Chapter Eighteen: And They All Lived...

The run back to granny's was shorter than the first trip, mainly because everyone was so focused on not dying or listening to the battle raging behind them with Granny and Icy. Bloom was now very much close to unconsciousness and barely uttered a word, Musa was busy yelling everyone's ear off in sheer frustration that she had to be the one who was rescued and even Flora seemed overly tense. She kept glancing back at the clearing and seeing big puffs of purple smoke and ice blue flashes like lightening crack over and over behind the tall burnt trees "You think she's okay?"

Brandon answered as he ran next to Stella, hand in hand "She'll be fine, I've known that woman since I was a kid, there's nothing she can't handle"

There was a sudden burst of light and a yell and suddenly Granny was running right next to them, amazingly agile for an old lady. Her hair was a mess and she was looking angry "Okay, so it turns out I can't actually defeat her when she's this mad" A scream of pure rage radiated behind them, sending everyone the strength to run that but faster. The cottage was in sight and nobody hesitated in throwing themselves through the door and locking it behind them, as the guys barricaded the door the girls tried to rouse Bloom. Musa looked up from the window "Hey guys I don't think a locked door is gonna do it!"

"It'll give us the time we need" Stella replied as she hoisted Bloom to sit up against a wall and tried to shake her awake "And we need Bloom!"

Flora stood next to her "You guys this is Icy we're talking about, Bloom was the only one who could defeat her, unless we just try and merge all our powers together and see if that works"

Stella looked over at Musa with wide eyes "Do you think it'll work?"

Musa tilted her head to the side and thought, the door to the cottage had suddenly begun to shake violently and the whole house shook with vibrations, even the wind outside was screaming loudly, she spoke over the roar outside "Well...maybe, we could try. See this is why we need Techna! Ugh...I guess it'll work just give me a minute to think it over some more"

"Well take your goddamn time!" Riven yelled as the four guys pushed their bodies up against the shaking door to keep it from crashing inward. Suddenly cracks began to form on all the walls and furniture, like the whole house was ready to shatter under the strain of all that power. Flora stepped forward and raised her hands "Forest shield!" Green energy spun out of her hands and zipped up toward the ceiling quickly, it tried to wrap itself around the edge of the room but as soon as it made contact with the cracked walls and roof the power was reflected and sent Flora crashing to the ground with a painful yell.

"Flora!" Helia was able to reach out and grab her arm to rescue her from going through a wall. The girl shook her head and grasped her wrist in pain "It's-it's too strong!"

Granny looked around for a moment before yelling "No! This is my house and by god nobody, not even some snooty evil queen, is going to destroy what I have built!" She stomped over to the bedroom for a moment and after a long tense moment emerged with what looked like a large crossbow that glowed with white power, she stopped in the middle of the room and aimed it right at the guys "Duck! And open the door!"

The guys threw themselves to the floor while Riven reached up and after just a slight turn of the knob the whole door was ripped open, black smog infiltrated the small square room, blowing out the fire in the fireplace and sending all loose objects flying to the floor. Granny aimed again and sent a black arrow shooting from her weapon and toward the black smog floating in her doorway, it seemed like it hit the target. The smog suddenly vanished and Granny laughed "Ha! Nobody gets in my house!"

The crossbow was abruptly ripped from her fingers and thrown out the door by some unseen force, Granny gasped and clasped her injured fingers together "Their in my house!"

Stella didn't hesitate when she jumped away from barely conscious Bloom and grabbed Miss F around the shoulders and pulled her back yelling "Shut the door! SHUT THE DOOR!" The guys all grunted as they forced the cracked wooden door back into the doorframe, all the while the roaring outside got louder and all the candles in the room were blown out leaving the group in semi-darkness. They all went silent as they listened to the cottage groan and creak, Granny stood against the wall while Stella and Flora stayed beside Bloom. Musa stood kneeling by the window while the guys covered the door, she looked through the glass and whispered "I don't see her; all I see is black smoke"

"You think the house will hold?" Brandon asked as he looked up to the ceiling, Sky beside him slowly scooted across the room to Bloom's other side and took her hand. Over by the window Musa shook her head "Not a chance"

"Granny is there any sort of spell you can do? Some protection spells or maybe just transport us right out of here?" Stella asked as a banging sound started to get louder outside. Granny shook her head grimly "No, I used most of my power giving you girls power, that and trying to hold her off. I'm completely drained"

"So I guess there's no chance of giving me my powers back as well?" Musa asked hopefully as she crouched down under the window frame as a branch from a nearby tree crashed through the windows glass and almost skewered her.

