Summary: Something wrong happens in Danny's past and now Andy, his five-year-old son, has to go 15 years to the past to try to help his own parents to discover what's going on in order to save them and his own existence.

Rate: T for safety.

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I'd like to dedicate this fic to someone I admire a lot, Kicsterash, she can always amaze me with her drawings sketches and stories! And I'd also like to dedicate it my closest friends, they can always make the darkest days at least a little brighter!

Blast From The Future


Fifteen years after 'Phantom Planet'…

Sam was in the kitchen, making her son's breakfast while the little boy and his father were up in Andy's room, cleaning up the mess they left from the day before. Andy loved to play with his father Danny, who does everything he can to put a smile on his son's face.

Andy was only 5 years old, almost getting to his 6th anniversary, and his appearance was just like his father's: black messy hair, cute cheeks and big bright sky blue eyes. He also inherited two of his dad's ghost powers: invisibility and intangibility.

Sam finished to prepare the breakfast and grabbed some orange juice in the fridge, putting it on the table.

"Danny! Andy!" she called "Have you guys already finished cleaning the room?"

"Yep, mommy!" the little boy answered, though he did it trough the ceiling by phasing his head. Turns out his room was exactly above the kitchen.

"Andrew Fenton, what are you think you're doing?" Sam asked frowning her black eyebrows.

"Phasing my head trough the floor." he sated simply.

"I can see that, what I meant is why."

"Answering your question, I didn't want to shout, so I did this. It's nice, isn't it? Daddy is showing me all kinds of interesting stuff about how to use my powers better!"

"Stop showing off and get your self down here right now."

"Told you, Andy, your mom doesn't really have much sense of humor." Danny said in a joke tone phasing his head through the ceiling as well by his son's side.

"Danny, stop playing around with your powers, both of you. Otherwise, Andy's gonna get late for school. And come through the door like a normal person."

"Ghost envy, much?" Danny teased with a smirk.

"Are you really going to try using your sister's psychology to get on my nerves? Besides, this ghost envy stuff only pissed you off, not me. What if we had an unexpected guest here? How'd you explain this? You're the one who wanted to lay low and asked Tucker to build a contraption to make people forget about your secret after the whole intangible planet thing."

"Okay, okay. We're going down the boring way."

Danny replied phasing his head back, Andy giggled and did the same. Just moments later, father and son entered in the kitchen using the opened door.

"I'm hungry, mommy, what do we have today for breakfast?" the little boy asked siting on his chair, there was a small cushion on it so he wouldn't be too far away from everything on the table. After all, he was still too small, though he was growing fast.

"Omelet" she answered simply, putting the mess of white and yellow on a plate in front of him.

"I like when you do that once in a while, it's nice to eat something different from cereal." he cheered spreading his arms up in the air.

Sam sat at the table next her son and Danny sat at the other side.

"As an ultra recycle vegetarian I thought you wouldn't eat eggs" Danny teased.

"I don't eat anything with a face, Danny, you know that. And as far as I know, eggs don't have face, and if they're not impregnated, they never will have one." She answered taking a bite from the omelet on her plate "Anyway, it was really reckless what you did with Andy awhile ago, phasing your head like that. I'm serious, what if there was some unexpected guest today?"

"Sam, who would come here at this hour in the morning? Without further notice? Besides Tuck, we don't even get much guests anyway"

"I don't know, maybe my parents could show up, you know them and they'd freak out as soon as they see my son's and husband's head through a wall or anything."

"I know, but it'd be funny to see their reactions." The young man replied trying not to laugh and failing miserably.

"Daddy, can we go to the park today afterschool? I promise to do all my homework after!" Andy asked between bites, Sam and Danny never knew how he could eat so fast and not almost choke everyday.

"Eat slower, please you're not so late for school" Sam scolded gently.

"I don't know about that, Squirt" Danny answered "I still have some paperwork to send to NASA today."

"Please, daddy! Please! Pretty please with sugar on top!"

Danny laughed at how his son was asking so intensely. "Why you want to go so much?"

"Because I know that my friend Lucy's nanny usually take het to the park on Wednesdays, and I want to play with her!"

