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Chapter 1



The jutsus' of two lifelong brothers, friends, rivals, and enemies had collided creating a massive explosion that threw them backwards and shook the area around them. Naruto crashed into the statue of Hashirama Senju while Sasuke crashed into the statue of Madara Uchiha. The Final Valley once again had turned into a battlefield with destruction and disorder at every corner.

Both of them had looked at each other panting in weariness.

"Dobe you don't think that you can win against an Uchiha do you?" Sasuke yelled taunting his opponent.

"And what do you think I'm trying to do now?" Naruto replied, trying desperately to catch his breath.

"I don't care I'm not going back to Konoha! I need more power to kill Itachi!" He shouted," What I have isn't enough! Nobody like you would ever understand that!" Naruto growled at him.

"I'm your friend Teme! And I will bring you back even if I have to break all the bones in your body!" Naruto shouted enraged. Sasuke's stuck up attitude was slowly pissing him off.

"Friend? Don't make me laugh dobe…like I would ever be friends with a freak like you!" Naruto raised his eyebrows!

"Says the guy with two creepy fish hands growing out of his back!" He deadpanned earning a scowl from his rival that quickly tuned into smirk.

"At least my freakiness isn't permanent unlike yours." He replied looking with disgust at Naruto.

"What do you mean teme?" Naruto felt dread slowly overtaking him.

"Oh nothing…DEMON!" He mocked, "Ah don't look at me like that. I can tell the difference between a scroll and a kunai but what with the rest of your so called friends hmm?" He grinned triumphantly, "Wonder what they will say if they knew what you really are…The jinchūriki of Kyūbi no Yōko!"He finished

Naruto froze, "How do you know that…it was supposed to be an S-rank secret…" Naruto felt like his chest was pierced by a chidori…again.

"Oh please dobe I'm an elite Uchiha I always get what I want. Once I asked a councilor why the villagers were looking at you like that and he told me what you are. He was too foolish to comprehend that you're not the demon itself, but then again Konoha is a village full of idiots after all…" He left it for Naruto to finish

'So everyone will hate me…' Naruto felt his heart sank. He was torn. If he brings Sasuke back he will blab about his secret to his few friends and they will abandon him. But if he let him go he will break the promise with Sakura and that's wasn't his ninja way.

"I will believe in my friends!" The fox boy smirked and Sasuke caught it.

"What you think they won't mind being friends with a demon? Your naïve dobe!" He voiced Naruto thoughts, "Tell me which one of them ever invited you to their house? Or even hung out with you on their free days if you hadn't bumped into them by accident?" The Uchiha saw how devastating his words were for Naruto he almost pitted him…almost.

"B-But…Tsunade-baa-chan, Ero-sennin, Iruka-sensei, Shizune-neechan, and Kakashi-sensei are my friends!" He yelled feeling hot tears slide down his cheeks.

"Oh please they're nice to you because they aren't as foolish as the rest of the villagers and know that in future you might become a useful weapon to the village and nothing more. And if you want more proof think who Kakashi decided to train before chunnin exams."

Naruto was mortified, he do not wanted to believe him, 'Is that true?'He felt an agonizing pain in his chest, 'Am I only a weapon; a tool to them? To use and then throw away' The blond heard another voice.

'Pull it together kit, don't let him distract you with his blabber…' The Kyuubi growled.

'But what if he's right…what if what is he saying about me is true?' He asked his inner demon.

'Then you will act accordingly to the situation and face it…you are stubborn you will manage…I think.' Kyuubi cheered lifting Naruto's spirits a bit.

'Geez thanks fur ball I wouldn't know how to manage without you.' He replied rolling his eyes with a hint of sarcasm in his tone.

'I know…. AND CALL ME THAT AGAIN AND I WILL RIP YOU TO SHREDS!' The demon roared in anger. Naruto smirked inwardly at his tenant antics, but his good humor was crushed immediately by the almighty Uchiha boy.

"A nameless orphan like you will never achieve your dreams…you're nobody…no wonder your parents abandoned you…" He wanted to say more but a sudden spike of killer intent silenced him. It was so thick that he barely could breathe, he looked at Naruto not believing that the academy slacker could emit such a powerful KI…was he afraid of him?

