Okay, so...I have, like, twelve different stories being written at the moment so here is some cute filler stuff I wrote. Enjoy!


The next morning, Henry wakes up to find his cousins knee not two feet from his face. The older of the two gets up, runs his hands over his face and through his hair before deciding on breakfast. He gets up and exits the spare room. Bleary, he sees Sam tying his shoes in front of his own door.

"Hey! I'm surprised to see anyone up." Sam comments, giving Henry a smile.

"Yeah, I'm an early riser. Pops thinks me and my dad are crazy."

"That's what Dean says about me getting up this early."

"You goin' somewhere?" Henry asks, half asleep.

"Yeah, I was gonna head out for a run. Wanna come with?"

"Uh, sure, why not?" Henry turns around and heads inside the spare room to grab the shoes he'd thrown at the wall the previous night.

He sits on the bed while he slips them on and elbows Jimmy in the butt, "Jimmy, 'm goin' on a run 'th dad, kay?"

Jimmy groans something unintelligent into the pillow that Henry knows from experience is either 'bring me a slushy' or 'fuck off'. He still can't tell one from the other. It's usually both at once.

Henry pushes off the bed, patting Jimmy once more before exiting the room and walking up to Sam, "Let's go."

Sam smiles and leads the way out of the bunker. The two jog until Sam gets winded, at which point they stop at a small diner a few blocks away and have breakfast. Sam, the healthy eater, orders a regular salad while Henry orders the sweet berry crepes with and extra topping of whipped cream.

"How can you eat that?" Sam asks, laughing.

"Don't knock it till you try it, Samsquatch." Henry smiles as he practically drowns his crepes in strawberry syrup.

"Don't call me that, and I'm getting a tooth ache just looking at that. How can you still have teeth?"

"I'm part angel, I cheat." Henry laughs at the younger Winchester brother's face as he stuffs half of one crepe in his mouth all at once.

"Oh god, you have Dean's manners." Sam chuckles as he watches in mild amazement as Henry manages to chew his food.

Henry goes to reply but can't with the food in his mouth so he holds out his hand in a wait gesture while he finishes chewing, "I resent that."

"Dean has the manners of a dog."

"Yeah, I'm looking at its likeness." Sam teases.

"You suck." Henry grumbles as he tackles the rest of his breakfast with slightly less gusto.

After the two finish their meals they grab coffee for the others and walk back, letting the crisp fall air spur them along faster.


Jimmy wakes up a good half hour after Henry leaves and reluctantly gets up; slipping on the jacket and shoes he'd taken off the night before. He heads out of the spare room, a bit disoriented before making his way into the kitchen in the hopes of finding some good coffee.

What he finds is Castiel, former angel of the lord, trying to glare holes into the coffee pot. Jimmy groans, slumping into one of the seats. Not five minutes later, he's brought out of his light nap by Dean walking into the kitchen in his robes.

"Cas, I taught you this yesterday." Dean grumbles.

"My apologies, Dean. I am unused to this."

Dean just sighs and rolls his eyes. That's when the front door to the bunker opens, the smell of crisp air and coffee wafting in.

"Jimmy-boy!" Henry calls.

James gets up and walks out to his cousin holding his arms open wide.

"Oh you beautiful creature. I missed you so much!" He walks up to his cousin and, right as Henry goes to hug him, James grabs the coffee and turns around, heading out of the room and into the library.

"Love you, too, cuz!" Henry shouts, looking upset.