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Raven stretched as they walked along the path. He hadn't thought they would be returning to Mt. Pyre—Seto thought it was a creepy place to train, even though Raven liked it—but it was good that they were. Seto needed to get over this ghost-phobia of his, Raven felt; it was strange, especially from a man who acted like he owned the world most of the time.

Really, it was lucky Mt. Pyre was the only place to look for vulpix, by that logic. Plus there were plenty of trainers and Pokémon in the area to train with. The place was honestly perfect, to him.

Well, almost perfect. He still had May yammering in his ear about her latest ribbon with Beautifly—this had to be the tenth time she had repeated the story to him. And now that Kaiba had pointed out why she was acting like this, he was starting to regret letting her come with them; she had been difficult enough to tolerate before. Ignorance was, in this case, truly bliss.

The ignorance about Carol's intentions had been bad, though. His poor, unsuspecting ninetales had almost been part of a plot to seduce him, and he had almost agreed simply to give Max something other than a skitty. What had he been thinking?

And now that he knew all this, what was he supposed to do? He shouldn't let it all continue; he would have to set them straight. Even if he continued to play stupid, they would eventually decide they needed to be more direct, which might lead to a public confrontation. He hated public confrontations, ever since that fight with Harley.

The coordinator had decided to perv on an unsuspecting fourteen-year-old—Raven—before the contest began. When Raven had turned him down and then proceeded to beat Harley, taking first place and his very first ribbon, Harley had—well, the best descriptor would be that he threw a tantrum, complete with crying and screaming that Raven cheated.

Because Raven was old enough to think of a way and pull it off, and new to coordinating, they had actually investigated. All they came up with was that Raven had dedicated three years to training the Pokémon he had used in the contest before actually entering, and that was why they won. That Pokémon was his faithful ninetales.

Since then, Raven had gone out of his way to avoid fights—that investigation had taken weeks, and made him miss his next contest. He could only imagine how much worse this current situation could get. He could just imagine Carol screaming that he had promised to marry her or something.

He shivered. Anyway, May seemed content to let him be for now, and he could avoid Carol until they returned to Fortree.

Raven dropped back, letting May wander ahead, clueless. He elbowed Seto. "You never answered my question," he accused.

"What, about moving to Pacifidlog? You sure that's where you want to go?" Kaiba raised an eyebrow. "There's even less room there than Fortree."

"It would be awesome, though," Raven sighed, staring up at the clouds. "Imagine waking up and looking out the window, watching the ocean waves."

"Imagine the storms."

Raven shoved his friend. "Spoilsport."

"Think about it, though. One good wave would swamp the entire town, and everyone would drift away."

"Road maintenance must be hell."

"Can't grow anything out there, you'd have to order everything in."

"Whatcha guys talking about?" May had finally realized Raven had made his escape.

"Raven's got a stalker at home," Kaiba said bluntly. "He wants to move."

"Good plan. Have you thought about Fallarbor Town?" May asked.

"Fallarbor Town?" Raven furrowed his brow. "Haven't been up there in a while."

"Neither have I," May admitted, "but I remember it being absolutely gorgeous! Meteor Falls especially."

"Might be a good place," Kaiba said thoughtfully. "The town's quite large, but there aren't that many houses. It's a good place to have a lot of Pokemon, and the vulpix and ninetales will be alright if it gets cold."

"Yeah, it does get a bit chilly up there sometimes, doesn't it? Really, I'm surprised it doesn't snow up there more often."

Raven shivered. "Arceus, May, don't remind me! That storm was awful!"

"At least I'll be able to talk to Lanette again, even if the snow's a pain," Kaiba mused. That storage system was amazing, there was so much it could be turned to…

Raven felt a pang. Yeah, Lanette, the girl who upgraded the storage system. He smiled weakly.

"Maybe we should stop for the night, it's almost sunset," May said suddenly. She gave Raven a speculative look.

Arceus, he hoped she didn't try another pass at him, or he would have to actually turn her down.

As soon as camp was set up for the evening, May dug out her map. "Alright, so what's the plan?"

"I thought we'd worked this out?" Kaiba snapped.

May rolled her eyes. "Yeah, catch the vulpix, go to Lilycove, but then what? Are you buying a firestone, finding one, or were you hoping one would drop out of the sky?"

"I was hoping a piece of the sun would drop on my head and set me on fire," Raven answered innocently. May smacked his shoulder.

"Seriously, though, you may want to search for one on Mt. Chimney," she said, sobering. "You can train what you catch on the way."

"We could just order the tests from Professor Birch," Kaiba pointed out. "A little expensive, but more certain than guessing on the road. Even if Raven's amazing at guessing."

Raven blushed as May turned to look at him. "I just can tell," he mumbled.

"What do you mean?" May asked.

Kaiba shrugged, unconcerned. "Best anyone can tell is that he notices details no one else does. It's a really useful skill for an amateur to have. What'd the daycare lady say? Not a lot of professionals can do it or something?"

Raven blushed harder, mumbling something vaguely in the affirmative.

"Wow, Raven!" May exclaimed. "I didn't know you could do that!" Raven squirmed. "Hey, think you can look at Glaceon?" she asked, her eyes gaining a sudden spark.

"Sure." Raven glanced at Seto uncertainly, but the other teen was apparently getting more wood for the fire or something, because he had disappeared. Something May noticed as well.

"Well, thought he'd never leave," she muttered. Raven looked at her questioningly. "I wanted to ask you something, but not in front of him," she explained.

"What is it?" he asked. Arceus, I hope she doesn't ask me out or something, he prayed.

"Do you like Seto?"