But Naruto didn't see or heard any of this; he was locked in his own world of pain. He felt that with that sentence any bond he had shared with Sasuke was shatter forever. He looked at the last Uchiha with…hate. Abruptly he felt that his eyes started to burn but he ignored the pain. Not even once in his life he hated anyone so much. He extended his arm to Sasuke and whispered two words that would change his fate forever.

"Banshō Ten'in!"

Before Sasuke knew what had happened he was flying toward Naruto enslaved by some invisible force. Naruto caught him by his throat and slammed his fist into his face knocking him out. Then he threw the now limp body of his ex-best friend to the ground...hard. He sat on the nearby rock thinking what he should do. But he was interrupted by Kyuubi.

'Hey kid can you do something for me?'

'What?' He asked with curiosity

'Go to the lake and look at your reflection I want to check something' The tailed beast instructed. Naruto was slightly confused by the Kyuubi's request but he compiled anyways. He went to the lake and looked at the bloody battered kid with purple eyes full of despair and…

"Wait…something is wrong…" He blinked, "WHAT THE HELL!" Now he was gawking at his new pair of eyes. Now they had a light shade of purple and six circular rings in it.

'Oh, what the hell did you do to me you damn fox!' He yelled at his demon.

'It's not my fault you obnoxious brat I'm as shocked as you!' The beast replied.

'What the hell are these things?' He asked marveling at the sight of his new eyes.

'It's called the Rinnegan it's the world most powerful and rarest Dōjutsu. The only known user was Rikudō Sennin…' The Kyuubi proclaimed.

"Who?" Naruto asked hearing the name for the first time.

A great beat of sweat dropped from the nine tailed fox.

'Oh I don't know…maybe the guy who discovered the chakra and created modern Ninjustu? Ring any bells?' Kyuubi asked mockingly.

"Nope…" The blonde replied quickly with a sheepish grin.

'Kami! When we arrive back at Konoha I will take care of your education I can't let my container be an idiot…some damn stupid idiot…why I had to get stuck with him…'

'Hey!' The blonde protested

'We will talk about it later kid. Now take the emo and head back to Konoha, despite me healing you you're still injured pretty badly.' And with that the ancient fox cut the connection off.

"Whatever…" Naruto said aloud. He grabbed Sasuke by an ankle and started dragging him to the village.

After some time Naruto reached the area that was literally shattered. Now instead of lush green forest it looked like some drunken giant had some fun with an axe and cut all the trees to shreds. He was about to pass it when he heard soft whimpers. He jumped on the fallen tree logs and saw a redheaded kunoichi struggling to lift the tree log that was crushing her legs.

When Naruto got close she had lifted her head and looked at him

"Fuck!" She spat.

Tayuya P.O.V

I was slowly coming back to the world of living. How did I know? Well if you're dead you don't feel pain, and I definitely felt a lot it. I voiced what I thought about it.

"GOD DAMN THAT MOTHER FUCKING PINAPPELE-HEAD COCK SUCKING TREE FUCKING IDIOT AND HIS SUNA, SAND-FUCKING SLUT FUCK, FUCK, FUCK…" I ranted for some unspecified amount of time. When I finally calmed down I looked around for something that could help me with lifting the tree log. Unfortunately I lost my flute so I couldn't summon my Doki….Fuck you Karma! I wasn't nearly strong enough to lift the log by myself. After a moment of struggle I gave up.

"So this is how I'm gonna die huh? No surprise there, shitty life shitty death!" I felt that my eyes started to water…but there was no fucking need to keep the act anymore. All my life I hid behind curses and threats and now when there aren't any spectators I found that…acceptable. I felt tears fell down my face.

I hate it.

I hate feeling helpless, abandoned. Even if I somehow reached Oto, Orochimaru would kill me for being useless or for taking so long to deliver the Uchiha- Fucking pedophile! I can bet that my teammates were somewhere close laughing at me having times of their life's. Damn assholes. I hope those fuckers died.

