A new crack fic where Gaara asks his siblings embarrassing questions. Gaara is very unknowing, so doesn't get anything and therefore asks everything. Temari ist he protective sister and Kankuro the teasing brother that likes to mess with his siblings. These will be their crack personalities. The chapters will be short little conversations with just speech, so you can imagine the facial expressions and the pauses they probably need.

I hope this one is funny enough. It is just a start and a bit of an experiment.



'Yes, Gaara.'

'You know when Kankuro closes his bedroom door and tells us to not come in for about an hour?'


'What does he do in his room then?'

'Uhh, he then, uhh, he works on his puppets then. You like to be on your own as well, right? When you're practising with your sand and stuff?'

'Yes, but I don't do that in my bedroom and I thought Kankuro had a special room to work on his puppets. So it seems highly illogical he works on his puppets in his bedroom.'

'Shi… I mean, no it's more like personal work on his puppets. So it's special puppets he takes to his bedroom. It's like a private moment with something that Kankuro holds very dear.'

'Ooh, now I understand why he had the puppet in such a weird position when I did walk in on him during the forbidden hour. Thanks, Temari!'

'Wha? Wait, Gaara. What do you mean with puppet in a weird position?'

Characters © Masashi Kishimoto

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