Summary: Kaiba fell through the glass roof during his tag battle with Yugi. He was certain he was a dead man. So how is he stuck with this Raven guy? What did he do to deserve this hell?!

Warnings: Tea-bashing, mild Yugi-bashing, slight AUness in the form of a twisted Battle City duel, SKxOMC, Legendary PKMN as deities, some slight OOC on Kaiba's part. No citrus, teams that may seem odd at first, some time travel/dimension hopping near the end.

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Raven Scottsdale, a seventeen-year-old coordinator and breeder, was walking through Petalburg Woods, his Ninetales leading the way with Will-o-Wisp, his Espeon guarding the rear, when the branches above and ahead of him cracked—as if something were falling through.

Cursing, he ducked and backed up. "Ninetales," he called softly. The white fox dashed to him, taking up a defensive position in front of her beloved trainer, Espeon jumping up beside her. It wasn't exactly what he had meant them to do, but at least they were out of the way of whatever was falling…

Probably a widow-maker. There were many in the woods. He had seen foolish trainers crushed under them because they weren't paying attention. He had seen Pokémon caught, too, and even though it was usually too late for them, he still tried to pull them free.

Something crunched sickeningly—flesh and bone meeting the earth. Had a branch hit someone? They crept forward, trying to stay as silent as possible. Ninetales and Espeon were more successful at it than Raven, though the teen had gotten pretty good at it over the years.

What they saw was a shock, to say the least.

There was, indeed, a person unconscious on the forest floor—a teen Raven's age, maybe a little older. He had brown hair and was wearing a white trench coat. He looked like he had been trampled by a Ryhorn—but there wasn't a branch in sight to have caused the damage.

Confused, Raven stopped. The only thing he could think of to explain this, was if someone had carried the man up—maybe on a Tropius—and dropped him. He shuddered at the thought.

The man groaned, immediately setting Ninetales and Espeon back on defensive. Raven glanced around quickly and stepped forward.

It wouldn't be long before darkness fell, but they weren't too far away from Rustboro. Making his decision, Raven slung the other teen's arm around his shoulders and heaved, trying to pull the other upright. Grunting, he managed to pick him up and drag him along the path a few steps.

With a growl, he paused. This wasn't going to work! The other teen was taller and heavier, and while Raven was certainly fit from his travels, he couldn't seem to quite manage it. Not for the two miles between there and Rustboro Pokémon Center.

Ninetales, seeming to realize this, padded up to her wonderful trainer and nudged one of the PokeBalls on his belt, freeing one of her teammates—and rivals for his attention.

The freed light took the form of a white, almost angelic-looking Pokémon. "Tooogekiss!"

"Togekiss!" The Pokemon turned, alarmed at the sight of his trainer almost falling over under the weight of this other human, and soared over, grasping the stranger by his trench coat and giving his master a boost. Raven grit his teeth, heaved, and started forward once more. Ninetales and Espeon hurriedly took their places, Ninetales creating light with Will-o-Wisp.

Step by step, moving as slow as a Slugma, the odd group made their way to the edge of the forest.


Seto Kaiba woke up with a splitting headache, coupled with the distinct feeling of being hit by a truck.

The yellow walls of the room he was in didn't help matters much.

Growling, he started to sit up—only to wince as his ribs protested. Damn, how had he ended up like this? Last thing he remembered was falling through the glass roof of that building he and Yugi were dueling on, against those two goons of Marik's. He had been terrified—not for himself, but for his little brother, Mokuba, who would have to manage the company now—and had wished desperately that he could have another chance…

Had he survived?

"Oh, you're awake!" A bright, cheerful voice brought him out of his thoughts. He looked up, slightly taken aback that his nurse (doctor?) had pink hair. Focused entirely on healing her patients, cheerful to a fault, it was like seeing an adult version of Tea. Except Tea wouldn't dye her hair pink.

Would she?

"I'm Nurse Joy, and you are very lucky Raven happened to find you when he did…" And Nurse Joy proceeded to lecture him on the dangers of traveling without a "Pokémon," whatever that was.

At least she wasn't spouting friendship speeches at him.

At least it wasn't Yugi lecturing him for the umpteenth time on the Heart of the Cards.

But there's no Mokuba either, a voice—his voice—whispered. I've abandoned him, because of one foolish move. I could have taken another speech, a lecture, a thousand defeats! Because Mokuba was worth it…

And suddenly, he wanted to cry. His nose was slightly stuffed, his chest felt heavy, he even felt tears starting to form. But he fought them back, refusing to show weakness to a stranger, some goody-two-shoes nurse who was getting on his nerves!

He tuned her out, stuffing his grief and pain into a box labeled Do Not Go There (created by his hateful stepfather), and swung his legs around to plant his feet on the ground, ignoring Nurse Joy's gasp of shock and her scolding tone. He needed to get out of bed, because he needed to distract himself from his emotions and the best way to do that was to find out where, exactly, he was, and couldn't do that if he was lying around all day, now could he?

That she put a hand on his shoulder, trying to get him to lie back down without using actual force, was both amusing and irritating. He pushed past her anyway.

Thankfully, even though someone had taken off his trench coat and shirt, folding them and placing them on an empty chair, they had left him with his pants. He shrugged his shirt on and slung his coat over his shoulder; it was too warm to put it on right now. Then he left the room, leaving the protesting nurse behind him, turned left, and stalked down the hall, giving his best impression of "I Own the World" that he could muster.

Somehow, he managed to find his way outside, drawing the stares of the others who were waiting in the front, though they didn't stare for long; he assumed that this was some kind of hospital, so they must have been waiting for news of loved ones.

That was more important than some stranger with a bad attitude.

Outside, the sun shone brilliantly. The Do Not Go There box rattled at the sheer contrast of the weather against his emotions. A bright blue sky accentuated by a few fluffy white clouds, sunshine, the perfect temperature, a small but clean city with cheerful people walking up and down the streets…

It was sickening.

The only one who didn't seem to blend into and belong to this image was a dark haired teen who was so concentrated on the map he was holding that he couldn't help but stand out from the crowd around him. Where everyone else was cheery, always moving or talking or something, he was still, sober—

—and was standing next to the weirdest creature he had ever seen.


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