'Those bastards are probably close and are waiting for me lose focus and when I do they'll gang rape me… oh fuck who am I kidding they could do it now…the sick bone-fucker probably can't wait to have his way with me.'Strangely I giggled at that but the tears were still flowing down my face, 'Great I'm losing it now…well it doesn't matter anyways… I'm going to die…see you soon Kin.' I missed my best friend so much, but it doesn't matter now… I closed my eyes letting my mind drift away.

After Kami knows how long I heard a rustle and felt an unknown presence. I tried to lift the log once more time but the effect was similar to the previous ones. I felt that something laded on a nearby log luckily it wasn't one of those that were cursing me…I would painfully feel any additional weight on my abused legs.

I looked up and thought that I hit the ground too hard. My mouth was hanging agape. I saw a blonde-haired boy wearing I have a dead wish orange jump suit. I recognized him. It was that blonde idiot from Konoha….then I noticed that he was holding someone's leg I followed the leg up and saw the owner of said leg.

'I'm sooo fucking dead!' I looked at him and our eyes met. When I saw them I gave him the most appropriate comment I could think of.


What the hell is wrong with his eyes?!

Normal P.O.V

There was a moment of silence between the two of them. They just looked at each other not knowing what to do. Tayuya being the short tempered one snapped first.

"What ya looking at shithead?" Naruto just raised his eyebrow.

"I think I saw you somewhere before?" He looked at her closely thinking where he saw her. Tayuya and Naruto's tenant sweat-dropped, "Oh I know you! You are that foul-mouthed kunoichi from the hidden sound." A vein popped at Tayuya forehead.

"Fuck you shithead like hell I am foul-mouthed!" He chuckled slightly at her antics. He stopped when his apparent friend started to stir. He quickly leaned and once again slammed his fist into his face knocking him out.

"No shit you tree fuckers like each other." Naruto looked at her again with renewed anger.

'She was the one that helped him escape…enemy!' Naruto thought slowly pulling a kunai out of his sash.

Tayuya looked at him with growing fear. She felt her body started to tremble and swallowed hard.

''Just make it fucking quick…" She managed to say without crack in voice. She held his gaze as he walked closer.

Tayuya took a good look at his eyes; purple with six-rings in his sclera. She could see power in his eyes and for some strange reason it was turning her on.

'Fuck what am I thinking of he's about to kill me and I admiring his eyes?' The sudden realization of her oncoming death sent a shiver down her spine. She felt like crying, but held it back wanting to go down with some dignity.

Naruto was coming closer to the crushed girl but couldn't take his eyes from hers. He remembered how cocky she looked when he first saw her and now… Those eyes full of fear, pain, loneliness, and rejection.

Those were the same exact eyes that he had seen so many times in his broken mirror. The same eyes when he was patching himself up from the beatings he received from the mobs.

'She's just like me.' He leaned down and pressed kunai to her throat. He saw her flinch when the cold blade toughed her skin, the tears escaped her eyes. He looked deeply into those sad brown eyes, 'She's just like me…' Naruto started to have doubts. Something told him that he would regret killing her.

"What's your name?" He asked softly.

'Why the hell would he want to know he's just going to kill me anyways…Well it doesn't matter anymore anyways?'She looked at him and mumbled, "Tayuya."

Naruto retreaded his kunai from her throat.

"Nice to meet you Tayuya I'm Uzumaki Naruto future Hokage of Konoha!" He said with a big cheery smile.

'Is he mentally ill?' Tayuya just stared at him blankly, "So you're not going to kill me?" She asked carefully still not believing in what just occurred.

"Nope…I will get you out of here and bring you to the hospital in Konoha!" He exclaimed. She continued looking at him and then it clicked.

"Oh no you don't you fucker! You want to bring me in for interrogation and then cash a prize for my head!" She yelled pointing a finger at him, "You might as well kill me now and spare me fucking tortures."

"But I didn't have that in mind I just want to help you!" The blond yelled back offended by her accusations.

"And why the hell would you help me! I'm your fucking enemy I kidnapped your damn cock-sucking emo comrade!" She snapped; like she ever going to believe that someone will help her out of good will. Last time when she took an offer like that she finished being crushed by the whole forest…

"Because I felt that is was right thing to do." She looked at him like he grew a second head, "I can see lot of pain in your eyes…loneliness and rejection are just parts of it."

