The Last Chance

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Chapter 10

November 30th dawned bright and sunny. The chill hadn't begun to set in yet, and so it was a relatively warm morning. As warm as it could get during a Scottish winter anyway.

The weather would he been perfect for an excellent Quidditch match, which were usually a matter of life and death for most of the students of Hogwarts, as well as some teachers; one need only observe Minerva McGonagall and Oliver Wood to come to that conclusion.

On this morning, however, there was going to be another event at Hogwarts, which was literally a matter of life and death for those involved. This was the day of the First Task of the Triwizard Tournament.

Harry Potter woke up refreshed and well rested. The last time he had gone through his fourth year, he had been an absolute wreck on the morning of his first task. This time however, he was perfectly cheerful and happy, and no one who saw him would believe that this was a person who knew he would be facing a dragon, a nesting mother at that, in a few hours time. As it was, most people simply assumed that he was 'off his rocker', as the Daily Prophet, or rather Rita Skeeter, said.

There was a reason for his cheerful behavior however.

Last time around, he had planned to trounce his chosen dragon, which later turned out to be a Hungarian Horntail, by challenging her to a flying contest.

In hindsight, it hadn't really been a clever idea to outmaneuver a dragon in mid air, even on a Firebolt, but he had had been scared out of his mind and hadn't had any other idea.

This time however, he had a far better plan. That was to be a given, however, since it had not been thought of by some half crazy Death Eater posing as his half crazy DADA teacher.

The first phase of the plan had already been carried out, long before the task had begun, and the second phase was in progress since the time he had woken up, and would be complete by the time the First Task began. The third and final phase would be executed during the Task itself, and was already guaranteed to work.

Harry found himself humming a merry tune as he almost skipped down the stairway of the Gryffindor boys' dorm, and through the Gryffindor common room, where he was met by a rousing round of cheers, which Harry acknowledged with a smile.

None of them probably believed his innocence in the whole mess that caused him to become a champion, but it was still nice to have some support, since Gryffindor was the only House that was largely unaffected by what the Prophet was spewing about him for the past few days.

Waiting for him at the portrait hole were two of the only people he cared really about in the castle at the moment, Hermione Granger and Neville Longbottom. There were only four other people in Hogwarts he would consider his friends at this moment, and they were Susan Bones, Luna Lovegood, Daphne Greengrass and Tracy Davis.

It had been a... good few weeks since his name came out of the Goblet of Fire, making him the unwilling Fourth Champion in the Triwizard Tournament.

He and Hermione had been spending a lot more of their time with Neville, who had taken the position Ron held in Harry's life, and even Susan, who had found herself somewhat ostracized in Hufflepuff after a couple of upper year students had spotted her talking to Harry and Hermione in the library. It wasn't too bad, after all no one wanted to bother the only living relative of Amelia Bones, who was arguably the most powerful woman in Wizarding Britain.

Neville, for one, seemed to enjoy Susan's company a lot, and it seemed that the feeling was mutual, or so Hermione had told him.

Speaking of feelings, Harry's own relationship with Hermione was progressing, and progressing really well at that.

The rumor mill of Hogwarts had eaten it up and spread the news that Harry and Hermione were dating far and wide in days. It had certainly set tongues wagging, and Harry certainly found it amusing how many girls seemed to be jealous of Hermione despite his somewhat ruined reputation.

Their etiquette lessons with Daphne had also been progressing well, and Harry had to admit he hadn't known quite a bit of it despite Hermione's exemplary research. Tracy Davis, Daphne's… friend, had joined them for the lessons, and would help Daphne out wherever required.

The atmosphere between the four of them had initially been very frosty, which was to be expected seeing as half of them were from Gryffindor and the other half were from Slytherin. It had soon thawed out, once they had all gotten over their prejudices, and Harry had come to enjoy Daphne and Tracy's company.

Hermione also got along well with them, which was surprising since one would have expected her to be cautious of two remarkably beautiful witches being so close to her boyfriend, but then again, she trusted Harry completely, and Daphne and Tracy were not the least bit interested in him that way.

After he had received permission from them, Harry had invited Neville and Susan along to the lessons. Neville had come along because he could use the help, and Susan had come along just because.

Even Luna had suddenly joined them one day, making Harry wonder how she knew. No one complained though, and she was happily welcomed into the motley group.

