So this one kind of refers back to the first one and might be a bit weird, but Gaara is just a little jealous... Enjoy!



'You're already being suspicious, Gaara.'

'But I just wanted to ask you something.'

'I think the just is an understatement, always. You never just ask something. You ask something that always makes me feel embarrassed.'

'Well, that is not my fault. I don't know if it will be embarrassing. I just want to know things.'

'… Fine! What did you want to ask, Gaara?'

'Temari said that she knew what you did with your puppets and I remember that I had asked her about it and that it was masturbating. But if she gets to know, then I think I should also know what masturbating is.'

'That was not a question.'

'I guess you are right. So what is masturbating?'

'For the last time I am not going to answer that question!'

'Then why can Temari know, but I can't!'

'Because what I do with my puppets is not masturbating!... Oh, sh*t…'

'Then what do you do with your puppets?'

'Nothing, Gaara. Nothing at all… Wait! What are you doing now? No, don't you dare go in my room! No, those puppets are mine! Don't touch them! Gaara!'

Characters © Masashi Kishimoto

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