Tayuya gasped. Was it possible that he understood her? She was confused so she reacted in only way she knew.

"Don't talk like you know a fucking thing about me! You know nothing of what I have been thought. Go fuck a tree or something shithead!" He just looked at her with his strange eyes that seem to bore to her very inner being.

"I have been alone since my birth and until recently I never had any real friends, I am hated by whole village, I was beaten cut stabbed and burned and few times, I almost starved to death, when I was five I was kicked of orphanage, and lived on my own. Not to mention several assassination attempts on my life." He gave her his best fake smile, "So I know a few thing about having a really fuck-up life."

When he finished Tayuya feared that she lost her jaw somewhere. Her life wasn't easy too but at least no one was actively trying to kill her when she was a kid, 'And he's an orphan to.'

"Even if what you saying is true… your fucking ANBU or other tree fuckers will take me as soon as they see me…. and I can't go back to Oto because we failed the mission and Snake-fucker doesn't take failure lightly…so just do me a favor and put me out of my misery." The flame haired girl pleaded looking at him sadly. Naruto looked at her thinking of the way to help her. Then it hit him.

"Tayuya are you loyal to Orochimaru?"

"Like hell, I would kill that fucker if I had a chance!" Naruto smiled at her.

"So you don't have any problem with telling us all you know about him?" She nodded, "And for your information I know Hokage rather well so I can persuade her to install you into Konoha forces if you will cooperate."

Tayuya stared at him with disbelief, 'Did he just offer me to join the fucking Konoha force…can I trust him? What if he treats me like the snake-fucker...but he doesn't seem bad…he's an idiot for sure but not an evil one.'

"How do I know that you won't turn me in or treat me like that pale pedophile?" He looked at her funnily.

"You don't you just have to trust me. Oh and tell me do I look like a walking definition of word pedophile?" The blond asked.

Tayuya blinked, 'He's got a point.'

"Fine Shithead I will cooperate…so take this fucking tree off me!" Naruto stood and asked his tenant to lend him some power. He felt Kyuubi's chakra fill his system and had lifted the first trunk and threw it away. He failed to notice Tayuya's shocked expression, 'Who the fuck lifts and throw tree trunks like some fucking sticks?'

When the last trunk had been lifted, Naruto saw a disaster that were Tayuya's legs, they were bended at strange angles and full of splinters with one long enough to pierce whole thigh. He gently toughed it.


"Owwwwo what the hell!" He yelled massaging his newly formed bump.

"How dare you fucking feel me!" She yelled preparing second strike. He sweat-dropped.

"I wasn't feeling you I was just checking your injuries geez get your head out of the gutter!" He looked at her seriously, "Hold still I have to check to see if you have any other injures." She resultantly obliged and let him check her. Naruto gently toughed all of her lower parts (not in perverted way) he didn't noticed her fierce blush. When he went higher and started to touch her hip she blushed even more when his hands got closer to her 'special place' she couldn't take it any longer.


"Ouch why did you hit me!" He yelled again looking at her with anger.

"Because you were fucking TOUCHING me you damn fucking pervert!" She yelled at top of her lungs, "That's not the way to treat a lady!"

"When I see one I will treat her properly…" He muttered under his breath…That was his mistake. He felt a large amount of KI emitting from the redhead, "Shit…" Her hair started to split in nine sections.

'Kushina?' Kyuubi thought.

"You're fucking dead meat…" The auburn girl whispered.


One beating later…

To carry you I will have to take the splinters off…you want to do it?" Naruto asked looking at her with swollen eyes. She looked at him with fury, embarrassment, and hesitation she knew it will hurt like hell but she didn't have a choice .

"Just make it quick…and try something funny and I will shove my feet right into your ass…deep." She said with malice making Naruto gulped. He handed her a piece of wood to bite so she won't bite her tongue off. He started with smaller ones, but when he came to the largest one he hesitated. He didn't want to inflict her pain but it was necessary. He grabbed the end of the splinter and decided to do it quickly. He pulled it in one swift move. Tayuya for a moment didn't feel any pain, but then it hit her suddenly, she felt like her leg was about to explode. She let out high scream and fainted.

