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Time Course

Everyone just stood there, staring in silence to the dust where Andy was just seconds ago. Danny turned his eyes to glare at her again, rage was written in them and only one thought crossed his mind. How dare she hurt an innocent boy like him?

By then, Dani had woken up, though she hasn't strong enough even to transform back to her ghost form, she had seen what happened to her nephew. Nicky prepared to attack the group again, and Danny tensed, he knew what he had to do, or at least try. He was indeed almost out of strength, but he would give everything he's got to put her permanently on a thermos and do everything he could to save Andy somehow.

This time, as she shoots another purple ghost rays at them, Danny raised a different shield. Instead of a semi circle, it was like a greenish wall in front of him, absorbing the impact and when it was over, the shield started to twirl just like the one she did. It was a 'mirrored shield'.

"But… How? It's impossible! I created this! You can't copy!"

"I just did." He smirked. The truth is, he didn't know how he could do that, and maybe he was so committed into it that it just flowed naturally to him.

Tucker got one of the Fenton's ghost weapons on the floor with the explosion of the RV. Nicky was too distracted and shocked by what Danny performed to notice the back teen sneaking behind her. Sam notice though, and she searched for a weapon too, after all, Tucker might need some backup.

Usually the joker one, Tucker was terribly serious now, he aimed and pulled the trigger. The gun's green ray hit the target with perfection. Nicky turned around and instead of deciding to hit him directly, she raised her hands to perform again the 'ecto meteor shower'. The purplish clouds started twirling one more time and balls of ectoplasm fell upon them.

Nicky started panting heavily and Danny noticed that sign of exhaustion she showed. Sam was right; she was quickly running out of energy. Danny tried to protect them by putting up another shield, a semi circle one. Tucker ran dodging the ecto energy balls that were falling until he was under the protection of his friend's power.

When the impact of the purple falling objects against the unearthly green shield was getting too much for Danny to handle, the clouds and the 'meteors' froze and Clockwork appeared in front of Nicky. He was very mad and for the first time, she widened like she was scared.

"I believe you should be getting back to your own time." He said seriously pointing his staff at her.

When she realized, she wasn't floating in the air in the middle of the street in front of the sigh that says 'Fenton Works'. She was in the middle of nowhere; she could see nothing but trees around.

Then, someone dressed up in a black and white suit flew behind her. He had white hair, glowing green eyes and there was a 'D' logo on his chest, though instead of the tired teen she was facing seconds ago, he was now a full grown adult with experience and stamina to keep fighting for a long time.

"So, Nicky." he said raising his glowing light blue hands at her, he ironically asked before shooting his ice rays, "May we continue our fight?"

Danny looked at Clockwork with a trace of hope in his green eyes, he was almost certain that the aging ghost was from the future as well, though he hasn't changed a bit since he last saw him, with the purple cloak and changing from youth to elderly and vice versa within minutes.

"Clockwork." Danny called "It's about Andy… She attacked him! Please tell us you can save him!"

"Please." Dani said with tears on her blue eyes, she was holding her wounds on her bandaged waist, it wasn't bleeding anymore, but it still hurts "I'll do anything, just please bring him back!"

The master of time smiled. "You're taking little Andy for granted. He is fine in his own time. When he grabbed the staff, he managed to take off the time medallion inside him and went forward in time."

"But we saw her attacking him. And there wasn't any trace of the time medallion." Sam spoke, her voice started failing.

"Her blast probably hit the medallion and destroyed it. No harm done." The ghost of time explained as everyone sighed in relief. "Now, Dani Phantom, I believe you stayed here for far too long. You should also go back to your own time." She nodded.

"Wait, but she's hurt." Danny complained.

"Oh, don't worry." She told him, "I'll be fine."

She said goodbye at them before phasing her hand in her chest and getting out the time medallion and disappearing instantly, leaving only the rounded object behind. Clockwork grabbed it back and smiled at the half ghost teen.

"Don't worry about her, she's now fully recovered, I took care of it."

Danny smiled a big one "Thank you."

"Well, yeah, that's great, but Clockwork, who exactly was that ghost?" Tucker asked.

"Nicky was the name she 'adopted' when she died, it comes from her human's nickname 'Vicky', after Victoria. Her name fitted her like a glove, she was a very competitive young woman and she could win anything she wanted. Even if it means playing dirty."

"Wait, you mean she cheated?" Jazz asked just to clarify.

