap within" Musa said dramatically as she wandered aimlessly around the side of the room, gazing blankly out the window where girls with suitcases were flocking to the gates of Alfea. Stella looked glum "Well what am I going to do until then?"

"You could help me look through one of these boxes" Bloom answered brightly. Stella still looked glum but she sat down on Bloom's other side and opened a box of books "Geez, talk about a fairy fan club" She muttered as she flicked through the books.

"I liked fairies as a kid" Bloom shrugged innocently.

"As a kid? You're obsessed with them now!" Musa laughed as she turned to face Bloom, Stella and Flora "Weirdo"

Flora opened her eyes slightly to peer down into an old box; she slowly fished out a leather bound book that was covered in dust "What's this?" She asked sleepily.

Bloom gently took the book from her in excitement "Oh wow, it's my old book of fairy tales!"

"Oh god" Musa groaned as Stella rolled her eyes "Here comes a whole ship full of insulting"

Bloom looked affronted "Hey come on! They may be untrue and insulting to you guys but they do teach some good values"

"Oh values" Musa replied sarcastically "I hate fairy tales, they're always making fairies look like unnegotiable...chipper...godmothers who have just the most idiotic rules!"

"Like the one about the servant girl with the glass heels, I mean what fairy godmother would forbid her from staying out past midnight, what a crock! After midnight is when the party really starts" Stella said with a big smile, Flora laughed on Bloom's other side "I know I may be a romantic but I always thought that sleeping beauty and the prince were a little irresponsible, they met one time and they think 'we'll we've got to be married now!'"

Musa laughed and joined in "Or the one about the girl who ate the poison apple and fell into an eternal sleep, you could easily just wake her up with a counter revival spell. That whole thing about true love's kiss is exactly what it's called 'a fairy tale', it wouldn't work"

Bloom looked stubbornly at the book in her hands "Well I don't care what you guys say, I love these stories, I grew up with them and they taught me to never give up and believe in myself"

"Okay you give us a call when our fairy god mother arrives to fix all our problems, then we'll talk" Musa said as she turned and walked back into her room. Bloom ignored her and flipped open the book to the first page, then the second but then pause on the third. The page was one she had never seen before, despite looking at this book hundreds of times as a kid, it was just after the contents page and it looked like a warning. Bloom ran her fingers over the writing and was surprised to see the letters had been scratched into the book; Flora beside her noticed her concern and asked "What is it?"

Bloom shook her head "I've never seen this page before, it's just magically appeared"

Musa waltzed back into the room to stroll over to the back of the couch and look over Bloom's shoulder and remarked mysteriously "Maybe because you're seeing it with new fairy eyes. What's it say?"

Bloom paused before reading "Five tales of love so true, may the four heroines travel through, let your hearts guide your path of darkness, in troubles born of evils heartless and you shall find what does truly matter and once again you're happily ever after"

The girls all stared down in wonder at the book as it suddenly shot light from its pages and in one sickening moment the girls disappeared from their world and crossed over to another.