Naruto just looked at her with pity and began to cut his jacked to shreds and started to bandage her wounds. As he did that he marveled at her legs. Even in that state her skin was smooth and soft he looked up to her chest and saw that it was solid C-cup with great chances for D size.

'Damn Ero-sennin really rubbed on me' Naruto gulped holding the urge to touch her.

'Looks like another super-pervert is about to be born…' Kyuubi sighed feeling a massive headache coming over.

'What! No I'm not like HIM!' Naruto yelled in his mind mortified, but he had to admit that Tayuya was kind of cute. That earned him a snort form the ancient fox.

After he finished bandaging her he made a shadow clone to drag Sasuke and gently picked Tayuya, who whimpered in pain.

After an hour of walk Tayuya finally regained consciousness and noticed that she was moving...or rather being moved. She looked around and saw that she was snuggling to black T-shirt .Tayuya looked up and saw how close to the T-shirt's owner face she saw. She blushed madly but remained quiet studying Naruto's face. The most characteristic thing about it (except for his eyes) were his whiskers, three on each cheek , she had to hold an urge to stroke them. Then there was his spiky yellow hair, 'Geez this guy is like walking neon. How the hell did he survived until now?'

Naruto noticed that she was awake as well as that she looked at him quite intensively studying his features.

"See anything you like?" He asked offhandedly smiling at her reaction. She gasped and turned scarlet embarrassed from being caught. She looked at him with fury and Naruto knew what is coming.


"Ow, ow, ow, and that was for?" He had to tend yet another bump.

"For being smug asshole…anyways what's the deal with your eyes shithead?" She asked curiously.

"I don't know much too, I just unlocked them today, apparently there are called the Rinnegan or something." He told her only to receive an incredulous stare.

"You mean like 'The Legendary Rinnegan' the eyes of Rikudō Sennin?' She made sure she heard right.

'Told you it is a common knowledge…' The Kyuubi deadpanned.

'Shut up! How do I turn it off I would rather keep it a secret.'The fox raised its eye brow.

"Did you just have a good idea? Unbelievable! Just stop pushing chakra into your eyes kid." Naruto did that and his eyes returned to cerulean blue.

Hmph that should do it…' He blinked chasing the strange feeling away, 'Good that it wasn't permanent the ninja council would have my head for something like that.'

'Don't fret kid we always could cover it with genjutsu…' The fox said.

'I can't do genjutsu.' Naruto reminded him.

'But I can…foxes have natural affinity for genjutsu.' Kyuubi stated.

Naruto felt his jaw falling down.

'Why the hell didn't you tell me! You damn fox! And why the hell can't I do it!' He thought out loud.

"One because you didn't ask, two SHUT UP MORTAL, and three because you have shitty chakra control that's why." The fox snickered.

'I hate you…I hate so much…' Naruto growled.

'Love you too, anyways I feel your sensei coming so prepare to explain why you're drag his favorite student on the ground, and carry your mate.' Kyuubi fell silent again.

When he was busy talking to his tenant, Tayuya ranted about how impossible it was for someone like him to have such legendary eyes. Then she noticed that he zoned off and ignored her. It pissed her off to no ends, just when she was about to get attention she noticed that his eyes changed from Rinnegan back to his baby blue ones. Just when she was about to ask what happened a masked ninja jumped from the nearby tree.

"Yo…" He nonchalantly greeted.

"Kakashi-sensei you're late..." Naruto stated calmly, "Mission was a success I retrieved Sasuke." He reported. The gray-haired ninja sweat-dropped when he saw the way Sasuke was traveling.

"Now, now Naruto don't you think that you should carry him instead of dragging him on the ground?" He looked at Tayuya and narrowed his eye, "And what are you doing with enemy Naruto?"

"To answer the first question; maybe but after he pierced my chest with the Chidori twice I didn't feel like carrying him. As for her, she agreed to change sides and I offered her a sanctuary in exchange for the information on the Snake-fucke….Orochimaru." He corrected himself not missing a beat but Tayuya smirked still, "How is the rest of the team doing?"

