This is taste of Emmett's world in an alternate version of Twilight w/ different twists and Lemons. Characters are slightly OOC

"It seems to me we can never give up longing and wishing while we are still alive. There are certain things we feel to be beautiful and good, and we must hunger for them."
―George Elliot

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When we settled in the desolate little burg of Forks, Washington, in 1937, I knew that something beautiful would happen here. The two-story white house on the outskirts of town, painstakingly designed by my mother, Esme, felt like a beacon in the darkness, a shelter from the storm. After being dredged from the icy tundra of Alaska, my own personal purgatory, the overly green, sodden landscape was a beautiful distraction. And even now, as we return have a century later, the area still holds the same promise.

Moving was generally an extremely tense affair in our household, especially if the relocation was due to an unfortunate dietary slip. Emotions and tempers were heightened and difficult to control. There were always many ends to tie up, deeds and money to transfer, and most importantly, identities to erase—all necessary endeavors that allowed us to retain our anonymity, blend in with the sea of humans.

The Olympic Peninsula with its constant rain and cloud cover allowed us live almost inconspicuously. The lack of direct sunlight afforded our coven the luxury of freedom, untethered from the shadows. Unencumbered by the necessary confinement of previous dwellings, Forks allowed Carlisle the ability to carry out his life's work, healing the population of the world with his enhanced skill. My father was an honorable man, and I admired him greatly and fully supported his desires, following him from place to place without question. Yet, the poor man constantly worried that his medical contribution to the world wouldn't negate the nature of his being and those of his children.

Our family unit had lived in some spectacular cities over the years as we escaped the scrutiny of the humans. Ithaca, Boston, and Chicago were only a few of our fabulous destinations. However, in each of those cities, we were often on forced quarantine due to the nature of our skin. We could hardly traipse around town sparkling like fucking pixies. Any such nonsense was frowned upon and would garner unneeded scrutiny from our leaders. Therefore, on those rare days that the sun peeked out from beneath its cover, we hid our true selves within walls of glass miles away from humanity, fueling rumors and furthering our ostracization.

Our otherworldliness and beauty kept the human population at bay. They were wise to keep their distance. Regardless of our diet, we were deadly predators who had the real propensity to regress to our basic nature.

As the only un-mated vampire in our coven, I often found myself exceptionally lonely, yearning for the sort of intimacy that my family members enjoyed with such fervor. The sexual tension in our house was thick enough to cut with a knife. The constant smell of arousal that saturated our house was enough to drive a celibate man insane. I was constantly saddled with a painful case of blue balls.

It wasn't as though I were a virgin, per say. Even though my human memories were fuzzy, I remembered sex quite clearly. A multitude of beautiful women had shared my bed during my human years, both paid and unpaid. Of course, over the course of seven decades, I could've chosen a companion. Tanya or Irina would've been all too happy to release me of my affliction. As much as I yearned for release, I couldn't stomach the thought of sharing my bed with either of sisters or anyone else, for that matter. Human regrets were easily forgiven and forgotten, buried with one's body. Sins committed thereafter, would follow you for all of eternity.

Therefore, I continued my existence alone—diligent and unfettered, anxiously waiting for the day I'd be graced with her company.

So, color me surprised when fate finally answered my silent prayers. The problem? Not only was my forever lover gifted with beauty and brains, but also a heartbeat.

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