Molly frowned as she looked under the bed in Sherlock's room to no avail, he had to have taken it.

They never spoke about his penchant for collecting odds and ends, but he was aware that she knew and was no longer quite as surreptitious about it as he had been in the past.

Besides, she found it rather endearing that, even after they had started a relationship, he had continued collecting. However, he usually stuck to small, relatively insignificant items; this time it was almost theft.

"You are such a magpie," Molly muttered, leaving the bedroom and coming into the kitchen, "where is it?" she demanded, with her hands on her hips.

Sherlock looked up from the dissection he was conducting on the kitchen table, "Where's what?" he asked innocently.

"My necklace, it was on the bedside table last night and now it's gone," Molly pursed her lips, "I know you have it. Is it in your drawer?"

Sherlock turned back to the eye he was dissecting, apparently unconcerned, "If you're so certain it's there, why don't you go and look?"

Molly eyed him suspiciously, before turning on her heel and heading off to do just that.

Sherlock waited until he heard her re-enter the bedroom before pulling off his gloves and following her.

Silently making his way down the hallway, he leaned against the doorframe, still undetected, and watched as she pulled out the small box nestled amongst the other bits and pieces in the drawer.

She turned slowly around to face him, the box still unopened in her hand.

"Sherlock?" she asked in a small voice.

He cleared his throat, "I have found myself doing a lot of 'silly things' because of you, Molly Hooper," he told her quietly, "and as this fact appears to have caused me to turn to petty theft," he continued, holding up her necklace, "I thought I should finally do something rational."

He pushed off the doorframe and came to join her in the middle of the room, "I don't want a drawer full of things that remind me of you," he paused, "I just want you."

Molly reminded herself to breathe, "I thought I'd told you that you'd always have me," she said softly.

"I guess we should just make it official then," he murmured, pulling her close.

Molly wrapped her arms around his neck, "I guess so," she whispered with a smile, before standing on her tiptoes and kissing him.


A/N: It occurred to me that I was actually thinking of the Australian magpie, but let's just go with it...