"All of them survived but Neji and Choji are in critical state, but luckily all enemy ninja except for her are dead." Naruto felt Tayuya's body go limp in his arms he felt a pang of pity for her, but he was also happy that his friends survived.

"Ok Naruto I will take care of Sasuke now…" Kakashi grabbed his body and was about to leave but Naruto stopped him

"Wait sensei, Sasuke is just a little ragged. Tayuya had her legs crushed by the three and might have an internal bleeding you should take her instead." Kakashi just looked at him like an idiot.

"I couldn't care less about her Naruto." Tayuya snarled at him but he ignored it, "She's worthless in comparison to Sasuke." Kakashi eye-smiled at his student naivety.

"Then what about me? Remember the 'He pierced my chest with the Chidori twice part?'" He asked feeling fury deep inside of him.

"Naruto you know that Sasuke is the last of his bloodline he's valuable to village." Tayuya gasped at that, he basically told Naruto that he was worthless just like her, "It's just a matter of priorities." He eye-smiled him again Naruto smiled back and said happily.

"I understand Kakashi-sensei, now I know who you will choose to save in a life-death situation…" His smile grew bigger but eyes remained cold, "You're really good in fulfilling you're those who abandon their comrades are worse than trash rule." Kakashi scowled at him.

"Naruto it's not the time to discuss that I need to deliver him to the hospital see ya later." He used Body Flicker and disappeared in swirl of leaves leaving Naruto alone with Tayuya. He started to walk towards Konoha in silence.

"Hey shithe…" She paused when she saw his expression. Full of poorly masked pain, hurt, and reject with watery eyes that stubbornly keep the tears in check. So much like her at the times she let her mask slip…

"Hey…shithead, don't let that fag's words get you." She tried cheering him up much to the blonde's surprise.

"Did you just try to cheer me up?" He asked incredulously. Tayuya just rolled her eyes in ignorance.

"No I was fucking talking about the weather!" Naruto gave her a small smile, but not the fake one this one was genuine.

"Thank you Tayuya-chan." She blushed madly. Naruto was the first one who ever thanked her for anything. She cracked half-smile but, 'Woah…chan?' Naruto felt an evil aura emitting from the girl.

"Tayuya-chan is something wrong?" He felt slight dread coming.


"That was for calling me chan without permission!" She glared at him.

'' The Kyuubi smirked.

"Then I will have to earn that permission." The blond grinned widely causing her to blush again.

"Baka!" He looked at her surprised.



"I didn't know that you knew such low-offending insults." Poor boy…


"It doesn't hurt anymore haha!"


"Ok it does again." The auburn girl's punches hurt like hell but inwardly he was smiling. He finally found a person who understood him.

"Oh one more thing Tayuya-ch…" Her glare stopped him, "Can you keep quiet about the Rinnegan?" He asked with her giving him a questionable gaze.

"Why? It's a freaking' awesome technique!" The blond gave her painful look.

"I'm…not exactly liked in village." The message was clear.


"Thank you." She blushed again, 'Shit…he really have to stop smiling…at me.'

Few Hours Later- The Gates of Konoha…

Naruto and Tayuya finally arrived. Tayuya looked at the massive gates of Konoha. The gates were at least thirty feet high and on each wing had a kanji of fire. They were just few hundred meters away from the gates. Naruto was marching stubbornly, but he was panting heavily, and looked worse to wear .The weariness was clearly visible.

"Are you ok Shithead?" Tayuya asked not because she was little…very worried about him but because he was her ticket to new life…or she was telling herself so, 'How I can be worried about that orange loving idiot….true he saved me but he is still a tree-hugger…I can't be worried about him right?' Sadly or luckily she didn't have an ancient fox sealed inside her to answers that question.

"I'm fine Tayuya-chan I'm just a little tired." He looked at her with bloodshot eyes with dark rings under them. Also his breathing was a little ragged.

She looked at him with worry she even let him get away with calling her chan again, 'If I hit him now he probably won't stand up again'

After few minutes they finally arrived to the gates. After they crossed it the chunnin guarding it stopped them.