"Precisely. The last time she was alive, she was about to enter in a bike competition. She was good, but another competitor was even better, so she messed up with the competitor's bike, however, she saw what 'Vicky' did and managed to change the bikes. Victoria was so distracted by the thought of winning that she didn't notice the change until it was already too late. She lost control of it and there was an accident. Ironically, the trickery she did on the bike lead her to her death."

"Okay, but what does this have to do with me?" Danny asked confused, since it wasn't needed to fight anymore, he allowed the familiar white rings to appear at his waist and travel up and down his body, changing him back to a human.

"Since she became a ghost, her obsession is to win, at anything. She wanted to be the best ghost in the Ghost Zone. She trained hard everyday and created powers and attacks only she could perform. There is, until you appeared. Even being only half ghost, you could be better than her at anything. Nothing she did was enough to beat you, as she observed. There was a time you spend in the Ghost Zone that you probably didn't see her, but she noticed you. You could also master some powerful ghost powers and she couldn't handle it anymore."

"So, out of rage and pride, she stole your time staff and the thermos with Dan Phantom to try to beat him in the past?" Sam summed up.

"You could say that." Clockwork spoke nodding.

"That's just insane." The black teen complained rolling his brown eyes.

"Yeah, great, another crazed up fruit loop enemy for me to worry about…" Danny said with irony while crossing his arms and sighing deeply.

"I don't believe so. She's not a problem anymore since she's sent back to her own time, and there, you can take care of her."

"That's very good to know." The half ghost teen proudly said.

"However…" Clockwork began getting everyone's attention "You all know too much about the future."

"Is it a problem?" Maddie asked confused. Both hunter parents weren't used to talk to ghosts instead of shooting them, but they knew that ghost was not a threat.

"We can't undo what we did or erase what we learned." Jack commented after his wife.

"Yes, I can, I am the master of time. And yes, it is a problem."

"How, exactly, is that a problem? I mean, we only know that Danny and Sam will have a child and now our parents know about Danny's secret." Jazz pointed out.

"First of all, your parents aren't supposed to know now. Second, any relationship shouldn't begin when the couple already knows they'll have a child. By the way, the act of conceive a child must be something natural, if they try to guess the right moment, Andy might never be born. Or, if they enter in a relationship just because they know they'll have a son together in a few years, they won't be able to stay together because it wont be the right moment for it. Do you understand now?"

"Okay, you convinced me." Jazz replied looking at his brother, he was as red as a tomato and Sam wasn't much different. The wise teen struggled to not laugh at the two.

"So, you can make us forget everything we saw since that Andy-boy, who, apparently, is my grandson?" Jack asked the ghost.

"Yes. That is what I'm going to do to ensure that time will follow it's correct course."

"But that means Jack and I will forget that our Danny is the ghost boy." It wasn't a question; Maddie was smart enough to understand it.


"No. I can't accept it!" the woman protested, everyone turned their eyes on her and she explained the reason for her denial "I don't want to get back at hitting my own baby boy unknowingly."

Jack fell in silence, he almost forgot that he was also constantly trying to attack and tear his son apart 'molecule by molecule'. Both of them kept talking about dissecting ghosts and how they were evil beings that deserved to be destroyed. None of them ever suspected the pain they were causing his own son for being half ghost.

"Mom, dad…" the black haired teen called, a small smile showed on his lips as he encouraged his parents "It's okay, really. I know you're good hunters but I'm an even better half ghost myself."

"But… Danny…" his mother insisted.

"If it helps, it won't last long, Maddie." Clockwork said, "You will know at the right moment. And you won't accidentally harm him until then."

Maddie and Jack exchanged looks, both anxious, not really knowing what to do. After a few minutes, they reluctantly accept that Clockwork wipe their memories.

"But, we'll forget everything we've been through with Andy? I don't want to forget about him…" Danny complained rubbing the back of his neck nervously.

"He is your son, Daniel." The master of time said, "You'll meet him in the future. However, if you insist so much in remembering all of it, I can make all of your memories come back the moment Andy goes back to the future. In other words, it'll be just like a new remembrance to all of you, 15 years from now."

"So, we'll only remember this conversation in 15 years?" Sam asked with a raised eyebrow. Tucker, who was used to sci-fi stuff, was catching up pretty well.

"You are correct." Clockwork nodded and raised his staff with joy, "And I'll reverse all the damage the town suffered from the fights you had due to the time travel. Everything shall go back to the way it was before."

