I do not own My So Called Life, the characters, or any song lyrics contained in this work of fiction.

Location: Scene opens in a plush hotel room, we find Jordan sitting up in bed having just woken up. He is shirtless, and built, and the sheet is over his legs, pooled around his waist. He is alone.

Jordan: (Voice Over)

Every night my dreams are the same. I am with her. We are somewhere, anywhere, the location changes every night, and it isn't even always sex. It is just us together. I wake up and I feel so complete, until I realize that it was a mere dream and reality bites…because we are not together and have not been in ages. God, I miss her. I cannot believe that we have been out of Liberty for so long. Can we really be at the twenty year reunion? How does time fly so fast? I guess time flies while you are busy on tour, writing, recording, performing, and in legal proceedings. Oh no, not that I got in trouble. I had to fire some management that was not looking out for my best interest along the way.

So I guess I never was able to move on. Angela Chase occupies my every though. She was the sunshine in my day, with or without that bright red dyed hair. Now she is just the sunshine in my dreams.

I am grateful for the internet, and social networking websites. I have been able to follow her from wherever in the world I am at. I know so much about her, but I never had the guts to hit that friend request button. I guess I was afraid. Afraid she would hit ignore. I swear she gets more beautiful with every year that goes by.

She is still single. I wonder if she still over thinks everything, I know everyone thought that I didn't think at all, that I was not smart enough. I had all kids of thoughts bouncing around in my head, I just couldn't say them. I guess I still can't. I can sing them. Learning to read was one of the best things that happened for me, and I only improved as the years go by. Brain did help me, probably more than he knows.

I follow what Brain is up to. How could I not? He is a world-famous photojournalist. I have invited him backstage to one of our concerts, and when we visited offered him a paying job as the photographer for our new album. He accepted and we have worked together for several weeks, he has shot us in different outfits, settings, and he has some type of vision. I trust it will be fantastic. We spent some time talking about the past but the one thing we have not spoken about is Angela. She is off-limits.

Scene fades out so Jordan can start his day, it is the last day of his photo shoot, and he is meeting Brian Krakow at the arena for his sound check, and last photos.

Scene: Small loft apartment in NYC, Angela is in her kitchenette, fixing and eating her breakfast while we hear her thoughts.

Angela: (Voice Over)

Why do I over think everything in my life? I compare every guy I meet to him or Krakow. It ends up being relationship napalm. Every relationship I have been in for the past 20 years, I have ruined. Maybe Jordan ruined. I have not seen or spoken to Jordan in 20 years, and I still dream about him. In my dreams I see him leaning against my locker waiting for me. I have that same dream every night that he is waiting for me.

I am single, never married. My sister, Danielle has three kids with her husband Brain. Yeah, Danielle married the man of her dreams, Brian Krakow. I guess my parents got what they always wanted, Brian Krakow as a son-in-law. They have a set of eight year old twin girls and a son that is two. Danielle told me that he has been away on assignment for the last month, but not where or what he was doing. He is a photojournalist, and he has been all over the globe. She is a stay at home mom, and since they still live in Three Rivers, she has both sets of grandparents to help her.

Sharon is married with six kids. I think she is nuts, but I love my Godchildren. I am just glad she knows I can't give them all gifts for every birthday and holiday on my salary. Social work does not pay in cash, but it pays in intangible rewards. Every kid I get off the streets, and placed in a good home fills me with joy. I do it because of Rickey. I can't describe how much his situation changed me, made me appreciate my mom who tried to control me life. I was loved, wanted. I am glad that Mr. Katimski and his partner gave him a home, became his family. They are now the proud grandparents of Rickey and his partner's children that they adopted, from the foster system. Rickey knew that he would pay it forward and make a home for a few kids that were like he was back in High School, alone. He knows a fabulous social worker in NYC that helped him make that happen. He lives here, working in fashion. He and his family treat me to dinner once a week, since they are well off and I am well. I am a social worker.

I miss Jordan. I know it is like, over and ancient history, but I miss him. I wake up every day; feeling like his kiss is still on my lips, wishing I owned a De Lorean with a Flux capacitor. I wish I could go back in time and change the past. He is famous now. He probably has thousands of women dropping their pants for him all the time; I know there is just no way he would want me anymore.

I need to get going, just two more days of work, then home for the reunion…20 years later, too late.

I know he won't be there. Like he is a rock star, why would he come back?

Scene fades as Angela gathers her things and heads out of her tiny apartment for work, dressed in jeans and a flannel shirt. She looks like one of the kids she is trying to help. She still looks so young, not like a 38-year-old woman.