Granny shook her head as her and Stella braced their feet against the back of the table which had toppled over as the house began to shake even more "Sorry dear, the plan was to just get you out and send you all home with the happily ever after"

Flora looked up with wide eyes beside Bloom "Then why hasn't Sky just kissed Bloom and sent us home yet?" Silence descended on the group as they stared at each other, all of them looked over to where Sky sat beside the ashen looking Bloom who had surprisingly woken up at the mention of Sky kissing her. The couple looked back at their friends with wary expressions; they jumped when Granny pushed off her feet and yelled "Well what are you waiting for soldier? Pucker up!"

Bloom opened her mouth to speak but closed it when Musa shot up beside Granny and gave them a stern look "Do what the woman says, I've spent enough time in this hell hole and I want to go home now!"

Stella quickly interjected "You guys it's not fair for us to force this, it's supposed to be a kiss of true love, holding a gun to their heads won't improve the romance of it all!"

Everyone jumped when the house buckled like a flying tree had just hit the side of it, Brandon looked at the wall where ice was beginning to form in the cracks "I don't think romance is an option right now"

Flora spoke up from beside Bloom "You guys! It's rude to talk about this without asking them what they want!"

Riven rolled his arms and came to stand next to the determined looking Musa and Granny "Screw that there's no time. Come on Sky, take one for the team"

Helia stood up behind him and gave him a look "It's not supposed to be a chore, we're wasting more time just arguing about this, let's just ask them!"

"There's no time for this romance crap!" Musa yelled, frustrated that things weren't moving along.

"Yeah you would know" Stella mumbled with a pointed look at Musa.

"Bite me Saloria!" Musa yelled back.

Another thing hit the house and the whole bottom corner of the right side of the house literally broke off the ground and flew away, everyone scrambled away from it and turned to the frozen couple still on the ground "Kiss already!"

Their determination turned to surprise as Bloom shot up from where she'd been bleeding to death and gave them a look of pure rage "JUST SHUT UP! I've had it with all of you; I've spent the last three days trying like hell to get you all together! Do you know what I've been through? The stress I've endured? I was bitten by a goddamn mutant dog not twenty minutes ago for crying out loud! So get off my back and butt out already!" She then proceeded to grab Sky by the front of the shirt and drag him into Granny's bedroom and with an annoyed look back at everyone proceeded to slam the door shut. Surprisingly the shaking and the wind screaming was a lot less audible in this part of the house, Bloom sighed and tried not to crump to the floor from lack of blood in her system. After a moment of quelling her anger she turned and set eyes on Sky who was trying to appear casual as he leaned again the post of the huge double bed draped in lace and far too many pillows, Bloom felt so worn out and tired that she chuckled at the seriousness of the situation they found themselves in "The spells Granny put around this place won't last long, soon the queen will be bearing down on all of us"

Sky considered for a moment "Not if we send you back really quick"

"Yeah but that'll just send us back" Bloom stepped forward and crossed her arms with a wary look "You'll be left here with the queen to fight her off and to make things worse once we leave you'll have your old Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, Princess Aurora and Belle back, they won't be us they'll be their old fairy tale selves"

"You think they'll remember what happened?"

Bloom sighed again "For your sake I hope so, it'll be kind of hard to explain to them why they're all in sudden mortal peril" They smiled at each other and Bloom tried not to think about everyone else in the next room possibly listening in on their conversation "Hey Sky? Umm I'm really sorry I got you into this mess, because of me you've probably lost your job and now your life is in danger because your boss is trying to break into this place and will probably tear us all to pieces"

"Well it's not an average day on the job's not boring, I'll give you that" She smiled thankfully "But it's not your fault about any of this, if we make it through the night we would have done a lot more good than bad"

"What do you mean?"

