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IMPORTANT BACKGROUND INFO: Here's the Two-face chapter! So in this chapter, Robin is 10 years old (awww so cute). It takes place around the same time in the comics when Two-Face kidnaps Robin, but forget about that kidnapping, this one is different.

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Robin's POV

You know what? I really hate coins. I think that, from now on, I'm only going to buy things with paper money and tell every cashier I meet to keep the change. Why, you ask? Because I simply don't want to take the chance.

"So Robin, where should I hit you next? The arm? The leg? I know! Let's allow the coin to decide. Nothing evens the odds like a good old fifty-fifty chance." Two-Face said, smiling with the half of his face that still actually worked properly.

Oh yah, that's a new idea. It's not like you let the coin decide the last ten times you hit me or anything! I would have spat that right at the guy's face, but I think that last hit might have busted my jaw. Also, for the last…however many hours I've been here…I've really had no clue what side of his face to talk to. I mean, can the guy even hear out of his acid burnt ear anyway? I decided to ponder the medical problems caused by acid later. I think he was finally ready to flip his stupid coin.

"Now it's time to flip the coin and decide your fate." Two-Face flipped the coin high into the air. I pleaded that gravity would just stop working and the coin would continue up into oblivion, but no miracles for me. The coin fell right back down into Two-Face's hand, burnt side up. He looked back down at my beat up body lying on the ground and gave me another lopsided grin. "You know what that means, Robin."

No, I really don't. You never freaking specified which was heads or tails!

"I guess arm it is. Hold still, this might sting." He then raised his already blood coated bat and brought it down onto my left arm, hard.

A loud "Crack" could be heard as soon as the bat made contact. I'm not going to lie, it hurt…a lot. I screamed blood murder as I cradled the broken arm tightly to my chest with my good one. Now this is the point where I would normally comfort myself by remembering that Batman would save me. Batman would burst into the room, beat up the criminal, and carry me safely home. But there would be no Batman crashing through the window today, because last I checked, he was already in the room, unconscious and tied up in the corner to be exact.

Now you're probably wondering how I got into this predicament in the first place. Well it all started on just another normal Gotham night…

-|-O Flash Back Line! O-|-

Third Person POV

"But, Batman, why can't I have a catchphrase too?" Robin whined.

"You're not going to run around saying 'because I'm Robin' and that's final," Batman snapped back. They had been having this conversation since they had gotten into the Batmobile and it was really starting to get on Batman's last nerve.

Not giving up, Robin tried again, "But why do you get to say it and not me?"

"Because I'm Batman!"

This shut Robin up. He proceeded to scooch down lower into his seat, cross his arms over his chest, and puff out his lower lip. He knew Batman hated it when he pouted, but he was just so excited. Today would be the first big mission he was allowed to go on since becoming Robin, and he didn't want to mess it up by not having anything cool to say.

Batman smirked slightly under his cowl. Though Robin could be annoying, it was nice to have him around. It was definitely better than the hours of brooding he did on patrol when he was alone. Though he would never actually say it out loud, he cherished the boy's company.

"Come on Robin, if you want to be my sidekick you have to…" Batman began, but was cut off.

"Partner! I'm your partner, not your sidekick. Sidekick just sounds stupid and childish. Partners fight crime together," Robin stated matter-of-factly.

"Ok, but if you want to be my partner, you have to act like it. I'm the one who gave you permission to go on this mission, and I can be the one to take it away," Batman threatened. He was tempted to remind the boy that he was a child, but decided against it.

Hearing this, Robin automatically sat up straighter in his chair. "So what are the details on this case, Batman?"

"A villain who goes by the name Two-Face just recently broke out of Arkham. There's been rumors that he's been hitting up the local banks, stealing two dollar bills, no doubt."

"Two dollar bills!?" Robin laughed. "What's he going to do, steal Gotham's collection of out-of-date money? Oh no, Collectors beware! He'll be after he fifty cent pieces next!" Robin burst in to fits of laughter, but quickly stopped after a batglare was shot his way.

"This is no joke, Robin," Batman growled. "Two-Face is one of Gotham's worst villains. His real name is Harvey Dent and he used to be Gotham's district attorney. That was, until he had acid thrown all over the left side of his face and he decided to take justice into his own hands. He's now a dangerous criminal who bases every decision he makes on a coin flip, not that any of his decisions are ever fair."