The group got along extremely well, and Harry was surprised by how comfortable he found himself when hanging out with them.

All that didn't mean that Harry and Hermione had stopped the things they did in private. They had been learning all they could about Warding and Cursebreaking in preparation for their excursion to retrieve the Gaunt Family Ring, which was one of Voldemort's Horcruxes.

The Room of Requirement had been most useful for that, since it could supply them with just about anything they needed, and it was also completely hidden, so there was no chance of anyone stumbling in on them.

After some consideration, they had told their friends about the Room, after which it became a sort of unofficial common room for them, since even the library could only afford so much privacy, and the Room of Requirement was far more comfortable too. By general consensus, no one else would know about it, since too many people knowing about it would have meant they couldn't use it whenever they wanted, something that had happened in Harry's previous sixth year.

Ex-DA members had told their friends about it, and they had told their friends about it, and soon enough everyone in Hogwarts had known about it. The only reason Neville and his group hadn't been caught in seventh year was due to the Room's magic making it impossible for anyone to get in.

Harry was brought out of his reminiscing when they reached the Great Hall. After greeting Susan, who had been waiting for them at the entrance, they all walked in and headed for the Gryffindor table. They were greeted by a loud round of applause by the Gryffindors who were sitting at the table, though almost everyone else gave them the cold shoulder.

"Well you look awfully chipper for someone's going to, ah... you know." Susan said, wincing at her near slip up of mentioning the dragons. The champions were technically not supposed to know, though every last one had in his previous life.

Harry was pretty sure that the same thing had happened this time around too, since Maxime and Karkaroff weren't the type to pass up a chance to give their champions an extra edge, and Susan had persuaded Harry to tell Cedric.

"Yes well, I've got a foolproof plan ready, so I'm really not worried in the slightest." Harry said nonchalantly.

"Only you, Harry, can possibly be carefree about facing a dragon." Neville said, shaking his head.

"Of course! What's a mere dragon after a basilisk?" Harry boasted.

"Don't get a big head Harry." Hermione admonished him, piling toasts on her plate. "I don't want you getting eaten or something because you were too arrogant. That'll prove Malfoy right. You don't want that, do you?"

Harry shuddered and shook his head, and then dived into his breakfast with gusto.

Hermione watched on in amusement and turned to make small talk with Susan and Neville who were looking far more worried about the upcoming task than Harry.

A little while later, after they had all finished their breakfasts, and got up together and headed outside. As they walked past the Slytherin table, Harry spotted Daphne and Tracy and discreetly gestured for them to follow. They nodded and got up to join them soon after.

As the six of them exited the castle, they spotted Luna waiting to the side. She smiled at them and immediately drifted over to join them.

"You're still not going to tell us what you plan to do with the dragon, are you?" Daphne asked Harry.

"Nope! You'll find out in a little while anyway." Harry said, grinning smugly.

He had told them about dragons being part of the First Task the week before, but he had been dancing around the topic of how he was going to deal with them. Hermione knew of course, since he was almost incapable of keeping secrets from her in the first place, but she too had been keeping mum. Both found it remarkably amusing how the rest were freaking out over dragons, even the usually calm and collected Daphne. Luna was the exception, but then again, no one knew how her brain worked.

They soon reached the tent erected for the champions, and paused outside, since only Harry was allowed to be inside.

"You're just being mean now Harry." Tracy whined.

"Yeah Harry, come one, just one clue." Susan begged. "You know how worried we're going to be till you're safely done. You don't want to worry us needlessly do you?"

"I've already told you there's nothing to worry about." Harry said, and then hooked his thumb towards Hermione. "Besides, do you really think she would let me do something that could get me killed?"

"Oh no, not falling for that one. She's been with you on all your crazy adventures except the one with the basilisk." Tracy said, shaking her head. "Nice try though."

"Okay that's true but-"

"Harry! You make it sound like I went along for the fun of it!" Hermione protested angrily, prompting snickers from everyone.

"Just be careful, Harry. I'm sure you have a good plan, but try not to overdo it." Luna said dreamily, then hugged him and drifted away towards the stands.

"See? She's got the right idea!" Harry said happily.

"Oh whatever, just don't get killed Potter." Daphne said, and gave him a quick hug, and moved away to let Tracy have her turn, followed by Susan.