"Halt! State your name and business." He ordered looking with disgust at Naruto which didn't go unnoticed by Tayuya.

"Uzumaki Naruto! And I'm coming back from the retrieval mission." The chunnin snorted and looked at Tayuya with disdain.

"And who is this?"

"She's Tayuya and that's all you need to know!" Naruto answered with an angry tone.

"Watch your tongue demon! All I see trash is bringing in more trash to the vill…" He stopped when he felt a powerful KI coming from Naruto and Tayuya.

"You'd better watch your tongue or it might get ripped off..." Naruto voice got slightly demonic at the end with almost eyes almost forming a fox like stare.

"Yea shut your trap you cock-sucking motherfucker or I will personally rip your shit-brain out of your fucking skull!" Added Tayuya content with fearful look he gave them.

"H-Hokage will know about this demon!" He shuttered

"Good tell her I'll heading to the hospital." The chunnin didn't budged an inch," I said GO!" He raised his voice and the chunnin made a classic 'I will piss my pants any second' face and ran off towards the Hokage's tower. They looked at the chunnin's escape chuckling slightly. Naruto continued the march to the hospital. As he progressed into the village the good humor vaporized. The glances intensified and the hostility was obvious from the villagers. Tayuya really had hard time guessing what hers current transport did to piss of the villagers so much. She couldn't take it any longer

"Hey Shithead what the hell did you do? They look at you like they want to kill you?" She instantly felt his body tense.

"Well Tayuya-chan I am master prankster and I prank a lot of them so they hold a grudge against me hehe…" The blond knucklehead gave her smile, the fake one.

'He's lying to me I wonder why…Well I will get to the bottom of this…'She looked at him with a mischievous glimpse in eyes, "Then you really got them good didn't you?"

"Well I'm quite a accomplished prankster…" Naruto kept the cheerful expression but the tension was thick in air. Suddenly the villagers blocked his patch. Naruto braced himself for the worst.

"Leave the girl alone you demon brat!" Shouted a bulky villager.

"Yes don't touch her you with your filth…wait HEY PEOPLE LOOK THE DEMON HAS BROKEN HER LEGS!" The other on shouted.

"Kami, he wants to rape her!" Some woman screeched.

"Someone call a ninja they have to kill him!"

"THE scum should die!"


"DIE DIE…" They shouted and the mob started to rush at them. Tayuya snapped out of hers daze and looked at Naruto his eyes were wide open and the fear was evident in them. He was retreating but the villagers surrounded them. She decided to act.

"NOT EVEN ONE STEP CLOSER YOU FUCKTARDS! " She yelled at top of her lungs. The mob stopped and looked at her.

"JUST FUCKING STEP BACKS YOU MORONS!" She released a Chuunin's level KI.

"But we want to save you from the demon!" Some villager shouted.

"I WAS ACTUALLY SAVED BY THE ONE YOU CALL A DEMON YOU DAMN BRAIN IDOITS!" Some of villagers looked at her flabbergasted.

"IT HAD SAVED YOU!" Some women screeched.

"Yes he dug me out from under fucking forest! And he carried me all the way to this hell-hole. So back the fuck off and let us go to the fucking hospital!" The villagers started to make a passage for them. Naruto and Tayuya heard the mutters about the demon and the demon whore. One of the more courageous or stupid (pick your choice) blocked their way.

"He's deceiving you girl you don't know what he is…" She felt Naruto stiffen and his hands started to tremble.

"Then enlighten me who is he?" She knew that this was a great chance to know Naruto's secret without having to ask Naruto directly.

"He is the Kyūbi no Yōko"The very moment this words left his mouth a kunai plunged right between his eyes and the villager fell flat dead. Everyone was looking at him in silent shock.

Abruptly two ANBU appeared at each side pf Naruto and Tayuya. The Cat and Bear looked at the mob.

"The man was executed for breaking the Third Hokage's law and revealing an S-rank secret. The show is over now dispatch!" The masked cat said and the mob quickly disappeared.

"We are to escort you and your prisoner to the Hospital Uzumaki-san." The Cat leaned closer, "And I'm happy to see you alive."