"Well I don't know how much you know about this land but here true love actually doesn't come along every day, it's kinda rare. Sure people fall in love and go off into the sunset to live happily ever after but true love. True love can never be taken for granted, it's so rare and so worth it that people spend their entire lives trying to seek out the one person who they'll spend the rest of their lives with. So okay there's an evil queen hell bent on killing us all but that aside...I found true love today"

Bloom felt a warm feeling spread through her chest and she smiled feeling light headed, not really sure if it was from Sky's speech or the fact that she was actually still bleeding to death! Knowing this was the moment of true loves kiss she didn't waste any time stepping forward timidly and gazing wide eyed into Sky's eyes as he wrapped his arms around her. She thought for a moment before whispering "So just to be was worth all the trouble I've caused you?"

He smiled "Worth it but I have a feeling you'll always be a constant pain in the ass"

Bloom smiled and reached up to press her lips against his, as soon as their lips met warmth spread through both of them and before she knew it she was winding her arms around his neck and digging her nails into his scalp. It was supposed to be one kiss but she found herself going for so many more after that, revelling in the feel of their bodies so close together and feeling so wanted and safe.

Bloom broke away with a smile and very out of breath, she gazed up at him in pure bliss for a moment until the whole house actually rocked around them, they could hear the very foundations breaking under and above them. This house was so ready to break apart. Momentarily startled Bloom and Sky looked at each other and waited for a moment for the golden rays and sunshine to pour through from their kiss but they remained the same. Bloom's eyebrows furrowed "I'm still here?"

"You're still here" Sky replied back, sounding equally as mystified.

Bloom felt an unbidden rage stormed through every part of her body and she feared she may actually scratch Sky's eyes out in frustration "I'm still freaking here!" Bloom wretched herself out of his arms and stomped to the bedroom door, almost tearing it off its hinges she looked back into the main room where all her friends looked at her expectantly "We're still here!"

"It didn't work?!" Musa demanded, she looked so angry and so shocked that she had to brace herself against the wall to keep upright.

Flora looked startled at Helia "But all the other kisses worked, why is this any different?!"

Stella was more composed; she marched right up to Bloom and spoke normally but with stone hard eyes "You guys kissed right?"


"I mean really kissed, none of that pecking nonsense?"

"Stella we kissed alright!" Bloom yelled back at her.

"Maybe you did it wrong!" Musa suggested from her place on the wall, she was hyperventilating and looking accusingly at the couple.

"I know how to kiss someone!"

Stella spoke up again "Tell me in detail how you kissed each other, maybe there is some kind of technical error or something. Were your arms around each other? Eyes opened or closed? How long was the kiss? Was tongue involved?"

"Stella!" Bloom raged at her friend, blushing furiously.

At that moment the house finally gave way and broke off its hinges, the whole house excluding the floor flew up into the air and flew away as if carried by a giant twister. Everyone remained on the ground still standing on the floorboards and with all the furniture blowing off into the distance, they looked up and saw a HUGE could of black smog covering everything in slight except the actually missing house. Looking up Bloom spotted Icy floating up in the air with a smug smile, realisation hit her square in the chest, yelling over the wind Bloom spoke to her friends "No fairy tale is complete without the villain being defeated!"

"So we do have to kill Icy?" Brandon asked as they all huddled to the floor.

"I think we do!" Stella yelled back "But how? Blood you can barely fly!"

Bloom looked up at icy again and she felt ice settle over everything around them "I don't need to fly, I just need to hit her once" Bloom struggled to her feet and braced herself against a chair that had been bolted to the floor "Stand up and get ready, I have the perfect spell. Let's just finish this!" Her friends slowly got the their feet and tried not to blow away, they were almost all standing together when a sudden log came out of nowhere and almost hit Musa but Riven was able to wrench her out of the way.

"We'll cover you, just finish the bitch!"

Everyone finally found their feet and set themselves out with the girls huddle together in the middle looking up at icy with the guys standing around them in a circle holding their weapons ready to hit any debris that might threaten to crash into them, granny stood just behind the girls. Musa was the only one who looked nervous "So umm, I don't have powers"

Granny laughed behind her "Oh did I say I couldn't give them to you? Oh my mistake here you are" She waved her hand and suddenly Musa felt her old powers whiz through her body, she turned to give Granny a dirty look "What the hell old woman?"