"Best of luck Harry." Neville said, giving Harry a man-hug, and then hurried after Susan, leaving Harry and Hermione alone.

"Okay Harry, please be careful alright? I know we've planned it all out, but don't ever forget that you're going to face a dragon, and they should never ever be taken lightly." Hermione said.

"Don't worry Hermione, I'll be careful." Harry said, and pulled her into a tight hug. Hermione sighed as she hugged him back, and then pulled back for a moment and looked up at him.

"Good luck Harry." Hermione whispered, and leaned up to kiss him on the lips. Harry eagerly responded, and it soon devolved into a full blown snog, with lots of tongue involved.

Hermione pulled away a little while later, leaving Harry with a goofy smile on his face.

"See you after the Task." Hermione said quietly, and left after giving him a quick peck on the cheek.

Harry grinned widely as he watched her retreating form and then stepped into the tent, and settled down to wait for the other champions, who came in a little while later.

Harry, though, still had the same wide smile plastered on his face. Being lost in his memories of his kiss, he never realized the effect he was having on the other three champions. They had already been nervous, as all three knew they were facing dragons, and seeing Harry smiling like a loon was not doing any favors for their composure.

The judges arrived soon, however, and Harry finally wiped the grin off his face and sobered up.

"Ah, all of are here already! Excellent!" Bagman said excitedly, smiling as widely as Harry had been a few moments ago, making Harry wonder if the man was a sadist, taking pleasure in the upcoming suffering of the Champions.

"Right, so gather round, gather round." Bagman said, motioning for them all to stand in front of him. "Now, we will begin the First Task shortly. You will have to face a... something, and your task is this- collect the golden egg!"

Harry nodded, bored with the explanations already, and mentally urged Bagman to get on with it. All they needed to really know at this point was what dragon they would be facing and in which order. The rest they all were already aware of.

Harry watched with feigned interest as Bagman droned on about the task, and then finally held up the pouch with the miniature dragons.

"Ladies first, shall we?" Bagman said, offering the pouch to Fleur.

Fleur gingerly slipped her hand into the wriggling pouch and rummaged around for a bit, before pulling it back holding a tiny dragon by its tail.

"Ah, the Swedish Short-Snout! You will be going first, Ms. Delacour." Bagman said smiling brightly. Fleur only nodded and retreated towards where Maxime was standing, and immediately started to chatter with the woman in French. "You next, Mr. Diggory."

Cedric stepped forward and gingerly out his hand in, withdrawing it holding a red dragon up, unfortunately by its wing, a second later. The little dragon… er, squeaked, and shot a tiny ball of fire at Cedric, causing Harry to snicker quietly.

"Chinese Fireball, Mr. Digorry! Third in line." Bagman said hapily. "Now, Mr. Krum? If you will."

Krum stepped forward next, looking properly grumpy, and plunged a hand into the pouch and rummaged around for a good ten seconds, making Harry shake his head. The pouch was tiny, and there were only two dragons left! Why on earth would he take so long?

Krum suddenly winced and pulled his hand back as if stung, and Harry noticed a row of tiny teeth marks along his index finger. Thrusting his hand back roughly Krum quickly grabbed a dragon, most probably not the one which had bitten him, and pulled it out immediately, holding a squirming black dragon in his fist.

"Ah, the Hungarian Horntail! Particualrly nasty, that one. Even the miniature is quite fierce." Bagman said happily, noticing the dragon trying to take a small chunk out of Krum's little finger as payment for its mistreatment. "You'll be going fourth, Mr. Krum. Now, your turn Mr. Potter."

Harry stepped forward and reached in, and withdrew his hand immediately after, gently holding a green dragon in the palm of his hand.

"The Welsh Green! You're second in line, Mr. Potter. Now, as I said before, your task is not to fight your dragon, but to retrieve a golden egg, which will be placed in the clutch of the dragons' own eggs." Bagman said.

Harry nodded, imitating the rest, but most of his attention was on his dragon, which was performing tricks like a dog in the palm of his hand.

Harry looked back up as he heard Bagman begin to announce the start of Task. He was by now almost completely sure that Bagman was a sadist, he had to be, with the way he was gleefully announcing what the Champions would be facing.

Soon enough, it was time to begin.

"And first up, the Beauxbatons Champion, Fleur Delacour!" Bagman announced loudly, followed by loud chorus of cheers.