"I'm happy to see you too, Yugao-chan!" He smiled at the masked ANBU.

"We will take the roofs!" The masked bear said to the both of them. Naruto started to walk to the hospital with the sad look on his face.

"Why so gloomy shithead?" She asked

"You heard them didn't you? You heard what I am." He looked even more defeated.

"And are you really the Kyuubi?" She had to admit that she was a little afraid to hear his answer.

"Technically no, we're separate beings inside the same body." She raised her eye brows.

"Technically? What the fuck do you mean?" Naruto sighed.

"I mean that Kyuubi was sealed in me fourteen years ago. I'm his host and he lives inside of me…look I will keep my promise and help you do adjust to Konoha, and I won't bother you anymore." She gave him are you an 'Idiot look.'

"What the fuck are you talking about?" She felt angry for some reason but not on Naruto.

"Since you know what I am you probably don't want to have anything to do with me…"


"That hurts why did you hit me again!" The blond yelled rubbing his forehead.

"Because you dumb fuck you were implying that I was as stupid as those fuckers from earlier. I know the fucking difference between the fucking scroll and a damn kunai!" She yelled.

On the roofs both of ANBU smiled behind their masks, 'If only more people knew that...'They thought in unison.

"So you don't hate me!" He looked at her with hope. Tayuya knew that if she told him to fuck off she would hurt him badly, 'Since when do I care for other person's feelings…nah I'm just feeling grateful to him.'

"No I don't…"

"So you mean you like me?"

"Don't push it shithead!" All the way to the hospital Naruto was grinning like an idiot and unconsciously hugging Tayuya close to him like some precious object. She blushed at the sudden closure but didn't object she was just too…tired.

Konoha's Hospital…

The Hospital didn't look any different from any other buildings. Like all of them it was built partly with bricks and some with wood. The building was painted in light shade of red just like Hokage tower.

When our duo crossed the gates they saw three people waiting for them. Jiraya, Tsunade, and Shizune were looking at Naruto with blank stares. The first one to speak was the pervert.

"Naruto! My boy! I'm so proud of you! Did you get this girl pregnant?" He asked with fake anime tears streaming down his face and was smiling like an Idiot. Both teens blushed madly.

"What? No I didn't!" He spurted words, "Her legs and lower parts are hurt so I carried her here…believe it!"

Tayuya blushed even more, 'That didn't come out right.'

"Naruto I knew you had it in you! You ravaged her so hard that you busted her legs! That's my boy! Genius! Tell me more! I need more info for my new book. It'll be another bestseller of all times!" He yelled in euphoria until he was pacified by Tsunade.

"Stupid pervert…Oj Gaki look what you did Shizune fainted!" Her expression grew serious, "Who is she Naruto?"

"Her name is Tayuya and she's a kunoichi from the hidden sound. She decided to join us." Naruto informed granny.

"And why should I let her do that hmm? I should have her executed on spot!" Tayuya paled Naruto just hugged her tighter.

"Come on baa-chan please!" Puppy eyes no jutsu active, "Pretty please…" Tsunade looked at him with a blank stare.

"God I hate that jutsu…fine she can stay…" Naruto yelled in happiness. Tayuya on the other hand had to add to the list of injures- A broken jaw.

'Fuck I really had to hit my head …I just survived a mind fuck.' She shook her head.

"Yatta! You're the best granny! And don't worry she will give us info on Orochimaru too." He added happily.

"Whatever let's go inside I'll fix you up."

"Finally my ass is killing me…" she stated with everyone looking at her blankly, 'That really didn't come out right.'Tsunade sighed.

"Ha! I knew it!" Jiraya yelled with leer on his face, "Nice job gaki!" Tsunade pummeled him into the ground…again.

"Why do I have a feeling that I will regret this?" She turned to the unconscious Shizune, "Oj wake up or I will eat your pig." Shizune instantly woke up.

"NOOO not TONTON please!" She pleaded crying anime tears hugging Hokage's legs.

Tayuya gasped. The scene was so surreal that she wondered if she was still asleep.

'Lunatics I'm surrounded by fucking lunatics!' All of them went inside the hospital.

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