Granny shrugged "God mothers only help their children when they need them the most"

Musa turned back to the group when icy began to talk "So you're done hiding? You're really going to face me? Even when you know you can't kill me?"

"Oh but we're not going to kill you Icy" Bloom called back to her confidently.

"We're not?" Flora asked quickly

"Buzz kill" Stella replied with a roll of her eyes.

"Girls off her rocker" Musa muttered under her breath.

Bloom ignored them "We won't kill you because that's not what good guys do. That and I have a feeling if we did we'd never get home"

Icy didn't reply but instead looked mildly confused. Bloom took her deep breath and braced herself "You ready?"

Icy shook off her confusion and spread her arms wide "Give it your best shot"

Bloom raised her hands in the air and felt her magic shape to accompany her spell in mind; reddish orange magic began to float between her upraised hands. Her friends followed her lead and soon their expressions went from confused to mischievous in a moment, the magic swirled together in a ball above their heads, all the magic combined creating a rainbow ball of light that swirled quickly. The girls heard the guys thwack things out of their way and even Granny behind them snickered at the choice of spell, Icy above them began the waver when she noticed the reactions. She looked from one person to the next and tried to discern the spell, the girls breathed hard with the effort of the spell. It was abrupt and sudden when Musa stepped forward quickly and hurled the all of light into the air, Icy expected the ball to come sailing straight at her but when it soared right past she gasped and turned in time to see Flora come out of nowhere and actually kick the ball of light off to the side with considerable speed and power, Icy whipped her head to the side trying to follow the light barely even seeing when Stella kicked it right past her higher into the sky. Icy had just enough time to look up and gasp in horror when she saw Bloom catch the ball and hurtle it right at her not a few metres from above, she tried to raise her hand to deflect the ball but it was too fast. It hit her square in the face and she went plummeting to the ground. Hitting the forest floor just a few metres from the old remains of the house the girls quickly rushed after her to make sure their work was done and found with satisfaction that their spell had worked. The guys quickly rushed over with Granny as well and when the older woman reached the remains of icy she burst out laughing, hunching over and clutching her stomach. The girls smiled and tried not to laugh as well, the only ones not laughing were the guys.

They all stared down at the pile of clothes and weirdly white hair that littered the ground; there was no body to speak of. They looked at the girls in confusion, Stella snickered "Hold on a sec, keep watching"

They looked back at the pile and waited, for a moment nothing happened and then suddenly there was a shift and out popped a small creature. An ugly small creature "A frog?!" Brandon yelled, stepping back to get away from the slimy thing.

"Actually it's a toad. A frog was too good for her" Musa replied with an evil smile "Only frogs get kissed"

"But just to make sure she never gets loose" Granny stepped forward and scooped up the Icy/toad in her hands and with a wave of her fingers the thing was placed inside a glass case filled with flies "That ought to do it"

"Well we did it, another job well done!" Stella cheered triumphetly; she paused for a moment before yelling "HOLY TOAD ON A CRACKER!"

The group jumped startled, Flora was wide eyed again "What?! What is it?!"

Stella pointed to the sky where the sun had risen into the sky "The sun, its morning. We missed the time limit!"

Everyone looked appalled at the golden sun in terror. Bloom felt her knees tremble and she let herself fall to her knees, she'd done so much to get home and now she was stuck here, she could hear Musa hyperventilating again and Stella rambling on about her parents and never finishing Alfea. Bloom felt the need to cry in the pit of her stomach and she tried to hold them back, she barely noticed when Granny stepped forward "I'm sorry, time limit?"

Bloom looked up at her with miserable eyes "Yeah, remember you spoke to me about it last night, the three day time limit that is connected with every spell in this world. Our three days are up, we're stuck here!"

Granny still looked confused "Oh!...did...did I not tell you?"

Bloom looked up slowly at the woman with a sour expression "Tell me what?"