Fleur gulped nervously and left the tent. Harry tuned out Bagman's comments, again focusing on his little dragon, which was now doing aerial acrobatics around his head.

Less than ten minutes later, there was a loud roar of applause from outside, and Harry assumed that Fleur had completed her task, which was confirmed by Bagman seconds later.

"Now for our second champion, Harry Potter!" Bagman announced loudly.

Harry grinned to himself and stood up.

'Time to start Phase Three.'

Stopping a little distance from the entrance to the Arena, Harry quietly whispered, "Dobby."

The little House Elf popped in beside him immediately.

"Everything's ready Master Harry Potter Sir." Dobby said. "Yous only need to be summoning the box sir."

"Excellent work Dobby." Harry said, grinning at Dobby. Dobby beamed at the praise and bowed low, popping out immediately after.

Harry straightened up and took a deep breath, and then walked straight into the arena. Almost immediately, he was met with a loud chorus of cheers, led by the small chunk of red and gold which was the Gryffindors, and an even louder chorus of heckles, led primarily by the solid block of green and silver, the Slytherins.

Harry shook his head at their behavior and turned towards the sea of red and gold, almost all of whom were supporting him. Almost.

He noticed Hermione in the very front row with Neville, Susan and Luna, all of them cheering him. Daphne and Tracy were also surprisingly sitting with them, attracting quite a few distrustful glances from the nearby Gryffindors, and while they weren't cheering as loudly as the other four, he did spot their encouraging smiles.

A loud roaring brought his attention back to the actual arena.

Crouching opposite to him was a large green dragon, the Welsh Green.

Harry smiled internally as the dragon roared again at him, blowing a large amount of flames in his direction.

Sighing theatrically, he turned to face the dragon fully, and cleared his throat.


With one command, complete silence fell. The dragon had stopped roaring and was now just staring at Harry, while the crowd was watching in awe, for he had managed to quieten a dragon, and fear, for he had spoken in Parseltongue.

"Dont scream so much, or you'll get a sore throat." Harry chided. By now there was pin drop silence around him, as the audience held their breath, watching him talking to a dragon.

"Oh shut up. If breathing fire doesnt give me a sore throat, what's a little roaring going to do? And besides, I'm not as fragile as you humans." The dragon hissed back. It was obvious to the audience that the dragon was speaking back to Harry, despite the fact that they didn't understand a word.

"Alright alright. You want the meat first, or do you want to mess with everyone's minds a bit more?" Harry asked, grinning. "Your choice, Nelliel."

"Food first, I'm starving." The dragon, Nelliel, said immediately, licking her chops.

"Alright then! Accio Basilisk Meat!" Harry called.

Seconds later, a large black box, the size of a large suitcase, came soaring over the stands and landed in front of Harry. Leaning down, Harry flipped it open, revealing the dark red meat that had been stuffed inside.

Aiming his wand at it, Harry levitated the cube of red meat out of the box and towards Nelliel, who was watching in gleeful anticipation. After it had landed in front of her, Harry shot another spell at it, causing it to expand to twice its original size.

"There. One hundred pounds of basilisk meat, as we had decided." Harry said loudly. "We're good now, right?"

"Oh yes, we're good. We're definitely good." Nelliel said gleefully, before diving into the pile of meat. Looking up at him with a mouthful, she said in a muffled voice, "Let me get done with this, you can go on with the rest of the stuff."

Harry grinned at her and looked up towards the stands, and noted the expressions on everyone's faces.

Spotting his friends, Harry waved happily at them, giving them a cheeky smile. Neville, Susan, Daphne and Tracy were all looking at him incredulously, while Hermione was giving him a wide grin. Luna was smiling at him too, apparently not fazed in the least, but Harry hadn't expected anything different from her.

Looking back to Nelliel, Harry thought of how the whole thing had started in the first place.


Harry looked at Sirius, or rather his image in the mirror, with a raised eyebrow.

"Say what? Are you absolutely sure about this Sirius? Because if you turn out to be wrong, I'll be roasted alive." Harry said in a flat tone.

"Don't' worry so much pup." Sirius replied, rolling his eyes. "You're not Snivellous, so I won't do something like that to you."