Robin noticed that Batman seemed tense, or at least, more tense than usual. It might just be because of how dangerous this case was, but Robin still felt that there was something about this Two-Face guy Batman wasn't saying. Some deeper connection almost…

He was about to ask about it, but the car stopped and Batman gruffly said, "Were here," before swiftly exiting the vehicle. Guess there would be time to chat later. Now it was time to kick some bad guy butt.

First thing Robin noticed when he got out of the Batmobile was the flashing blue and red of the squad cars surrounding the Gotham City Bank. Behind the squad cars were about a hundred officers, all squatted down and pointing guns directly at the building like they were expecting it to get up and start attacking them at any moment. Robin spotted Batman talking to Jim Gordon a few yards away, and made his way over to them.

"It's terrible, Batman! Two-Face has twenty people held hostage in the bank and is demanding one million dollars worth of two dollar bills, or else he going to use the bombs he's set up to blow the building sky high! What city in their right mind owns one million dollars worth of two dollar bills?" Gordon exclaimed. He was sweating profusely and kept wiping his forehead with a dirty pocket hanky.

"How many bombs are there?" Batman asked, showing no signs of emotion and contrasting greatly with the sweaty man before him.

"Well isn't it obvious?" Robin said, butting into the conversation and causing both heads to turn his way, "There must be two bombs. The guy does have a thing for the number two."

"You brought the kid along? On a mission like this?" Gordon asked, turning back toward the Bat and raising an eyebrow.

"Excuse me, but this so called 'kid' has a name, you know!" Robin spat angrily, putting his arms on his hips and giving the inspector a miniature batglare.

"He's ready," was all Batman said before striding away toward the bank. Robin quickly stuck his tongue out at Gordon before flipping away to follow Batman, leaving a very confused inspector behind.

"So what's the plan?" Robin asked excitedly. "We going to beak in there and bust some heads?"

"No, I am going to break into the building. You are going to sneak around the bank and see if you can find and deactivate the bombs."

"Fine," Robin said. He knew not to argue with the Batman when it came to making mission plans. He was still disappointed that he didn't get to do any fighting though, especially on his first big mission.

The Duo soon flew off in their separate directions. Batman to break into the bank from one of its upper windows, and Robin to see what he could find around the building's perimeter. It wasn't long before Robin came across a patch of uneven dirt on the left side of the bank. "Typical baddies, terrible at hiding their tracks," Robin smirked as he dug away the top layer of dirt to reveal a large bomb connected to several different colored wires. He disarmed it quickly. The bomb was nothing compared to the hundreds of simulated bombs Batman would make him disarm during training.

A loud crash suddenly rang out from front of building. "Batman must have finally made his move," Robin thought to himself. Comforted by the idea of Batman scaring the pants off the villains (and probably the civilians) in the bank, Robin continued his hunt for the second bomb.

It didn't take Robin long to find it, and as he began disarming it, he laughed to himself, "Putting the other bomb on the opposite side of the building, symmetrical to the first bomb…genius." Once he finished disarming the bomb, Robin decided he should probably just wait for Batman to either give him the signal to come in, or to come out with a tied up Two-Face.

Soon ten minutes passed, then twenty, then thirty, and still no sign of Batman. Robin began getting worried. Had something happened to him? Or was this just a harder villain that took longer to fight? As time went on, Robin got more and more anxious. He finally decided to go in and investigate himself. He was Batman's partner after all, and partners needed to have each other's backs.

Quietly as he could, Robin snuck into the side window of the bank, and made his way slowly toward the bank's center where the bad guys were probably camped out. On his way there, he passed one safe that was making an awful lot of noise for an inanimate object. Putting his ear to it, he heard several panicked voices calling out for help. Realizing that it must be the civilians Two-Face had kidnapped, Robin quickly started working on hacking and opening the safe.

After only a couple failed attempts, the giant safe doors finally opened to reveal a room full of twenty very scared people. Robin smiled victoriously then scoffed to himself, "Why do they call these things "safes" anyway? They're so simple a ten year old could open them. No wonder Gotham's banks are always robbed."

The people, who had expected Two-Face or Batman to appear when the door opened, were surprised to instead see a small boy smiling broadly at them. "It's just a kid!" one of the men yelled out, pointing at Robin with a shaking finger.

"Hey, I'm no kid," Robin said indignantly, "I'm Robin! The Boy Wonder!"

"But if you're the "Boy Wonder" then doesn't that make you a kid?" the same man asked.