"I'm sure I told you in the cottage at tea...I thought...oh well. Don't worry my dears; you have all the time in the world"

Stella quit rambling and looked shocked at Granny, as did everyone else "Huh?"

Granny looked innocently at all of them "The three day rule is a fake"

"WHAT?!" Bloom roared and grasped the woman by the shoulders, shaking her roughly "WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?! YOU'RE EVIL! YOU'RE THE EVIL FAIRY GOD MOTHER! WHY DIDN'T YOU SAY ANYTHING WHEN WE TALKED ABOUT IT?!"

Granny looked truly startled "I'm sorry I got distracted by the story of Red Riding Hood, I mean come on! Eating little girls and grandmothers, dressing up as the granny, what kind of story does that?!"


A long silence ensured, Granny looked innocent and smiled sweetly "Yes"

"I'M GONNA KILL YOU FARAGONDA!" Bloom roared again, shaking her even harder. Hands gripped her arms and pulled her away; she kicked the air and continued to scream in rage. Brandon yelled over her screams Wait wait wait! Everyone knows about that rule, how can you know that? All my life people who wanted to get out of a spell tried there damndest to break it within three days and if they didn't they just gave up"

"And wouldn't they be happy if they thought they were too late but it worked anyway, imagine the happiness" Granny explained as she brushed down the creases Bloom had left in her clothes.

Stella walked forward quickly "But if you knew it was fake, why not tell people and save them the stress?!"

Granny shrugged "Who do you think made up the rule in the first place; it tends to get people more motivated, get things done quicker. You think the spell I gave Cinderella to be back by midnight was real? There was never any way you were gonna listen to me and be home in reasonable hours!"

Stella glanced back to Musa silently; the small girl took a deep breath and then abruptly yelled "KILL HER!" Stella and Musa both rushed the older woman who backed away, both girls were caught by their guys and demanded to be free. It continued like that for a while until Flora yelled at them and got them to calm down.

"You guys we can go home now!" Flora yelled for the seventh time, the girls finally stopped yelled obscenities at Granny and calmed down. Stella puffed and took a deep breath "Bloom, kiss Sky again so we can get the hell out of here!"

Bloom turned to Sky with a smile, the only thing that could possibly cheer her up was Sky. She walked over and wound her arms around his neck. She didn't need privacy this time; she smiled once more "Take two" They kissed passionately and with everything they had, determined for it to work this time and Bloom could have done a happy dance when she felt golden light cover every inch of them. She suddenly felt as light as air and she knew the spell was working, she gave him another small kiss and whispered "Take care of Red for me, I have a feeling we have a lot in common"

"Always" He answered and they kissed again as golden light began to envelop the rest of the group.

Stella turned to Brandon as light covered her skin and smiled "I'm gonna miss you Prince Brandon"

Brandon smiled and wrapped his arms around her "I'll miss you too Stella"

"Oh it's gonna be Cinderella now, I hope at least that she learned to have some confidence and be a great princess" Stella replied with a lazy smile "But on the bright side I know you'll still love me even when I'm old and wrinkly"

Brandon laughed "Oh you bet I will!" He picked her up and swung her around, Stella squealed and laughed in delight.

Flora smiled at the display and turned to Helia, burying her face into his shoulder and wrapping her arms around him "I almost don't want to go, even though I'm going got see you back at my home I'll still miss you"

Helia squeezed her tight "If I'm smart I will never leave you"

"Take care of the princess okay? From what I can tell she seems really nice, take her away from her and see the world, I think she's tired of being locked away in a castle"

"I promise"

Musa strolled nonchalantly over to Riven with a smirk "As much as I hate being the victim, getting rescued by you was pretty cool, you should do it again sometime"

He looked down at her suspiciously "Why?"

"Well it seems like it's the only way to get a kiss out of you!" Musa yelled in mock frustration, her lips quirked into a smile "Plus I think Belle will find it really hot"

"I've never met Belle, I don't even know what she's like" Riven shrugged carefree.

Musa slapped him on the arm "That is not an excuse! When I leave you're gonna be nice to her, she's like a small bunny. Frightened of sudden movement and fragile as a glass sword. Promise me you'll try harder for her okay? You two belong together"

"I belong with you" Riven said down at her, he still stood carefree but Musa could detect the emotion in his voice.