"Good to know." Harry said, cracking a grin, and then looked at Sirius seriously. "Alright, I'll check it out tonight and let you know if went well tomorrow."

"Alright pup. See you later, and tell Hermione I said hi!" Sirius said cheerfully, before signing off.

Harry, who was sitting on a couch in the Room of Requirements across from Hermione, who was doing her homework.

"Hey Hermione, Sirius had an idea about what to do with the dragons. Apparently, they are supposed to understand Parseltongue." Harry said. Hermione looked up at him, blinking in surprise.

"What? But Parseltongue is supposed to be for snakes only, isn't it?" Hermione asked curiously.

"Well yeah, I thought so too. But Sirius said he found a book in the Black Family Library that said that dragons were also able to understand Parseltongue to an extent." Harry said, shrugging.

"You're going to check if it works, right?" Hermione asked, closing the book in front of her.

"Of course, better to check it right now than to find out it doesn't work during the First Task." Harry said. "I'll go down to the dragons pens tonight."

Hermione nodded in acceptance as she went back to her book, while Harry headed to the small target range they had set up for a little spell practice.

Later, after most of the school was fast asleep, Harry snuck out with his Invisibility Cloak and the Marauders' Map. Hermione had declined when he asked if she wanted to come, but she had declined saying that she wanted to get her homework done.

After he reached the dragons' paddocks, he checked around to make sure that there were no dragon handlers around to catch him. Once he was sure, he cautiously took off his Cloak and cautiously approached the dragons.

Apparently, they immediately captured his scent, as all four of them swung around to look at him.

"H-Hello?" Harry said, waving uncertainly.

There was a moment's silence, and then the closest dragon, the Horntail, roared loudly at him. Harry unconsciously took a step back, and sighed inwardly. Looks like plan A had crashed and burned before it could even take off.

"Hello to you too, tiny human. And dont pay any attention to her, she's just a cranky old bitch." The Welsh Green said, waving a paw towards the Horntail. Harry turned towards the Welsh Green with surprise etched on his face.

"You understand me?" Harry asked curiously.

"Obviously." Swedish Short-Snout said calmly. "Though how one of you humans can speak our tongue is beyond me."

"Now, now, no need to be so rude. At least this one isn't as bad as the others, shouting nonsense all the while." The Chinese Fireball said, in a strangely motherly voice. "Tell me little one, how can you speak our tongue?"

"I uh- I dont really know, I've always been able to. Though this is my first time talking to dragons." Harry said, stepping a little closer, and then yelping and jumping back when the Horntail roared again.

"Oww! What's wrong with you?" The Welsh Green yelped, and then turned to Harry. "Sorry about her, like I said before, she's just a crazy old bitch. I'm Nelliel. Nice to meet'cha."

"Harry Potter. Nice to meet you too." Harry said smiling at her. Maybe Hagrid was right, dragons were probably just misunderstood creatures. Three of the ones here at least didn't seem so bad.

"Hey Harribel, he's got almost the same name as you!" Nelliel exclaimed.

"Could you please speak a little softly Nelliel?" Harribel the Short-Snout snapped. "You'll bring the dragon handlers down if you get any louder."

"And I, am known as Retsu." The Fireball said. "You're a curious one. From what I've seen of humans so far, you shouldnt able to understand us, yet here I find myself conversing with you."

"Er, I guess that would be because I am a Parselmouth. I know of only one other person like me, and he's not really a pleasant sort." Harry said.

"Ooh, a Parselmouth eh? No idea what that means, but it sounds fantastic!" Nelliel chirped, and then turned to Harry with an intense gaze, which was even more so since it came from a dragon."So Harry, you're a human right? Can you tell me..."

Flashback End!

What followed then was a long conversation between Harry, Nelliel and Retsu, with Harribel contributing once in a while, and the Horntail, who didn't say anything understandable but kept roaring at Harry if he ever strayed too close to her cage. It was a fascinating experience for him, talking to dragons.

Harry finally decided he needed to get back to the castle when he saw that it was nearing dawn, and ran back after telling the three dragons that he would be back the next day.

Hermione had been stunned when she heard of what he had discovered and been lamenting lost opportunities for quite a while, till Harry took mercy and invited her along that night.

He had continued visiting the dragons after lights out every alternate night, and Hermione had joined him every once in a while. The dragons got along very well him, at least all except the Horntail, whose name he still did not know.

