I do not own My So Called Life, the characters, or any song lyrics contained in this work of fiction. Danielle and Brian's kids are of my imagination. I based Rayanne's husband on AJ Langer's real life husband because I always pictured Rayanne dying from her addictions but I though well, what if she got herself together, found a fabulous husband, and was a Lady. No one who knew Rayanne would ever suspect her to be married to a Lord. I created Rickey's partner, David for the storyline. I do not own the Thirty Seconds to Mars lyrics that I quoted; I used them for the story line.

Angela: (Voice-Over) I felt like I was floating on air when I got to Danielle and Brian's house that morning. Yes, I said morning. After the reunion, I went with Jordan for drinks and then sat in his rental car with him and made out like I was in High School again. Brian and Danielle went home without me after the reunion and I think they were happy to have their house to themselves. I crept in around 4 am and took my shoes off and went up to the guest room. I quickly slid out of my dress and into my over-sized t-shirt I had packed to sleep in. I crawled into bed with my make-up still on and a huge smile on my face.

Four short hours later, I was rudely awakened by two annoying but adorable little blonde girls who crawled into bed with me and were jumping on the bed yelling "Auntie Angela." Ughhh…

I got them to leave me alone long enough to grab a quick shower and then I spent my day playing with my darling nieces and my nephew. Jordan called me and he came over and put up with the kids. He was really good with them, I was surprised. Finally their bedtimes rolled around and I was able to make a graceful exit

I had only one more half day in PA before I had to head back. I had taken Monday off because I knew I would want to spend the Sunday with the girls. I love to play with them. I wish I could spend more time with them, but it is hard to get too much time away, and really to travel is so expensive and with my meager salary, I have all I can do to keep ahead of the bills.

Going home to New York is going to be different. I am in a different place than I was when I arrived back home for my reunion, and I am glad I came home. I almost didn't. I am so glad that Rickey convinced me. He, David, and their kids are traveling back to the city with me Monday afternoon. They are my family in the city and I love them all.

Jordan: (Voice-Over) I am so happy. I feel complete again. All these years I felt there was something missing and it was Angela Chase. I spent time with her at Brains yesterday. His kids are cute. He is a great dad. He told me he owes it all to his father–in-law because that was his example of how a dad should be, not his own. I like being a part of the Chase family. The greatest part was Angela's nieces and nephew does not know that I am a rock star so they just treated me like I was a normal guy. I don't get enough of that and I enjoyed it. Danielle threatened to kill me if I mess this up or hurt her sister.

Danielle :( Voice-Over) So big sis is dating Jordan again. I want them to make it work. I want her to be happy. I also want her off the market for my own sanity and jealousy. I can't stand that I am jealous of her. These feelings just never went away from when I was a kid. I felt like she had it all, when in reality I know it was I that had it all, the great husband, the beautiful kids, the promising career. I just know that on some deeper level that my husband has feelings for her that he never got passed and that worries me. I hope that Angela and Jordan being together will put an end to it for him for good. He almost said her name last night when we were in bed together but then he quickly changed to mine, like "Anndani" and it is probably because she was under our roof and on his mind. God I hope that is all. I have so many doubts.

Brian :( Voice –Over) I know that something is bothering Dani today. I feel so guilty for nearly saying her sister name last night. I will be happy when she is out of sight out of mind. She is not like available anyhow so I need to get over her. I still love her though. I need help. I don't want to ruin my life over some stupid infatuation I still have from High School but I can't stop thinking about her. He better treat her right or I will kill him. I need to concentrate on making my wife happy. I love Dani, I really do. She is amazing.

Sharon: (Voice-Over) I love my kids but sometimes I wish we didn't have them. I could kill Kyle. I wanted to see some of my friends more and yeah, he agreed to sit with my friends but geez spending the whole evening with the football team was just not that much fun. Sometimes I wish I was Angela, single still, able to make major life decisions at this age as compared to the age I made them at. I could have done more with my life than just been a mom. I had great grades, and dreams, but I threw that all away when I became pregnant. I could use a time machine and a do over. How romantic is it that Jordan wanted Chase Face back? I need to call Dani and get details.

Rickey: (Voice -Over) I feel like a fairy godfather today. I am so glad that Brian told me what Jordan was planning and that I made her to be the belle of the ball. She looked beautiful and I hope they find some happiness together. I love Angela, she is my family, but she needs to stop being alone and be happy.

David: (Voice-Over) I love how you can see that Mr.; Katimski and the Chase's love my Rickey. I love how he carved out his own family when his didn't work like a family should. I am forever grateful to them for without them who knows what would have become of him, and I cannot picture my life without his.

Scene: Cut to Angela packing up her things back at her parents' house.

Angela's mom: I can't believe that you have to leave already, it seems like you just got here.

Angela: I know mom, but I have work.

Angela's mom: I know but we do miss you.

Angela: (muttering under her breath) some of you do.

Scene: Jordan's Hotel Room

We see Jordan packing his things up, making a phone call, checking out, and in getting in his rental car, driving away from the hotel

Scene: In front of Katimski's

We see Rickey and David and the kids getting in the limo to head to the airport.

Scene: In front of the Chase house.

We see Angela going out front with her bags waiting for her ride

Fade out