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Chapter 11: Final Showdown

Later on the night after the Inari's talk

"Are you always going to sneak into my room at night now?" Naruto asked Sakura as she snuggle more into him.

"Just because you said that we had to wait until we go back to the village to have sex doesn't mean that I don't want to spend some alone time with you here." Sakura said with a blush on her pretty face.

"I can't really hold that against you, can I?" Naruto responded with a nervous laugh.

"I just wanted more alone time with is that so bad?" Sakura said as she snuggled deeper into Naruto embrace.

"Can't say I don't feel the same, I would love to have more alone time with you too. Anyways since you're here there is something I wanted to ask you. You always had great charka control, but today training just proves it more. What I'm trying to get at is, would you like to be a medical ninja?" Naruto asked as he rubbed circles on her back.

"Well when I was in the ninja academy, we studied a little bit on what medicals ninjas did. One of my idols we learn in class was a medical ninja, so I would love to learn to be a medical ninja. Would you be the one to teach me that?" Sakura asked.

"Oh no I don't know any medical jutsu to save my life, but the person that would teach learned medic jutsu when she was in her Genin years. I'll introduce you to her when we back in the village." Naruto told Sakura.

"That sound great, but for now I'm just happy that we're together alone her." Sakura said with a smile on her face.

The two spelt together again in the same bed until it was time for Sakura to go back to her room before anyone else woke up.

Three days after at the bridge area

As Team 7 was helped out Tazuna to build the bridge, the area around started to colder and foggier than before. Naruto already knew what that meant, that Zabuza and Haku arrive.

"Zabuza you can come out now! I already knew that you were coming because I left two clones back at Tazuna's house. They already took care of the man that Gato sent to attack Tazuna's family." Naruto said.

"I could care less for those pieces of trash that Gato called his man. I'm here to finish you off and to finally kill that old man." Zabuza said as he and Haku came into view.

"To bad that's not what's going to happen because I'm right here to stop you." Naruto told Zabuza as he gave him a cocky smile.

"Sasuke, Sakura, and Kiba you guys are going to have to fight the kid with the mask. You guys are going need to fight as a team if you guys want any chance of beating him. You three have to watch each other's backs okay." Naruto said to his team.

All three Genins nodded their heads in agreement to what Naruto just told them. Naruto started to towards Zabuza as Haku made his way towards the three Genins.

"I'm sure my one student can kill your three little kids that you have that came themselves ninjas. Also I know for a fact that I'm going to cut that head of yours off your body!" Zabuza yelled at Naruto.

Naruto created a few shadow clones and then sent them to attack Zabuza. Zabuza seeing this decided to make his own water clones to fight off Naruto's shadow clones. As the clones from both Naruto and Zabuza fought, Naruto was thinking of ways to end this fight fast.

"I can't take too long with Zabuza because even if Sasuke, Kiba, and Sakura are well trained ninjas I still think that Haku character can get an upper hand against them." Naruto as the last clones finish each other off.

"Since our clones are destroy why don't we go to the main of event?" Zabuza asked.

Zabuza started running towards Naruto with his giant sword ready to hit Naruto, when Naruto block the blow with kunai. Naruto and Zabuza reach at a stalemate as Team 7 were having trouble with Haku. Sakura, Sasuke, Kiba, and Akamaru were surrounded by Haku's ice mirrors.

"Shit this guy is really stronger than I thought he would be." Kiba said to his teammates and Akamaru.

"Don't tell me that you're ready going to give up dog boy?" Sasuke teased Kiba even though he felt the same way about the situation there in.

"Who said anything about giving up and don't call me dog boy!" Kiba yelled back at Sasuke.

"Would two just shut the hell up? Naruto told us that we should fight as a team, so stop fighting with one another!" Sakura yelled at the two boys.

Back to the fight between Naruto and Zabuza

Both of them were using their best jutsus at one another. This fight was just as close as their first one was. You could hear the sound of blades clashing when Zabuza's sword met with Naruto's kunai. Both men were nearing their limits as they continued to fight each other. They finally jump to opposite sides to give some space between them.