He had finally brought up the Task, and told them what he would have to do. After some talking with them, Harry and Hermione had finalized their plan.

It would look suspicious if whatever dragon Harry got just handed the egg over to him, so they decided to make it look like Harry had convinced them to exchange the Golden Egg for the Basilisk meat. With that high a prize, even the Horntail decided to accept the offer, and Harry's plans for the Task were set. Winky would harvest the meat off the Basilisk on the morning of the Task and have it packed and ready for delivery, and then Harry would summon it and offer it to the dragon, who would then allow him to have the egg.

Harry flashed Nelliel a wide grin as he walked past her and petted her on the snout. She looked up from her meal and gave him a fanged grin, before turning her attention back to her food.

Harry calmly walked over to the nest of eggs and carefully picked out the golden one, taking care not to jostle the others. He made his way back through the Arena, but paused as he walked by Nelliel.

Facing the judges' stand, Harry cleared his throat and placed his wand at his larynx.

"Greetings, students, staff, organisers and visitors. Since I have this opportunity and this captive audience, I am going to say something I have wanted to for a while." Harry said, his voice magically enhanced, though he had absolutely no need for it, given how no one was making a noise, except for Nelliel, who was still feasting.

"I, Harry James Potter, swear on my life and magic that I did not put my name in the Goblet of Fire, so mote it be." Harry said calmly, with wand in the air. After finishing his oath, he flashed a Lumos to prove its validity, and then turned his back to the audience walked to Nelliel.

'Let's anyone try to twist that around, and then see how well it goes with all the foreign dignitaries in attendance.' Harry thought with a hidden smirk.

"Let everyone else know that I'll send their parts later with Winky." Harry said.

"Sure Harry. And don't forget to visit us when you get time, you hear?" Nelliel said, looking up at him.

"I won't. See you later Nel." Harry said, patting her snout. Then he walked back towards the tent, waving to her before he disappeared inside.

All in all, he had taken almost five minutes for his task, five minutes during which the entire audience had been sitting in absolute silence.

Harry grinned at the other Champions as he walked back in, and sat down calmly in an armchair. They kept throwing him curious looks, no doubt wondering how he had done and what had caused the silence.

It took still another minute for Bagman to regain his voice, after which the First Task continued. It seemed that Harry's performance had had a lasting effect though, since the cheers for Cedric and Krum seemed almost halfhearted.

Once all the Champions were done, they were called back out for the declaration of the scores, which were announced from lowest to highest.

Krum got the lowest score at thirty, since he had seriously injured the Horntail, though thankfully no eggs had been destroyed. Only Karkaroff had given him higher than a six.

Cedric was third with thirty seven. He had gotten burnt a little while trying to run past Retsu while distracting her with a large elephant. He should have gotten more, but Karkaroff had given him only five for getting himself injured.

Fleur came in second with forty two. She had very easily put Harribel to sleep, and almost every judge had given her a nine.

Finally, Harry had come in first with a whopping forty nine. Dumbledore, Maxime, Bagman, and Crouch had all given him a perfect score for task, but Karkaroff had decided to be a bastard and given him nine, which was really the lowest that would have been allowed.

Harry was again grinning as he walked out of the tent. His grin only widened as he saw his friends approaching. Hermione was grinning as widely as him; she had enjoyed everyone's reaction much as he had. Susan had fingernail marks on her cheeks, and looked like she wanted to both shout at and hug him. Neville was looking awed and ready to worship him, as was Tracy. Daphne was looking appreciatively at him, and if he didn't know otherwise, he would have suspected with less than honorable intentions. Luna just smiled dreamily.

"So? What do you think?" Harry asked as they reached him. Hermione hugged him hard and kissed him chastely before drawing away.

"Pretty damn good Potter." Daphne said, with the rest voicing their fervent agreement. "Of all the things I expected, charming your way around a dragon was certainly not one."

"Oh there was more to it than that. I'll tell you all about later." Harry said, smirking.

"The Room?" Tracy asked.

"Of course. Get over there in half an hour and open it up if you're first." Harry said.

"Okay Harry! See you all then!" Susan said, and left after giving him a hug, Daphne and Tracy following her seconds later. Neville walked with them as they headed towards the people flocking towards the castle.

Only to find a certain Weasley standing in their way.

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