The black haired man smiled remembering his childhood with his two best friends at the park, but the small smile faded a bit with what he was going to say "I don't know if I'll be able to finish everything up in time. What about you, Sam?"

"Don't look at me, I'm a busy environmentalist and I have a meeting this afternoon."

Andy moaned sadly looking down. Danny could resist at many things and he already endured much pain while fighting ghosts, but couldn't resist at the sad look in the teary blue eyes of his five-year-old son.

"I'll see what I can do, maybe I can finish it all up in time to take you there."

"Hooray! Thanks, daddy!" happiness suddenly filled the young boy's face.

"It's not a promise, I'll just try to do it, okay?"

"Right! But I know you can do it, daddy, you can do everything! You're amazing! A hero!"

Danny smiled and messed his son's black hair "Just don't get your hopes too high."

As soon as Andy finished eating, he left his plate and glass at the sink and hurried upstairs again to his room to get his backpack. Sam stood up right after her son's figure disappeared upstairs and started to wash the dishes, soon it was Danny's turn to stand and put his dishes on the sink.

"I'll help you by cleaning the dishes now, but after dinner, it'll be your turn." Sam said "So, you can start your paperwork stuff already."

She turned to look at her husband that had stood up, put he wasn't taking the plate to the sink yet. He was looking at his hands with a terrified look in his eyes, they where fading out, disappearing and appearing non stop, soon the same started to happen with his legs and torso, until all off his body was fading in and out like a broken lamp.

"Oh, Danny, seriously, stop playing around with your powers" she said in a bored tone and got back to washing the dishes.

"Sam, I'm not the one doing it."

He replied, the seriousness in his voice made Sam stop and turn around once again and look carefully at him with a raised eyebrow. The look in his eyes made her realize it was not a joke this time. He was really worried and this fact worried her as well.

"Danny, what's going on?"

"I don't know!" He answered, his voice rising from the worry. And suddenly, it stopped and he was appearing normally. He breathed deeply, trying to calm himself down.

They didn't get time enough to try to discuss what had just happened, Andy's scared cry called their attention.

"Mommy! Daddy! Help me!" both hurried upstairs to his room and found the boy in the middle of his room, looking at his hands with fear in his teary blue eyes "There's something weird going on with my powers! I was invisible just now, but I didn't make it, I swear!"

"Calm down, Andy, you're fine now." Danny kneeled in front of his son, embracing the tiny boy so he could comfort him.

"Daddy, what's going on? It never happened before! Mommy and Uncle Tucker said that you couldn't control your powers too easily when you got them, but it never happened to me!"

"I'm sorry, Andy, I don't know what or why that happened, but just a moment ago, the same thing happened to me."

"Perhaps, I can clarify the situation." An ancient voice said just in time for the familiar blue mist scape Danny's mouth, it was his ghost sense.

"Clockwork!" Danny said recognizing the ghost standing in a corner of the room.

"Then, please, tell what this is all about!" Sam inquired, concern for her husband and son was clear in her voice.

"I shall explain everything, but first, I believe you'd like to call your other friend, Tucker." The ghost said changing his appearance to a kid. At that moment, Danny, Andy and this time, even Sam started to fade away.

"Wait, why am I vanishing as well?"

"Probably your past self is trying to help past Danny. The same thing must be happening to your friend."

"I'm calling Tuck right now" Sam said getting her cellphone by the time she stopped disappearing.

Clockwork was right, for the same thing was occurring to Tucker, he canceled all the town meetings he'd have during the day as mayor and went straight to his best friends' house. When they were all united, the ghost of time began the conversation giving each one a medallion.

"It will stabilize you and prevent you from fading out of existence."

"Thanks, but just what was that?" Sam asked putting one medallion around her neck and the adult ghost started to explain.

"Someone went back in time about 15 years to go on and try to destroy you at that age."

"And why it affected Andy as well?" The halfa inquired this time.

"Man, you need to watch more sci-fi stuff. Have you ever seen Back To The Future?" Tucker rolled his eyes when Danny swayed his head in a negative way "The main character went back to the past and accidentally made his own mother fall for him, this almost made his existence, as well as his siblings, cease, because if his mother didn't fall for his father, he'd never exist, understand it? If you die in this new past, there's no way Andy will be born."