"I got to say you not half bad Naruto, but that doesn't mean you're going to win. I came here to kill the bridge builder and you don't going to stop me!" Zabuza told Naruto.

"You're not half bad yourself Zabuza and as I said before I'm not going to let you come near old man Tazuna. This bridge will be finish built even if that means your death." Naruto told Zabuza before taking a quick glance at the battle between Team 7 and Haku.

What he saw scared him to death. He saw his three Genins lying on the ground with Haku standing in front of them ready to give the final blow to each one of them. Something in Naruto snap when he saw what was about to happen. Naruto got really angry by it. His whisker marks started to get darker and his hair got a bit longer. His eyes turned from blue to red. Some type orange energy started to go around Naruto's body too.

"You three fought with great honor that made this fight so difficult. For that I'm sorry that I have to kill you three now. I don't really want to, but if it means Zabuza dream can come true it must be done." Haku told Sasuke, Sakura, and Kiba.

As Haku was about to deliver the finally blow on them he felt a hand squeeze his wrist making him dope the needles. Then he felt the air knock out of him when someone's knee contact to his stomach. That person fist hit him on the face breaking his mask. When Haku was on his knees spitting out blood from his mouth he felt that person give him by the collar and then throw him towards one of the ice mirrors. The ice mirror broke into tiny pieces and Haku was knocked out for a few moments.

Zabuza saw the whole thing happen from where he was standing at.

"How in the hell did Naruto get so much faster and stronger! Where did that orange energy come from too? What the hell are you Naruto?" Zabuza thought before Naruto fist made contact to his stomach.

Naruto then grabbed Zabuza's right arm and snap it breaking the bone there into two. He them grabbed Zabuza's left arm and did the same too it as he did to the right arm. Zabuza dropped his sword and cried out in pain. Naruto then kicked Zabuza sending him flying a couple feet back. Naruto started to form the rasengan with his right hand.

"This is where it ends Zabuza!" Naruto yelled with a demon voice before he started to run at Zabuza to kill him.

The rasengan did contracted with someone's body, but it wasn't Zabuza. The rasengan went though Haku's the right side of Haku's chest. When Naruto saw that he hit Haku, he started to return back to normal. The orange energy around Naruto's body went away. His whisker on his face got back to their normal state and his hair went back to its regular seize. Last of all his red eyes return back to its blue ocean color. Naruto slowly took his right hand from Haku's chest and then Haku fell down to the floor. Haku looked up to see Zabuza and then began to speak.

"I did because I could not watch you die. I was your only tool to be us for your dreams to come true." Haku said his finally words to Zabuza before he died.

"Stupid boy your right, you were just a tool for me to us when needed and nothing more!" Zabuza yelled at the boys died body.

"How could you just say that to Haku? That boy's life was you. All he ever wanted was for you to achieve your dreams and this is the respect you show him!" Naruto yelled at Zabuza.

The words that Naruto just spoke cause Zabuza to see flashback from the past of him and Haku. Those memories cause his heart to take a different direction than it what was before for the Haku's death. Both Naruto and Zabuza could hear someone clapping from a far. They both look to see that it was Gato and few of his man.

"What a touching site, but I would have killed that boy latter on anyways. I knew that I couldn't trust you Zabuza to finish the job. That's okay because my men here are going to finish it." Gato said.

"Naruto rip open the bandages from my face and then put of your kunai in my mouth." Zabuza told Naruto seeing that he lost a lot of energy and was to injure to continue.

Naruto did what he was told to do. When Zabuza got the kunai in his mouth he ran towards Gato's men and started to kill all of them. When it was just Gato left Zabuza started to walk up towards him to finish him off.

"You might have killed these guys, but I have more coming this way at any second." Gato said as he turned around to see his men coming.

He did see a crowd of people marching towards the bridge, but it wasn't his men though. It was Inari and people from the village with weapons and Gato's men all tie up.

"What hell happened to my…" before Gato could finish Zabuza came and cut his throat killing him.

Naruto was amazed by what Zabuza just did to Gato and his men. Zabuza started to walk slowly towards Haku's body. He fell beside Haku and gave his final words to Haku before he died.

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