Feeling dizzy yet rested; Dani opened her eyes and found herself sitting on a sofa. She knew that couch, she had been there a few times before. It was the new house of her cousin-slash-brother-slash-progenitor Danny and his wife Sam.

"You're awake, Aunt Dani!" A cute voice said, she looked at the source of it and found her cute nephew just a few feet away.

"Hey, Andy." She said trying to remember how on Earth she woke up there "I was dreaming or we were at the past?" she asked confused, noticing her belly was not wounded like she remembered it.

"Yes, you were." That was not Andy this time, that voice belonged to a full grown man, she turned to the other side of the room and saw Danny, he continued to explain with a smile on his face "Clockwork did the favor to cure you when he sent you back to the future, but apparently, you were still tired and needed rest, so we let you here on our couch."

"What about that freakish ghost?"

"Already taken care of. I put her on a thermos and gave it to Clockwork, he'll decide what to do with it."

" What? But that's so not fair! I wanted to kick her butt too!" she joked standing up from the comfy couch.

"Sorry, but you wasn't here to do that. Besides, you already did this with me, 15 years ago." He shrugged still smiling. Dani started doing again her pony tail, since it was all messed up from laying down.

"Yeah, I guess you're right."

"Of course I am. And, by the way, I didn't forget the promise I made you then."

"What do you mean?" she asked confused as his grin got larger.

"There's a sandwich at the table in the kitchen. There's ice cream on the freezer as well."

"Thanks Danny!"

The poor young man didn't even see her arms circling him in a tight embrace. Soon he hugged her as well, but just for a brief moment before she walked quickly to the kitchen. He was right behind her but stopped at the door and watched her sitting down to eat.

"Suit yourself to grab the ice cream after it, leave it on the sink later, I'll wash them later."

"Are you going somewhere?"

"Yes. I promised Andy I'd take him to the park the day he had to go to the past, and that's what I'm going to do now."

"Oh, Danny, you're the sweetest!" she laughed between bites, "And you always keep your promises."

"I do my best." He said blushing slightly "By the way, dinner is on Tucker's. At the Nasty Burger. Do you want to come?"

"Sure. I'll be there."

She said with already only half of the sandwich on her hands. Danny went back to the living room where his son was playing with his Danny Phantom toys and he keeled to get to child's level.

"Let's go to the park now, Squirt?"

His bright big blue eyes sparkled with joy. "Yes, Daddy!"

Danny smiled at his happiness and stood up, grabbing the boy by the hand and leading him out side.

"You know what, daddy? It was kinda scary to go to the past but it was nice too!" he was telling him on the way to the park, Danny remembered everything now, even though Clockwork had blocked those memories for years.

"I remember, but it's been a while for me, do you want to tell me what happened while we're walking?"


"So tell me, what did you like?

"I really liked when you lend me that shirt at night and I got to tell you stories to help me sleep. Mommy and Uncle Tucker told me a lot of them!"

"Yeah, I know they did." He said a bit blushed from embarrassment, rubbing his neck, he was always nervous to be on the spotlight, so he continued asking him about what he thought about the future "And what was scary?"

"Finding Skulker let me a little frightened, but then you saved me and it was all right. But what let me scared the most was that mean ghost everyone kept saying it was you."

Suddenly, Danny stopped and Andy raised his head to look at him. The man sighed and kneeled again. There was sadness in his eyes and seriousness in his voice.

"Andy, I know you might find it confusing, but it was the truth."

"No, it wasn't. They told me that ghost was a mean version of you, but it's not true. When he chose to be mean, he was not you any longer because you are good. You're a hero. I know so." He said with too much certain for a five-year-old kid "And no one can change that but you, but since you have too much goodness in you and you want to protect this town and everyone in it, that's not going to happen. Never. And I never want to see him again."

"Yeah, me too."

He managed a small smile. Talking about Dan Phantom always made Danny feel miserable, and he actually feared that Andy wouldn't see him as the hero the kid always saw him. However, this time, his son made him feel better. It was amazing how Andy could always make him feel better.

Danny stood up and grabbed again his son's little hand and decided to change the subject as they walked.

"Tell me what else you liked about the past. Do you think I was cool?" he asked laughing.

"Yes! You were so cool when you were a teen! But I like you better now." The little boy said with a big grin on his joyful face.

"Why, Squirt?" he asked curious yet smiling, they were almost at the park now.

"Because you're my daddy now." The boy explained side hugging his father as they reached their destination.

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