"Aw will you miss me, jackass?" Musa laughed and poked him in the arm. She yelled in surprise when he grabbed her and swung her around to kiss her with such passion and emotion that Musa thought she might faint, she smiled as they kissed and when they broke contact she rested her forehead against his and enjoyed the rare show of emotion. He smiled and whispered "Yes, I'll miss my stubborn little pain in the ass"

Bloom finally was able to detangle herself and called out to her friends "Okay, time to go!"

"And be sure not to come back!" Granny yelled from off to the side.

"Granny!" Bloom replied, saddened but still amused.

"Not excuses, you cause far too much trouble! Just look at my house!" Granny yelled but with a smile "But as far as goodbyes go, good luck my dears"

Bloom and the girls stood together and held hands, the golden light coming off them had intensified until the world around them disappeared; flying through time and space the girls felt themselves pop back into their own bodies. They all fell to the ground of their apartment at Alfea gasping for air, Bloom felt like she was a rock glued to the floor. Looking around with a heavy head she found that everything was just as she'd left it, the book of fairy tales still sitting on the coffee table "You guys okay?"

"No! I feel like I was just sledge hammered into the floor!" Stella yelled from the other side of the couch out of sight, Bloom laughed "Flora?"

Flora was a little more quiet "Well I'm not sleepy anymore"

"Speak for yourself" Musa mumbled from the floor by the bedrooms, she looked so tired and worn out. The girls were able to get themselves to the couch and sit down, resting their heavy heads on each other's shoulders, it was silent until Musa spoke "Bloom, I know you might have emotional attachment to that book but for the good of everyone here – burn it!"

The girls laughed and couldn't stop for a long time. They did however stop laughing when a voice sounded behind them "What are you all laughing about?"

The girls spun and spotted two figures standing in the dorm room's doorway "Techna! Layla!" Bloom yelled in happiness, she had thought she'd never see her friends again. Musa must have felt the same way because she shot up from the couch and tackled Techna to the floor.

"Oh! Musa!"

"Don't ever leave me again!" Musa yelled into her shoulder, refusing to let go of her friends and roommate.

"Why are you here?" Flora asked from the couch.

"Well nobody could reach any of you all day, I got a strange feeling about it and came right back" layla explained as she stepped over Musa and Techna and walked in to sit on a box "But I can see I was silly for worrying"

Musa smiled "Aw, you worried about us?"

"No! I just forgot my phone" Techna replied as she tried to stand up. It was only until Musa got a message on her own phone that she release Techna and looked at her screen, her eyes widened "Holy crap!"

"What?" Bloom asked quickly.

Musa smiled "It's Riven, he's invited me to go camping with him and his dad! the woods" She paused for a moment "Oh god, it's like reliving it all over again"

"Reliving what?" Layla asked as Techna went into her room and hunted for her phone.

"Nothing" Bloom, Flora, Stella and Musa all said in unison.

"I gotta go finish packing; I have a ship to catch!" Musa yelled as she rushed over to her room with a huge smile.

"Hey! What about spending the summer with your dad? Music concerts and what not?" Layla asked at Musa's retreating form.

"Dad's invited too!" She called from out of sight "Riven's dad needed someone to hang out with while me and Riven spend time together, maybe we'll go wolf hunting"

"Stop it!" Bloom yelled as she buried her face into the couch. After that things moved fast, turns out only a few hours had passed since the spell started, Stella had missed her bus to Saloria so she was going to go tomorrow. She took this as an opportunity to take Flora out for lunch where they'd meet Brandon and Helia, Bloom opted to stay behind. Techna found her phone after Layla left and offered to give Musa a ride. Bloom was left all alone in her apartment, sitting on the couch she shuffled through the book of fairy tales with a small smile, careful not to read anything out loud when a knock came to the door. Opening it she found her boyfriend Sky waiting on the other side, without a word she threw herself into his arms.

"Hey you, I heard there was a lonely princess here in need of rescuing"

"Oh Prince charming you have no idea" Bloom laughed happily.

And they all lived happily ever after. The End.

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