"…um…well…at least I'm not the one who wet themselves!" Robin chided, pointing at the man's definitely moist pants and causing him to turn a dark shade of red. After that Robin had no problem getting the civilians to listen to him. He led them to the same window he had used to come in, before continuing on his journey to find Batman.

Robin soon saw light coming from a room up ahead. He rushed to get there, but when Robin poked his head around the last corner, he felt himself go face first into a weird smelling white cloth. The last thing Robin saw before passing out was the hideous face of his captor, one half smiling evilly while the other half had all the skin completely burned away…

)X Pass out Line X(

Robin woke up with a groan. Batman hadn't been kidding when he told him that chloroform gave terrible headaches. He tried to rub his head with his hands, but it seemed both his hands were tied to a chair. Wait, chloroform…tied to a chair…?

Robin's eyes popped open only to be face to face…to face…with none other than Two-Face himself. And now that they were so uncomfortably close, Robin could finally take in how truly disgusting the man was. Though one side of his face looked clean and fairly handsome, the other side was a burnt mess of scar tissue and tendons. It even had the lips and gums burned away completely so it looked like his teeth jutted right out of his skin.

Without being able to really help it, the first words out of the boy's mouth were, "Wow! You're really ugly!" But, as soon as he said it, he felt a hand slap him across the face, hard enough to cause his whole head to snap painfully to the side.

"You have to learn some manners boy," Two-Facer half growled, half slurred out. Robin realized it must be really hard to talk with only half your mouth left.

Suddenly, Robin remembered why he came in there in the first place. "Batman! Where's Batman?" he yelled out worriedly.

Two face's good eye moved to look to Robin's left, though the other eye stayed looking straight at him. Robin looked to where the eye was looking and gasped at what he saw. Lying in the corner, tied up and obviously unconscious, was the great Batman himself. Turning back to the messed up villain Robin angrily hissed, "What did you do to him?"

"I didn't do anything to him…well…I didn't do anything he didn't deserve," Two-Face sneered. He pulled a small golden coin out of his pocket and began throwing it up and down in his hands. "Batman tested the fates and lost. I guess you could say…he ran out of luck." Two-Face then caught the coin he had been throwing and looked down at it with interest. Whatever the coin landed on must have made him happy because he smiled and said, "Oh, but it looks like my luck is just beginning."

Two-Face walked over to the side of the room and picked up a bat that was learning against the wall. He then the walked back to Robin, hitting the bat up and down in his hands with each step.

Though to his surprise, Robin wasn't shaking with fear or crying with worry. He was smirking. "Dude do you have ADHD or something? First the coin, now the bat. Try staying still for like ten seconds," Robin challenged.

"Now you're asking for it," Two-face growled. Flipping the coin in the air again, it landed in his hand to reveal one side of the coin that was completely burned. This apparently pleased the man because he then swung his bat at Robin, hitting him straight in the chest.

Robin started coughing violently, but as soon as he was able to catch his breath he smiled up at the mad man and said, "See, told yah you couldn't stand still."

The bat then came back down and hit him squarely in the face, knocking his head to the side. When Robin turned back to face Two-Face, there was blood leaking out of the corner of his mouth, but the mouth itself was still smiling triumphantly. "Hey, you didn't flip the coin! Isn't that against the rules?"

-|-O End of Flash Back Line! O-|-

Robin POV

So to make a long story short, Two-Face beat on me for a while, though now he flipped his coin before every hit. I thought it was kind of funny how much longer it takes to beat a person up when you have to check a tiny piece of metal before every hit.

"I'm going to kill you, Boy Wonder. Then Batman will finally understand the pain I felt when I lost part of myself," Two-Face snarled.

Ok, really dude? You lost half of your face, not your mother for crying out loud! Get over it. I closed my eyes and braced myself for the next hit, the hit that might be my last, but it strangely never came. When I finally cracked one eye open, I noticed that Two-Face was gone. I then heard a loud bang, a crack, a lot of screaming, and what sounded like a grown man groveling for his life. I'm not completely sure of the details since I was sort of delirious from all the blood loss. The man that next came into my vision made my body relax for the first time since stepping foot in this accursed bank.

He carefully cut me free of my bonds and that accursed chair, picked me up, and whispered warmly into my ear, "It's ok chum. You did well." It barely even registered to me that Batman had probably just given me one of my first compliments, because as soon as I was in his arms, I had already started drifting off to sleep, knowing that I was finally safe. I guess Two-Face found two things he couldn't just leave to chance.

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