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Chapter 1: A new Goal in life appears

"Okay children calm down, as you know today you will be put in your Genin teams" Iruka said to his noisy classroom fill with the future ninja for the Hidden Leaf.

The class became quit, but each student still full with excitement because today will be the start as ninja for the rest of their lives. A pink hair girl in the class had to be the most excited one out of the most. "Today is the day I become a ninja and the start to win Sasuke-kun heart if I'm in his team!" thought Sakura. "You tell them girl! We going to beat Ino-pig for Sasuke-Kun's heart!." An inner Sakura reassure the pink hair girl.

Iruka began to call out the teams out load to the class. "Team 7 will have Sasuke Uchiha, Sakura Haruno, and Kiba Inuzuka." Sakura was beyond happy right now, that someone could make fun of her forehead and she could care less. In her head inner Sakura was fist pumping.

After Iruka finish calling out the teams he left the class and told the Genin that their Sensei's would come pick them up. A few minutes later some of the new Genin teams were pick up by their Sensei. After a few more a young blond male Jounin enter the room. Once he entered the room all the girls including Sakura were wowed by his good looking looks. He had whiskers on each side of his face that many of them thought was the cutest thing in the world and had the most amazing blue eyes.

The young Jounin finally introduced himself to the class. "Um Hi there I'm Naruto! I'll be team 7 Sensei! Would the Genin that were put on team 7 please follow me to the benches outside the school." Naruto said with excitement in his voice. After that Naruto lifted the classroom.

"Oh my god my Sensei is so is so is so …" "Hot and Sexy I just want to eat him up!" finish inner Sakura. Sakura was about to argue back, but she felt one of her classmate tap her shoulder. "You do realize that you team lift like 30 seconds ago right?" the classmate ask. With that Sakura ran outside the classroom and school feeling like a complete idiot meeting up with her team.

"Okay since everyone is here why don't we get to know each other? And I will go first then you guys will go okay?" ask Naruto. The three Genin just nodded their head to agree with their Sensei.

" I'm Naruto Namikaze! I'm 18 years old and my parents are Kushina Namikaze which is my mom and my Dad is Minato Namikaze the Fourth Hokage." After Naruto said that his students were amazes who were his parents and age. Both Kiba and Sasuke thought it was going to be great getting thought by the Fourth son. Sakura on the other hand was thinking it was great that Naruto was only five years older than her.

"I guess I should continue right? Um I guess I could tell you guys my likes, dislikes, and my dream for the future. My likes are my family, friends, village, and the greatest food in the world ramen. My dislikes are assholes that want to harm people for no good reason. And last my dream is to become Hokage just like my dad. Okay now that I'm finish why don't you with the puppy on his head go?" Naruto pointed at Kiba.

" My name is Kiba Inuzuka and the puppy on my head is name Akamaru. My likes are my clans dog, my mom, and unfortunately I have to like my older sister Hana. My dislikes are when my sister goes inside my room and when I have to pick up dog crap for my clan. My dream for the future is to become the head of the clan when I'm old enough." Finish Kiba with Akamatu barking in approval of Kiba's words.

" Huh so that Hana little brother, I hope she doesn't us him to get me to go on a date with her since she basically would try anything to get in my pants" Thought Naruto to himself.

"Okay now that get the kid with the blue shirt on to go next." Naruto said as he pointed at Sasuke.

"I'm Sasuke Uchiha and I don't have many likes, but I do have many dislakes. My dream is become as strong as my older brother Itachi." Sasuke finish his speech and for some reason Sakura didn't fan girl over it. Sakura thought it was weird of her at first, but then her inner self explain because it to Sakura that she was over her crush on Sasuke and had gain a new one on somebody else.

"So Sasuke wants to be as strong as Itachi, well that might just take a few more years Sasuke" thought Naruto with a smile on his face that made Sakura blush when she saw the smile.

"Alright now for you with the pink hair to go introduce yourself to us."

"I'm Sakura Haruno. My likes are …" she look at Naruto with a blush, " My dislikes are Ino-PIG! And my dream is to …" she looked at Naruto again with a blush and giggled.

Naruto thought Sakura had a fever or something because her face reddened as she spoke. He also thought it kind of look cute too.

"Okay since that it over Team 7 will meet at the training grounds tomorrow at 8 o'clock in the morning. Remember to eat well tonight because you're going to need for tomorrow practice. And one my last thing before you guys go you don't have to called me Naruto Sensei, just Naruto because I don't like all that formal stuff." Naruto with what he was saying with smile and then let ever one go back to their homes.

When Naruto smile again it made Sakura's heart skip a beat.

As Sakura walked home she thought to herself what a day she just had. She became a Genin, got on a great team, was over Sasuke, and now had a new goal in Life. "And that Goal is to Win Naruto's Heart and have our way with him in bed! Cha!" Sakura inner self yelled in Sakura's mind and for once in her life time Sakura fully agree with her inner self.


Here a fewer things that you help you understand what's happening in the story

Naruto, Itachi, Hana, Shino, and Hinata are 18 years old in the story.

Naruto Genin team had Shino and Hinata with their teacher being Kakashi being their Sensei when they were 13 years old.

Naruto Parents are still alive and the Kyuubi still is seal in Naruto

The Uchiha are not killed off by Itachi because they were able to make a deal with Minato

The rest of Konoha 12 that are not Naruto, Shino, and Hinata are 13 meaning Lee team is 13 too

The Main Paring will be NaruSaku

As for other pairings I have not decide but you guys can leave any you want to see in a review and I look at them and see if I like them

And last of all Naruto has never kiss or dated any one until he gets with Sakura

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