"But if the past's been alternated, then why are we fading out? I mean, if it changed, shouldn't we be already vanished?"

"Not exactly" the techno-geek continued "If the changes are happening now, the future is being changed at the same time. Just like in the movie, when his mother started to fall for the main character, a photo of him and his siblings showed that they started to disappear, and the moment their parents got together, the photo went back to normal" with that said, the ghost of time nodded in agreement, Tucker was right, and he continued with a reference that Andy could understand easier, "Or in that animation 'Meet the Robinsons', when Lewis decided not to invent that hat-thingy the whole messed up future controlled by it changed."

After a moment or two of reflection about what his best friend clarified, Danny turned to Clockwork and inquired once again "Okay, I think I got the idea, but how did that start?"

"Someone took my time staff to go back in time"

"What?!" Sam asked in disbelief "Who'd do that?"

"The worst part is that I don't know. Who did this was smart enough to hide itself from me, in this time and in the past."

"But you're Clockwork, you know everything, past, present and future. Just like you knew all that'd happen when you helped me fix up my time line" Danny replied.

"I am aware of that, however, since the course of time's been changed without my consentient, there's nothing I can do. And without my time staff, my powers are not complete, therefor, all I can do is send someone to the past to try and warn you past selves. If the person that goes to the past can recover my staff, I can make everything go back to normal."

"Fine, then I'll go"

The halfa said boldly, however, Clockwork closed his eyes and his head made a negative sign.

"I'm afraid you can not go"

"Why not?"

"Because your past self is there as well, and if you touch each other, even by accident, it will create a paradox. The entire course of time is changing; I can't guarantee what will happen then. I have no control of the progression of time anymore, and a paradox might break the whole basis of time itself."

"So, basically, none of us can go there." Sam stated logically, "Or anyone who might be related, like Jazz or even Danny's parents."

"Precisely." the ancient Clockwork replied.

"But I didn't exist in that time, right? So this para-thingy can't happen with me, right?" Andy asked, for a five-year-old, he was actually catching up fast; maybe watching sci-fi movies with Uncle Tucker was a good idea after all.

"That is correct"

"Then I'll go."

"No way, Andrew! That's way too dangerous!" Sam shouted taking the little boy from the floor and embracing him in her protective arms.

"I am aware of that too, Samantha" the ghost said with a sad look on his face "But that was actually my idea from the beginning. There's no other way around it. You'll have to believe in your past selves to protect your future son or you'll all cease to exist and I wont be able to do anything."

Her violet eyes suddenly got teary from worry for her small child.

"It's okay, mommy! I'll be fine. Besides, I have two ghost powers to help me on this mission. And you and daddy will be there too. So will uncle Tucker, and Aunt Jazz, and even grandma and grandpa. They'll only be younger than I know. Just like in the pictures you showed me once, just like the stories you guys always tell me about daddy, I'll be there in those stories just like I always dreamed of."

"Yes, however, Andrew, you can not tell them much about their future. And avoid, at all costs that they find out who you really are. Future knowledge is a dangerous thing. Only tell them the necessary: that someone took my staff and you have to give it back to me here. Don't even tell them you're from 15 years from the future."

"Okay, I can do that." the young boy said partly excited and partly afraid at the same time.

"And don't take off the medallion at any cost without holding the staff."

"Why not?"

"Because it might make you disappear permanently."

This time, the boy gulped letting the afraid part of him show a little bit more, but he was still able to hide it with the excited part.

"Okay. I can do that." he said again.

Danny got Andy in his arms from Sam's and though he was serious, he wanted to encourage his son to do what he was about to do. He knew his son was brave for a kid that was so young, but it didn't make the fear go away and he knew that.

"I think I have an idea to help with it. You can make your medallion intangible and put it inside you and only take it off when you have the time staff. And don't worry, it won't hurt or anything."

"Okay, daddy."

Andy grabbed the medallion and did what he was told, leaving the object safe inside him.

"That's it, Squirt. Now, just be safe, I know you can do it." Danny reassured him.

"How are we going to send him 15 years to the past?" Tucker asked the time ghost.

"Let's get to the Ghost Zone, to my lair, where I can make a small crack in time, just enough to create an opening to send him there."

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