So this is the end of it all! And I think this is the right moment to stop as well since my reviewers are leaving me :( So I do hope you will all enjoy this final goodbye and a Gaara freaking out!


'Gaara, it is time we have a talk.'

'You're brother and I have decided you are old enough now to know some things.'

'And of course you are also the Kazekage, so the council asked us to tell you. They didn't really appreciate it you asking them…'

'… No, they did not. So Gaara, you may now ask any question you still have and we will answer truthfully.'

'Go nuts!'

~ Hours later ~

'So that was your last question, Gaara?'


'Well, I am glad that's over with. I think we did a pretty good job, right Temari?'

'… Are you okay, Gaara? You look a little pale.'

'I think I am going to lay down for a while. I'm, uh, freaking out a little.'

'I told you he wasn't old enough to know about those drawings!'

' What?! You're blaming me now? What about you telling him about what some of my puppets can do? I can't help it that they sell nicely!'


'Oh yeah, but it was you who told him about what Naruto really confessed to him and now he doesn't know what to do with that!'



'Can I be a virgin forever?'

'Uh… Yeah, we're not going to force you.'

'But that does mean you won't be getting any children of your own…'

'It was children that drew me these creepy things!'

'Point taken.'

'I will be avoiding you two for the next couple of days.'


'See you later, Gaara.'


Characters © Masashi Kishimoto

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