A change of heart

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Authors note: Hey this was the firt fan fic I started to write so it's a bit iffy so let me know

Chapter 1

Dawn sat at the foot of Buffys grave with a worried look on her face. She turned to her right.

"Are you sure we are doing the right thing Willow"

Willow looked at Dawn then across the grave at Tara; her face resembled that of Dawns.

"Look Dawnie" Willow said closing the book in her lap, "If you don't want to do this then we wont ok"

Dawn thought for a moment then her face turned from that of a worried one to a determined one.

"No I wanna do this, its just" she said weekly "What about Giles hes gonna be pissed when he finds out"

Willow became hesitant. Giles was always warning her about dabbling in stuff she didn't know enough about. Willow was sure this spell was going to work. She had been researching resurrection spells ever since Dawn had tried with her mother. As Buffy didn't die a natural death Willow had found a spell that would work, hopefully.

"Alright Willow lets do it" Dawn said eagerly.

Tara and Dawn held hands with the other firmly attached to Willow while she read out the incantation. Dawn had no idea what Willow was saying but she fully trusted her magic abilities. Willow stopped speaking and released her hand from Dawns. She reached into a bag and sprinkled herbs like things over the grave. Blue smoke started to swirl from the ground and for a second the ground shook causing Dawn to fall backwards.

"Willow what's happening" Dawn asked rather frightened trying to sit up

"I don't know Dawn, I know this spell is a resurrection one but I didn't think she would rise from the grave, like right now" Willow timidly said

Dirt began to move and a hand shot up out of the ground. Willow and Tara jumped back but Dawn just sat there in aw. The hand began to frantically move as if trying to escape. Dawn clutched the hand and began to pull it out of the dirt. Buffy finally emerged out of the ground. She looked down at her body then at her outstretched arm. She looked at whose hand she was holding.

"Dawn oh my god Dawn your alright" she screamed.

Dawn grabbed her sister and held her tight.

"Dawn, Dawn" Buffy said, "Chill out that hurts ouch"

Dawn let go of her sister and smiled. She then began to laugh.

"Buffy you should see yourself you look like hell" Dawn said smiling.

Buffy looked down at herself and began to brush the dirt off. She began to brush the dirt out of her hair when she felt something caught in it. She pulled out a white rose. She turned around and faced her headstone she looked at it blankly for a moment then noticed that it was laden with white roses. She turned around to question Dawn when she saw Willow and Tara smiling at her.

"Will, Tara oh my god you guys" she screamed as she ran up and hugged them.

"I didn't even see you there why didn't you say anything"

"Buffy, its Buffy" Will laughed in shock.

"Umm we are just in shock," Tara said explaining for Willows weird behaviour. "I mean it worked it actually worked"

Buffy looked at Tara

"I died" she asked glumfully "But you guys brought me back?" Buffy asked with a smile on her face.

Tara smiled back at her "Well it was the least we could do after all the times you have saved us"

"Oh my god you guys thankyou so much, its all a bit weird but hey I am back what could be better" Buffy said seemingly full of energy. She then looked down at herself again. "You know Dawn, I really do look terrible".

Dawn laughed at her and smiled "Buffy you looked great, you're alive".

"Umm girls" Willow said "Sorry to break up this reunion but its kinda late Dawn you should be in bed".

Buffy smiled at Willow "Ohhh who's become a mother now".

Will laughed at Buffy, "Yeah I know its weird". "Look Buffy if its ok Tara and I will go back to the dorm, you and Dawn probably want some time together".

"Yeah thanks guys come by tomorrow please I cant wait to see everyone, I feel like I just saw you yesterday but also I feel as if I haven't seen you guys in ages, its this weird freaky feeling" Buffy said rather excited.